It's here: the world's largest collection of compliments about members of Passing Strange! (We checked the record books and everything. We knocked last year's total out of the park.) It's 55 pages, it's 36,481 words. It's. A. COMPLIMENT PARTY.

Below, shared in random order under each name, is a wonderful pile of love and kindness from across the site. If you didn't get to participate this time around, don't fret! This will not be our last big ol' compliment party. :3

As you read through, please do us a favor and double check that the compliments you wrote are in this document and listed under the right person! We did our best to copy/paste everything in, but there's a chance we may have missed one. If you see one missing or misplaced, give us a yowl!


AhHA! My deeply adored friend, I know we've talked at times about our plaguing uncertainties with certain posts, but heck oh heck do I admire how fearless you are with just throwing them out there regardless. You have such boldly dynamic characters and I love that you unflinchingly let them do their thing. A joy to write for and read, a hilarious blend of fierce and so very sweet, you're an absolute icon in the community. Stay forever, cool? Cool.

I've experienced more of your wonderful characterization this year. It continues to amaze me. I admire how easily you seem to convey emotion with so few words. Beyond your wonderful writing, you are so kind and thoughtful. Sorry to say, but Walter is your best quality and we all know it.

Our beautiful, aesthetic, nearly mythical creature. You are a powerful, kind, ridiculous, thoughtful, wickedly smart, considerate, wonderful presence on Strange. I could list off kind words for our good Ahha for days. I adore the way your brain works. You ask brilliant questions and build brilliant systems. It’s almost hard to specifically praise how you write in the sense that you commit so fully and seamlessly to every character that I can almost forget there’s a writer involved. But there is, and she’s punchy, and powerful, and true to every word she flits onto the page for us. You are such an accomplished writer, and such an important human being. I hope for the day that Ahha can love Ahha as much as we all love Ahha.

I’ve experienced times where you weren’t around, and let me assure you… life is better with you here. I just love your presence, your aesthetic, your attitude. Something about the moments when you show up just make me SMILE. You have wit and smarts and don’t mess around with half-heartedness, and I will always adore that about you. I think you took a part of my heart early on and have kept it ever since. You write characters that take pieces of me, too, and when you let them die because you are just so dedicated to the story, it kills me! But I can’t even really be mad because it always feels right! Your ability to write people who feel real while doing unreal things is undeniable. But anyway, you are just top tier. You watch my back all the time and I hope I manage to do the same for you. You are a precious friend.

Hey! Did you know that you have some of the most well written characters ever? Well, now you do! I cannot get enough of reading your threads, and every character that you write has such a different vibe and feel that it makes me completely nuts. I literally cannot pick a favorite out of your children because I love them all for very specific and very different reasons. I also love you, and you are one of the brightest and kindest people to be found in chat. You are always one of the first people to compliment another person on their writing or character and whenever we talk I’m literally left grinning ear to ear.

You are so good at building others up, and you make characters I find myself instantly rooting for. Also, I think I want to get married to your cat. I’m so glad you are here with us, and I really really look forward to writing more with you in the future, because it is an actual blast.

Ahha-Anna, you are one of the most stylish and radiant people I have ever met. You arrive in the discord like a RAY OF FREAKIN’ SUNSHINE, and it’s a joy to chat with you. Your characters are also some of the most vibrant creations I’ve ever had the privilege to read and play alongside--they all read so well as their own distinct creations. Thank you for playing with me and being my friend!

Your posts are laced with wonderful emotive imagery, without feeling unnaturally laboured or forced. It really draws me in as a writing partner and I always feel like your posts give me a good picture of the way a character is thinking and feeling inside without the need for it to be explicitly laid out. It always makes the stories feel more real. Imran is so sweet and gentle and I want to hug him … admittedly I know he killed someone but I intentionally didn’t seek out context in the hope of writing with him again and letting it emerge or not naturally. I also appreciate you sharing the knowledge about Elon Musk’s true form. Now for some fittingly gay silence ??.

You’re a joy to have in chat and always a positive presence in the community. Thank you for the characters you bring to life and play so expertly. Each one has something special and sometimes I want to peek inside your brain a bit because you always keep me guessing with those killer lines.

You’ve created amazing characters who are all so distinctly different from each other. It’s always such a joy to role play with them.

Your use of metaphor in your narration is startlingly pretty! It’s illustrative and grand but without it being purple-prosey, so it hits that sweet balance between the dramatic/grandiose and still readable and purely enjoyable. Your posts are always quality and read so nicely with great pacing. Unless your character is rushing, nothing feels especially rushed, like you’re just aching to get to “action”.

Ahha has a delightfully varied and well-written complement of characters, all of which have their own quirks that make them unique and exciting to read. Writing with her has always been a fun experience, especially seeing how she liked to keep things exciting.

I appreciate anyone who plays old women a little extra. I think you’re such a funny, striking presence, both in and out of character. Your characters have a unique feel about them, in my opinion, and from the posts I’ve read, you have such a charming way with words. What an admirable writer!

There is no one on site who doesn’t absolutely love Diego and Katya, or isn’t deeply invested in shipping Tiffer and Adeline together. Which just proves how much a part of Strange you are! How could we go on without our wonderful aussie friend to sneak in at the weirdest hours with Walter pictures. My heart would be void of a Sophia Cave pilot hat wearing face without you. And if that hasn’t made my life all around better than nothing has. I love you Ahha! And I love you even more Walter!

My QUEEN of powerful characters!! I love the way you write. I love how every character you write has such a powerful voice. I love how you seek consequences, and I love how you choose FCs and create beautiful magic IC. I love that you and I can write such beautiful threads together even if it's thirty one liners. I love your hamburger cat Walter and your comments on him. I love your sense of humor and the way you just GET things on like a universal level. I love how you make sense of anxieties we share. I love your aesthetic! I wuv youu. The end.

Your writing is incredibly punchy and makes me laugh all the time. You have such a handle on narratives which is amazing to read. Over this last year I feel very, very blessed to have more opportunities to get to write and spree with you more so than before. I’m so glad you came back to rp with us because I love being able to talk and write with you, all of which are easily a highlight of my day.

Your presence brightens my life and that of everyone you shower in love within this wonderful community. You act with a kindness that I endeavor to imitate, are charmingly hilarious, and have a captivating capacity for character creation and story-telling. It’s an honor to know you.

Very cool characters holy cow!!!

Ahha is one of the sweetest people I’ve met here at Strange. I love her spunk and creativity that she delivers. They are always easy to talk to, message- anything! 10 outta 10 great friend to have!

Australia….gotta love you from being from there. You stayed in character when they met at the zoo and she was ticked off by Nord. I like that.

There is not a moment that I am not stunned by you my sweet Ahha. You’re an incredibly creative, extremely hilarious person. Your wit when writing is literally unmatched. I can never anticipate what someone like Katya or Diego is going to do next. All of your characters are so effortlessly full of depth, and the way you write them is so unique. You’re just a really effing pleasant person to be around. I LOVE AHHA.

Ahha oh Ahha. It has been a joy getting to know you over the last year. You constantly dazzle with your writing and your presence in discord is always a joy. I appreciate everything you share with me, whether its some jamming tunes or an exciting thread.


You are such a beautiful storyteller and vivid, gorgeous writer. You bring so much to Zelda and the way she views the world, and it’s so easy to see the love and thought you put into every word of her posts and even your mentions of her in Discord. You’re also an enthusiastic, kind presence in chat, and you take the time to praise those you write with. Also, your post reading was otherworldly and I’m pretty sure I could listen to you read a grocery list and it would draw me in. You’re so creative and talented on so many levels, and I can’t wait to see all the wonderful things that unfold for you and Zelda and any future characters on Strange.

I’ll start off by complimenting your obvious intellect in choosing to move to the british isles. It was brave to choose somewhere as rebellious as Scotland but they do have very fine people so I can see the logic. Your off hand OOC remarks in discord about IC events always make me chuckle and I enjoy the humour at Zelda’s expense. I hope very soon we can have a thread together that elicits an amusing quip.

Alex! You’re a wonderful face to spot around the site and chat. You always have such wonderfully thought out ideas for character concepts or uses of game mechanics. Not to mention I’m constantly in awe of your writing. I look forward to your future here with us.

You really came onto site swinging! Zelda is so fun and she brought all the necromancers together.

Lady Alex!!! RPing with you has been such a joy and I really love the deep characterization and enthusiasm you have. Also, pardon me, your reading voice AND singing voice is phenomenal! And so is your modeling, holy crap. I can really tell you're in the performing arts and I hope nothing but the best for you with it. That said, I hope you always manage to have some little bits of time for the rest of us. You're amazing, thank you so much for joining our little crew.

Gosh you have been such a pleasant presence around the chat, and it has been absolutely wonderful. You are so freaking sweet it makes me want to squeeze you!! You also have such a nice writing style and way with words. It makes your posts super fun to read, and really offers a nice perspective of your character's thoughts and feelings.

The detail in your posts is crazy good. Zelda is a fantastic character and you are a great addition to Passing Strange. It’s always fun to see you in chat and I hope everyone gets a chance to thread with you.

You have such a great way of really focusing on a character that you clearly love to play! I think there’s something to be said about having a passion and getting the most out of it. I also have loved how you have really embraced going big and being willing to do an event with Zelda! It’s so fun and I am so grateful you are here to play with us and add to our diverse population of writers. You add your own flavor to our giant pot of fun, and I can’t wait to see you meld even more than you already do.

Zelda is such a vibrant, emotional character, and she’s really fun to play off of. You are also very vibrant and fun, and make me constantly crave bagels! So glad to have you here, friend!

I love how you've thrown yourself into the site and embraced the chaos. You feel like a longstanding member already! I look forward to writing with you.

Alex has been a delight since she first joined. She brings fascinating and well-thought-out concepts to the table with quirks and fascinations that make them come alive through her writing. I always look forward to reading one of her posts.

I adore how passionate and invested you are, in general and where your writing, roleplaying and your character is concerned. I love how deep you go, your attention to detail and every aspect of Zelda. I’m amazed and stunned by how creatively and intricately you go about writing her, connecting all of her elements to one big theme, and how you aim to bring across the general feel of her - and everything of her - in little details of a moment, painting a big picture with small strokes. I love both how flexible and focused you are, staying open to writing with anyone and random events and going along with what feels right in the moment without forcefully driving your character towards a goal, yet still managing to lead up to what is important to you to live out with her. Cate Blanchett is fucking A+, great job for being one of her biggest fans, you did well in choosing her.

I would run through rush hour traffic for Zelda, thank you.

You have a beautiful voice, both audibly and in your writing. There is a vivid sense of magic in your posts and in Zelda’s very bones. You’re a crafty creator with a big heart and big ideas, and having you in this community is a total blast.

Alex!! A new member to our furry filled group of fronds. We haven’t gotten enough interaction but everyone tells me that you’re so awesome. You did one super amazing reading for our audio series. And its clear that you are dedicated to writing your characters true to what they believe. You dont let out of character knowledge fool you into anything. I hope we get more acquainted in the future. All the hype!

You bring a special European expat touch to discord that just makes me happy, my fellow ex countrymate.

You’re always such a lovely presence in chat. It’s so fun to talk to you! Zelda is such a cool character and chalk full of fun plot potential. I love keeping up with what she’s doing and how you handle writing her narrative so well.

A very vivid and clear writer who’s both a pleasure IC and OOC. The fact that you cooked up this latest spring event and made it so believable, entertaining, and engaging all on your own blows my mind! You really knocked it out of the ballpark. I’m very thankful that you put together something that all characters could attend, definitely stirring the plot and everyone’s muses. Hands down one of the most energetic personalities in Discord, you’re a riot to have around.

When I think of you, the first word that comes to mind is ‘graceful.’ Seriously! You are lovely, kind, and graceful, and your love for your character is evident. On the board, I feel the same way. Your posts just have so much emotional energy in them. They are such a joy to read. Thank you for being here with us!

ALEX you are such a bright presence in Discord! I find myself laughing about most of everything you say. I’m so glad you made it back to us! Zelda is such a lovely, vibrant character. I cannot wait to get a chance to write with you more in the future. You’re also just astoundingly good at reading aloud, like seriously audiobook worthy, so please do that more! You’re a great addition to our psychotic little family, and I would very much like to keep you, thanks! I LOVE ALEX.

You’re always coming up with really fun ideas and getting people involved in those fun ideas and it’s really great to see your plans in action! Your Discord chatter is always informative and/or entertaining, too; you’re a great presence on the site. The way you’re always really thinking about Zelda’s ability is cool too - just how much she can do and how she can push it and all the possibilities some people might not have considered!

Good gracious, your writing. Zelda seems like she walked right out of a modern dark fantasy mystery novel. It’s so clear that you put a lot of thought into how lovingly crafted she is, and the language in your posts makes it easy to imagine the scene, while also giving enjoyable hints about her backstory. It’s beautiful.

