Noah Powell Intermediate Were Cheetah
Basic Information
Name Noah Powell
Pronouns He/Him
Age 27
Birthday September 9
Height 6'7
Eyes Hazel
Face Claim Kelly Oubre Jr
Residence Location Rice Bluff
Occupation Location Rice Bluff
Occupation Fitness Trainer
Vehicle 2018 Black Ford Mustang GT
Group Sparrow Kiln Coalition
Vampire Stats
Age turned 18
Supernatural Eye Color Red
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 18
Supernatural Eye Color Red
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 18
Supernatural Eye Color Red
Animal Appearance
  • Length: 320 cm (including tail)
  • Height: 138 cm
  • Weight: 102 Ibs
  • Appearance
  • Tall and Lean
  • Fit
  • Curls for day
  • Sweats are his thing
  • Pretty clean guy
  • Personality
  • Cocky
  • Headstrong
  • Carefree
  • Honest
  • Easily bored
  • Active
  • History
  • Grew up in Atlanta Georgia, pretty average life with two older sisters.
  • Noah being both the baby and only boy of the family was often doted upon by those around him.
  • Average grades in school, although, was often marked as a 'trouble child' due to the abundant amount of energy he had bottled up. Often speaking out in class, cracking jokes or just generally not paying attention.
  • Eventually Noah would find himself being placed into sports, a great outlet for all of his energy. Skipping around between what was available to him, Noah could be seen playing football, basketball and even track.
  • High school hit, and Noah would find himself playing solely basketball, doing track during the off seasons. Determined that he would get himself a sports scholarship for college.
  • Scholarship obtained, things did not quite go as he planned, for just a few weeks after his eighteenth birthday Noahs life took a sharp right turn.
  • On a morning jog through a nature park Noah would witness the shifting of a member from the local Coalition. Shocked, it did not take the other to realize discover Noah and figure out that he had been seen. Noah was left with two choices then, either die, or become one of them... The answer was pretty fucking obvious.
  • Things were obviously hard at first, Noah having to forfeit college in favor of learning the new life he was to lead. The member of the coalition were helpful though, answering most, if not all, of Noahs questions.
  • Three years under his mentor, Noah really started to feel as if he had a hold on things. Public shifts were extremely rare, and his bond with the beast had grown exponentially. It was here that Noahs confidence really began to soar, and not quite in the good way.
  • He would begin testing the limits to his abilities, risking discovery through his actions on more than one occasion. Things would only worsen with another two years, Noah learning that he was stronger than some of the other members within the group.
  • The confidence would shift into a cockiness that did not bode over well with the others within the group. The leader would become stricter on the young man, constantly reprimanding him for even the smallest of things.
  • It didn't take long at all for Noah to grow tired with it, thinking himself better than the rules of the group, purposefully toeing the line of what was acceptable and what was not. He was strong, why should he have to abide by any sort of rules? Why couldn't he do what he wanted, when he wanted?
  • This sort of thinking showed clearly in his actions, and with the growing tensions between him and the leader, Noah finally snapped. Breaking away from the group with a few unkind words, Noah was confident that he would do much better on his own.
  • This impulsive decision had him moving to Colorado where he now stays. Living alone was much harder than he expected, and there are days that he regrets the decision he had made in Atlanta, but he would never admit it. The cheetah yearns for others like them, and while Noah would say otherwise, he too, misses what the group had to offer him.
  • Other
  • Definitely a mamas boy.
  • Still plays basketball when he can.
  • Playlist
  • Achievements
    Mama Mia
    Mama Mia
    08-14-2020 at 08:18 PM

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    Social Caterpillar
    Social Caterpillar
    07-29-2020 at 08:19 PM

    Threw Were-kind Off Hell in a Cell
    Threw Were-kind Off Hell in a Cell
    07-29-2020 at 08:19 PM

    Training Wheels
    Training Wheels
    07-29-2020 at 08:19 PM

    A Real Boy!
    A Real Boy!
    07-29-2020 at 08:19 PM

    Bipedal to the Metal
    Bipedal to the Metal
    03-16-2020 at 07:48 PM