Levka Orlovsky Advanced Were Bear
Basic Information
Name Levka Orlovsky
Pronouns He/Him
Age 51
Birthday Apr 4
Height 6'
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Residence Location Graupel Canyon
Occupation Location Graupel Canyon
Occupation Owner — Cobalt Ridge/Canyon Cafe
Vehicle 2018 Audi A4 [moonlight blue]
Group Cobalt Ridge Sleuth
Rank King
Role Soldier
Vampire Stats
Age turned 17
Supernatural Eye Color Orange
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 17
Supernatural Eye Color Orange
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 17
Supernatural Eye Color Orange
Animal Appearance
  • Mostly standard appearance for a polar bear--white and cream fur with a dark nose and blackened tongue.
  • Orange eyes are custom, though.
  • 1,500 lbs, 12 feet long, 7' 6" tall at shoulder.
  • Reference!
  • Whether or not you'd consider this fair-haired, blue-eyed older man attractive is entirely subjective, but he rather considers himself handsome.
  • A little rough around the edges, not entirely refined, he nonetheless subscribes to a sense of vanity--don't talk about the fact that he's going a bit grey.
  • Favors darker clothing, all in good repair. He likes wearing nice things even if he doesn't relegate his funding to casual purchases.
  • Has scars from his turning-- puncture bite marks most prominent on his lower back and flank.
  • Russian accent, pretty difficult to miss
  • He. Is. A. Brat.
  • While his loyalty can very much be earned, Levka is motivated primarily by selfish desire--though not without exception.
  • He can be very narrow minded in his opinions, but he recognizes the wisdom of others who have earned his respect.
  • Easily bored--and often motivated by such--he is prone to giving into impulse.
  • That said, he's not an idiot and has a good sense of self preservation, and thus knows when to restrain himself--usually. Chances were he can let go of any sense of good behavior are enticing.
  • Levka takes pleasure in violence, but typically does not give into it as a first resort because he knows its consequences very well.
  • He rarely has conflict with his inner bear, almost never seeing it as a separate entity from himself. His more reactive side can sometimes be attributed to his beast, however.
  • He finds people fascinating, usually acts in a way to incite a reaction out of them. He's quick to take a first impression to heart. Plain humans are, more often than not, quick to lose his interest.
  • Levka fears loss more than anything, and is both possessive and obsessive. He's also deeply sentimental about the things that matter to him.
  • Though aware that he lacks in inherent leadership qualities, he has been learning. Responsibility still rankles him at times, and he prefers to delegate and demand over doing things himself, but he does take to protecting that which he considers his very well. He does expect to be listened to in the pursuit of security, and appreciates those who are straightforward.
  • If you're nice to him he's much more likely to be nice to you, but it's not a promise.
  • Born in the USSR in 1970, near Moscow.
  • Lived a reasonably normal life as a child, with decent parents and a few younger siblings.
  • Was defiant and easily bored as a child, often seen as a difficult youngster, but was well loved regardless.
  • Got into more questionable things as a teenager, with an interest in violence and mob activity, wishing for adventure in all the wrong places.
  • Eventually found his match in his later teen years--a werebear that went by the name of Heron. Was turned and absorbed into the lifestyle of the local sleuth.
  • A pre-existing predilection for violence made it difficult to keep his head together for the first year or so, nearly tempted into full feral lifestyle.
  • Was instead honed into being a hitman, taking out targets that the group considered dangerous or inconvenient.
  • Maintained contact with his family, even when his brother moved to the USA to start a family.
  • Years into his twenties, he finally began to find a balance between what his parents perceived as 'troubled youth' and an into healthier independence.
  • Maintained something of a loner attitude despite being an integral part of the sleuth, attaching to the whole rather than to individuals other than Heron.
  • Oversaw a few operations in the Siberian tundra in his thirties, allowing him time to spend longer periods as a polar bear and become more familiar with his own soul.
  • Grew restless over the course of his 40s, and increasingly irate towards sleuth members.
  • The death of his brother in the states turned his attention more back to his human family as well.
  • This proved difficult to balance, and as the years wore on he realized his restlessness could not be solved by staying near the familiar places.
  • Seeking a different track for various reasons, he reached out to his niece that lives in Ridgefield to see about getting to know her as she is what remained best of his late brother.
  • Upon relocating to Ridgefield he was surprised to discover that two former bears from the sleuth in Russia were present there already. At their behest he agreed to join them.
  • Meeting Katya proves fortuitous for a time, giving him something to focus on that wasn't were business.
  • Began to find and gather other bears in the Canyon area to varying degrees of success, intent upon protecting all of them when the were secret was revealed.
  • Things took a south turn in his relationship with Katya when he assaulted her girlfriend, leaving him, at least for that time being, with the sleuth as his primary reason for being in Colorado.
  • A falling out with a couple members of the sleuth reduced their numbers, but only made Levka more determined to make things work.
  • Over time, an unexpected relationship with the local Cheetah Queen, morphed from reliable friendship to yet another incredible reason to stay where he was and do what he was doing.
  • But things are often too good to stay, in his experience, and he should have known better.
  • He lost a lot over the course of a month as people abandoned him, and he stood to lose it all until he attacked and turned Varya.
  • And things seemed to be going better until he had a brutal were-public fight with the second Bear King of Ridgefield County.
  • Native Russian speaker; Speaks and reads English proficiently, struggles at times to write in it. Texting is a whole different challenge.
  • Winner of Hard Shell, Creamy Center -- The biggest secret softie
  • Nominated for Most Intimidating Character, Most Honest, Most Likely to Commit a Murder, Problematic Fave, Pair with the Best Arguments with Cliff for Yearbook 2020
  • Literally terrified of elevators but he will not tell you that. Planes sort of suck, too.
  • Very good arts:
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