Alex you have such a lovely way of putting words together and how creative you are at making your character(s)! I can’t wait to see all the ripples you’ll cause here!


I’m always so happy to just talk to you. And maybe that’s not strictly a compliment, but it is facts. There is something about your presence, even when it’s brief, that always manages to make my day just that much better. Even when you are struggling yourself, you still have been here for me and I recognize that fact every time. You give sound, solid advice and encouragement. Just a quality human being in my book, one of the very best in my life. The time and attention you give does not go unnoticed. Nor does the fact that you strive to live by your own advice about relationships and self-care even when it’s SO hard. It’s easy to say the right thing but harder to do it also. But you do. You are such a fun, talented cook who I love to share those escapades with. You write characters in a way that I jive with so well, and it makes me want to be deeply, deeply involved with them all. Pithy when you need to be, so good at evoking feelings and images succinctly, and yet willing to indulge in roaming paragraphs when the time is right.

Gosh, you are so fucking funny, dude. Funny, witty, and so brilliantly kind and insightful. I think you’re one of the coolest people I know. Writing with you is an absolute joy as well. Every one of your characters has a HUGE personality that shines through, and I’m always so excited to see you posting. I hope you get more time to write this year; please BLESS US WITH YOUR POWER.

Bambambamsy. Such a powerhouse presence to have when you’re around. Constantly excited to see your updates with your growing animal crew at home or what wonderful jokes you land. Not to mention seeing what your colorful, impactful characters get up to. Forever looking forward to future Bamsy adventures.

I really appreciate and love your presence as a player and friend. You’re constantly a warm person and always cracking jokes, making it so easy to feel at home with the group of people here. Outside of that, you are incredibly kind and the way you go about making sure people here have someone to talk to while pointing them to the right thought processes or where they can get help is amazing. You are the type of person that deserves to be treasured and all the wonderful things in life.

You inspire me on a daily basis with your strength, discipline, and compassion. You are masterfully creative, painfully funny, a fantastic writer, and your penchants for wisdom and honor are a gift to this world. We are so fortunate to have you in our lives.

Hey, you’re fucking hilarious, This site could have a whole yearbook of just Bamsyisms. You’re also a fantastic storyteller and I love every single story you’ve ever shared. You’re my goblin goals in the best possible way because we’re both disgusting!! Also, you are patient, and kind, and so smart on so many levels. You are a person I can always, always trust to give good thinks on things and that’s immensely valuable. You encourage others in a sincere and effective way, and your presence makes this site a better place to be. ALSO, on top of all of that, you’re also a hilarious writer, I love reading your characters smashing into things, whether it’s into a soda machine or, like. Iago. I can’t wait until you’re in a place when you can write more because you build good, funny, compelling weirdos.

You are a delightful presence on the server and one of the funniest people there. I admire your positivity and how you strive to be better. Your characters are wonderful and you emote so well with them all. I love how thoughtfully you consider character questions; it's a wonder to watch. But another year has passed and we have only had one thread. >:[

Bamsy is genuine, an incredible friend, and devastatingly funny. You are the unofficial grandmother of the server in the best way possible. All of your stories and updates warm my heart and I’m very happy to have gotten to know you.

You are such a hard worker that it's crazy, and even when days are rough you still manage to be a super great presence in the chat. You’re always boosting others up and offering assurances when they are needed. You’re also freaking hilarious and have pulled so many belly laughs from me in chat and have brightened my day more times than I can count.

What is a pride without a Sokol? A cackle without a Pete? Popcorn without a Ted? Strange without a Bams?! Who else can give us the real colorado experience (pretend Kiew isn’t there for a hot minute), who else can give us pictures of the golden boy Magnus? Who else has the most relatable cat? Besides Bruiser but we all know Pearl and Bruiser were meant to be together. Most of all who else could be our Bams? Our wonderful good advice giving, hardworking, beautiful chicken mother Bams. Just as Sokol, Pete, and Ted are major parts of Strange so are you Bamsy.

I enjoy how snappy and fun your posts are, how you manage to cram a lot of detail into just a few sentences to keep things going! It’s also really clear that you know your characters inside out, from the way that you play them on site to the way to discuss them in character chat. It’s like you willed them into existence as fully formed peoples!

Characters very cute, very chaotic. [chef finger kiss]

Your hilarity is unstoppable. The sheer volume of Bams quotes featured in Needfuls is proof enough of that. More importantly, The level of conviction and insight you bring to the table when it comes to supporting and validating other members of the community through hard times is honestly stunning. I know things have been difficult, and a reduced level of energy only makes that much more striking that you’ve used it in this way. I am constantly impressed by you. The awe has not diminished.

Bamsy is an utter delight in Discord. Whenever I see her around, I know there'll be a fun story and compelling discussion to be had--and her chickens! I want to know more about her chickens.

Bamsy, to me you’re like one of the pillars of this community, honestly. Whenever I think of all of the good things that this community consists of, I think firstly of the unabiding acceptance and openness that everyone communicates with, and i think you’re the best example of it. You’re the realest of the real. You’re also the funniest person on the site don’t tell anyone else I said that. You’re also a fucking kickass writer, whos characters have to many faceted layers that i’d never think to include, honestly. UGH UGH I LOVE BAMSY.

Your food pictures on discord make me hungry all the time. Send some of your awesome food?

What a clever writer! I especially love your creation and maintenance of Ted, who's one of a kind. You seem so witty and bold - Gryffindor or Ravenclaw? Maybe I’m completely off the mark… Anyway, I totally enjoy the mix of your personality, it’s really refreshing, and I love your humour, too! Hopefully I’ll have more threads with you in the future!

best ass

Food? PLEASE. Your food images have brought me so much life. Ted is incredible and I want 100 more threads with him.

Bamsy, I think you're a really cool person. You do the most fun quirky art and have such realistically ridiculous characters. I enjoy spying on your writing from time to time and love seeing how everyone is developing. I think you do a really good job making everyone in the community feel loved and heard and that is really a rare and precious thing. I think the fact that you're running a whole freaking farm is really admirable too. I'm glad you're leaving your god awful job and hope you land a place that gives you the appreciation you deserve.

Pete, who is called Pete, is hilarious. Her internal monologue is so witty and dry humoured and I love it. I read her wrestle with Dorian and was amused right the way through. A wonderful read. Beyond your writing it is always nice to see the wonderful things you cook … except when I’m hungry and can’t eat. Then it is less nice.

Utterly charming, what else can I say. You’re so full of love and support for every member in our little community, being the first to lift us up and bolster our confidence. You’re really good at making others feel heard, Bams, so I hope we can do the same for you. Your characters are a force to be reckoned with.

BAMSY! You are the kindest person and I love hearing about your pets! You always have something fun/funny to say about them and a plethora of pictures of them that totally make my day! As a writer, you have a beautifully vivid way to put words together and create a stunning mental picture at what is going on in a thread, please never stop!


Writing with you is so effortless and natural, and I have a feeling everyone else agrees with that sentiment. Your character arcs are like a really lovely slow burn—you allow stories to unfold thread by thread, conversation by conversation, and it comes across as relatable, organic, and beautifully raw. You’re a true storyteller and we’re lucky to have you back.

You are a vivid and hilarious writer, excellent character creator, and thoughtful Discord presence. I’m so glad that you’re with us. You write with the flow and aren’t afraid to follow the twists and turns of any story. You thread with anyone and everyone, and you make PS a more welcoming place in doing so. Posting with you is easy breezy and you always give your partners something to respond to. Also, you have adorable pets and I love seeing what you’re cookin!’! I'm so thankful we stole you back, and I want to keep you forever.

I really can’t imagine a PS without you! I absolutely adore all of your characters, and they really have a sense about them, like I could meet them in real life. They just feel really real and authentic, and I think that can be hard at times, but you pull it off so well. You also are so freaking sweet, in chat and I always love our conversations and your recent pictures of BIRBS! You are such an amazing person, and I am so happy that I’ve gotten the chance to know you over these years.

I admire your resilience. This has been a difficult year pretty well across the board, and I know it has been for you. I was stoked to meet you back when we started, a returning veteran. I'm so glad you've continued to return. I know that can be hard, stepping away when you need to and then coming back when you can. It takes courage, and I think you have a lot of that. I'm very glad you're here, willing to share your struggles. It emboldens others to do the same. It emboldens me. We're better for your presence. Thanks for it.

You’re an absolute delight in chat, love reading your comments and your wittiness translates directly into your characters. Oleander is a total sweetheart and I root for him so hard! I also want to let you know that I’m seriously rooting for you too! You’ve been through a lot this past year, but you’re seriously a super strong person and I am wishing you all the good things to come! Happy to have you here with us.

I’d like to quote you: “My goal for this weekend is to focus on the fun and not wallow in the negative”. Love your attitude. Can we print this on t-shirts?

Your use of simile is so creative and visceral; you paint such a vivid picture of what’s happening and your character’s feelings through your unique similes. I find it hard not to fall into cliché when it comes to simile so when I see your similes that are both really different and also being something you can absolutely visualise. Like they’re not so out there that you couldn’t picture what you’re trying to describe, but not so commonly used that it feels stilted or unoriginal. Always makes me light up like ‘wow!’ when I read your posts!

Actually, your Valerie was one of the characters who struck me first while browsing the site as a first-time guest, particularly because I thought, “Valerie would fit very well with the character I want to create!” Sadly, they haven’t interacted yet, and now she’s a were, look at her! Even though I haven’t written with most of your characters, quite a few of them have an innate appeal for me. They just… feel human. Special. And human in their specialness. Your writing is so witty, and I’m attracted to the kind of down-to-earth feel you and your writing give off. I particularly am intrigued about Oleander, Christmas and Monica (and Valerieee).

Your characters are interesting and you play them realistically. You always have something kind to say in chat.

I think you are one of the coolest people on the planet and I'm so happy you're with us. This year has not been easy for you but I see your strength and tenacity and I admire it. As an RPer you have this incredible gift for realistic characterization and threads with you are always so easy to melt into and write forever. I love the way you capture little nuances in your writing without having to explain them too deeply. And as a person?? You are EXTREMELY CUTE AND FUNNY AS HECK. You never fail to make me laugh and your pet pics and vids are adorable. You NEED to stay forever, the end!

Byrony is such an open and kind person in the Discord, unafraid to share challenging situations and offer support to those who need it in turn. Openness around people's difficulties is such an important aspect to have, especially when we strive for mutual understanding.

Bryony, bryony, bryony, you’re such a great light presence on the board, always ready and down to talk about fun topics as well as serious ones as well. Your characters and their dynamics are interesting, always keeping me on my toes while being endearing too. I love rping with you and am always super siked to join a thread with you.

Writes like a friendly hug and a cup of hot chocolate.

You’ve really made a comeback into strange life. I feel like I've really gotten to know you these past months. And your cats too, which is super important. Those beans, that velvet fur. Cat pictures are an important part of daily life and you always provide. It's great having you on chat, you keep things moving and I know you’re usually available for a chat. I’ve also noticed you let the dice determine things to make things more interesting in RP, which i admire. I feel like I don't do that nearly enough and it's nice to have an example to see how you play even when things aren't alway in your control. I know you will be a great addition to any IC groups and look forward to future threads.

I know compliments make you uncomfortable especially from yourself but you are doing a good job in spite of crazy shit so YEAH!

Bryony you are such an amazing person to have around. Your wide array of colorful characters always impresses -- I mean, seriously. The range from someone like Monica to Mahalia is an impressive feat! Yet you bring each and every one of them such life.

BUUUUUU. I am SO freaking glad you made your way back to us. It has been SUCH a fun time getting the chance to write with you again. You’re so freaking hilarious in chat, and I love being able to nerd out about the things we have in common. As for your characters, I love each and every one of them with my whole soul. Not to mention your character profiles are literally some of the best on site, they’re all so well rounded and descriptive without being long winded. I LOVE BRYONY.

You are wonderfully silly and beautifully creative. Your sensitivity and thoughtfulness shine brightly in both your posts and the things you share in the discord server. I love seeing all your animals and the adventure of settling into your new home. It feels like you’ve been with us forever, which is a lovely feeling.

There’s something just so effortlessly chill about your characters. You write with confidence and I really enjoy reading your posts and writing with you!

I love the way you describe Oleander “Like a candle flame with a glass slowly closing around it - muted flamboyance.” is such a wonderful descriptor and also something of a life goal. The description of his first proper employer as “scam lady” was amusing and it was fun to read his occasionally cutting thoughts about people he meets.

Nousha has the excited baby energy I crave. I love seeing your characters pop up all over the place, and you do such a great job of playing with everyone. You really bring so much kindness and humor to this community. Glad to have you here!

