Starling Pond overlooking the pond
Sayed wasn't entirely sure what he had meant by "getting out of the library" but here they were, both he and Zaharia, inside his car. He'd thought about going back to his apartment, but would that be too forward? They hadn't even had an actual date yet. So instead, Sayed turned at the last minute and headed towards the pond. It was nice out. The pond was always pretty at night. So he pulled up in a parking spot overlooking the pond.

And now what?

Sayed finally turned to look at Zaharia. "Listen, I'll be really honest with you, but I don't actually know what I'm doing. I just figured we were done in the library, so we could leave, but I didn't really know where to go, so I came here."
Zaharia was happy to just leave with him, not caring where they went. Yes her mind was rolling miles an hour wondering what he might mean or want but she didn't think he was like other men who would be crass and just treat her as a toy or something of that ilk.

As he pulled into the parking lot, she would look at him as he spoke now. She would then give a little smile, "This is perfect though, the moon is out a bit and the pond is beautiful, " she told him. She had no problems coming here, honestly the simplicity of coming to the pond was perfect to her. "Let's go outside and enjoy the night air, " she told him, relaxed as well as eager to just spend more time with him.
Zaharia was honestly one of the sweetest people he'd ever met. From the first time he'd met her and had threatened her, she had treated him with kindness he didn't really deserve. He didn't know if she had wanted to do anything else, but she was happy to be with him at the pond. She suggested they get out and enjoy the evening, with the nice weather and all, and he agreed. "Yeah, that sounds nice." With a smile, he got out and headed over to a bench in front of the car.
Zara would step out, just holding her coat in her arms as she walked with him over to the bench that was in front of the car. "I want to ask you something...normally I am good at these things but funny enough this is not something I'd ask but... am I right or wrong that there is something growing between us? More than just friends I mean or even future clutch mates, " she asked him curiously. Maybe it was a bit quick to jump into the question but she needed to know- no wanted to know.
Wow. That was a hell of a question. It caught Sayed completely off guard and he stumbled over words that wouldn't fully form. He closed his mouth after a few moments and hummed in thought. There was an obvious answer to him, but there was also fear at what it would mean. He'd been with other vampires before. He even had a girlfriend back in Chicago who was also a vampire. But that was all so completely different to what this was. Sayed, on his own, trying to build a clutch. Zaharia was slated as his right hand. If he said yes, would they become a thing? Would that be awkward for everyone? He'd tried to forget about the kiss they had shared.

But the feelings he was catching for her were undeniable. He sighed. "Yeah, I think so," he finally admitted. "I just... worry about what that means," he said softly.
Zara waited, playing with her coat, her fingers rubbing the material. Maybe she misread everything and misunderstood, it was possible, she wasn't the best and normally she was just a flirt that never went farther than kissing really. She knew with him, she didn't want to just flirt so she had to wait and see what it was meaning from him.

Looking at him as he spoke, she bit her lip a little bit. She didn't either. They were going to work together, she be his right hand woman to help him with the clutch he would lead but maybe that was a good thing?

"I do too...I mean I do like you, something about you just being around you...well I feel more at ease to be myself, " she would tell him as she took a small breath and nodded, "I don't either honestly but well... I'd be willing to see what it meant if you are, " Zaharia told him. That kiss had been on her mind since that might. She had sported a rather happy goofy smile since because it made her feel alive and it was something she wanted.
"Okay, sure," Sayed answered, without even stopping to think about it this time. Maybe he'd be worried about it later, but he did like Zaharia an awful lot and if she wanted to try things out, then why not? They were all adults. Everyone in their clutch would be adults. If anyone had a problem with it, they would just have to deal. It wasn't like they were gonna be having sex during a clutch meeting or something. The thought would've brought a deep blush to Sayed's cheeks if it were possible, but he did give a bit of a sheepish laugh. Thankfully Zaharia wasn't a mind reader.
A little smile rose to her lips, her head bowing some and then looking up at him. She was stunned and didn't know what to say or think- people dated and worked together all the time and so long as they could keep things fair still, then there shouldn't be a problem at all.

