Tamzin Levchenko Intermediate Were Snapping Turtle
Basic Information
Name Tamzin Levchenko
Pronouns Her/She
Age 28
Birthday June 6
Height 5'10
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Sasha Luss
Residence Location Lauderhill
Occupation Location Camp Baron
Occupation Dancer
Vehicle Silver 2010 Mazda 3
Vampire Stats
Age turned 18
Supernatural Eye Color Brown
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 18
Supernatural Eye Color Brown
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 18
Supernatural Eye Color Brown
Animal Appearance 5' long and 1'9'' tall, weighing 327lbs
Zin dresses for the seasons and over does in autumn and winter.
Composed: Calm and collected, Zin can seem languid. She's found her place between the darkness and the light and strives for balance.
Intuitive: A good reader of others, Zin relies on gut feelings when making a decision. This rallies against the logical mathematician at her heart at times.
Religious: Raised Ukrainian Pentecostal, faith is important to Zin. She took great pains to reconcile the darkness within her and eventually came to understand the beast that whispers in her ear. This leads her to bouts of philosophical rambling.
Truth-seeker: The truth is all that matters. Zin follows that mantra and while not above deception, she prefers honesty.
Uplifting: Zin saw a world without joy during the revolution and learnt much. Where there is darkness there must be light. And if there is no light, she will become it.
Mathematician: She had a head for numbers and enjoys formulas and equations. Primes are of special significance to her. Zin ascribes to numerology, but mostly for entertainment.
- 1993 Born in Bakhmut, (formally Artyomovsk) Ukraine to a lower-middle class family
- Had an affinity for numbers and patterns; some of her best grades in school were in mathematics
- 2011 Had unfortunate encounter with a were turtle one evening down by the river (18)
- Met her other family soon after that night, not that she recognized them as kindred then
- Life took a hard slide and Zin struggled to keep atop things; on edge, pushed to poor decisions and violence
- Time and understanding wore at her rage; soon this second family taught her what was unknown
- 2012 Managed to claw back some normality and was later accepted into the University of Luhansk to study mathematics (19)
- She balanced on a razor's edge at university and entrenched herself in theorems as a coping mechanism
- 2014 Ukrainian revolution; loses parents in the conflict (21)
- The revolution smashed Zin's second family too; ties dissolved and they fractured
- Tried to keep her head down after that; blood on her hands from that time; she lost the plot; only survival mattered
- 2016 Somehow contacted distant family in USA; applied for refugee status and asylum was granted (23)
- Arrives in Washington state and stays with extended family for a while
- Zin had a lot to deal with and they never really got on; she was anxious to leave
- Drifted about Washington and Oregon; moved through Nevada, Wyoming, and eventually Colorado
- 2019 Fell into Ridgefield County (26)
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