Varya Dragomirov Common Were Bear
Basic Information
Name Varya Dragomirov
Pronouns She/Her
Age 22
Birthday Nov 29
Height 5'3
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Fo Porter
Residence Location Graupel Canyon
Occupation Heiress
Vehicle Old Honda Civic
Group Cobalt Ridge Sleuth
Vampire Stats
Age turned 21
Supernatural Eye Color Green
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 21
Supernatural Eye Color Green
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 21
Supernatural Eye Color Green
Animal Appearance A stocky little polar bear with a bad attitude.
- slight of build

- short hair, shortest is a pixie cut while the longest barely gets past the her chin

- enjoys make-up, oversized sweaters, and easy hair-dos

Caring | Loyal | Passionate | Introvert | Bookworm
- Born to an American socialite and a Russian mafia member, a whirlwind romance that ended in joy rather than tragedy.

- Spent most of her childhood in Russia with her mother and father happily married. Was often left to her own devices, making her childhood a bit lonely, but she was well-loved by her parents. They traveled a lot, which fostered a deep love of exploration.

- When she was a teen, an upset in the local mafia power structure led to her father's death, when sleuth of werebears attacked their home. The best that she recalls is that a group of wild bears attacked their home, but quite a lot of the memory is blocked away, due to her inability to comprehend what she saw.

- It was during the attack that Varya's latent psychic abilities defensively activated - she was thrown against a wall, and upon impact, inadvertently formed a cocoon of solid ice around herself. While she was trapped inside, her mother escaped, but Varya's father had been killed. - After the attack, her mother fled back to America with her daughter.

- Her mother decided to return to a family estate in Mountainside, and that is where the two have been living ever since. Still, her mother spends most of her time out-of-town, managing some business or another. Varya suspects that she continues to do her father's work, to some extent, but her parents always took care to keep their daughter out of mafia business.

- In her mother's absence, Varya was cared for by the house staff and in turn, learned quite a lot about how to handle herself as an adult. Despite her mother's protests, she chose to go to public school for high school and after that, attend community college, with the intent of saving money.

- After graduating, Varya found herself adrift, because she didn't need to work while being completely cared for by her family's money and the house staff. Understanding that this was a quick and easy path to indolence, she took a suggestion to get a job and immediately applied at the Terrace. She worked as a busser and kitchen staff at the bar, happy to be active, even if it involved meeting new people.

- During a family vacation in Graupel Canyon, she was turned by Levka Orlovsky and subsequently joined the Cobalt Ridge Sleuth.

- fluent in Russian, but speaks English without an accent
Threw Were-kind Off Hell in a Cell
Threw Were-kind Off Hell in a Cell
08-14-2020 at 11:29 PM