Joshua Tiffer Advanced Human
Basic Information
Name Joshua Tiffer
Pronouns He/Him
Age 45
Birthday Aug 15
Height 5' 10
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Chiwetel Ejiofor
Residence Location Ridgefield
Occupation Location Ridgefield
Occupation STF Chief
Vehicle 2016 Volvo CX60
Vampire Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Third Ability None
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
Animal Appearance
  • Keeps hair, facial and otherwise, manageably short
  • Smiles frequently, but increasingly not easily
  • Dresses professionally, jackets and ties
  • Usually goes with something like business casual in his off time, jackets but no ties
  • Wears a silver wedding band at all times. Ringless
  • Lined scars along left side of his face, most visible at the forehead, from shifter attack

Judicious | Authentic | Disciplined | Diplomatic | Young-at-Heart

  • Grew up in a broken home in Detroit, MI. Got in trouble. Ended up in juvenile detention.
  • Had a history teacher of all people whose husband was a police officer. Together they refused to let him keep his current course. With quiet consistency he was taught discipline and respect.
  • Graduated high school in 1993 and enrolled in the local police academy as soon as they'd let him, upon turning 18 later that summer.
  • Trained and served under a SWAT team for a couple of years, but found it didn't suit him.
  • Same story with the K-9 unit. He just wasn't really an animal person.
  • Finally settled well into the detective specialization.
  • Married in '98 to a woman he'd known in school. She'd been thoroughly unimpressed with him then. Somewhat less so now.
  • Made sergeant in 2000. Quickly discovered and displayed a knack for leadership. Knowing higher education would be necessary if he wished to really pursue this career track, began taking night courses, working towards a BA in criminal justice.
  • This was complicated some by the birth of their first daughter in '02. Times were stressful as he strove to balance being a good husband and new father with his professional duties and continuing education. He... didn't always strike the right balance.
  • While confident he could pass the lieutenant's exam by the next year, marital discussions saw him agreeing it best to postpone the increased responsibility until he was done with school.
  • '05 was an eventful year. He graduated, was promoted to Lieutenant, they had their second daughter, and after all this he accepted an offer for a posting in Starling Hills, moving the whole family to Colorado.
  • Perhaps the work was simply easier than it had been in Michigan. Perhaps Colorado life suited him. Perhaps he simply got lucky. Whatever the cause, barely two years after arriving the captain position opened up in his precinct, and he was granted the promotion.
  • Flourishing in this role, he grew deeply attached to the area. Starling Hills, yes, but as he collaborated on bizarre cases with other leaders throughout the county, his dedication to the greater Ridgefield area solidified.
  • Promotions continued at a semi-steady rate, and by 2014, twenty years with the badge, he was managing and coordinating uniformed officers across much of the Northern half of the county. It was also this year, during a family camping trip beyond the fringes, he had his first violent encounter with a shifter. Left hospitalized, he still bears mementos of the event upon his face.
  • It would be another four years before proof at last surfaced of the inhuman things hunting through the city. With a long record of admirable leadership and relevant personal experience, he was placed in charge of the newly formed Supernatural Task Force. As with his lieutenant ambitions so many years before, his wife protested. Unlike then, he did not agree.
  • Two years later, some small progress made toward understanding these creatures (the priority) and combating them (the marginally lower priority), tension at home has... not decreased.
  • Technically homeless, he's been living alone in a motel room since 8/15/20, upon his official divorce
  • Got that resolved a month or so later, moving into a highrise apartment in Ridgefield proper
Approved for Skilled Human rolls

Nominee for 2020 Character that Deserves 1000 Hugs
Nominee for 2020 Most Lawful Good
Nominee for 2020 Most in Need of a Relaxing Spa Day
Nominee for 2020 Favorite Ship that Doesn't Exist... Yet w/ Adeline Yan Zhu
Nominee for 2020 Best Arguments w/ Cassidy Morgan
Nominee for 2020 Learned the Most from Each Other w/ Adeline Yan Zhu
Nominee for 2020 Pair You Want to See Have More Angst w/ Adeline Yan Zhu

Winner: Most Lawful Good (2020)
Winner: Favorite Ship That Doesn't Exist... Yet w/ Adeline Yan Zhu (2020) - tied with Blair Nightshade and Andy Baker
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