Bryony! You are such a positive force on the site and all around the community. You always have something positive and kind to say and it is just warming to read something you’ve written. This isn’t even starting with how beautifully you write your characters and their interactions in their world and those around them.

Wow I am SO glad you are here with us. It can be really hard to be social and creative these days, but the fact that you’re here doing both with us warms my heart a lot. You are such a fun character writer, with strong quirks and voices and there’s a reason I am always happy to have a thread with you. Oleander in particular calls out to me, I want to watch his entire life, he’s amazing?! You are a charming person with a lot of creativity in your soul and we’re honored that you share it with us.


Hey, you kind and understanding person! You seem like a really sweet soul and your writing makes your characters feel so… human. I love that you show Thomas’ vulnerability so starkly for example. I also appreciate the English humour, lol. I admire you wanting to be a lawyer - it makes for a nice English stereotype, and at the same time, I’m happy to know people like you are looking to do judicial stuff. Gives me hope. :)

You’re such a spunky person, Cal! I love your insights in conversation and your emoji reacts every time someone tags you. It’s so wholesome. You shine a lot of positivity with your writing and presence. I’m very glad you’re here with us.

I always love how you come in so sweet and encouraging to everyone. You have a real gift for burrowing into the community, it feels like you've been with us forever! And I love the detail with which you write your posts, really delving into Thomas' head and figuring out how his past informs his future. I'm really looking forward to seeing him move forward and become a happy and healthy boy. I think he has a lot of potential for growth. I also can't wait to see Lucien in action more too. Thank you for hanging with us!

Posting with Cal has been a delightful experience for me. Seeing his characters unfold and react with a rich mental world to support the action and dialogue that comes alongside it all has been a joy. Tom especially is adorably sweet, responding to the world through his unique lens that is always interesting to read.

Tom is an absolute treat, and I love him so much, but you know who is an even better treat? CAL! Its been great getting to know you, writing with you, and I don’t think PS would be the same without you. Your writing is absolute bomb, and I feel like you get in those details that are easy to miss. You can really get into Tom’s head, and understand his feelings and the reasons as to why he acts the way he does.

I am LIVING for these thorough character backstories!!!

Your character’s profiles are so finely detailed without being an information overdose! They really give you a good sense of the basics of the characters and what drives them, suggesting the framework for how they might develop in future. Thomas’s profile particularly is very neatly structured and easy on the eyes!

One of my absolute favorite things in this hobby, the thing that draws me into it personally, is seeing throughlines of impact. Ripples of happenings felt several threads down the line. That sense of continuity, that what happens matters. You run with that so beautifully, taking the things Thomas experiences and having them affect him continually through his future encounters. It’s amazing to read, watching the story progress

Seeing you pop into chat is such a joy. You always seem to have an interesting factoid.

Cal is really sweet and a wonderful writer. You can really go after a storyline and see it through while also doing a great job making everything flow well. Thomas is so adorable and is really coming out of his shell. It’s a blast reading your character development.

Thomas is such a wonderfully pleasant character! He feels like such a real guy, with a bunch of facets to him that really bring him to life! You’re a great presence in chat, always ready to pop in with a clever quip. You’re masterful with profile creation, and even better at translating those little details into informing the character in posts, so freakin bravo. You’re amazing! I LOVE CAL

Tom is such a sweetheart! I’m excited to see how he grows here. Thank you for being such a kind, friendly presence.

I like the way you created Thomas as a very sensitive character and our ooc interaction proofs that you care about others.

You are so sneakily witty, popping in when I least expect it to fire off effortless, hilarious one-liners. Beneath that excellent sass, you’re also incredibly kind and considerate and work hard to look after the wellbeing of others. I adore reading poor Tom and all the delightful torture you put him through. You’re a true and heartfelt writer, and my heart aches when his does. I can’t wait to see more of Lucien and you in general. I’m so thankful to have you on Passing Strange.

You’re a wonderful writer with characters who are a joy to read. Seriously, how can you not want to scoop Tom up and protect him?! I’m also pretty sure you’re probably a genius. Thank you for making a home among us strangers.

You have a gentle nature that I find really soothing when you’re around, and I am always glad to see you in the Discord for it. Tom is much the same to me, in that I find him really pleasant to interact with and to get to know. I love how you have let him develop as things have gone less than ideally for him at times and watching him grow more and more into his life as it stands right now, and more capable on his own.

You are very witty in Discord and always pleasant to chat with. I admire the emotion you're able to work into your characters. They feel ever so real for it.

Our suit and tie wearing frond. Honestly i think you’ve had the same avvie forever or I just associate you with that specific picture for ever now. Im super looking forward to our threads, sometimes plotting out character meetings is nice it makes it feel more natural for both sides. I'm all for going with the flow but I know it can be hard to justify why a character would just show up to a place they wouldn’t normally go so I’m glad you’re so down to plotting and talking through what would work the best. Thanks for being so willing to be talked at and I look forward to all our threads together.

You’ve been a fun person to talk to since you joined. Your characters are a delight to read, always coming up with thoughts and ideas I hadn’t even considered.

I guess you look good in a bow tie and I like to think you occasionally write reasonably acceptable posts.

Cal! Your writing is grand. It truly is something to aspire to. Your attention to detail in everything is stunning. The way your characters seem to be just like real people is impressive. I hope that we have you with us for a long, long time!

Aw man, you are so sweet in the chat, and your characters are so lovable as well! I’ve enjoyed reading the things you’ve written, and I hope to write with you in the future!

CAL! You are such a total sweetheart! Kind and thoughtful to everyone around you and easy to talk to. The way you portray emotions and show how your character is feeling in their surroundings as well as sticking to the dice gods (even when they are meanies! lol) and just going with it. It’s so much fun to watch and experience with you.


Crypt, I feel like we vibe so good, dude. Straight up, you are just effortlessly cool with hidden depths just like… A CRYPT. But no, seriously, every time we chat, I feel like I find out something new and extraordinary about you, and the same goes for your characters: effortlessly cool. They feel just… Dreamy, but with emotion that still rings true and hits hard. They’re relatable, and even their darker emotions are beautiful and intricately crafted. Kind of gothic--does that make any sense? Anyway, love you, love your writing, thank you so much for being my friend!!

I hope you’re ready for an early nineties horror anthology HBO series based upon comics from the fifties and successful enough to launch two films and a Saturday morning cartoon spinoff, because all of us collectively are… the Crypt-keeper. Which is to say we’re keeping you forever. You’re so beloved, friend. I love when you’re around to bullshit in chat, because you’re fucking hilarious. You bring me joy, and when you can experience some yourself, those pics of you enjoying that sunroom, it’s just the best thing in the world. Thank you for hanging with us. Please never stop.

Stalking your threads and getting to thread with you is so fun and feels like a big honor. You bring the big vibes to the discord!

Your characters and your discord presence are a core part of this community, and I am always so happy to see you sharing. It’s been a long haul, but it’s so cool to see how and where your characters have grown. Keep taking care of yourself and keep writing!

Our Crypto Cryptid, our Crybdo Crybid. Your characters charm me (and your characters also charm my characters) and your writing is such a delight to interact with. Writing replies for you is such a breeze; you set up others for success and compelling writing. Each of your characters is utterly unique and I follow literally every single one. Beyond that, you are unfailingly kind, thoughtful, and quick to praise others. You’re our community cryptid, and I am so dang fond of having you here. From your emoijs to your jokes to your impeccable music taste, Discord and Passing Strange is heckin’ better for having you.

Your word choices can be like little glimmering nuggets of gold lending a lot of… tangible??? description to a thread. Like you could see the intent in every move and the exact form and shape of your character in their entirety from one or two very particular words! I wish I could apply adjectives/nouns to my sentences in the creative ways you do.

You have such an amazing character creation skill, all of them feel unique in their own ways and the way that you write them only highlights their differences. I don’t think there’s a single character that I haven’t fallen in love with through their very first thread. You are also a super great presence in the chat, hyping up threads when you read something you like, and support others be it about their characters or lives.

Crypt is wonderful to write with. They have such charming characters and fun and engaging concepts. Julian's vulnerability and Nika dealing with embracing the jaguar and all that comes with it has been exciting to follow.

I am amazed at how well developed all your characters are. Your chill presence on the server is always positive. We've had but one thread, and I hope to write with you more in the future.

Crypto, you have such a great handle of your characters while also being incredibly in tune with your rp partners which makes threading with you exciting. I really appreciate our chats and getting to freak out over music and art together.

From my perspective, you’re a really sweet, welcoming and funny hooman being who seems rather genuine too. Your words, both in the chat and on the Passing Strange forum, feel gentle and comforting to read sometimes. YOUR CURRENT PROFILE PICTURE IN DISCORD IS SO CUTE TOO!!! Cryptically friendly and hospitable. Perhaps a bit like the character Lohse from Divinity: Original Sin 2?

You are a lovely, talented, silly human being. Your witty quips always make me laugh, and your taste in music is impeccable. Seriously, thank you for sharing so many good tunes. I’m so glad we get to have our very own cryptid.

The best thing about Crypt is how crazy good you are with creating characters. I love the way you play them and how well-rounded they are with their little quirks. It’s obvious you put a lot of thought and consideration in everything and that makes it so fun to thread with you! You have a great presence in chat and are just a really fun and awesome person.

Crybbo Im pretty convinced I have a little house made just for you in my heart. You are such a kind and gentle soul, who makes me laugh until i cannot breathe. Your writing is so evocative and poignant, and your characters all feel like real life people. Your music taste is also just A+ plus, i wouldnt have found half the artists i enjoy daily without your masterful sharing. I LOVE CRYBBO.

Jake Gyllenhaal. LOOOVE your fc. What can I say? I need to explore a thread with you so I can praise you some more. But great choice.

You have been through a lot this year, but still you stick with the things that matter to you the most and I find that to be very much worth so much. Writing with you is always an exciting ride, and I never get enough of it! You have such an incredible way with characters and their feelings, and so often I feel like I’m on an emotional journey with them. You are a funny, witty person who I love to hang out with, and I love the things we have in common. I give you 5/5 Mark Ruffalos!

Has a very nice variety of weres. Delicious were-menu.

Your profile put me in mind of Eurythmics. I don’t know if that’s a good thing because I have an earworm now but it is a thing and you did it so well done. Your profile led me to your 3000th post an impressive number in and of itself and I loved the detail in your posts.

Hail to our mighty nine foot incredibly warmhearted cryptiod! I don't know who or what was sacrificed to bring you to us but I'm glad it happened. You’ve got that calming low vibe soft aesthetic, like a granny that doesn’t give any fucks and still feeds us cookies. And we all need our cookie giving Crypt. You’re always thoughtful about any adoptables you take and have them become their own character beyond that. Thanks for always being here and for taking care of your own health.

Oh crypto my crypto!! You're seriously amazing and so TALL. Sometimes when real life makes you too busy to hang out with us I like to look up at the sky and say, "I bet if Crypt tries even a little bit they could touch the same clouds I'm looking at." But seriously, you are absolutely one of my favorite people on board, and I love you muchly. And your characters and writing are so poignant and detailed in ways I often forget to think of myself so I have just ALL OF THE ADMIRATION for you. I need more threads with you always!!

You have an unrivalled touch on the pulse of your characters emotions, Crypt. I don’t know what the hell you do when you write or pinpoint the exact reaction/feeling your character’s going to have, all I know is that I feel like I’m in their head myself, feeling the same things and in their shoes. I guess my point is that you write with so much intuitive empathy, I’ve never seen it before. It’s like all the colors of the rainbow, and it makes sense, because you strike me as incredibly emotionally intelligent yourself. Beyond that, you have such a witty, kind, and calm soul. You deserve only the best.

I guess I appreciate you. >:[ Thanks for taking care of yourself tho, forreal. ❤️

Where to start? With your amazing personality or how you are such an amazingly laid back person. You are so easy to talk with and when you talk you are so lively and funny but most of all positive, even when you’re having a bad day. I don’t think I can recall you ever saying a truly negative thing once. How you play your characters, their actions and movements- motives even, are so honest and genuine to each one of them and it is truly amazing.


Gosh, Drew, okay. Well, honestly, you are simply incredible to me! Your energy is amazing, and the depths of empathy, compassion, and CARE in your heart are utterly astounding. I can’t tell you enough how you’ve made me feel welcome, how hard you make me laugh, and how I genuinely admire you. And honestly and truly, writing with you is a little intimidating because your characters are so fucking on point, man. Each of them is so unique while also being relatable and real. I have so much respect for you, the way you run and care for this community, and your writing. Thank you so much for being my friend!!

You put in the WORK. You put so much thought and life into your characters and also help keep the site from bursting into flames. I appreciate you.

You are a powerful, compassionate, madly intelligent human being who I admire so deeply. Your sense of logic goes hand in hand with your stellar sense of humor, and your writing is always beautiful and real, no matter the content. I am genuinely hashtag blessed to have you in my life.

