Yellow Pages And I Said Hey
Just to check all the boxes of things and such, Tikanni would fire off a message to Beauregard.

Howdy hey
Met a rogue at Disco Round. His name is Adam, rly cool guy and nice
His number is [adam number here] if you need to reach out to him for anything
Beauregard did not adore rogues, but he had patience for ones who were disinclined to cause trouble. It was thoughtful of Tikanni to reach out.

Thank you for passing that along. Feel free to send him my number as well. (I realize I could send it along to him, but it might be a smidge less intimidating coming from a familiar party.)
[Image: giphy.gif?cid=ecf05e47upzd0phd7modvbkmr5...=giphy.gif]
Will do :)
He breathed something of a laugh and left it at that.
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