Ridgefield sinkhole!


The minute Jacky stepped into Ridgefield, he felt it. Another clutch's territory. He rolled his eyes. Of course the biggest city in the area would have a clutch claiming it. Little dick energy. That's what it was. Some little nobody trying to prove something. Ducking into an alley, Jacky changed into his bird shape. It wouldn't make him undetectable he knew, but it would at least make him more difficult to spot.

He hopped out of the alley, peering around in that very bird like manner. With a quick flap-flap-flap, he was up in a nearby tree, perching and watching. It was one of his favorite things- watching people. Well, and causing havoc. He spotted someone coming down the sidewalk and used his illusion to make it look like the sidewalk right in front of them just gave way to a sinkhole.


Cole was lost!

Yes, he'd grown up here, but still, the city of Ridgefield could get confusing, especially in this part of town where he'd been forced to park in some random garage God knows where. This is what he got for agreeing to meet up at some new upcoming restaurant in town, they should have all just stuck to the smaller joints and town. Frustrated, Cole's eyes remained upwards, staring ahead at each building sign that he crossed, searching for the designated location.

Google Maps claimed he'd passed it twice now, but Cole was pretty sure he'd checked every building and there had been no place called 'Roots'.

"Are you serious?" He muttered to himself, pausing once more to double-check his phone when suddenly the ground in front of him was opening up. Jumping back with a girlish squeal, Cole's phone clattered to the ground.

"Augh what the heck!!!?!" That hadn't been there before, had it?!
Jacky took the time to peer into the boy's mind, finding that he was lost and looking for a restaurant named Roots. Jacky could work with that. While the boy was distracted with the fake sinkhole, Jacky hopped out of the tree and turned back into himself. Yes, it meant he was going to be more easily spotted if someone from the local clutch came around, but food was food and this boy, he decided, would be food.

He let the illusion fade away to further confuse the boy before stepping out from behind the tree. "Sir? Hi, are you here for Roots?"

15/60 minutes used for telepathy

In just a blink of time, the hole in the pavement was no longer there, and Cole was left to just stare stupidly down at where it had sat moments before. He was pretty certain that there had definitely been a hole forming there before, but now as he tentatively dipped a foot forward, there was only solid ground...?

"What th-" Suddenly another voice was sounding, and Cole whipped back around to see a strange man.

Strange only in the fact that he was there, and somehow knew what Cole had been looking for the entire time. It almost felt like some sort of Alice in Wonderland schtick, but Cole wasn't going to argue if it got him where he needed. He only hoped that some of his sanity remained by the end of it, which was starting to seem less likely by the minute.

"Uh, yeah?" He answered, a hand coming to rub at the back of his head. "But, uh, I can't find it anywhere..."
Jacky smiled at him. "Wonderful. Your party is waiting for you. At Roots, we do things a little different." Jacky motioned for him to follow him as he turned and walked towards an alleyway. He peered back over his shoulder some, to address the boy once more. "The entrance is actually hidden around here." Before the boy turned down the alley, Jacky set up another illusion. This time, it was of a cellar door jutting out from the alley, alongside the building. He made sure it looked fancy, which the doors propped open and dim lights casting dancing shadows on the other side of the alley. Finally, there was a sign just above the cellar door. ROOTS with an arrow pointing towards the door.

It was a lot to keep going, but Jacky knew he still had some time for it. He turned to look back at the boy with another smile, searching for his eyes.

9/20 used for illusion


Maybe his friends had just gotten worried since he hadn't arrived yet and mentioned it to the host or something? Cole was pretty grateful that a restaurant would go to those lengths for their customers, assuming that most would have just left it up to the party to get everyone there.

"Sweet, thank you." Cole called, following after the man, a smile full of relief slowly growing across his face. "I totally didn't realize yall were located down an alley like this." Explained why google maps kept saying he'd arrived all of those times.

It also explained why the host might be more willing to search out for a missing party member, doubtful that Cole was the first person to miss this place. A glance towards the sign then back towards the host that had retrieved him. "Thanks for showing me the way."
So far, so good. Jacky couldn't keep the illusion going while also doing a suggestion, so he cleared his throat to keep the attention on him when the boy looked at him to thank him. The illusion dropped and Jacky quickly worked to get the suggestion out. "Of course. Also, nie ruszaj się, dopóki nie powiem, że możesz się ruszyć." He felt the suggestion stick, happy for it. He was sure the boy didn't understand Polish, but even if he did, he was stuck.

Translation: Do not move until I say you can move


Cole had absolutely no idea what had just been said to him, but suddenly his body felt stiff? Unnaturally stiff, as if he'd suddenly been turned into a porcelain doll, and no matter how hard or how much he willed for his limbs to move, his body remained absolutely frozen in place.

