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She hadn't heard from Dove since that talk around when she'd posted an ad. Seemed sharp to check in.

Hows things going after the full moon
Oh shit...she felt like a heel not messaging Grace after she had helped her
It went alright thanks to your help, no one got hurt and seems I'm a wolf for sure
Whats it like?
Uh definitely different. Feels like I have a hitchhiker in my head that constantly wants to sniff and eat everything :/ Also having a constant fever is weird as hell. I do miss being a boring human though, much easier.
That sounds ruff
got some shifters you keep around now? Anyone know who did it?
The ruff made her snort a smidge
Its a bit barkin'
I do, I got a guy who's basically helping me whenever I need it and I joined their group? Pack thing. Yea found out who did it n all and the leader guy is going to talk to them. Seems they are young and new to it
Is that person gonna be like
Punished or somethin
For completely changing your life and shit???
Also if I get the ok on it, they're workin' for me for a time because my business is/will be affected by this so they're going to learn and work for forgiveness from my part
Wait whose working for you
The one who turned me. Possibly. It's up to them butt even if they don't they're still in trouble for this mess
Wait so
A werewolf so out of control that she attacked you
Is going to be giving tattoos to people who are going to be in pain and bleeding and vulnarable and shit
Oh she laughed
Oh! No! Cleaning. That is ALL they will be doing is just cleaning. I'm not letting them touch a tattoo gun, don't worry
That was better? Kind of? But not a lot? Because this dumb bitch was still working for her.

So is she getting paid
Is this just like really fuckin dangerous volunteer work
She isn't working near anyone but me
I'm not risking my business just to get some payback for being turned into a furball
No she still wanted to punch her lights out but would have to settle for manual labor.
Grace didn't hear an answer to that first question.

It looked like petty punishment. She could picture it now, some sitcom bullshit: THE #1 COMEDY IN AMERICA! A QUIRKY TATTOO ARTIST HAS TO WORK WITH THE TROUBLEMAKING WEREWOLF WHO TURNED HER! And inevitably, like some buddy cop garbage, Dove would learn to forgive the werewolf, and then go on to turn other people and force them into the same fucking cycle.

She recognized how useless this conversation was. It happened with Blair. Happened with Jimmy. These people got brainwashed. Lovebombed. Cult-initiated. Had their lives ruined and then told by the same people who did it that the only way to happiness was to stick with them.

Fuck this shit.

Putting her phone down, she set out to pace the outdoor hall outside her apartment instead of saying all the things she knew wouldn't help.
With no response, she would just go back to what she was doing and that was sketching for another client because she had to somehow feed herself and her two sugar gliders still.
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