Lauderhill Jump around!


For whatever reason on her days off, she LOVED visiting jump buildings. They were amazingly fun and she could bounce on trampolines of all sizes like she was a kid on crack but this time an adult hyped up on monster!

She was having the time of her life, the weird animal lady just bouncing all over the place to fun music and just without a care in the world.

Heading to the foam square pit, she would attempt that for the first time and after several jumps and flips dove with a FWMP! into the pit! She wanted to go again! And so she tried but the more she moved the more the pit ate her!

Oh no :(

"Halp?! " came a voice from the foam squares in the pit, a small hand above the foam and waving around like a floppy fish needing to be yoinked from the waters.
Grace was here practicing, though she wasn't practicing bouncing, exactly.

She was trying to trigger short distance teleporting. All of her focus had been on long distance bullshit, given that she'd been plunged into that first. But here, she was keen to do something else, and she'd learned from her first power that shaking shit up often led to good results.

Also, she was here to land a fucking backflip, teleportation irrelevant.

This far, jack shit for luck on either, but she did watch someone else seen to vanish by magic. A leap, then poof.

Off to the foam realm. She pictured the music when you jumped into a painting in Mario. Grace clambered over, peering from the edge of the foam pit.

"You down there?"

outfit is just black leggings and sports bra

A voice! A lovely lady voice! She would flop and buck a smidge in the foam, moving it around as she used a hand to pluck one off of her face as she smiled up at her.

"Yes! It ate me," she told her laughing now. It was ridiculous, the foam just wanted to keep her prisoner and even though she was strong it was deep and she needed a helping hand :(
She barked a laugh, nodded. Getting into the foam wouldn't help much with leverage, so she crouched at the edge, then settled onto her knees. One palm clung to the ledge, and she held her other arm out.

"You weigh like two pounds or four hundred pounds to get stuck down there?" she asked, wriggling her fingers as she dunked her hand into the foam pit.

Grace wasn't the strongest person in the world, but it couldn't be that hard to yank someone up enough to clamber out.
"Two pounds but a pound and a half is in my butt, " she confirmed as she saw the hand and would reach and grab hold of her forearm with her warm hand and would use that to help dig forward.

There would be foam squares being flung away as she used the umph to get herself upright and no longer in that awkward position.

"Can I get one good yank please? " she'd ask, just needing a little more to get to the edge and out of the foam pit of doom.
Dat ass, apparently. Grace had never been gifted in that department. She snorted, grasping palm to forearm, then heaved, leaning her bodyweight back to try to yank this chick up enough to find her footing.

"Up up up," she grunted, pushing up for some extra leverage.

It wasn't the most convenient position to be managing all of this, but she figured it would be enough.
Frankie would use the extra leverage she gave and her arm to help with pulling herself out.

It took a kick jump and a pull and her chest was now up against the side of the pit, her brown hair frizzed out from the static as she would let go of the chicks arm and just rest there for a second.

"Crap, should have a warning on that thing, " she told her, laughing a little breathlessly as she shook her head some. She could feel the little critter in her wanting out to play in this but that probably would be bad timing right now.
Good arm workout, yanking this chick from the foam pit. She flopped willingly back onto her ass after, letting one leg dangle into the pit, the other cocked knee up.

"You just gotta starfish next time instead of cannon balling," she said.

Looked at the woman, gaze flashing purple for a second and would you fucking look at that. Meat mouth. Motherfucking shifters. She said nothing for now, expression pleasant (Grace pleasant, anyway) as she decided how much it mattered.
Frankie took a moment, took another breath and then hoisted herself up and with a twist sat down on her butt. Stretching a little now before just laughing some and nodding.

"I was flipping and landed wrong, learned my lesson there, " she told her with a little bit of a laugh at that. She would now undo the ponytail that she had her hair up in and pull it out to fix it because heck, she felt like a mess.

"So what tricks were you up to? " she asked curiously while working to tame her hair.
She watched the girl let her hair down and felt a sting of envy. Grace both missed and did not miss longer hair.

As for the question of tricks, Grace slapped a fist into a row of buttons somewhere in her brain, lighting her eyes up purple but managing jack shit else.

"Tryna teleport outta here," she answered. "But having about as much luck as you were having with that flip."
It was taking a moment to tame her hair, a little more fidgeting and she got it into its hair tie prison finally.


"Shoot! Like Nightcrawler from X-Men? " she asked her totally jazzed about that; all she got was this critter and someone else could pop all over a room at will?

Her flip was totally forgotten, it was the last thing on her mind right now.
Nightcrawler was such a creepy superhero name. That's what she'd call that motherfucker who grabbed her.