It was a frightening thing not to be in control of your body anymore, even more frightening when he couldn't even tell the kind host what was happening. Instead, Cole would simply stand there, eyes wide and frightened as he noticed that the blinking lights of the restaurant sign had all but disappeared.
Jacky watched with a slight smirk as the man was forced to do exactly what was commanded of him. He stepped closer and put his hands on both of his shoulders. He didn't waste any time with monologuing- this was a needed meal in an area that was possibly off-limits to him. So instead, he put him fingers to his lips to indicate that the man needed to be silent, and then he leaned in close, bit him, and began to feed.
The host approached, and it suddenly became very clear to Cole that this host wasn't as kind as he had originally thought. It was quite clear that something was wrong with him, and Cole had the stinking suspicion that this man was the cause.

Why? Because he was smiling, bringing a finger to his lips as he approached.

Classic villain as Cole's whole body tensed in apprehension, unsure of where any of this was going to go, and then, suddenly, he was being bitten. A shock wave of understanding hit, and Cole's heart began to thunder within his chest as he suddenly feared for his life. A vampire.
The bite wasn't anything bad. Jacky wasn't interested in just hurting someone to hurt them. He took some time to feed, enjoying the pulsing blood oozing out because of the man's thudding heart. Once he'd had his fill (which was just the amount he needed since he didn't want to hurt the man unnecessarily), he pulled away and wiped what trace of blood was on his face off with his hand. "Sorry about that, bud," he started. "I have no idea where this restaurant is, but I was hungry and you were available." He stayed close in front of man and reached a hand out to touch his face.

"You're cute. You wanna be a vampire?" He gave him a smirk. And then, just because he enjoyed fucking with people, another go at a suggestion, "Tell me you want to be a vampire."

lol, fail

Cole could do nothing but stand there as the man took his fill, face just as frozen as the rest of his body as Cole continued to push and push for his body to move. A hand to push out and shove away, for his legs to move and take him as far from this stranger as they could, or even for his mouth to open and scream out for help.

None of this would work however, body virtually a statue even as the man pulled back, face keeping close to his own.

He'd drank, why couldn't he just leave now? Why did he have to hang around? Why did Cole have to stay in this weird frozen state? It was frustrating not being able to ask these questions, even more so when the vampire continued to demand things from him.

Ask to be a vampire? Hell no, why would he ever do that?! Why on God's green earth would he ever want to be some blood sucking jerk that just tricked innocent passerby's who were in need of a little help. He would have glared if he was able, but instead, a hatred would fill his gaze, all the answer that this vampire needed for his demands.
Jacky grinned when it was obvious the man was pissed. So much anger and there was nothing to do about it. "I'm assuming your silence means you're stunned by such a generous offer. It does mean a painful death I'm afraid, but that all fades to the background eventually."

Obviously he wasn't going to turn the man, but he did enjoy the torment. He caught the man's eyes again, completely filled with hate, and offered any suggestion in Polish: "Za pięć minut zapomnisz o tym doświadczeniu." He felt it take hold with success and was glad for it.

He leaned close to the man, as though he was going to drink again, but instead kissed him on the cheek. "Thanks for being such a good sport," he said with a laugh.

And with that, he turned and walked out of the alley, leaving Cole behind. He stood just out of sight and grinned, wondering if the man was now concerned about how he was going to be able to move. He waited. For nearly one whole excruciating minute. And then he popped his head around the corner and laughed. "You can move!"

After another laugh, he was turned around and walking away.

translation: you will forget about this experience in five minutes

God, he was going to die, wasn't he? This dude was going to fucking kill him and turn him into the same kind of freak that he was, and Cole had absolutely no say in the matter. No way of stopping him, and no way to protest. It was enough to bring some tears in his eyes, the sting humiliating as the man spoke more words that held absolutely no meaning to Cole. Why did he insist in speaking this other language when he appeared to know English perfectly well?

Was it to tease him? Cole was sure that was the case here.

He didn't have much more time to think on it however when the man was suddenly leaning in to kill him. Ready to rip apart his neck and do what he'd promised, change him into this hateful creature for whatever fucked up reason he had... Only... Not??

Instead of pain, Cole would be left with disgust as a kiss landed upon his cheek. Disgust that rose not because this was a man, but because it was this man. A man who continued to tease and taunt him, calling him a good sport as he made his exit, leaving Cole frozen there for what felt like a century. A mental struggle as he fought against his body, only to have it broken in the instant that the vampire gave him permission.

Angry, and free to move, Cole made a move back towards the edge of the alley only to stop short as the fear set back in. What was he going to do to a vampire? What could he do when the vampire had the ability to control his body in that way? Nothing, and so he would wait.

Wait until he was safe in his jeep again to make the call to the police. A call that would never go through, for before he could even reach his jeep all the trauma of the day suddenly disappeared from his mind.
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