Wallace Rush Intermediate Were Tiger
Basic Information
Name Wallace Arlen Rush
Pronouns He/Him
Age 36
Birthday Nov 16
Height 6' 4
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Rahul Kohli
Residence Location Hawknell
Occupation Location Hawknell
Occupation Owner - Just in Thyme
Vehicle 2012 Hyundai Veloster [orange]
Group Rogue
Vampire Stats
Age turned 26
Supernatural Eye Color Purple
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 26
Supernatural Eye Color Purple
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 26
Supernatural Eye Color Purple
Animal Appearance
  • Large male Siberian tiger
  • Normal tiger colors, you know what those are, except eyes are violet
  • Huge, heavy, and fluffy--terrifying but maybe actually a kitten
  • Approximate stats: 875 lbs, 9' 9"(head to booty) plus 5 ft (tail), and 5' 11" tall (at shoulder). Skull is 21 inches long with 4.5 inch canines.
  • Reference!
  • "Hobbes"
  • Fussy about hygiene, gotta look nice, smell nice
  • Dresses fairly casual, graphic-ts are a thing with him, though he's very capable of dressing nicer if the occasion calls for it
  • Dark hair, mind the beard
  • He's tall like a giraffe but much more handsome, right?
  • Far from athletic, but no slob either. Just... average in all the ways he can manage to be average!
  • Friendly but fairly reserved and particular about his social circle
  • Meticulous and detail-oriented
  • Patient and dislikes being harried or pressured
  • Wary of drama, habitually avoids it where possible, this includes any "politics" in the were world
  • Smart but easy to tease
  • Forgiving of others, less so of himself
  • Introverted but not unbearably shy
  • Gentle, kind, considerate
  • Homebody! Nightowl! Napper!
  • A bit of a coward, doesn't really like conflict, will do a lot to try and keep the peace, but sometimes the bit of him that's a very powerful tiger ruins that
  • Might be some anxiety in there but he's pretty sure he's fine
  • Born 1984. Grew up in London with a rather well-to-do family. Has one sister about seven years younger.
  • Attended private school during his formative years.
  • Moved out of his parents' home as soon as he graduated but didn't stray far.
  • Got a Bachelor of Science degree in Software Engineering
  • Was simply bitten by a tiger while in the city headed home one night. Reported to authorities but they never found the tiger and the wound healed far too quickly to be convincing.
  • Was later approached by his sire who had turned him out of a sole desire for companionship.
  • Wallace was wary of this new world he was suddenly made aware of and dealing with, and was upset by the things it cost him.
  • After a couple of years of trying to cope, decided he needed to put distance between himself and his very questionable sire, as well as get away from the potential for hurting his family.
  • Went to pursue a Masters in Systems Engineering in Boston, permitted whatever he needed financially thanks to concerned parents
  • Graduated and fell into a complacency of a life where he didn't have to work necessarily, avoiding it because office space seemed like a bad idea for a tiger--freelanced from home well below his skill level instead
  • Moved to Colorado in February 2017, further removing himself from his parent's ability to visit and hoping to find a better community than the ones he was encountering on the east coast.
  • Met Abraham at one point, seemed like he knew what he was doing for a while! Ignore the part where he turned a pretty nice cop lady and ate her arm.
  • And then he had a chance encounter with a Vampire in Alameda, shifted in public, and got caught on camera. Now the whole world knows. He is forever sorry.
  • For a time after that he laid low at his girlfriend's house in Graupel Canyon, too aware of potential repercussions. He was cozy there for a long time, and distant from the world.
  • Eventually, though, he got a job at Thyme alongside Abraham, started to realize he needed to live his life again, and move on from everything that he'd let himself fall uselessly into.
  • Ended up owning Thyme with his best dude, living in a house in Hawknell. Up from here, yeah?
  • Though all his old thoughts of finding a place in any larger were community had apparently vanished.
  • And one time he got harassed by a vampire AGAIN for no reason and tried to kill her but fail, so that's haunting.
  • Sounds like a Londoner, still
  • Winner of Ur My Bro, Bro. -- Best boyfranzzz (platonic) for two years w/ Abraham
  • Nominated for Biggest Wallflower, Disaster Waiting to Happen, Best Character to Go Shopping With, Favorite Bromance with Abraham, Favorite Interspecies Relationship with Kara, Favorite Friendship with Abraham for Yearbook 2020
  • Adopted an amazing black cat with green eyes named Sadie! Nothing is better!
  • Very good arts:
Threw Were-kind Off Hell in a Cell
Threw Were-kind Off Hell in a Cell
08-14-2020 at 11:26 PM

Bipedal to the Metal
Bipedal to the Metal
03-18-2020 at 12:10 AM

No More Baby Teeth
No More Baby Teeth
03-18-2020 at 12:09 AM