"Just like an X-Man," she said, mispronunciation deliberate. "I usually only do real big jumps. Like across town. But I've been trying to do small stuff. Liiiike."

Grace set her gaze up above the foam pit, focused on the middle distance. She wanted into the air, then to drop into the foam.

"But if I succeed I won't remember why I'm here, so. Just remind me, arite?" she said, flashing a toothy grin, then looking back at the spot in the air.

Do it Grace. Fucking do it.

With two simultaneously pops of sound a few feet apart, Grace fucking did it. Appeared six feet above the foam, then fell out of the air and sprawled on her back into the pit with a softened thud.

Here, she blinked, staring up at the ceiling.

Where... the fuck was she?

"Dang! Dude you are awesome! " she couldn't help but praise and on the inside she was whiney; why couldn't she teleport :( "Oh so you're practicing! " she said with a nod, something she could respect very much.

As her new friend explained more, her head would nod at that, "I can do that for yah! " she told her in an agreeable tone as she would cross her legs and watch quietly with her lip bitten now.

The popping sounds made her jump though, her body flinching as she looked around and then up. Her gaze followed the woman appearing above the foam pit that had eaten her to the lady now just falling into it with more grace than she had.

"Dude! You did awesome! You ok? " she asked her, not sure if she remembered anything or not but if she didn't, Frankie would happily fill her in.
Grace was awesome. These were hard fucking facts.

She didn't remember that conversation, though, as she stared at the ceiling. Blinked. It smelled like foot-ass in here. Soft beneath her.

And then there was a voice, and she looked over to see some chick with low key frazzled hair.

The shifter. Who did flips sometimes or something. When had they met? Grace couldn't put her finger on it.

"All good, chickie," she said, rolling over slow motion to carefully fumble out of the foam.

"Don't know where the fuck I just came from though."
Frankie would be all smiles and then would adjust herself to offer out a hand to her to help her out of the foam pit just as she had helped her out.

"Oh you were right next to me, you said you might not remember and asked me to remind you. So you're here at the jump place for short distance practice...yea, I think that's all. I'm here just for fun to burn off this extra energy, " she told her with a little chuckle in her tone.

Burn it off before someone popped out to say hello because heck she couldn't predict when this critter wanted out to play so Frankie was kind of always on guard.
She clasped arms with this warm-palmed chick, hustling out to get to the edge of the pit and flop on her back, legs dangling into the foam. The memory did not rush back all at once when she got there, but the description brought enough detail to the surface.

"Fuckin' sick," she grunted, but it was with a bared smile. Thought about asking which kind of animal this woman was hiding but decided against it. Billy's note to be mindful stuck in her brain. Didn't need to rat herself out to everyone, even at the cost of indulging curiosity sometimes.

"You left out the part where you busted ass in the pit," she said, then laughed at the ceiling.
With her were strength, she helped pull her from the pit and back up onto the safety of the mats where you could just chill and relax. Once she was up, Frankie would lean back onto her palms and cross her legs as she nodded.

"It was, you landed perfectly in the pit and didn't miss, " she praised. She still was whiny over the fact that she couldn't do that :(

Then she pouted and playfully kicked some foam squares her way with a laugh, "See, I was hoping you'd forget that I floundered inside there where are you were able to land right, "Frankie said with a laugh, her cheeks a little red but heck, it was fine, she wasn't being mean but that landing of her own had been bad.
Awh, look at this chick blushing. Easily embarrassed. Grace waved a hand.

"S'not the Olympics," she snorted. Looked this girl over. Heavy eyebrows. That was a look Grace could get behind.

"Why don't you try again? Belly flop this time so you don't sink."

She sat up straight and scooted her ass back. Since she was where she'd started, she wouldn't need to teleport again.

"Yea but how many people can do what you can do? I don't even have that, I just get to black out and wake up in random holes because of a weird animal, " she told her with a little huff, blowing a breath out as she really didn't know any better than to not talk about it.

The suggestion was met with her biting her lip for all of two seconds before she nodded. If not stopped, she would go back to the long trampoline to start bouncing on it to give herself some air to help with her flips.
Grace would stop her.

Because holy fuck, did this chick just out herself? Zero prompting? That was new.

"Wait. What do you turn into?" she asked.

Random holes? In what?
And Frankie would stop and flop next to her again.

"Uhm...I've learned its small, it's called an aardwolf and it likes to dig and eat bugs, " she told her as she made a little face at that. gross.
Small? Grace had never put much thought into the idea of a shifter being small. Small enough to eat bugs?

"How small?" she asked. Too bad her phone and keys were locked up elsewhere or she'd be Googling the fuck out of whatever this chick had just called herself.

Are wolf? She was a wolf? But tiny?
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