Paul Oxley Common Were Serval
Basic Information
Name Paul Wesley Oxley Jr.
Pronouns He/Him
Age 49
Birthday Dec 31
Height 5' 10
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Ewan McGregor
Residence Location Lauderhill
Occupation Location Camp Baron
Occupation Ranger - Pine Peak
Vehicle 2015 Jeep Renegade [black]
Group Rogue
Vampire Stats
Age turned 43
Supernatural Eye Color Pink
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 43
Supernatural Eye Color Pink
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 43
Supernatural Eye Color Pink
Mates With: Kali Ito (no interruption)
Animal Appearance
  • Relatively standard serval -- big ears, little head, long legs, twisty body, yellow-gold fur with black spots and stripes
  • Can do a big high jump!
  • Suspiciously bubblegum pink eyes
  • 33 inches at shoulder, 48 lbs, 54 inches from nose to booty plus 18 inches of tail
  • Reference!
  • Average build and height, brown haired and blue eyed
  • In his own words, "handsome enough"
  • Has some white bite scars on his right wrist from his turning
  • Grows out his beard more in the winter, cleans up in the summer
  • Owns a couple of leather jackets and otherwise feels pretty unremarkable fashion-wise
  • "Honestly, who is even named Paul anymore?"
  • Lies like people do sometimes just because he feels like it or it's more convenient
  • Is very unpleasant if he doesn't like you
  • If he's being particularly pleasant it's likely he's after something and it won't last long
  • If he both likes and knows you, he probably isn't what you would call "nice" but he at least won't bullshit you
  • Sarcasm counts as a second language, right?
  • Does good work when he wants to, but has a hard time staying committed to any one thing
  • Darker sense of humor but also puns are great so...
  • Bark is worse than his bite
  • 1971 - Bangor, Maine
  • Military family - moved around a lot after he was 5, never the same school more than two years in a row
  • Didn't love school and school didn't love him - only finished high school on threat of perpetual misery
  • Never furthered his education - settled in Austin, Texas for a good part of his adult life
  • Bounced from job to job - sales jobs, landscaping, teller, call centers, etc - never kept one for longer than a year or two
  • Was working one of his more interesting jobs with animals control in 2015 when he got tagged by a wild cat and everything changed
  • Had a pretty attentive, optimistic sire who was very sorry about all that
  • Decided he hated feeling babied by the guy and needed a new job anyway, so after a year or so he left Texas
  • Moved to Ridgefield earlier in 2019, found a job selling Jeeps, managed on his own
  • Then met another serval named Kali and reluctantly began bonding
  • Quit his job during a bad phase because that's just who he is, don't worry about it
  • Began bonding less reluctantly with Kali, decided to do a job at a were-only place, too, of all things
  • Nominated for Pair with the Best Arguments with Kali, Pair Who Needs More Angst with Kali for Yearbook 2020
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