Unruly in the Fiddle's Play
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4 threads with 4 different vampires from the same clutch — (4/4)

  1. Picking Up On That Feline Beat — Catrina welcomes Gokiburi into the clutch, running through the rules and lay of the land. (Completed)
  2. Spare A Thought For Me — Catrina watches Luka draw a tapestry in the Collection and they plan a party. (Completed)
  3. It's a hard knock life — Catrina helps patch up Tatiana with Gokiburi and learns of her rather eventful night (In Progress)
  4. if i didn't care — After Simon is missing in action for far too long, Catrina pays him a visit only to find the vampire almost withered away. (Completed)

3 threads with a person of a more animal type — (3/3)

  1. Could Be Worse — Catrina makes the acquaintance of Alice White (Racoon), the first were she's ever run into. Winning a guessing game, the poor dear has to get Cat a warm dinner. (Completed)
  2. That's Just Peachy — Getting out of the rain, Catrina meets a colorful and curious Natasha Kelly (Bear). (Completed)
  3. Switchblade Renegade — Catrina has a run in with Iago Mora-Padron (Lion) and they have a brief bit of talk. (Completed)

3 threads with a psychic — (3/3)

  1. Ghorstblusters — Catrina spooks the young psychic, Sunny Boswell, who calls her bluff. (Completed)
  2. I Ain't Afraid of No Ghost — Catrina finds a young man Rowdy Duncan and has a bit of fun. Lisa Yokoo (Psychic) walks in and the fun dissolves much to her annoyance. (Completed)
  3. A Moon's Dance — Catrina runs into Ashley Miller who, unfortunately, has a glowing cross that needs attending to. (Completed)

3 threads feeding off a different human or psychic — (3/3)

  1. Kintsukuroi — Catrina dazzles Chaya Thorne while grabbing a meal. (Completed)
  2. Night Flowers — Catrina meets Pandora Vespur and learns about plants as well as gets an unexpectedly offered meal. (Completed)
  3. Razzle Dazzle— Catrina meets Caleb Norvane and asks him to join her for a drink which soon becomes something else entirely. (Completed)

1 threads sparring or fighting a were or vampire for at least 4 rounds — (1/1)

  1. Cat Claws — Catrina and Esfir have a friendly spar. (Completed)

1 thread in animal form for 3 or more turns — (1/1)

  1. You've Got to Pick Up Every Stitch— Catrina attempts to hunt, but when finding a young psychic named Blair she runs across Asha. (Completed)

1 thread helping out a vampire with a specific vampire issue — (1/1)

  1. Offbeat — Catrina helps Josphine Beauchamp with grabbing a meal after ruining her hunt. (Completed)

1 thread in attempting to change a human or psychic — (1/1)

  1. Jekyll & Hide — Catrina finds a bloodlusting Luka in the halls of the Collection and has to save his dinner from true death. (Completed)

Join a clutch or create my own — (1/1)

  1. Rhiannon Court Clutch

Earn a rank or role — (1/1)

  1. Ducissa

Active with role for at least 3 months — (3/3)

  1. May 15th
  2. June 15th
  3. July 15th

Participate in 2 group threads with at least 2 or more group members while expressing themselves as vampires — (2/2)

  1. And We All Lift Together — The sudden appearance of group magic makes the clutch official. (Completed)
  2. A Very Merry Unbirthday to You! — The clutch celebrates a Alice and Wonderland themed party together. (Completed)

Whit’s fur ye’ll no go by ye

Invited and confirmed at least three members — (3/3)

  1. Luka Vladik
  2. Simon Radley
  3. Ender Balbay

Ridgefield Attempt — (3/3)

Three threads scouting a new home — (1)

  1. Learning the Baby Ropes — Catrina helps Luka check out new apartments. (Completed)

Three threads at a hub — (2)

  1. Show Your Colors — Catrina invites Luka to the hub and see if he has a creative twist to add to the renovations. (Completed)
  2. Jekyll & Hide — Catrina finds a bloodlusting Luka in the halls of the Collection and has to save his dinner from true death. (Completed)

Chayenne Point Attempt

Three threads scouting a new home — (1/3)

  1. O'er The Misty Mountains — Catrina and Pandora look around the area. (Completed)

Three threads at a hub — (2/3)

  1. Blunt the Knives, Bend the Forks — Catrina has a liking to Mary Owens and invites her to join her endeavor. (Completed)
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