Hi Drew. I enjoy knowing you. You’ve always been fun to bullshit with, your humor excellent and so stupid quick. The way you could rapidly throw together a hilarious and dumb photo edit or dig up a calling-out screenshot of my past idiocy, it’s provided endless entertainment for a good while now. But more than that, I enjoy knowing you. I adore your deeply developed, well beloved small roster. How increasingly nuanced and sympathetic and realistically, organically imperfect they act and think and speak. How engaging and rewarding it is to get attached to them. And yet, mostly I just enjoy knowing you. Sharing my perspective, understanding yours. Getting to glimpse your frustrations, feeling free and secure in expressing my own. Whether that’s about unjust D&D stereotypes or infinitely more unjust social issues, navigating the complexities of human’ing near other humans is better with you. You’re very good at it. You’re just… very good.

Drew, your characters are utterly amazing. To mention just a few, Grace can be so wild and get into all manner of peculiar scenarios, for better or worse. At the same time, Beau is a delight, an eel with a self-awareness that makes him delightful to read without getting over the top.

You continue to be an amazing support system on Strange, and it’s so clear how much you care about both the site and the community that comes with it. You are always one of the first people to jump in to help during situations, and aren’t ever afraid to offer up your own opinions. You reach out when you are worried, and reassure when others are worried. You also have some of the most fleshed out characters on site, and there hasn’t been a single thread with you that I haven't enjoyed to the fullest. I cannot imagine not RPing with you, and I’m very glad that I have been able to do so for so long now. Thank you for being such an awesome friend.

Exceedingly kind and welcoming to newbies on the Discord!

You regularly make me laugh both in character and out of it. You are someone I can rely on for jokes and insight and support whenever I ask, and you make my life good. I feel lucky to know someone so strong and smart and generous, even if you did let Nathan die and doomed us all. PS: I know these are supposed to remain anonymous, but I want credit. I am David Blaine.

You work your ass off. You are a pretty damn solid writing partner. You’re also hilarious. Probably the most hilarious person ever born. You write good opens when you do get around to writing them these days. Your characters are fantastic, including Ashley, even if you say otherwise to rile the peasants.

Drewbles dont tell the other admins but you’re one of the best staff members I have ever had experience with. You’ve always been in some kind of maintenance position on the sites we’ve shared together so I’ve never gotten to see you absolutely shine as a main admin. You are SO dedicated to making this site and community thrive, and I think you’ve helped outdo any of our expectations. I’ve never felt nervous about talking to you about literally anything, because I know you’re here to help make sure everyone has a good time, and you don’t let things cloud your admin judgement. Not to mention you’re the funniest motherfucker I’ve ever met, and a damn fantastic writer to boot. I LOVE DREWBLES.

You have a knack for being a great mentor and cheerleader for so many people on site and off. Your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed and is very appreciated by everyone. As for the board, your characters are always so unique from each other, from their ticks to their hobbies, that have me sitting there in awe which is so awesome to read and aspire to.

Drew is the soul of Passing Strange. You are at the very core of our amazing community and so much of this has been made possible by your continued hard work. Best of admin and best of friends. And then there is your writing! Effortless! You have crafted some of the most complex and enjoyable people on this board - some I’d love to meet in real life and others I really don’t! Simply put: you’re awesome and I love you. P.S. Remember to take some time for yourself because you do so much!

OH HELLO DREW. First of all, Beauregard is a presence that attracted my attention from the very beginning. I think he’s somebody I noticed even during my scoping/registration process. Not least because so many people often talk about him on Discord. He certainly seems to be one striking drama king and I like your relatively unconventional approach at a vampire patriarch! You yourself are really kind in my eyes and helpful unbelievably often and fast (kudos for answering so many of my questions within a minute or two). I really love your writing style, it’s very versatile and bloody engaging, and I enjoy reading every single one of your posts! I’m always happy when I see you’ve replied to one of our threads - threading with you is so, so much fun, while still feeling like a deep experience. Thank you for helping to make this site what it is! And being so relaxed about creative freedom, it’s lovely and takes the pressure off by far.

You are a very good head of this show. I really appreciate how you approached me and were so open minded and willing to listen to me. You make me feel like I matter here.

I sort of think of you as my wingman. If I need help with something, or someone who will listen to me, you’re often the one I turn to first. If I have a complaint, a concern, or a worry on my mind, I know you’re going to give me the feedback I need. And I always, always will admire how good you are getting things done in a fair and thoughtful manner. You are so good at being considerate even when you might have been given pretty good reason to not be. Where other people might say ‘They deserved it,’ you always strive to be more than that when it matters. Where I feel like I falter, you’re always there to pick me back up. You are also willing to help me do the hard things I need to do. You might be the best teammate I’ve had in anything? Ever? I need to stop now but I really freaking love writing with you, too, or even just reading stuff of yours that isn’t for me. It’s like the frosting bonus on this great friendship cake.

Best friend. Best person!! BEST DREW. Most insanely helpful and fairest staffer on any site I've ever been on. I have followed you through several sites now, and every time, you're an electric force in the community, bringing everyone into the fold and working to make sure everyone is heard and happy. And you're also such a crisp, powerful roleplayer with characters that feel so real it's like I am irl friends (or frenemies...) with all of them too. I love threading with you and I love reading your threads with others. You are such a magical person on and off site and I could gab about you forever, but it really all comes down to this: You are. THE. BEST.

Definition of Passing Strange: our undying love for Drew. But seriously Strange would not be here if it wasn’t for you bby. You’ve kept this community going even after some serious problems on WLWB. You stuck through it and connected us all back together. And always super on top of things, I know I can count on you to yeet me into go post mode before I even find the perfect gif. We also wouldn’t be anywhere without your characters. No eventide, no cinnamon roll Ashley, NO NEON JELLYFISH. Between IC and OOC interactions you always put a smile on my face and I adore you for it.

Drew you are amongst the glue that holds this wonderful community together, it’s obvious how hard you work and it really shows. This is the best community I’ve been part of for a long time and you are a huge part of that. Thank you for giving up so much time to keep the place running. To quote the smartest person I know "You make me the truly exceptional person I am. Pats on the back for me". On a more personal note I am in awe of your varied character list. You are able to write a raft of characters who are all very different, it’s something I struggle with alot and you make it look so easy.

Drew, you’re pretty much not a triple-threat, you’re an everything-threat. When the going gets tough, you get tough. When you want something, you reach for it. You also have a knack for guiding and mentoring others. It’s not something you even have to try for, you just got it--which is probably the best part about it--and this quality of yours has really flourished over the years. I count myself lucky to know you.

I greatly enjoy our threads and am blessed to have your characters form such an integral part of my character's plots. You're a funny gal, and I love your wicked sense of humor. I admire your commitment to this community and how far you go to make everyone feel welcome. Your posts give me so much to consider and I'm a better writer for it. I am awed at your positivity and your enthusiasm. Bruiser is honestly the best cat on the board.

Drew probably knows who wrote her compliments and is therefore bad. I mean I guess she’s cool and all and always takes care of us and has really amazingly fleshed out characters or whatever… Drew, you have a vocabulary the dictionary should be jealous of, seriously. Most of your posts, even ones that seem incidental or throwaway, are just dripping with a deep understanding of using prose efficiently to set the scene or convey emotion in a way that kind of feels unattainable to me. I love the way that you write all of your characters, from Grace’s boldness and aggression to Beau’s slimy “charm”. Every post is an absolute joy to read, like really satisfying.

Oh my gosh DREW! Really that should sum it all up right? No but seriously, Drew you are an amazing person. Kind, helpful, funny, and don’t get me started on all the amazing Bruiser pics you have; those seriously add a special light to the day when we get to see those. I have honestly never met a more kind and caring person, truly you care about everyone on P.S and it is incredible to see and experience as well. You have some beautifully chaotic impactful characters that you write and emote beautifully and it’s hard to not just love them for who they are as characters.

Gosh, Drew. You have been such a strong figure this year for me and I’m sure many many others. Always willing to help out with things whether it’s IRL or IC. I am constantly touched by the kindness you show for all of us and honestly? Getting a little weepy just thinking about it. Keep being Drew, Drew.


You are sincerely a next level writer. Your precision with word choice and detail is something I greatly admire. You juggle every part of a scene and every character in it, keeping a sharp eye on expression, body language, tone, and the physical actions your character is doing. (And, magically, it never reads like you’re juggling, either.) I’ve enjoyed every thread we’ve written together, and definitely want to write more with you in the future. You do a fantastic job of making everyone in a thread feel important and allow spotlight to be shared, and that’s a really good feels skill.

You have a way of tying your ideas together seamlessly, and every post from start to finish is like a small masterpiece. No idea, thought, or move is just left hanging when you write. I also endlessly appreciate how open you are to communication/voicing your thoughts and how easy that makes threading.

First of all your support in the quest to stop Americans microwaving tea is appreciated. As is the wonderful way you write Max. He is such a sweet guy and My threads with him have been some of my favourites. Long may he continue staring down wild cats and wrestling bears. Maybe fewer accidents at university though XD

I have so, so, so loved stalking on all the wolf drama, and Max is such a strong character I can’t wait to see where he goes next.

And the award for most in depth history goes to… But seriously, it takes a lot of dedication to do such an expansive and well rounded history, and you did it so wonderfully with Gaius. You’re a great storyteller, and I appreciate how easily you fall into writing so seamlessly with everyone you write with. You’re also a fantastic artist! I love seeing the stuff you draw, and hope you can get the time to do more in the future. I LOVE DUSTY

Slaps like a car salesman, this Dusty can hold a lot of love. And boy do I got a lot of love for you. AND Max. You’re other characters too, but mostly Max. Probably some biases since my characters interact the most with him. But also that wolf drama, and shipping him and Emily, and him and Goki soo much. He’s really made a name for himself. Just like you have on Site. You’re always down for a chat, be it a random character question or just food chatter. Even when you take time for the craziness of real life I know you’re always there to talk if I need it.

You are very dedicated to your characters and it shows. The histories that you write are remarkable, and show just how much knowledge that you have on things. It is really amazing to read, and I always feel like I’m leaving just a bit smarter than I was before.

I’m very, very glad you’re the first person I ever threaded with on Strange. Your writing style blows my mind, and I feel like it synergizes very well with mine. Your creativity and intelligence with words is so lovely to behold, and reading your posts is such a pure joy. In my eyes you’re very kind and helpful, and I hella love your analytical mind. Your characters really do feel unique, and I can feel the intensity behind each of them. Theo is a force and so well-characterised, and I absolutely adoooooooooooooooore your new addition of Gaius - I don’t quite know what he’s up to, he’s quite unpredictable, and ANCIENT ROME!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One of a kind on the site, a gem, one I’m very, very glad to have interacting with my own creation. The experience on this site really wouldn’t be the same for me without you, and I’m very glad you’re here! You feel like a staple, a cornerstone.

You are an incredible writer with an amazing ability for characterization. It’s been really cool reading your threads and seeing all the tiny details you weave through each post.

Dusty has an impressive tendency to systematically go through her posts and get them done. This single-minded drive to knock posts off her list baffling even for someone familiar with the feeling. Where does she get it from? Nonetheless, clearly, she can't stand owing a post for more than a few minutes.

I’ve missed seeing you and Wyatt on discord! And I really appreciate how you’re so game to thread with everyone and are so prompt about hitting all your tags instead of just your favorites.

You are full of wild intelligence, determination, and skill. Your writing is downright poetic, your characters are fantastically complex, and their stories are intense reads. It’s lovely to have you among us.

Industy!! Dustindy?? Dindy?! Dundy???!!! Whatever, you get the point. You have a really good gift for making every character yours threads with feel important and listened to and not just brushed aside. I really always enjoy my RP interactions with you! They feel fun and intriguing every time. On the flip side, I know you're something of a hermit on the discord, but it's always a delight to see you pop in. And your dog is adorraaaable. Thanks so much for migrating along with us, and hope you're doing well!

Admirable writing-style, very readable and engaging.

You are gifted in art. It’s clear you’ve put a lot of work into drawing people, which is a difficult talent to procure. You have such a style and refinement to your artwork, it shows how much time and thought you put into all your lines. You have a meticulous nature that I think serves you when it comes to your accomplishments.

There’s not a dusty thing about our Dusty. Your writing is constantly on such an inspirational, impressive level. Not to mention your history and military knowledge is so vast that it’s stunning, honestly! You combine all of your awesomeness to bring an awe striking depth to your characters.

