Nisha Sanghani Common Were Marten
Basic Information
Name Nisha Sanghani
Pronouns She/her
Age 25
Birthday Dec 22
Height 4' 10
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Hamel Patel
Residence Location Valencia
Occupation Location Valencia
Occupation Private escort
Vehicle Whatever you wanna drive her in
Vampire Stats
Age turned 21
Supernatural Eye Color Gold
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 21
Supernatural Eye Color Gold
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 21
Supernatural Eye Color Gold
Animal Appearance —•Sable — species of marten

—• 30 inches long, plus 6.5 inches of tail

—• About five pounds

—• Generally shy and skittish
—• Almost always decked out in stylish Indian clothing and jewelry

—• Keeps her hair wild and curly most of the time

—• Has an air of confidence and playfulness when she's giving attention, otherwise she tends to disregard most people

—• Thinks of herself as a feminist, but disconcertingly not opposed to being fetishized

—• Mostly views people she meets as a means to an end, whatever end that may be

—• Doesn't hate what she is but doesn't try to make her life about it

—• Generally neither shy nor skittish; can be somewhat haughty

—• Born relatively lower class, her family had to struggle a lot

—• Her father passed when she was thirteen, her mother couldn't make ends meet but was sponsored here by extended family

—• She could never afford higher education and after graduating high school, ended up going through several worse jobs before landing herself a job as a private escort

—• Got disowned when her family found out a year later through a cousin who betrayed her trust because they "would never accept a [redacted]"

—• Whatever, fuck family, she actually could put herself through school now since she could afford it

—• Got turned a year after being disowned, it was a very bad time and delayed her schooling plans and also knocked her out of work for a few more months, but she filled a specific exotic niche so they hired her back eventually

—• The woman who changed her helped her through it at the start but ended up getting herself silver-murdered, so that sucked, but here she is now anyway
—• Nisha is not the same she was born with, but it's the name she goes by

—• Her roots can be traced back to Gujarat

—• Some accent audible to her words that she can vary at will but never actually turn off

—• Her job is illegal in the state of Colorado soooo that's always fun to try to get around
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