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The year is 1924 and at the height of prohibition and gang violence in the United States, and between two world wars, the supernatural prison of Leurenoir is receiving more inmates than ever.

Prisoners are shipped from all over the world to the only truly secure prison for the supernatural and other undesirables, with a power suppressant administered prior to arrival.

Within the prison walls, the inmates run things themselves with only minimal input from the guards, making for a volatile and unpredictable community of supernaturals from all walks of life.

Say goodbye to your loved ones before boarding that boat. It's unlikely you'll ever see them again.

Opened April 2021

We are an alternate history supernatural RP set around the fictional prison of Leurenoir. We are a JCink Premium site with an R rating accepting humans, gifted humans, vampires, werewolves, and shifters.
We have a profile based application, no word count, and a light and dark version of our skin. We love our plots and for all drama to be kept firmly within the fictional.

We don't know what you did to end up in a place like this, but we hope you enjoy your stay.
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