Hey Inds, sorry, it looks like we gotta mark this compliment NSFW because it’s about to get Real Gushy. So, considering we were high school babies when we met and we’re ancient old crones now, I thought I knew what writing with you was like, but hey, guess what, this past year has proven me dead wrong. For starters, things I don’t tell you enough (or say, but couch it in bullshit because what are friends for or something idk): you’re one of the most intelligent, empathetic, and realest people I have ever met. You’re kind, wonderful, and generous, and one of my greatest and best friends. Okay, that’s out of the way, so here are some other things: Your characters are some of the most intricate, authentic, and interesting concepts I have ever had the pleasure of reading or writing with--sometimes they look simple on the outside, but once you start getting to know them, really pull back those layers, they are full of endless wonderful (or scary) surprises, and I cannot get enough (if that wasn’t really stupid obvious or anything). I never catch it all on a first read. There’s more MUSHY stuff, but I have limited space, so! Love you. <3

Your dialogue words are perfect all the time; you don’t rely heavily on just ‘he said, she said’ but you use words that vividly express how your characters look, feel and behave in their dialogue, like we’re watching a little movie about them spring into existence through your words alone. I’m also a huge fan of the way you describe your characters reacting to various situations in ways that feel very tangible, like I could feel the sensations they’re feeling myself.

Karl Urban! Yeay. Great choice. Let’s rp?

You’re the type of writer that has me wanting to push on my own vocabulary as well, especially when it makes sense for a character to use those and experiment with new things ic. You’ve got a great handle on your writing that makes it easy to bounce off of.

I love learning tid bits about you and where your from. From the different drinks and foods to just what you enjoy in general. You have a fun personality and are easy to get along with and to be able to message whenever! You characters are beautifully written out, the time and detail you go into them is amazing and makes me want to be able to write like that!

You are solid, willing to see threads through to their conclusion no matter how difficult it may get. I admire how much effort you put into your craft and your love of research continues to astound me. You apply your analytical eye to everything and ground your characters in hard facts and solid emotions. You've grown so much as an artist this past year. It's lovely to see.


You have such a cool refreshing style of writing, I have seriously enjoyed all of our threads together thus far. Your characters are super real and relatable, and you have made a super great addition to the site. As if your characters aren’t amazing enough, you are also super sweet in chat. I enjoy talking and getting to know you more, and look forward to seeing what other troubles your babies get into!

Hey Emily, your knowledge, wit and aura of genuine depth impress me. I appreciate that your characters reflect such themes that are close to my heart, such as (social) anxiety, etc. Your writing style is very believable and near to real life in my opinion, and it also touches the parts of me I'd like to hide. Wishing for friendship with you.

Emily, you are so funny and witty in chat. Jokes are ON POINT. Thanks for sharing your humor with us, and I hope to write with you one day!

Gosh, yours is some of the most effortlessly genuine writing I’ve come across. That’s how it reads to me, anyway. I believe it immediately. It flows and follows in a way my brain vibes so easily with. It doesn’t hit as, like, a description of how the character is. It’s just that character, being. And I could so easily see a compilation of a bunch of different thoughts and snippets from your posts, titled “Seventy-nine times Etta was all of us.” She’s so amazingly relatable. I love that you play humans. Just people. In a setting where it can be too easy to fall into the trap of defining even one’s own characters by what rad superpowers they have and how they use them, this collection of emotion and reaction driven people manage to be quietly compelling without any need for big flashy hooks. And that’s a sign of incredible writing.

I find it incredibly cool that Emily's starting off with a clean slate of humans, a sure sign that they're planning on letting them loose and seeing what'll happen. Each has a distinctive, unique personality, too. How they might handle a run-in with something that goes bump in the night--even without a turning!--will be fun to see. Especially with some brewing family surprises with the Amur's, which will be exciting to follow!

I’m so glad you joined the site! You’re incredibly fun to role play and chat with.

You are a very funny person and it definitely shows through in your characters. They’re such fleshed-out individuals and are a joy to read!

EMILY. You appeared on Strange not that long ago, but as far as I can tell, you’ve been here since the beginning. You are extremely hilarious both IC and OOC. Also a great storyteller both IC and OOC?! But for real, when you tell a story in Discord, I am always laughing and eager to hear the next detail. You write exuberantly with everyone, and you manage both speed and quality to an admirable degree. Your cast of humans is delightful, and also, I’m just so dang tickled that you have a cast of humans. I’m so glad you’re with us and can’t wait to steal you into Strange for a long, long time to come.

A child, but say it in that specific meme voice pls. One of our newest members and you’re already making a name for yourself. Hoping on discord to just chat about stuff like the new ducklings or funny pictures in entertainment. And you’re characters are a joy. Everyone loves Zelda. I haven’t been able to thread yet with you but from what ive heard its going to be a great time and I look forward to it.

I am obsessed with how you’re starting out with all humans, its such a fun and exciting concept! You’re so open to change and really letting the story do as it will with your characters, which is such a great way to approach the site! Your girls are all so unique and your profiles are neat and evocative as your writing is. I’m super excited to get to write with you more in the future, and I’ve loved your presence in the discord so far. Hello master chef??? Pls teach me how to cook thanks. I LOVE EMILY

I really, really love how you’ve committed to setting up your experience on the board through your characters starting as humans. Its such a cool idea, not to mention just how amazing you’ve set up each individual profile, especially when it comes to history. Literally goals. :sparkles:

You are a phenomenal writer and a glowing presence in the community. You are talented at sparking laughter and inspiration in others, and having you here breathes a little extra life into our souls. You’re not allowed to leave us ever, thanks.

Your writing is a thing of envy. The descriptive power in everything you write makes all the visuals so clear. It’s a real treat to read your character’s internal thoughts and lastly, you do such incredible opens! Thanks for being a great addition to the community.

Your commitment to building an army of badass squishies makes me ridiculously happy! Each one of your squishies is an awesome addition to the site, each with their own awesome attitude and impact. I feel like it’s actually really hard to raise a “regular” human on this site but your characters have their own incredibly human quirks and goals and wants and they’re going about their normal human lives in extraordinary ways. You make them so vibrant and interesting and I’m always excited to write with you! And your opens are always fun and full of potential!

Ah Emily, you know I love playing with you. You’re very easy to get along with OOC and bring a lot of well thought through complexity to your character Etta.

Oh boy, I’ve already had such fun with you. It’s been great to have someone around who joins and makes opens like you do, you are downright prolific. Your characters are various and interesting and I enjoy writing with all the ones I’ve encountered so far very much. I’m glad you’re on board with us and I hope you stay for a long time!

I can't tell you how happy it makes me to have you aboard. You are so friendly and approachable and relatable, and you are such a hilarious and fun participant in the discord. On the flip side, I freaking love your writing. I notice that you adapt really well to who you're playing with (and I know I can be kind of particular about how I prefer writing), so I really appreciate the way you seem to just effortlessly melt into it! Your writing is beautiful and I love your army of normie humans (even if I wanna change at least one of them). Plz stay forever!

Perhaps I’m biased because she’s british but I love Austen, she has that wonderful sharp thought process that I like to think of as british. I hope she succeeded in her quest to find hobnobs. I applaud your bravery in playing a full roster of humans (For as long as they can remain like that) and I greatly enjoyed learning the trivia you had about the slang for emergency vehicles in england. Which to my shame I did not actually know.

Emily, the absolute willingness to roll with anything that the crazy cast at Passing Strange gives you is IMPRESSIVE! Not to mention how well written all of your characters are. From posts to profiles, you seem to capture each idea in such a lively way.

Your characters always have such intricate and real thoughts, Emily! You have a knack for flawlessly linking what’s happening in a scene to broader ideas relative to your character’s interests and hobbies. You’re also so shockingly funny OOC, never failing to brighten everyone’s day with a punchy story. I can’t wait to see your characters flourish over the coming year and am excited to find out where their stories will take them.

You are a sweet heart! Funny, kind, bubbly and just over all a great friend to have! Having you join PS has been great and like you’ve been here the entire time and not just a short time. I love your human army that you are making, please don’t stop with those ideas and keep sharing whatever you are thinking!

Writing nothing but humans on a site with such a staggering mortality rate is brave. I look forward to seeing what happens to your girls.


Fao you are amongst the glue that holds this wonderful community together, it’s obvious how hard you work and it really shows. This is the best community I’ve been part of for a long time and you are a huge part of that. Thank you for giving up so much time to keep the place running. Writing with you is a pleasure and I very much enjoyed Charlies calm undercurrent of danger as he grappled with himself to resist shifting. *Chef’s kiss*

Thank you so much for being such an approachable and kind person, always willing to listen and work together on fun goals. You’ve been so welcoming from day one of me knowing you and it's been incredibly awesome to explore characters in new ways with you, especially over this last year as we’ve finally had more chances to thread together. Outside of the site, your soft encouragement to explore cooking/baking further than I ever have, has led to a lot of drive for myself to try new recipes I would’ve never considered beforehand which has been so fun.

You complete me. Ugh, swype. You complement me. Here while I compliment you! That’s the end of the dumb wordplay, I promise. We do mesh well, though, and in an effortless way that’s been such a blessing. I can come to you with anything, after any period of silence, and it’s just going right from where we left off. There’s never a sense of obligation, a pressure to present a certain way. Over this last year, which has seen me needing several breaks from everything, the value of that cannot be overstated. You continue to accept and even cherish me, and have been the catalyst for a significant portion of my life’s joy over these past few seasons. Reading over this, it sounds like I’m mostly talking about me, but the overall punchline is that you are so goddamn meaningful. In the quiet, in the stillness, both of us just separately existing, I am endlessly thankful for you.

How can I count the ways I love our Fao? You are my sweet, patient, hilarious friend. You are my distant Hawaii sister who I share so many traits with (even if some of those are having similarly weird brains and bodies). Writing with you feels like such a treat every single time, even though we’ve been writing together for… like. Over a decade, on and off?! What the heck, Fao! But seriously, writing with a Fao is like going on a lovely stroll together, both pointing out gooby things while beautifully in sync. Also, working with you as a fellow admin is fantastic, and I’m thankful to have you there to think off of and think with. In fact, I'm lucky to have you to think with on anything, even if it's us holding hands and fretting together until we find solid ground. You are a good, good Fao.

Gosh, what can I say about Fao that will properly encapsulate the ray of sunshine she is? Fao is a force of nature. A good mama, an incredible cook, a supportive friend, a hilarious lady and one of the best writing partners a person could ask for.

You have an amazing brain and an even more amazing heart. I am constantly in awe of the things you say and write and COOK, and the way you navigate life. It’s been a privilege to meet you, to know you as my friend, and to grow with you over the last few years. It feels like a lot longer than that.

I looove you! You have to know you’re one of the sweetest people if you always end up being the go to “oh she’s sooo mean” sarcasm, and everyone knows it’s a lie. You have been such a kind and wonderful soul throughout these years, and I cannot think of a Strange without you. You have wonderful characters, but an even more wonderful personality. You are always supporting everyone, always hyping up others, and you're just generally a great person to be around. I will also be going to Hawaii one day, and I will be snacking on any and all food that you make, because dang if your food chat pictures don’t have me absolutely starving. I also kinda sorta want to see your fairytale book state in person.

Gosh. You're a great writer and we've had some fun together. I admire your commitment to the long game and how you smile watching everything crumble about you. Your kindness and positivity are two of your most remarkable traits. You're a great writer and I enjoy any moment that we're able to thread together.

I love all the subtleties in your writing, the little things that show all the quirks that make up your characters! You put little sprinkles of information in just about every post like the finest seasoning that adds a lot of nuance to a character’s behaviour or general demeanour. Your opens are always amazing, too and give your writing partners a lot of room to play with the scenario while also giving them good hints towards possible courses of action.

Fao, I'm amazed at how you balance family, kids, school, and hobbies despite having such a busy schedule and many wanting your attention. How you still have the energy to sit down and write with everything going on is impressive.

It always feels like such an honor to role play with you and you feel like such an old friend. I’m so glad to know you.

EH FAO. When I first joined the Passing Strange forum and Discord, you were very helpful and kind to all my newcomer-ness, enough for me to remember it. :) So I really appreciate and want to thank you for that. I adore your versatility with characters, and Levka is the cutest. <3 You were-lover, you.

Fao the wonderful. You’re always there no matter what. From sharing food to sharing gaming moments with each other. Chats about animal crossing are one of my favorite things we share, but you also always write such wonderful dynamics with me and others.

Man, what can I say about Fao that I haven’t already said a million times? You’re such an amazing, understanding and laid back person. 10/10 one of the most trustworthy people. I am never afraid to come to you about something or ask for your help, because I know you’ll be there without question. You’re a killer writer, character creator, and admin. It is clear that you’re dedicated to making this site feel like a real home for people, and you’re definitely succeeding. (btw dont let jason know i said this but youre entirely valid for liking the star wars prequels and you should say it) I LOVE FAO

I would please like to befriend all your characters at once, thank you and have a great day.

