Charlie Major Common Were Cheetah
Basic Information
Name Charlie Atticus Major
Pronouns He/Him
Age 43
Birthday Jul 24
Height 5' 8
Eyes Green
Face Claim Joe Flanigan
Residence Location Reignhart
Occupation Location Alameda
Occupation Various at The Kiln
Vehicle 2018 Ford Mondeo [silver]
Group Sparrow Kiln Coalition
Vampire Stats
Age turned 40
Supernatural Eye Color White
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 40
Supernatural Eye Color White
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 40
Supernatural Eye Color White
Animal Appearance
  • King cheetah variation - Large, dark spots over a golden coat meld together in an almost tabby-like pattern
  • Thick furred and sports an unmanageable ruff down the back of his neck
  • 150 lbs, 6' from head to tail plus 3.5' tail, 4' tall at shoulder
  • Reference!
  • "Timeshare"
  • His dark hair cannot be tamed. Trust him, he's tried.
  • Bothers with appearance pretty little but tries not to be slovenly because he's a man attached to a very beautiful lady these days.
  • Mostly wears business casual to very casual clothing.
  • Has a fitbit he got from Isolde that he wears basically always.
  • He's physically fit and active enough to maintain it.
  • Is pretty average in most ways but totally fine with this. Has pretty nice light green eyes, though.
  • Charlie is an extrovert who enjoys the company of people all ages.
  • Defaults to being polite and keeping his head down, not really looking for trouble unless it insists on being trouble.
  • A little slow to realize when he's rubbing people wrong, unless he's doing it intentionally--which is rare.
  • The sort of person who will break a promise if he feels like he has a good reason.
  • Has a long-fuse temper, but doesn't consider himself passive at all.
  • Enjoys working out and enjoys going outdoors, specifically for hiking and mountain biking.
  • Not very ambitious and is happy with what he's got--feels like he has more than he's earned at times.
  • Isolde says he's sweet and he guesses maybe that's true?!
  • Born in Colorado Springs in 1977.
  • Second child of four (older sister, plus two younger brothers), his Literature professor father wanted to name him Atticus, but mother overrode that one.
  • All was well and actually pretty great until their father walked unexpectedly out of their lives when he was twelve.
  • Never saw his father again, but they got regular child support checks and gifts on important holidays.
  • Graduated high school in 1995, having been on the varsity soccer team and maintaining decent grades even as something of the class clown.
  • Went straight into college on a soccer scholarship but ultimately phased out of the sports scene when he decided to get a BS in Physics.
  • A BS in Physics is harder to get a job with without an engineering focus so ultimately got teaching certification so he could teach high school.
  • During this time he also got engaged, with plans to get married after they both graduated and ultimately moved together to Ridgefield.
  • She kept having them push back the date and this continued for ten years until he wised up and realized she was never going to actually go through with it.
  • They broke it off in 2011 and he lived the bachelor life pretty happily after that.
  • He was visiting his sister's family in Montana this summer when the vampire crap happened, so he avoided most of that, though kids were definitely still talking about it when school started again.
  • Then on the night of the were incident he'd been at a bar, (over) relaxing after a hard pre-Thanksgiving week of teenagers.
  • It was a little stupid and he only remembers parts of it because he was probably a little drunk but, uh, shouting "Holy crap that's a big kitty," is a quick way to both draw attention to yourself and pay the price.
  • He doesn't really remember how he got home, or how he stopped the bleeding.
  • Life after that night had been interesting, to say the least. Maybe he had rabies?
  • (It wasn't.)
  • He was picked up pretty quickly by Yana and the local coalition, where he was quickly able to learn and accept what had happened to him.
  • Had to quit teaching for fear of doing something bad to a student. Began doing work at Work Release for Yana.
  • A crush on a fellow cheetah--Isolde--turned slowly into a real bit of affection and after helping her through some difficulties they fell into a relationship.
  • In late 2019 he left his apartment in the Point to move in with Isolde and the protective sway of the Coaltion in Reignhart.
  • And then the Coalition was abandoned by its Queen, leaving them to look to Mathis for further guidance.
  • Prior to being a were, Charlie was a high shcool physics teacher. Charlie also coached the junior varsity soccer team and taught driver's ed in the off season; he's hoping to get back to his actual career someday after he stops being a threat to children, but that future remains uncertain.
  • Charlie has six nieces and three nephews and they are all the greatest but he almost never sees them because they've moved to different states.
  • Winner of Forever and Ever and Ever... -- Ship most likely to get married/mated w/ Isolde
  • Nominated for Most Pettable Animal Form, Pair Who Needs More Angst with Isolde for Yearbook 2020
  • Prior owner of a 1994 Ford Tempo, RIP
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