A little nervous yet happy laugh left her, her hand pushing through her hair, "I'll be honest I didn't expect to actually come out and ask but since we kissed...really it's been a major thing on my mind and you have no idea how good? Wonderful? Well, you know what I mean, to know that it's something both of us feel, " she told him as she would wrap her arm through his again but this time she let her hand drop down to let her fingers brush against his. A silent question of if this was ok to hold his hand.
Sayed grabbed her hand and leaned his head against hers. Yeah, this felt right and it felt nice. "I also wasn't expecting you to come out and ask, but I'm glad you did because I was too scared to do it myself," he admitted. "I do like you a lot and I was worried that if I said anything, it'd chase you away." Not that anything like that had ever happened to him before, but rejection always sucked and it was normal for everyone to be afraid of it, right? Right. But this definitely felt better and Sayed felt stupid for not just asking her about it earlier.
The feeling of his fingers wrapped around her hand and then his head on hers had her eyes closing now. This felt good. She didn't have an anxious pit in her stomach or feel like this was something she had to do, no, this was something she wanted. "I guess I'm glad I don't know how to not ask things then...I've never been able to keep things to myself like that If i'm curious, " she told him with a little laugh before tilting her head back a little to look at him, "If you didn't scare me off when we first met, what makes you think that you talking about feelings would scare me away? " she asked a playful little tease in her voice to him now.
Sayed frowned as he thought of how much of an asshole he was when he'd first met her. But she was teasing him and he wasn't offended so he gave her a smile. "I don't know. I'd probably ignore some threats from some people, but if someone else said that they liked me and I didn't like them, it'd be awkward." Of course, it was only a tease. She'd know the difference. So he didn't actually have to explain. But he did anyway. Because he was still feeling nervous- like he might suddenly say the wrong thing.
Zara could understand that, a little smile on her face as she nodded. "I won't lie...I was worried that it was all in my head- you even possibly having some sort of feelings for me. I got myself a bit ready for that possibility and the awkwardness that surely would come from it....but even if you said no I'd still be around- you and our clutch is rather stuck with me, " she told him with a little bit of a grin. "Though I have to confess...I've not dated someone in years so I'm sorry if I don't really remember the dating things, " she told him with a small laugh, a bit embarrassed but it was the truth.
Sayed nodded, understanding where she was coming from. He was at least appreciative that if things hadn't worked out, she would still stick around. He wasn't so sure if he could've handled something like that, if the shoes were switched. Luckily, that wasn't anything they'd have to worry about.

And then she pointed out that she hadn't dated anyone in a long time, and he gave a shrug. "I don't think there's much of a right and wrong way to do things. As long as we're both in agreement on how our relationship should be, I think it's fine." He liked to think he was pretty easy going as a boyfriend. The word felt weird to him though- boyfriend. He hadn't been someone's boyfriend in years.
Oh, that was easy enough. Dating was vastly different than her marriage where they were together because they'd been told to be. It wasn't terrible but she just did what she was told for so long so having the freewill to set boundaries was really refreshing.

"Hm alright then, what is something that would make you uncomfortable for me to do? " she would ask him curiously, wanting to know so that she wouldn't hurt him. She didn't want that so it was best to figure that out right here and now with her boyfriend. Such a thought, boyfriend, it made her feel giddy because she was someone's girlfriend now.
Outside of the obvious things like not cheating, Sayed didn't really know how to answer Zaharia's question. For him, there wasn't a whole lot that was currently off limits- mainly because it'd been so long since he'd been involved with someone he actually liked and wanted to stick with.

He chuckled a bit and looked at her. "I drove to a pond because I didn't know where else to go. I don't really have any answers for that right now. I think I'm pretty easy going. So, what about you? Anything that I could do that would bother you?"
Zara would lean into him, her head tilted back some to look him in the eye as he spoke. Easy going, she could handle that. She would bite her lip for a moment thinking, what was something she disliked? Well, from a partner what would be something she couldn't deal with. Oh, something she remembered from her past that still at times haunted her.

"Please never call me anything along the lines of my dove or some sire...he used phrases like that from the suggestions he used on me to make me complacent to him, " she told him, looking away a bit. It was not something she liked to overly speak of but pet names were something that came with couples and she didn't want to get upset at him for something he didn't know so it was best to get that uncomfortable bit out to him.
Luckily Sayed wasn't all too interested in doing cutesy pet names, so calling her 'dove' or 'bird' was right out anyway. He gave a nod all the same.

"No worries about that," he said with a smile. "It'll probably be 'hun' or 'babe'" That's what he heard a lot in Chicago growing up. Not from his own parents, of course, but just from friends and other couples he encountered. "But more often than not, I'll probably just call you by your name because I like your name a whole lot."
Really that was the biggest sigh of relief for her, she was more than happy with what he said but he earned a little bit of a goofy smile at his compliment towards her name. She did like her name as well, so being called it was just fine with her and she had no issues with it at all.