Faaaaoooo you are such a cool lady and mom and chef and writer and friend. We've been through some ruff times together but always came out better for em. You're such an approachable and friendly and warm person and I appreciate having you in my RP life especially because threads with you are just always extremely memorable no matter how nicely or meanly our characters interact. I'll always dig how well you roll with any random punches. Thank you so much for being here and being my friend!

People like you and there’s definitely a reason for that. You have improved as a person over the last few years and you know it! It’s good that you know it! Your art has come a long way, too--keep it up! You write things that people enjoy playing with, and even when it’s hard or unpleasant, sticking to character is something you do well and consistently.

I like how open you are with your personal things in discord. It feels like you’re very approachable and makes us realize that we can be open, too. Thanks for that! And may I say- cutes opposum out there, so chill and you stayed totally in character.

I could talk on and on about how much I love your posts and characters, but just know that I do. Instead I want to say that I don’t believe I’ve ever met a more nurturing person than you. You’re a bottomless pit of everything warm and magic about this world. If I had to think of someone good, one of the very first people that’d pop into my head would be you. You’ve grown a lot over the years, but still the same fact has always remained: you’re an actual angel.

LISTEN HERE LET’S HAVE A FAO-WOW. I can’t tell you that you are kind and thoughtful because I wrote that last year. >:[ This year, I want you to understand how deeply I admire your incredible talents and skills as a mom with two lovely boys, as a fantastic chef, and a wonderfully skilled artist. Your ability to stick to plots, come what may, takes so much power. You’ve taught me so much about taking your time with plotting and threading and letting conversations run where they want without worrying too much about a goal. Levka is and will always be my problematic fave. <3

I actually have too much good to say about you, I don’t even know where to start. You are incredibly kind and nurturing, a great artist, an amazing mom with supernaturally funny kids, and you have been such a supportive friend to me in the last year, I can’t think of where I would be without you. The Golden Girls theme song is about you, from me.

FAO! HI, I like your face! I also LOVE all the fun parent stories from you, they send me in stitches every time and seeing all the beautiful wildlife around you? It’s amazing and you are amazing. Your characters? Wow, fao characters are something to aspire to and also to aspire to write with. They are so much fun and lively, no two are the same and all give you a different writing experience that is worth having.

Palm beach tree with a sandcastle just underneath as the sun sinks into the ocean lighting it up with mixtures of reds and yellows. That's what I always picture when I think of Fao. A gentle presence that is secretly a lion furry. Maybe less secret though. Your characters always give off this gentle but chaotic energy that is so fun to read. Even one of you’re newest Fitz has stolen my heart. I would die for this beautiful opossum. Also can we talk about the amazing titles? Their tails act as a fifth appendage! You are absolutely amazing and there is no way the site would be able to run without you.


I'm still waiting on my admissions to the Hal fanclub, but let me butter you up while we wait. The hard part is figuring out where to start. There's so much I want to say and can say. You’ve been a huge part of my time on Strange and WLWB. From the beginning you helped me when I didn’t really know the lore that well, guiding me on all the possibilities of playing weres. And you’ve also made time to interact with almost all my character, even going so far as to ask if there was a specific species I would like you to play. Our characters are intertwined now and I love it. There's drama and growth and so many feelings. Because your characters are so human, they make mistakes, and aren’t always ‘good’. Razi torments some characters but is absolutely adored by others. And Asha has made mistakes but is trying to learn and grow. My journey with RP and this community would not have been the same without you. Thank you with all my heart for being who you are.

Lovely Hal. You’re one in a million. You challenge me as a writer, and without even knowing it, you’ve taught me to expand my horizons over the years. Every single one of your characters has a soul that’s worth gold. Sometimes I wonder how the hell you’re able to convincingly tap into like twenty different perspectives for all these characters? I still haven’t figured it out, but you do it, and you do it flawlessly. I love you lots and I look forward to one day being able to smush your face for real.

You’re always so real with me and such a role play inspiration how you stick so solidily to your characters. Thank you for pulling me back into the fray.

Hal, the undisputed post queen. Your ability to juggle so many characters and keep them all such unique, vibrant people explodes my brain. You make space and time for everyone on site, both IC and OOC. Whenever a new person joins, I secretly hope they’ll get a Hal thread early on, because you are the perfect welcoming presence and writer. You go above and beyond to bring joy, from thoughtful character questions to your birthday calendar. (And that calendar? It takes fucking work. You work hard for this whole site.) Threading with you is so easy and natural, and I feel like the words just fall out of my brain into the post. You have so many lines that absolutely delight me and I still quote back to you. Also, you are a wonderful, kind, hilarious, creative, considerate friend. You work so hard. You've grown so much. You brighten literally every single day of my life.

Hal is a whirlwind trapped in a hurricane or should I say HAL-icane. She’s fierce and devastating and crazy awesome. I hope Hal realizes how much the community loves and supports her because she is a staple to our group. It’s a blast writing with her and always a treat to see what creative thing she does next.

It’s so fun to see what happens to your characters, because things could go a dozen different directions at any point, and those unexpected developments are really fascinating to watch play out. Also, you are super welcoming and great about threading with newbies, which I think means you are worth twice your weight in gold. We’re so lucky to have you!

Your strength and smarts make you a straight up machine. Seriously, I am blown away by your sponge of a brain and the glittering jewel of your creative abilities. You frequently leave me awe-stricken with the pieces of knowledge you find and scatter throughout the discord as well as your posts. Also, of course, thank you for keeping track of all the character birthdays. We love Halation.

You’re forever lovely, accommodating and tolerant of every idea and thread that’s thrown your way. You always have time for random ideas and getting involved to help us move ahead with character development or events. Speaking of which, your events are genius and really fun, you obviously went all in on the costume/trivia event and kept it nice and organised even with so many people being involved in each thread! I’m always super impressed by how you handle your plots and characters and their relationships as naturally as breathing. So much drama! And then you sometimes give them a little break, and that’s nice, too.

You are absolutely wonderful, and gosh I am so grateful that I have been able to write with you for as long as I have, and have been able to get to know you in chat. You have such a wide and diverse set of characters, and any time I get a Hal thread, I get super excited, because you are one of my favorite people to write with. You aren’t ever afraid to put your characters out there and let them just experience things, and that’s such a great thing to come across in writing. You are also one of the best hypes in chat, jumping to praise others and their characters, bringing light to new threads and just overall being a great presence in chat. You have also taught me quite a bit about new foods, which I super love because I have been restricted to meat and potatoes most of my life lol.

Bit scary, but, like, in a very fun way.

I admire your dedication and willingness to have a thread run its course. I love your attention to the long game and let things play out from beginning to end. It's like a car crash and I'm unable to look away. Your range of characters continues to astound me. You have so many distinct characters and your memory for tiny details astounds me.

I think of you as a bastion of self awareness and perpetual, deliberate improvement. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen anyone so ready to engage, but also eager to understand while being understood, and then willing to back off and ruminate and return if it seems like things aren’t quite clicking. More than once you’ve shown me that you’ll acknowledge an issue and work toward resolution, expressing your viewpoint with conviction and confidence, but bringing an obviously genuine desire to understand where the other’s coming from. You remain intimidating in the best ways, and I constantly marvel at your mind. You are fucking powerful, and I don’t even mean your postcount. But hell, that too. My admiration for you compounds.

I really love how Hal plays it straight when her characters run into trouble or complications, making the situation both emotionally compelling and exciting to follow. Reading Razi after her accident and Joaquin spiralling has been touching and entertaining in turns.

Your commitment to follow through on your character actions is always so fun to see. I admire your ability to be so quick and decisive while staying true to what you stick your mind to. On top of that, somehow you’re able to juggle so many characters and keep them true to themselves which is wowow :hearteyes: Truly, a narrative powerhouse that really helps to make this board feel distinct and hopping at all times.

HEY HAL. In my experience, you're a really supportive, friendly and involved person! You're one of the people whose kindness stood out to me first, really, you were one of the people who kind of reached out first. I adore your versatility and speed, and how alive your characters seem! I really, really, really appreciate your presence and am so happy you’ve already been a direct part of my roleplaying experience. You really do drive me to examine my writing, experiment with it from different angles, and also push myself to see how fast I can do it! As someone who feels like a relatively slow writer, I’ve loved getting the confidence boosts from fast posting sessions with you. Like, yeah, I know my character and I can be confident portraying their feelings and actions in less than 10 minutes because that’s how awesome and in-touch of a writer I am, and you’ve helped me realise that! <3


It terms of site dedication, you are unmatched. Your post count is staggering and something to definitely aspire to. Same with your character creation. How is it possible to have so many characters that are all so incredibly unique in their own ways? Freaking amazing. I adore your subscription to the idea of letting the cards fall where they may, theres few people that will truly let fate decide everything in character, and you’ve always been the model for doing that, so bravo for the consistency. Your art is also spectacular, and your presence in chat is essential, I literally cant imagine any site without our Halation. I LOVE HAL

Friend Hal, you are easily one of the most incredible writers I have ever read. I have so much respect for the way you play your characters and allow them to tell their own stories. You also have this beautiful way with words; I can pick up or envision your character’s body language or emotional state without you even explicitly stating it. Also, you are so kind and thoughtful and an incredible powerhouse of knowledge and ideas! You’ve pushed me to explore concepts I would otherwise be too afraid to try and are such an inspiration. Please never stop writing!

You created a unique, kick ass girl. Love her fc and our ooc interaction!

The number of characters you juggle is just … wow. Tres impressive. I love the way you are able to write such concise impactful posts. Your writing has always managed to get my characters to open up and spill their souls out which has often helped push them onto new and different paths. You are such a helpful presence OOC as well and I’m always grateful for your support and assistance.

Hi Hal!!! Wow, just you are an awesomely kind person! Great to talk with/ plot with and just an overall wonderful person to interact with. Being able to talk to you or joke with you is great! Reading all the fun spunky things you say or just have done and seeing the great pics you post is great! Your character army is amazing! They are super stinkin’ inspiring for other characters and just show you can have a wild hat full of different people and play them all and enjoy them at whatever pace! You have such beautifully thought out characters who are a mix of chill to a wreck and they all inspire some form of positive reaction. I can’t wait to see what the next Hal character is going to be!

Oh Hal! I think there’s a reason you’re such a force on the site and in the community. You seem so comfortable here among your friends and I hope that’s true. You are valued, loved, and rightfully so. Your ability to make characters is tremendous, and your dedication to representation is admirable. You think big and don’t hold back. I am grateful to call you a friend and hope to for many years to come.

Halutations! Your ever growing roster leaves very little to be desired, each so widely varied from each other. Not to mention you also provide us with a bountiful harvest of memes nonstop. I don’t know where we’d be without our Hal, but it wouldn’t be as great of a place.


Jack!! Gosh, I can’t express how happy I am that you joined here. You’ve been great and sharing your life with us and also just being comfortable enough to do so is just amazing. I love how you’ve put so much into Nord, building him and working him to your liking. He’s amazing and your creativity with him is spectacular. I can’t wait to see what else you’ll do with him.

A friendly face in chat, you have adapted well in the community. You aren’t afraid to reach out when you have questions, and it has been a pleasure to get to know you so far. I look forward to future threads!

It’s not easy to stick with one character, but you do so well with Nord. He has gotten up to so much in the short time you’ve been with us. Thanks for being excited to write with everyone.

You’re a great new addition to the site! I love how readily you’ve jumped into things, and Nord is a blast to read! I can already tell you’ll be a person we’ll have around for a good long while, and I’m looking forward to seeing where you take your boy! I LOVE JACK

Nord is so good at interacting with everyone, in his own blustery way! I think you have a very good heart, Jack, and we are a better community for having you here.

You leap into writing with speed and enthusiasm, and you make an effort to write with everyone around you. Traits like this make PS a more welcoming place! You always greet everyone when you hop into chat, even with a tricky time zone. (Also, learning German stuff from you is super fun.) You put thought and care into your interactions and have such heart for your friends. You build IC relationships happily and readily, and it makes the site more fun for everyone. We’re very lucky that you’ve joined us!

You smash out posts so quickly! I admire how much action you pack into them You're an enthusiastic and friendly presence in chat. I look forward to writing with you one day.

Jacklex keeps it steady with one character in his stable, which I can appreciate because Nord Tekkin is written so delightfully nuanced. Nord is a masculine character, funny, and not afraid to dip into a little innocent and platonic flirting even if it won't go anywhere. Jacklex really makes him shine, and I really enjoy watching Nord interacting with others.

I love how human and complex Nord is; you write his cautious exploration of himself in such a way that one can really see the inner struggles and the cogs turning in his mind. I’m really looking forward to seeing more of his growth!

It’s easy to see your good heart, your desire to be kind to and get along with everyone!

