Eunji Kang Common Were Fox
Basic Information
Name Eunji Kang
Pronouns She/Her
Age 28
Birthday April 23
Height 5'5
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Park So-Dam
Residence Location Graupel Canyon
Occupation Location Other
Occupation Landscaping
Vehicle Red 2019 Chevy Silverado
Vampire Stats
Age turned 24
Supernatural Eye Color Blue
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 24
Supernatural Eye Color Blue
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 24
Supernatural Eye Color Blue
Animal Appearance
  • Island Fox
  • Length- 28.5 in
  • Height- 18 in
  • Tail- 12 in
  • Weight- 8 Ibs
  • Appearance
  • Keeps her hair cut short for easy upkeep
  • Petite with a very young face, something that she has come to dislike (Her choice of over-sized clothing does little to help this)
  • Enjoys being comfortable but also wants to look nice
  • Wears very little makeup, if any
  • Personality
  • Hard Working
  • Opinionated
  • Thick Skinned
  • Closed Off
  • Honest
  • History
  • Born in Colorado, Eunji was the daughter of an international couple, her father being a Korean-American while her mother was born and raised in Busan, Korea. The two loved each other greatly, but due to both cultural differences and home sickness, the two ended up splitting.
  • Eunji would follow her mom back to Busan at the age of seven, Eunji would spend the rest of her childhood in South Korea.
  • She would do well in her studies, and have a great amount of friends visiting her father every other holiday break, this helped her keep up with her English and stay connected with the other side of her family.
  • At the age of fifteen, her mother's health would begin to deteriorate leaving her home bound and unable to work. Due to her mother never remarrying, this meant that Eunji had to start working to help with their living expenses and her own school expenses.
  • Eunji would have very little time to play after this, leaving her to lose connection with most of her friends, and halting her trips to America.
  • She would continue to support her mother even after high school, opting out of college so that she could get a full time job instead. She would begin working as a Sales Assistant.
  • Life would just be a constant cycle of working, eating, taking care of mom and sleeping for the next couple years until the age of twenty four.
  • One night while walking back home she would come across what appeared to be a stray cat/dog racing towards her, but upon closer inspection it became clear that it was a wild fox. Confused and a bit startled, Eunji would quickly try and retreat only to have the creature bite at her leg.
  • Several minutes of wrestling and screaming, Eunji would somehow manage to get herself untangled with the animal and down the street without being attacked again. Bruised, bitten, and bloody Eunji wouldn't even make it to her bedroom before passing out on the couch.
  • The following days would be a mixture of confusion and irritation, things hardly clearing up when she was confronted by a beautiful woman who claimed that she was the fox who had bitten her.
  • Heeyoung would introduce her to the small group of foxes she was apart of, all of them being relatively young females. Eunji would begin spending most of her time with them, the new life of a Were causing her to not only neglect her mother, but her job as well.
  • It would be not even a year later that she would end up losing both, her mother's heart finally failing from the years of illness, and her job letting her go a few weeks later after Eunji stopped showing up.
  • Eunji would become closed off to everything and everyone which did not bode well for the group that she was apart. Soon rumors began to spread about her within the group, and she found herself being excluded and shunned.
  • Eunji would eventually leave the group, but with them residing in the same city as her, it would be hard to avoid them completely. Petty conflict would rise, and after a year of dealing with the childishness, Eunji would make the move of a lifetime.
  • After little persuading from her father, Eunji would pack up and move to America, determined to better her life and move on from both the death of her mother and the loss of a group she had once loved.
  • This is what brings her to Ridgefield, living just an hour away from her elderly father as she helps him maintain his landscaping company.
  • Other
  • She is fluent in both Korean and English, although her lack of use in English does leave her with a slight accent.
  • She is still trying to adjust to American Culture.
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