Monty Bellerose Common Vampire
Basic Information
Name Monicalaure Bellerose
Pronouns He/Him
Age 329
Birthday June 8
Height 5'8
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Gabriel Marques
Residence Location Lauderhill
Occupation N/A
Vehicle 1983 Volkswagen Rabbit Convertable
Group Eventide District Clutch
Vampire Stats
Age turned 30
Supernatural Eye Color Silver
First Ability Adaptation
Power/Animal Description If he uses the ability for to long or tries to adapt to extreme conditions it can lead to loss of vision as well as touch.
Psychic Stats
Age turned 30
Supernatural Eye Color Silver
First Ability Adaptation
Power Description If he uses the ability for to long or tries to adapt to extreme conditions it can lead to loss of vision as well as touch.
Were Stats
Age turned 30
Supernatural Eye Color Silver
Animal Appearance
  • Has long since given up on keeping with fashion. Likes tight pants with loose shirts and doesn't care if it's not 'in'.
  • Hair is constant bed head with an occasional comb to keep it from tangling. Likes the rough and tumble look but doesn't think he has a good jaw for a beard.
  • Only modern invention he's ecstatic for was bathtubs. Loves taking hour long baths, especially with those bubbly ball things as they make him smell decent (when you get past the rotting corpse).
  • Personality
    Human Years
  • Born as Estienne to a poor french family. He joined the navy at a young age as a cabin boy
  • When he reached his fourteenth year the vessel he was aboard was attacked by pirates. He was captivated by the dramatics and the freedom the pirate crew had and ended up joining them.
  • After working his way up Estienne eventually became captain of his own vessel which he named the Sea King, as well as taking on the name Montigny La Palisse for himself.
  • He sailed along side Bartholomew Roberts, a well known welsh pirate. Their relationship took several turns and in the end Montigny left.
  • A year later while docked at Tortuga Montigny ran into a strange woman, and in a rather drunken state he made a comment about her eyes. Said comment began a fight between the two that he rather soundly lost. He doesn't remember much else from that night.
  • A week later while off the coast of Haiti he ran into a spanish fleet, seeing no chance of surviving and refusing to be taken alive Montigny wrecked his ship on the rocky shore. He fully expected to die, but instead woke up on a beach with a familiar angry woman who explained that he was now among the undead.

  • 1722-1789
  • Unable to keep a life on a ship Montigny decided returning to france would be the safest option. With the fortune he had acquired from pirating he bought a châteaux and renamed himself Clément.
  • He adapted himself as best as possible to the new life, although at times he found it hard to work suggestions and feed. In the end there were quiet a few disappearances and mysteries deaths that he caused.
  • With nothing but time on his hands Clément irritated his sire to no end until she taught him how to read and write among other education. He also started growing flowers for the perfume industry.
  • It was around this time that he began to develop his adaption ability, first discovering it when he tried to teach Tempest how to swim.
  • This quiet life came to an abrupt end as the french revolution broke out. Clément immediately fled the country heading to Norway where Tempest was living.

  • 1790 - 1848
  • He lived for a few years in Norway with Tempest before going back to France. Feeling that the castle was to dangerous to own he sold it and settled on the coast in a small cottage.
  • Around that time Napoleon took over France, not wanting to get conscripted into the army Monty considered once again leaving but decided to just keep a low profile in his new town. This worked and he was able to live well off by continuing business in the perfume trade.
  • Knowing the values of antiques he began amassing a collection of goods to keep for several years before turning around and selling at high prices.
  • Things began to grow turbolent again as revolutions continued and eventually with the 1848 February revolution Monty once again abandons his homeland this time journeying to the Untied States.

  • 1849 - 1861
  • Taking up the name René he started trying to learn art in New York but found he didn't much care for painting. Instead he turned towards theater.
  • The life of an actor quickly captured his attention and he began preforming in small roles.
  • Eventually he rose to more prominent parts but then realized the fatal error of such work. If he became to popular his lack of aging would be noticed. So bitterly he quit theater.
  • As things tended to go things were well for René until the break out of the civil war. This time he fled north to Canada.

  • 1862 - 2000
  • As was his habit Monty spent a few years in Canada before making his way back to Europe. This time he decided to travel instead of settling down. He did so for a few years continuing to collect items for resale in the future. Eventually the weariness of finding a new sun proof spot each dawn made him give up and settle back in France.
  • He kept a similar life as before and everything was smooth sailing until the break out of world war 1. He managed to evade the draft through suggestions, lies, and being as little on the governments radar as possible.
  • Besides the draft the war didn't effect Monty very much. Rations were no problem considering he no longer ate and so he lived his simple life the same until a few years later when ww2 broke out. (He was pretty upset about it)
  • Using tried old tricks he once again evaded the draft and would have continued his happy little life if not for the utter destruction that the war caused. As the germans occupied Paris Monty fled to England and from there made his way to the United States.
  • He set up in a run down plantation in New Orleans and began to engross himself in the culture. At one point becoming extremely enthralled with the concept of voodoo and magic.

  • 2000 -2020
  • Monty lived in New Orleans until Tempest called for him to move up to Canada with her. With some reluctance he agreed and moved north.
  • With knowledge he had acquired from his stay in the states Monty decided to try making his own things such as soap, perfume, and the like. Although he quickly found the process to tiresome he still enjoyed growing flowers and went about remaking connections in the perfume industry.
  • He has now begrudgingly followed Tempest to Colorado and the Ridgefield area.
  • Other
  • Still has a noticeable french accent.
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