Weewoo, whip out that German charm, I’m glad it and you are there in this roleplay. I really do love your creation of Nord, I have been wanting to write with him ever since he first appeared on his day one! Even though you haven’t been here as long as e.g. people who have been here from the birth of Passing Strange, Nord feels like a staple in regards to how unique he feels. Your dedication and devotion to him touches me, it comes across in the way you write and present him, and I’d really love to write with you in-character too one day!

Nord is so well thought out and you really threw yourself right in. It’s like you’ve been here forever.

It's been so nice meeting you and I'm glad you seem to be enjoying settling into the site! You are really sweet and kind and thoughtful, and that's always appreciated. And you're a really chill relaxed RPer too. I'm glad to have gotten to thread with your character a few times now and I'm really excited to see how he develops over time! And also for any new characters you may throw our way. Thank you for being here and for giving us a shot, you best plan to stay forever!

Everytime I see your name I just want to shout JACKIEE, which is entirely from a show I watched. But it's a little special thing I thought I would share. Just like how you’re so good about reaching out to talk and share about medications and illnesses. Even though you’re one of our precious newbies (we love new people) you are so considerate of everyone, and making yourself a part of our community. We’re stoked you found us and joined. And I look forward to all our future threads, and awkward character flirting that will happen.

A very intuitive writer and I appreciate his sensitivity towards other players.

It really seems like you’re having fun with us! You have been engaged with the community and I really like to see it! You are also clearly dedicated to a single character, which is not something I personally find easy, so I admire the dedication it takes to stick to one character arc and see it through for better or worse. The fact that you knew you wanted to do that from the beginning is really cool.

I really like how you reach out to people you haven’t rped with yet to see if a thread can start. I’m always interested to see what sorts of different interactions ic will come about because of that.

You are a positive force in the Discord, and Nord is genuinely such an intriguing character. I feel like he has a lot of hidden depths, and I enjoy writing with you. Thanks so much for threading with me!

You are always a ray of light especially early in the mornings when I’m usually feeling grumpy. You are terminally kind and encouraging and I adore how open you are to tossing Nord into all manner of crazy situations without ever seeming to dull his mood. He just deal with it and gets home to his dogs. It’s always a great read.

Your writing inspires a grand sense of enjoyment and fun. You strike me as a very kind person with a lot to give to the world, and I so enjoy your presence in the community.

You always offer such interesting perspectives in Discord, Jack, it’s really nice to have you around. You’re also really great at volleying conversation IC in a way which flows freely. There’s a strong beat and pace to your writing which makes threading with you so enjoyable!

Jacklex! I’m so glad you’ve found us! You provide interesting twists and turns in character with all of the shenanigans Nord gets himself into.


JA FREAKING SON. Over the past year(s?) you’ve become one of the people whos writing I feel I can vibe the best with. It makes me want to be a better writer, thats how good it is. Seriously, write a book. But also dont, because then I wouldn’t get to write with my friend Jason, which would be heartbreaking. I am endlessly glad for the stories we’ve gotten to weave together, and I am even more endlessly excited to see what we can cook up in the future. Its a good thing your such a great person, since Im apparently planning to pester you for forever. Guess thats what happens when youre a kind, hilarious, understanding and talented person, huh? You get people that will say I LOVE JASON

Hey my dude, your wit and dry and dark humour impress me. Your personality is DYNAMITE. Not necessarily a bad thing. I'd love to write with you - I enjoy what I’ve seen of your mind so far. ALSO YES TO ALL PEOPLE WHO WRITE OLD PEOPLE UGH. William is so cute! And I’ve heard all about Kaida without once writing with her, so you for sure have the ability to bring memorable characters to life. Last but not least, I wholly adore your passion for recording posts in your own voice - I very much share it.

Your wordplay and acronym thread titles make me irrationally angry but they’re also genius and I love it and I wish I was half as creative as you are. I’m honestly intimidated to write with you but always feel totally privileged when I do get to write with you because your characters stand out beautifully with the incredibly crisply individual narration styles you have for them. Writing goals!

There is so much that I could say about you, but one of my top things that I really love and appreciate about you is that you are literally one of the most caring people that I have come across. You are an absolute delight to be around, and you crack me up in chat all the time. You’ve listened to my complaints on more than one occasion, and you offer some good advice and insight on things that I can easily miss. You also write some of my favorite characters, and you aren’t afraid to play them as they truly are, allowing them to make mistakes and learn (sometimes) from them. Some of my favorite threads have been with you, and I’m always eager for more interactions with your characters.

Honestly, just the sweetest human being. It’s always such a delight to role play with you and chat in Discord.

You’re a really good dude. A great fellow that has some of the wittiest one-liners in all of chat. Not only that, you are an incredibly skilled writer. The characters you bring to the table are so compelling.! Each character is skillfully crafted and your in-character choices are so stinking clever.

Look just between you and me, I was scared you'd disappear forever after becoming a dad. Don't ever let that happen >:( but that said, JAAAAASOOOONNNN. I like you. I think you're a totally sappy sweet pea. I think your characters are cool. I think writing with you is slightly intimidating except I just throw you one liners anyway and somehow you still manage to create beautiful responses from them. Honestly how dare you. Thanks for being here with us though.

Chill, with a fun sense of humour.

An astounding human being. I don’t think I’ve met as many people as genuine as you. You make me smile all the time because of it--you give as good as you get. I always know where I stand with you, and that’s incredibly important to me. You know how to make people feel safe with you. You know how to make people feel special. And I think that comes more naturally to you than you might think. You also tackle your hobbies with such passion. One of those--and most relevant, obviously--is your writing. I don’t know that I’ve ever met someone who puts as much mental energy into their characters as you obviously do? They’re potent. When a post really matters to you, it’s incredibly clear. I am always grateful to be on the receiving end of that sheer talent.

Jason knows what he wants and goes for it, showing a drive to get through things. It's impressive to have that energy to push for something like that, creating single-minded characters with a pinpoint focus.

You know, when it comes right down to it, I’m pretty sure you make a decent handful of lives a little better. And that’s pretty cool.

You have a wide range of characters and I admire how you've built around solid concepts. I envy your range and your subtle mannerisms. I appreciate your unreliable narrator and it makes me eager to see how it all plays out in the end. You're a wonderful writer and a great friend. I enjoy your enthusiasm for all things on the board and your endless creativity.

You put yourself into your writing in such a confident and authentic way, with a lot of dedication to exploring his own characters’ emotions in each and every thread.

You’ve become a dear friend to me over the past year, so I’m very glad that you didn’t stick to your initial perception of me which was that I was scary. >:[ Just kidding, BUT, seriously. People assume the caring guy’s the yes guy who’s just beaming and grinning all day long, but it’s really folks like you, who check in and read between the lines. Every one of your characters is a blessing to our community. And then even in your writing, you’re so formidable at reading between the lines, noticing all the things which go unsaid. Without fail, it makes me so freaking giddy every time I read it, like “ha! As if he picked up on that.” Appreciate you big time, Jason.

You are a shamelessly silly, catastrophically clever, huge-hearted gem of a person. I can’t quite put into words how much I admire your deep thinking and your easy hilarity. I am so grateful to have you in my life as a friend and as a writing partner. Thank you for being here.

Jason, oh, Jason. You’re very easy to adore, even if you’re biting into fruit whole or eating a pizza in a...unique way. We’ve all seen you grow so much this year. Whether it’s in your exciting personal life or with your writing and characters. It’s always such a joy to have you share things with us.

Hey! You are an encouraging and great person! I love seeing the pics you snap and send either of you in the car rocking a mask or of you rocking the skin of the fallen! (The fox towel I mean lol) You are such an easy going person and really, a lot of fun to talk to and just interact with. You characters or just oof lovely! Amazing! Spectacularly fun and enjoyable to read or write with. I can never guess what might happen with them but whatever happens, I love it and am ready for it because yes!

Jason, dude. You have one good-ass, big-ass heart. You are friendship goals. I hope I can one day be as good, thoughtful, kind, and proactive a human as you are. You always take the time to reach out, even if it’s just to offer your dang green heart emoji, and it matters. It helps. It makes a difference. You make a difference. You encourage and celebrate raw humanity, and it makes talking to you brightening, enlightening. You are incredibly fucking intelligent (socially, sure, but here I mean everywhere elsely), which I think almost sneaks by because you are so charming that you skip past the intimidation typically associated with someone so sharp. Also, you’re so funny that I get mad about it. Also also, you’re an absolute inspiration to write with. Your characters are so lovingly crafted. Getting a tag from Jason, or spotting a Jason tag in a thread I’m following (y’know, almost all your threads), is reason for me to pause Everything around me to go and absorb every word, to carefully unwrap the lovingly packaged gifts that are your posts. I’m real lucky and proud to call you a friend.

You stands up for your friends. That’s a good quality. Cutest dad on the board, I’d say from that pic.

Jason, your level of writing is the kind I marvel at and makes me strive to be a better myself. From your usage of metaphors, to dialogue, to snappy actions that just scream that character’s persona so well, its addicting to read. On top of that, you’re such a fun and friendly presence in chat, making me laugh while also being the one to take initiative and approach me in a dm for side chats which mean quite a lot. I’m so happy I get to call you a friend and write with you.

The about me section of your profile is a wonderful sentiment. You are a wonderful writer and the raft of year book nominations you and your characters got were well deserved. I have heard great things about Tiffer and I am dying to write with him one day. Your Little one is very lucky even if you do sometimes got locked out of cars and need a rescue.

You are ridiculous and we are lucky to have you. Your characters have a knack for forming really engaging relationships and it makes them both delightful to read and an absolute blast to thread with, so good job!

Look at our new Dad! He’s a dad buggy wuggy! I know you’re gonna be awesome at being a dad because you’re an awesome person. You hopped on to our old site and immediately became a big part of the community. Where were we without your quick jokes, your banter with necko, your colorful characters? I always try to make time to read your posts because i'm always devoted to your writing and the narration of your characters. From narcissistic, eely, John to humble, delightfully worded, William. And there is no way I could forget Jimmy who I had my heart set on the moment he joined. Who doesn’t love such a charming innocent boy? You really throw yourself into making important moments on site and in chat. We will never be the same as we were before you came and that is a very good thing.


You are so wonderfully sweet and patient OOC and that has translated to every character of yours I’ve written with. I always enjoy our threads together because of how much detail you pack into your posts and how open you are to twists and turns in threads. I look forward to continuing to write together for a long time and am excited to see what adventures we end up on.

Kat, you are such a tremendous ray of sunshine, a consistent heartbeat of positivity within the community. You’re upbeat, immensely kind, and eager to brighten anyone’s day. You’re a speedy writer who leaps into threads with anyone, but also incredibly patient and never pushy. Your characters are vibrant and fun, and they make friendships anywhere they can. You’re such an equal opportunity writer, too. Being willing to leap into stories and opens and ideas with anyone is so valuable to any community, and you lead that charge with heart. Also, I love all of your animals and your farm life critter updates!

You might have the biggest heart of anyone I know. You are always teaching me things, always lifting others up, and you are such a big part of why I love to hang out and chat on this server. Thank you for being such a kind and loving person <3

You seem like a really kind, cute and adorable person! What a sweet soul! Your words in the chat are always so gentle, joyful, cheery and brightening, your presence is like a sunny day. I’d like to shower you with hugs and would love to experience the breadth of your roster in the future!

There is something so deeply nurturing about you. From your children and your animals, to your characters, to how genuinely sweet you are with everyone in chat, you overflow with kindness and encouragement. It’s wonderful to see and always draws big smiles.

You write so many quality posts so fast!! You are SPEED! Even when you’re apologising for being slow you’re around keeping your characters up to date with their shenanigans and I’m honestly amazed at how you manage all the things you do every day! I am convinced you just don’t sleep. Every single one of your army of characters is completely individual and different - it’s amazing how you can just bounce them into existence! They’re so varied and unique I’m almost convinced you have an army of ghostwriters posting for you 8/c

You have so many incredible character ideas and I’m so envious of your ability to juggle them all. I can’t wait to thread with you more.

You are so sweet, and I absolutely love writing with you. We have been able to get together so many different combinations of characters, and you aren’t ever afraid to get your character out there. I don’t think Strangers would be the same without you. I absolutely love talking with you, and getting to know you over the year, and your dedication to animals and knowledge for them is WILD. I need you to transport your brain to me every now and then so I can get some sips of it. Character creation is great, and honestly can’t wait to thread with you WAY more!

You have one of the biggest hearts of anyone I know. Your sunshiney personality and sweet words brighten up the community every day, and I adore seeing all your animals and how much you love them. I’m so glad you found us.

Just like Amira we pounce our love onto you in the form of a weretiger, because you absolutely deserve it. All 370 pounds of love and kneading claws. Your arms will never be the same. In chat you’re always this super positive sweet presence. I know I can always count on you if I need to chat about anything. Even if its talking about funny situations our characters might find themselves in. You are one of our most wholesome members and it definitely translates into your characters as well. From Ravi taking care of the raccoons, and probably being the only level headed one, to Amira being just a innocent tiger girl on tinder. I adore your characters, I love when we have threads because I know its a bright spot in my day to read them. Keep on being yourself and sending us wonderful animal pics.

