Hope Walker Common Were Black-Footed Cat
Basic Information
Name Hope Iris Walker
Pronouns She/Her
Age 30
Birthday Sep 26
Height 5' 3
Eyes Green
Face Claim Felicity Jones
Residence Location Cheyenne Point
Occupation Location Ridgefield
Occupation Data-entry
Vehicle 2019 Chevrolet Spark [white]
Vampire Stats
Age turned 29
Supernatural Eye Color Blue
Turned By: Calvin (Shook By Sheer Atrocity)
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 29
Supernatural Eye Color Blue
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 29
Supernatural Eye Color Blue
Turned By: Calvin (Shook By Sheer Atrocity)
Animal Appearance
  • Stripey, spotty thing, particularly kittenish
  • Glacial blue eyes
  • Just shy of four pounds in weight, 18 inches long from head to booty, with another 14 inches of tail, standing just over a foot at the shoulder
  • Reference! And another!
  • Shoulder length, slightly wavy brown hair, often worn up in a pony tail
  • Youthful features that sometimes makes her look younger than she actually is
  • Almost always in makeup because she likes it, not because she's trying to get anyone looking at her, because she's not
  • Similar vein with clothing--she likes to look pretty, but pays zero attention to actual fashion trends
  • Short and slender, she often wears warm clothing because even air conditioning can freeze her out
  • Averse to change
  • Always has an opinion, but mostly keeps it to herself because people are tiring
  • Doesn't attach easily, but when she does it can be intense
  • Cowardly, but doesn't like people to know it
  • Hates breaking routine, but also hates how boring routine is
  • Is bored, but apathetic about it
  • Won't go out of her way to help, but might do what she can if you ask
  • Sleeps in every chance she gets
  • Likes things to be clean, maybe a bit of a germaphobe
  • Born in 1990 in Trinidad, Colorado, second oldest child of what would ultimately be four children--two sisters and a brother.
  • Life was very mundane. Hope was a moderate student, a decent child, rarely got in trouble but hardly stood out.
  • Nothing ever happened in Trinidad. She ran a few lemonade stands growing up. Nobody got kidnapped.
  • Graduated middle of her class, broke up with the boy she'd been dating only because it had seemed like the thing to do.
  • Moved away from home to Ridgefield to attend college there, away from the life she'd known forever.
  • Got a degree in business with a minor in accounting and promptly had no idea what to do with it.
  • Found a comfortable job as a data-entry clerk, and has just never left it.
  • Lives in an apartment by herself, wonders if having a roommate would be better--but doesn't want to change anything.
  • Got into a car wreck at one point in recent history which totaled her car and she had to get a new one, which sucked.
  • Found a guy she sort of liked unexpectedly before promptly having her life turned upside down when a client scratched her and turned her into a werecat. She wasn't happy about this.
  • Nominated for Ray of Sunshine, Pair Who Needs More Angst with Shane for Yearbook 2020
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