"Then I don't really have any issues other than that, " she told him, lifting his hand up to her lips to place a small kiss on the back of his hand. "Also I rather like your name as well, " she told him- she still needed to learn his native tongue, "This...this makes me happy. Meeting you and now being with you, I don't think I've stopped smiling since I've met you, " she told him honestly. Thinking of him made her feel giddy, it was silly but she felt those fun little human emotions and she liked it.
It felt good being with Zaharia. Being in her presence and having her fawn over him. Both being and feeling wanted. Sayed smiled and as soon as she was done talking, he finally leaned forward to kiss her gently.
The kiss had her wholly silent, a smile growing on her lips as she would lift her other hand up to gently rest her cool fingertips against the side of his face as she kissed him back. It would be a soft and sweet kiss from her, showing her already blooming affection for the man she met and cared for. Her touch was light as her fingers brushed stroked his cheek lightly.
Sayed decided that he was rather fond of kissing Zaharia, which was good since they were now together. He liked the way her cool fingers brushed his cheek, luring him in deeper to the kiss shared between the two of them. He liked the way her lips felt pressed against his; something so uniquely them, but also so distinctly human. If he didn't think about it too much, he could almost believe that there was warmth flowing between the pair of them, even as the cool breeze of the night washed over them with the murky water scent of the pond. It was moments like this that Sayed was glad he was a vampire rather than just dead. The thought of missing out on this- on Zaharia and everything about her, on the opening of the library, on the formation of a new clutch- it made him sad in ways that missing sunsets and sunrises used to make him sad.

And all of it could be tied to one pivotal moment- the moment in time when Zaharia decided to approach him as he sat on a bench. She was the sole reason behind his happiness. He stopped kissing her for a moment to pull her into a tight hug. There was the feeling of warmth again and Sayed hung onto her and that feeling for as long as he could.
This kiss felt so much more than other kisses she had given. Sure she used affection to woo meals but those were generally emotionless and held just the facade of passion but with him? She felt it, the bubbling passion and desire as she let herself just melt into him now. Fingers tightened a little around his hand while others slid up to his hair gently to brush her fingers into it before dragging back down to his face. Blindly she sought to memorize his face through her fingertips as her lips moved against his gently. There was only them here, no one else, no other scent to her but Sayed's as she clung onto him.

When he pulled from her lips, her eyes opened to look at him for a moment before a small gasp left her as he wrapped his arms around her now. It only took a moment for her to wrap her arms around him and hug him back snugly; careful for it to not be too tight so as to cause harm. Her face would be pressed into his chest, her fingers bunching up his shirt. This was the start of a new life for her; helping create a clutch and be a part of one for the first time and now being with someone who made her want to be better than what she was.
If his heart could still thump, it would've been thumping for her. Maybe it was just the bliss that came with a new relationship, but Zaharia felt different. There was a desire to be near her all the time and to be a source of light and happiness for her. Sayed knew himself well enough to know that he couldn't always be that for her, but he would try to be the best he could always be for her.

He loosened his hold on her after that, though still kept his arms around her, enjoying the feeling of her clutching to him. "I think this is probably the best night I've ever had," he finally said after a few long moments of enjoying the sounds of the night around them.
This was one of the few things that made her happy that she had died all those years ago. The fact that she wasn't human anymore and had the chance to meet someone who would appreciate her for who she is and not for something she could do. That made all the difference, knowing that he liked and wanted her for who she is and not her healing ability.

Her grip would loosen on his shirt a bit but her touch would linger as her hands moved to just trace up and down his upper back a little bit. Slowly, her head would tilt back to look at him, a smile on her face as she nodded, "I think so for myself as well...I don't think I could really get any better right now, " she told him happily. Here they were in the night with a light spring air around them and they were seeing new dreams coming to fruition and new goals being worked on to be fulfilled.
There were mixed emotions when Zaharia agreed with him that this had been her best night. Happiness over the fact that he'd been able to give her a great night, but sadness over the fact that she had over a century's worth of nights that apparently hadn't matched up to this one. He held her a little tighter, determined now to try to protect her from any other bad nights. She'd had far too many. "From now on, I'm gonna try to make sure all your nights are good nights," he said quietly, pulling her closer and kissing the top of her head.
The tighter grip had her just feel snug and secure, her body putty in his arms as she just relaxed. What touched her the most though, that made her eyes mist over and close, was him kissing the top of her head and saying that. It was such a sweet thing, a simple thing that warmed her. Moving a hand, she would touch his face gently and then pull him down a bit to place a soft kiss to his lips, "I look forward to that, to those better nights, " she told him as she gave a gently bump of her nose against his.
He accepted the kiss and smiled happily at her as they touched cold nose to cold nose. "I look forward to it too."
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