Logan Hagen Common Were Hyena
Basic Information
Name Logan Hagen
Pronouns They/Them
Age 19 (7)
Birthday April 1st
Height 5'0
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Pasha Harulia
Residence Location Ridgefield
Occupation Student
Vehicle Pale Yellow Volkswagen Type 2
Group Beaver Ditch Cackle
Vampire Stats
Age turned 0
Supernatural Eye Color Orange
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 0
Supernatural Eye Color Orange
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 0
Supernatural Eye Color Orange
Animal Appearance -Aardwolf, which Logan refers to as "Mohawk"
-Smol but mighty
-The size of a medium sized dog. Threeish feet tall, fourish long, 25 lbs soaking wet
-Youthful, androgynous features
-Keeps hair short and floppy
-Experimental with fashion, tends to dress in neutral clothing
-Never ever has shoe laces tied right
-"Weird" is an understatement
-Often considered intense and overly interested, still trying to grasp what too much eye contact is
-Likes to record their "findings" about the world and people on a Walkman. "Like a detective!"
-Extremely rambunctious and excitable
-Generally a little hard to follow in conversation
-Born outside of Denver seven years ago into the midst of a small and tight knit Cackle of Were Hyenas
-Life as an relentlessly growing little monster that turned into ball of spiky hair and nippy teeth wasn’t all that easy, but Logan always had the diligent support of all of the Cackle members
-Each member was tasked with different roles in raising Logan, from empathy and social skills to mathematics to technology and art. The band of misfit hyaenidae made a huge effort into making a well rounded individual
-Things worked out… kind of!
-By the human equivalent of fourteen, Logan could read (kind of), write (illegibly), and function socially as any slightly unsettling and uncomfortably interested young teen might
-Around that age, while dealing with their concept of self and growth, Logan decided to shed the weight of labels or social norms. They grasped that it would be hard to fit in anyway, why try to fit themselves into a box they weren’t sure they wanted to fit in?
-At the human equivalent of seventeen, Logan expressed interest in embarking on their own journey into the gaping maw of the world alone. It took an entire year of incessant begging and threatening to run off once the magic that tied them with their parents severed entirely. In the end, Logan’s Cackle didn’t want to force a technical adult to stay against their will
-So, upon their six and “eighteenth” birthday, Logan was given the Volkswagen Type 2 that they had worked on with a cackle mate, and sent on their way into the great untamed wilderness of… Ridgefield, Colorado.
-Still in regular contact with their parents, Logan is now enrolled in online classes and has been assured a monthly allowance for rent once they've found their own place to live. It's a lot of hand holding, but Logan has never felt freer.
“Drives” a yellow Volkswagen Type 2 and calls is Anthony, its actual garbage but they love him
Pretty bad at slang, uses it wrong a lot. Or over uses it
Currently cramming as much pop culture into their brain as they possibly can on a daily basis
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Snitches Get Ditches
08-31-2020 at 06:21 AM

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A Real Boy!
08-31-2020 at 06:20 AM

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