Blair Nightshade New Were Jaguar
Basic Information
Name Blair
Pronouns She/Her
Age 21
Birthday October 13th
Height 5 ft
Eyes Gray
Face Claim Nastya Zhidkova
Residence Location Alameda
Occupation Free lance artist
Vehicle Dark purple Honda Groom Motorcycle
Vampire Stats
Age turned 20
Supernatural Eye Color Purple
Turned By: Asha Rao (Safe Place)
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 20
Supernatural Eye Color Purple
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 20
Supernatural Eye Color Purple
Turned By: Asha Rao (Safe Place)
Animal Appearance ~Stands at 3 ft 3, 11 ft long from snout to tip of the tail
~Not your typical patterning. Due to Blairs albino genetics, she is a leucistic Jaguar.
~Fur is a greyish-white in base fur color and the rosettes are marked with a rather light charcoal grey with a silvery center and a light charcoal dot in the center.
~Her body is stocky and built, face a little slender unless looking head-on, then she looks like she has chunky cheeks.
~Personality: Unknown
Blair is short and slender in appearance. Her slim frame allowing for her to slip between gaps rather easily. She has naturally silvery-white hair that reaches down to the back of her knees and is incredibly straight and soft. Her eyes were once a silvery grey and have now turned into a silvery-purple in color when she uses her abilities. She likes to wear a mix of clothing, from dress and skirts to pants and blouses but her clothes stick to a gothic trend. Blair also now has dotted claw mark scars on her cheeks from her tangle with two werejaguars.
~Blair is relatively shy and reserved, she tends to listen to the world around her and see what is going on while not always getting involved with things. She is more of an introvert in personality and doesn't seak to go out and mingle with people unless pushed into some. When she is with people she is comfortable with, she is kind and curious, willing to always help them.
~Blair had recently grown to be a little more open, still shy and to herself on most occasions but she was trying more to talk to people and get to know them better then what she did before. She still has some trouble just going and talking to people but when they talk to her it makes it a little easier on her for that. Blair still remains rather kind and curious but she (as ofrecent events) is now more cautious and fearful of things and more apt to hide and lock up her emotions away from anything.
~ Blair has lived all over, constantly moving as a child whenever her abilities were getting the better of her and things started to break(well explode) from her trying to adjust to seeing the dead.
~ Blair has been institutionalized at the age of twelve to thirteen due to her parents thinking she was crazy with what she was talking about.
~ She ran away from her home in Los Amos at fifteen and has been living on her own and working odd end jobs wherever they would hire her.
~ Currently she has better control over her abilities(fewer things explode) and is trying to find a place that she can settle permanently at, until then she stays at motels.
~ Went to draw at the Fernsby place, thinking it was haunted and went to draw it but was instead attacked and mauled by a vampire and had to call friends for help
~ Took a few weeks to mentally heal from the trauma of the attack and is now starting to go out again and trying to get things looking better for her but is determined now to get rid of her psychic abilities.
Life had been going well for her, she had a job, an apartment and was making friends. She even was taking to learning to swim and teaching others to draw.
As of 8/10 she irritated a grumpy Russian were by talking in his head and what she feels earne her a dangerous target on her back. She had gone to her closest friend and were to help her. It ended in a several attempted turning before finally it would take but Blair ran away before the other were could kill her. Her wounds on her shoulder, back and arm are fading and but the claw marks to her face still remains. The clock from here is ticking until the next full moon on 9/1 if she and two other psychics can make a pact and stop her from turning into a were.
+ Loves spicy food
+ She has scars around her wrists from restraint used on her during her time in the institute; Blair keeps them covered by bracelets or long-sleeved tops/dresses
+ Likes to do charcoal sketches or greyscale artworks.
+Was attacked and learned that some vampires just SUCK
+Is attempting the dating world while learning her new ability! Scratch that as well, trying to learn to be a were now
+ Has a rocking new apartment with an awesome roommate!
+ Is staying with Vidya until she can find her own place. Is now a rather oddball looking were. Still has a mess to deal with but really does not want to right now :/
A Real Boy!
A Real Boy!
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