Alder Heights College meow, meow


The campus was hushed in the dark hours. Perhaps a few people stuck around late in study halls, libraries or simply moseying about where they shouldn't have. She could fall into the latter category rather well. Especially in such a sleek, hidden form made for mischief!

She had delicately sat herself upon a bench kindly located in front of the large library. Some aged plaque on it dedicated it to a kind donator, a couple that she imagined was likely older from the names and state of the plating. Perhaps they were old alumni. Maybe just kind folks. The truth was, the bench wasn't all that important regardless of what good Samaritan had it honored to them.

It was her stage for this little act.

When the first person approached, she would stand from her seated spot and give a soft series of chirps towards them.

Come here!


Cami was just on a walk, exploring and looking around. It was a rare night that she actually left both her pets at home to just veg and she was just out to have some me time. Through the day, she'd gotten her nails done and hair and just over all pampered so now it was a walk to round out her day.

She hummed a little to herself, a shopping bag on the crook of her arm as she flicked through her phone for a moment before hearing the strangest chirping sound that stopped her in her tracks so that she'd look around.

It took a moment but she then saw the most naked cat lounging on a bench. Camilla was quiet for a moment, brows furrowed as she tried to understand for a second that someone left their hairless cat outside when spring was only just here and it was cold?

"Hello there, did you get left outside? " she asked the cat, knowing it couldn't talk to her but heck this cat must be cold and that alone tugged at her animal loving heart. That alone had her approaching slowly and then holding a hand out to the feline.
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