Summer Andrade Common Were Hyena
Basic Information
Name Summer Andrade
Pronouns She/Her
Age 37
Birthday Nov 17
Height 6'
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Tessa Thompson
Residence Location Alameda
Occupation Location Alameda
Occupation Bank Branch Manager
Vehicle Nissan Versa Note [red]
Group Beaver Ditch Cackle
Vampire Stats
Age turned 29
Supernatural Eye Color Green
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 29
Supernatural Eye Color Green
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 29
Supernatural Eye Color Green
Animal Appearance
  • Brown hyena
  • Long brown fur, pointed ears, lighter stripes on legs and lighter ruff
  • Rich green eyes
  • Reference!
  • Average in build, but rather tall, Summer has a presence about her that's probably more about attitude than appearance.
  • When not straightened, her dark hair comes to about her shoulders, but is longer if she does.
  • Hair gets done a variety of ways, and sometimes after a shift she'll lighten it up for a few weeks.
  • Wears whatever she wants, ranging from comfortable to flashy. Dresses rather nice for work.
  • Believes she looks fabulous, sincerely does not give a crap if you disagree.
  • Makeup is for her own pleasure, not yours. Okay, maybe a little for yours.
  • Headstrong, opinionated, and loud
  • Tends to be brutally honest, unless something legitimately needs to be kept quiet, speaks her mind
  • Rough in her mannerisms and affections, but very genuine
  • Friendly, bold, extroverted - Lives by a 'live and let live' way of thinking, but will absolutely bust you up if you give her grief
  • Considers herself fearless, but is not without weakness
  • Street smart more than book smart
  • Dominant personality type, but doesn't have to be top dog so long as she agrees with top dog
  • Can be reckless and ridiculous, self-centered in that her own wants and needs are foremost in her quick decisions
  • Joyful, hard to drag down with bad news, but can be quick to offend and has the temper to go with it when she is
  • Think she can take you in a fight--might be right, but has no formal training
  • Loyal as hell
  • A very good person, though she doesn't actively think of herself like that per se, and she might be a little too lenient towards her friends
  • Was born in Washington State with several older half-brothers and eventually one not-much-younger full-blooded brother.
  • Grew up kinda tough because of so many brothers but was loved and never felt out of place.
  • Was a bit rowdy in school, but generally liked and came and went from groups of friends easily.
  • Discovered she could control animals when she was fourteen. Shared this information to anyone she trusted when it came up, but mostly found idle amusement in it.
  • Graduated high school, attending college for a while, thinking to get a degree in marine biology but eventually dropped out when she just got bored studying. Started out as a bank teller and found she could make decent enough money if she moved up there even without the education.
  • Was on a camping trip to the Redwoods in California just before she turned 30 when she met a strange looking hyena with bright blue eyes. Thought she could control it, couldn't, got bitten instead.
  • Was home by time she shifted for the first time, took a while to make sense of it with no local Cackle to find her.
  • Met other weres (wolverines primarily), put information together on her own, took it all in reasonable stride because 'shit happens.'
  • Decided to move to Colorado for work, spurred on when she got wind that there may have been a Cackle present in the area.
  • Never finds the cackle, but finds Pete
  • Pete makes a cackle, but some people had to die first. We don't worry about it!
  • Totally into Instagram (@thundersnow) and yoga
  • Nominated for Characters that Should Be Friends with Ingrid for Yearbook 2020
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