Amber Bray Human
Basic Information
Name Amber Bray
Pronouns She/Her
Age 28
Birthday April 20
Height 5' 6''
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Tashi Rodriguez
Residence Location Cheyenne Point
Occupation Location Ridgefield
Occupation Artist/Photographer
Vehicle Mazda Hatchback
Vampire Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Animal Appearance
  • Curly, messy hair that she either gathers in a bun or lets hang loose.
  • Likes experimenting with her clothing. Isn't afraid to wear colorful prints and loves shopping for vintage items.
  • Adores her freckles.
  • She's a lover of the selfie, so she's always pouting for the camera - even if there isn't one around.
  • She prefers a 'natural look' and has mastered the many cosmetics it takes to achieve that natural glow
  • Amber likes to live in the moment and make things up as she goes along.
  • Action-oriented and excitable when something interests her. She loses interest quickly if something bores her.
  • Has strong personal beliefs in right and wrong. She doesn’t like authority.
  • She can be pretty self absorbed at times and doesn’t often take other people’s feelings into account.
  • If she wants something she goes after it.
  • Over dramatic at times and a little extra (but in a good way).
  • She’s friendly with everyone.
  • Loves to give out nicknames.
  • Born and raised in California. Her mother left and she was raised by her aunt while her father, a truck driver, worked across the country to provide for the family.
  • Amber fell in love with art as a child while watching street performers and going to free art shows.
  • Studied design and art in school, but never really found her one true passion. She likes experimenting with styles.
  • Found a camera and some gear left behind by a former roommate and has never put it down since. She's always looking for that next great picture.
  • Started to make a living selling her art and photos online, but found inspiration lacking at home.
  • She also got in a little trouble with the law, as she is pretty relentless in getting the perfect shot. Apparently, perfect lighting isn't an excuse if you're trespassing on private property. smh.
  • She packed up and moved to Colorado for a change in scenery. So far she really likes it.
  • Has given each of her cameras a name. Her favorite one is called Baby.
  • Regularly buys other artwork to support fellow artists and find inspiration.
  • Has a tiny tattoo of a violet behind her right ear.
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Oh the Humanity
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