Dakila Tomás Intermediate Were Wolf
Basic Information
Name Dakila Tomás
Pronouns He/Him
Age 39
Birthday Aug 30
Height 5' 11
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Sam Milby
Residence Location Graupel Canyon
Occupation Location Ridgefield
Occupation Police Detective
Vehicle 2012 Honda Ridgeline [silver]
Group Pyrite Hollow Pack
Rank Prince
Vampire Stats
Age turned 36
Supernatural Eye Color Green
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 36
Supernatural Eye Color Green
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 36
Supernatural Eye Color Green
Animal Appearance
  • White arctic wolf, but with hints of cream and grey in his pelt
  • Average in size and in build--for a were of his species.
  • Weight: ~210 lbs, Length (nose to tail): 7.5 feet, Height (at shoulder): 3.5 feet
  • Pale green eyes
  • Reference!
  • "Snowy"
  • Filipino. Dark haired and dark eyed.
  • Clean shaven or lightly shadowed. Rarely more than that.
  • Fashion sense is nothing special. Very casual at home and collared shirts usually with a jacket for work.
  • Functional shoes are a must.
  • Is pretty fit but doesn't really have time to want to work on getting ripped or anything.
  • A go-getter and the sort of guy to take action. Hates it when he is unable to help.
  • A completionist, nothing makes him more crazy than a job half finished or a cold case, but has had to learn to let go in the current world climate
  • Definitely a workaholic. Will drop just about anything if a case calls or the pack needs him.
  • Is good at teamwork, doesn't need to be the only one running a success
  • Friendly. Officious when it comes to other people's problems.
  • Inclined to be the hero at his own expense
  • Believes in justice but also mercy and doesn't always think that the solution to a problem is punishment.
  • Deliberate in his methods.
  • Calm, cool, and collected--sometimes too much
  • Born in 1981 in California.
  • Was a soft sort of child, easily picked on, and learned early on how to handle his own problems.
  • Parents divorced when he was seven and he ended up moving to the Philippines (Kalookan) with his mother until he was sixteen.
  • Moved back to the states to attend high school and lived with his father in Mississippi. His father was a beat cop who retired early and ended up teaching Spanish at a local school shortly before Dakila graduated.
  • He moved out from his father's place but stayed local as he went to school for a bachelor degree in Criminal Justice.
  • Joined the police academy shorty after, became an officer.
  • Eventually was promoted to police detective.
  • Always felt a bit out of place in the south, but loved the work.
  • When news about the weres broke in Ridgefield, any police positions were created or opened up in Colorado. Dakila, intrigued and excited by the prospect of that sort of work was quick to apply and transfer out of state accordingly.
  • He left behind a girlfriend with promises of an attempted long-distance relationship, but definitely brought this cat.
  • Eventually broke up with said girlfriend as things got more intense at work.
  • Was infected by a werewolf named Alina Sinclair, the local King, when she deemed him too close to supernatural matters to be safe as a human.
  • Had to take a leave of absence from work while he worked through things, faked a mental break and hid behind the secrecy of a shrink's methods until he felt ready to go back.
  • Was called in to work under the Supernatural Taskforce by people none the wiser. Accepted, but found the irony a bit much and occasionally difficult to work around.
  • Dated a jaguar named Vidya for several months until they broke up under amicable circumstances.
  • Was a loyal member and guardian in the pack until their King and all other leadership abandoned them.
  • Stepped into the void left by their absence and became Prince of the newly reformed Pyrite Hollow Pack.
  • Speaks English without an accent. Speaks Tagalog fluently as well as Spanish. Has a solid understanding of Arabic but it can be spotty.
  • Had a 9yo Russian Blue named Banjo that he's had since he was a kitten, but sent him back to Mississippi when he got infected.
  • Takes the skilled gun odds, 1-35 (or less) to hit
  • Very good arts:
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