I am constantly in awe of you, Kat! You have such a vast expansion of skills that you’ve come to share with us. Whether that’s showing us your growing little farm, creating colorful characters, or letting us see your crafts! We’re all so lucky to have you here. It wouldn’t be the same without a Kat.

You are a powerhouse! Character creation and cranking out posts seems so effortless. Overall, you are the sweetest and most enthusiastic person out there and such a joy to talk with. Super appreciate how willing you are to write just about anything!

You’re such a beam of shining positivity in chat! I can always count on seeing you shimmering all over the channels, bringing in the brightness that we all need sometimes. You’re such a fun and energetic writer, and I’ve loved being able to dive into unique story archs with you! I adore how easily you seem to write with everyone.If theres ever an open that’s been needing a little love, never fear, kat is here! I LOVE KAT

Your writing has grown so much in the past year! I still remember when you first joined and threw yourself so enthusiastically into our world. We were absolutely thrilled that you decided to stay here with us and bring your horde of beautiful ladies. I'm looking forward to seeing where everyone goes in their life to come. On the other side of it, I love your baby chick photos! You have an extremely kind heart and that's rare in this day and age. Thank you for being wonderful!

Just love how creative you are and how diverse your characters are. I very much appreciate your OOC personality and how we can talk about everything.

You have such a bubbly and light presence, making it so fun to talk to you in the server and on the side. I really love how great you are at joining in on everyone’s threads and going with the punches. I have no idea how you juggle your family, animals, and characters with such love and attention as you do BUT YOU ROCK IT, GIRL! <3

Kat is someone so full of mischief and enthusiasm that she brings genuine excitement into each of her threads. I love the energy she brings, especially with how her characters leave me guessing. And she does this all the while balancing kids, chickens, turkeys--a whole menagerie!

Up for anything, astounding energy, a blessing to this earth.

You are forever and always the sweetest. Nothing seems to shake you for long and I love your presence in the community very much. Your life fascinates me, and how you can keep up with that many kids, so many animals, and all your posts is beyond me! I find it inspirational, and the way you use your kind nature to make others feel happy or welcome is the best. You play and chat with everyone! I love seeing your egg updates when you’re hatching birds, their growth afterward, and every animal update you’ve got! You also seem like such a darling, crafty mother. That takes attention and dedication to make happen while also taking care of yourself!

I admire your enthusiasm. You always have a kind word on the server for others. I admire how willing you are to put your characters in danger.

Hey momma, you are so utterly BAMF, I don’t think ‘badass’ even covers it. Kids and ducks and dogs and cats and all your characters? And then, on top of all that, you are one of the sweetest and kindest people?! You’re terrific, and the breadth of knowledge you display concerning each character’s profession is incredible. I’ve enjoyed playing with you in every one of our threads, even if they’re pure chaos. Keep being you MWAH!

I like how much you care for your birds and how it never gets old for you to hatch them out and have them :)

Wow, where do I begin! You’re such a kind and uplifting person Kat. It doesn’t matter the day or the week or whatever’s going on, you always have words of support to offer to everyone. Your characters have spurred some of the biggest plot twists and consequential threads over the past year, and without them, a lot of the IC development that’s gone on would’ve never happened--my own characters included! It’s also always such a treat to see how you use powers in such subtle ways I never would’ve thought of and make them an integral part of the character’s life, like Sienna with her healing! So clever!


Each of your characters are incredibly dynamic while your writing continues to inspire me to push considerably more. I know I say this all the time, but your handle from the smallest details and incredibly witty metaphors is goals af to be honest! Outside of rping, I really appreciate how approachable you are and how you’re always down to talk and joke around. You’re just such a fun person and I’m so glad we know each other.

You are a quality human being, absolutely one of the best. No one is kinder or more determined to be that way than you are. Downright queenly. With everything you’ve been through in your life you stood strong and came out the other side stronger than everyone who has ever tried to bring you down. You deserve all the joy in the world. I love you very, very much. This is all beside the point of the fact that writing with you always feels like something more. Your way with words and ideas will always astound me, no matter how much of it I am privileged to witness. The fact that you keep a list of words you want to assimilate is so COOL, it shows your thoughtful side. You make it seem so easy. And hey I just straight up wouldn’t be the person I am today without you around--your influence is such a force for goodness.

I’ve loved every role play interaction I’ve gotten to have with you. I love the way you compose your characters, from their short but incredibly sweet profiles, to just how fun it is to interact with them.

Kiewbles!! The one and only, the sweetest and most reliable KIEW! I really love you lots, and your writing is too freaking good. You put in little things that I wouldn’t think to add and write it all in a way that’s so fluid and just really pleasant to the eye. It’s really easy to get in a sort of rhythm when writing or reading your posts, and your characters are just as great. I can’t think of a single Kiew character that I’m not absolutely in love with, and any time I get to interact with one, I am over the moon. They just feel very real, and authentic in their own personal ways, and if I had the opportunity I would probably steal every single one of your threads.

Your GIF choices in Discord are *chef’s kiss*. And your characters are also *chef’s kiss*. I really love the way that you write their narration in a third-person style of what looks like their inner monologue and how that sets the feel for the thread. You’re so good at creating vivid atmospheres around your characters and their interactions; they feel so individual and different. It feels like each character has their own rhythm, not just in the way they speak but in the way they think, and your posts are such a joy to read because of how natural they feel!

Kiew is a phenomenal writer. Every thread with her is such a treat because you can so easily click with all of her characters and just start writing up a storm. Kiew is such a good and strong person. She’s been through a lot and I’m so proud of how far she’s come by moving to Colorado, finding a new job, and having a great time with Bamsy.

Kiew's characters have this defined edge to them that I really love. Ingrid is such a presence on the page, exuding a physical presence even through text. With Lora, you can see her vulnerability combined with that hard-edged spine of the hyena, suspicion and caution protecting that aspect of her. It's compelling and a joy to read.

Kiew, the angel. You are such a hard working, smart, unbelievably creative and kind human bean. Reading your posts is an exercise in realizing just how good someone can be at this kind of writing. Your metaphors and the way you describe scenery and movement down to the finest detail leave me in absolute awe. Your characters are rich and so real that it almost hurts to see anything happen to them. I always feel incredibly lucky when I get to write with you. Also, you are a fantastic and kind staff member. You work hard, and you are deeply fair. The site is a much better place with you in it.

I don’t think I have ever met someone so doofy and so profoundly insightful into human nature at the same time. Any time our characters hit it off in any way, I get very excited, because those relationships are so gratifying to play out with you. I think this is the highest compliment I can give as a roleplayer!! I am lucky to have you in my life and thank you for being my friend.

Beautiful beautiful Kiew you are perpetually the most kindhearted soul on this planet. EVERYONE likes you. Do you know how hard that is to achieve, and here you are, doing it like it's breathing! I also think it's so inspirational how much you have changed and improved your life. But sappy stuff aside!! You're also such an incredible writer with such good wording for how things feel. I don't know how you do it but you're like a faraway empath?? Like you just make us CRY??? And also laugh a lot. And how do you handle so many vibrant characters?! Too good. Love kiew!!

Hardworking, adorable, role-model to all peers.

I bow down to your writing, it’s that impeccable. There’s only so many times I can scream about it before I’m nagging but I would do it all the time if I could. Your posts are so goddamn insightful in a plethora of meaningful ways. Emotional, life, work, setbacks versus growth--it’s all there from the longest of your posts to the shortest of them. You’re a master of realism with the slightest dabble of surrealism, beautifully painting even the most ordinary moments. I adore your work ethic and the kindness you spread in everything that you do. You’re both a trooper and a magnet. Love Kiew.

Omg Kiewww. YOUR CHARACTERS ARE SUCH GEMS. Especially Greta and Ingrid kill me with their striking-ness. Also, your Discord comments are so funny XD You’re a sensitive/sensible, gently inviting and welcoming force to me. You kind of put me at ease, and I’m very much hoping to write with you in the future! Also, from your forum OOC profile picture, I get the impression you’ve an artful soul.

Our wonderful, powerful Kiew. I love seeing all the things you get up to! Whether it’s writing, memes or animals, you never disappoint. I’m so glad you’re here with us and I hope we have many years with you still!

Kiew… I admire your metaphors and how easily you convey such complexity in your posts. I love how you bring everything together and am thankful that my characters' orbit draws them close to yours on occasion. I'm a better writer just from threading with you. You have such a wide and varied stable and it's wonderful to see the subtle ways you distinguish between them.

You are kinder, smarter, and more capable than you often think you are. You have achieved a lot of really cool stuff in the last year, and I’m pretty dang proud of you. Keep growing.

I sure do like you. And I’m pretty convinced that it’s nothing to do with me; you’re just intensely likeable. The ballad of Kiew, this sort of surreal story arc it feels like you’ve gone through in my time knowing you, has been riveting and heartwarming and at times quite painful. Because you’re uncommonly earnest, open and real, and that makes the triumphs you share and encouragement you offer hit just as hard as your welcome acknowledgement when things aren’t great. I root for you so hard because you goddamn deserve it. This flows into your characters as well, each of them abundantly sympathetic even when they’re being shit-heads. You weave thoughts and scenic description and action and dialogue together impossibly well. Probably you have a literary weakness, but fuck if I know what it is. You remain the best writer I know.

Greta Hällstrom. Man, love the fc you picked. It’s great to see some older characters being played, too. Wish we could thread.

If you don't accept our love Ingrid will bite you for your own good. Really you would make a killer lion though, top tier, would totally dominate Sokol and take over the pride. You’re such a strong person, always taking admin duties seriously. And you moved all the way to colorado to make a better life, with three doggos and a Joey! Top of it all you’re great to joke around with, be it about Fred’s wrinkles which are numerous to characters that aren’t even yours. I can’t imagine a strange without you and all that you do for us. We love you even more than Pearl.

Kiew you’re literally one of the writers (out of all writers ever) that I think of when I consider what writers inspire me. Your brain is wonderful, magical place. There’s never been a Kiew post that I didn’t find incredibly charming and compelling. I would eat your metaphors for breakfast, and boy would they feed my SOUL. Speaking of souls, yours is one of my favorite. You’re hilarious, kind, and dedicated to making the site a home for all of us, and you do it so naturally. You’re a pretty fantastic person so I say this without a doubt I LOVE KIEWBLES

Kiew you are amongst the glue that holds this wonderful community together, it’s obvious how hard you work and it really shows. This is the best community I’ve been part of for a long time and you are a huge part of that. Thank you for giving up so much time to keep the place running. I am envious of the motivation you have for building around your characters. I would not have the patience to compile pinterest boards. It is obvious how much passion you have for your characters

Kiewbles! You are the sweetest! You are a great person to talk to and just hang out with virtually! You are always so friendly to talk to and easy to get along with. I love seeing all the critter pics you post, they’re so dang cute and sweet! Kiew characters are just incredible, well thought out and written. They make having various interactions amazing and always on the edge of your seat because you don’t know what’s going to happen.

Kiew-- Besides being one of the kindest and hardest working people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, writing with you inspires me. You are a true wordsmith--the way you craft your character’s thoughts or the scene around them feels both magical and grounded in reality at the same time. Every one of your characters is punchy and unique and has their own voice emphasized in every post. Right now, I don’t feel like I’m doing justice to the way Ingrid inspires genuine awe in me or how Gabe (when he was around BRIP) experiencing his blood-high lives RENT-FREE IN MY BRAIN. And seeing the way Lora has developed is just *chef kiss*. Thank you for being here, and thank you for writing with me!


Leaf, where do I start? You are so bright, energetic, and encouraging that talking to you sparks joy in a Mari Kondo Kinda Way. Not only do I love your characters, but talking shop with you about art stuff is a pleasure. The art you post just blows me away because your grasp of color and texture in painting is gorgeous. And your characters are just the same way, vibrant and complex. I have adored getting to know them over the past year. They make me FIST CLENCH with how much I love them. Thank you so much for writing with me, and for being my friend!!

Gosh, I just like you. Your constant #entertainment finds are delightful, you’re approachable and kind, and writing with you is always a treat. I think I’ve actually had threads with more of your characters than any other writer here, and what a perspective of your amazing range that has given me. From exciting first were encounter near misses, to terribl(y amazing) fight night pairings, to tense vampire standoffs, I’ve loved the hugely varied people and situations we’ve gotten to play with. And some have been absolutely character defining! You bring so much to this community and I’m so glad to know you.

You are my favorite person on the site. The dedication you have to your characters and to helping others is evident in everything you do. Your strong presence in chat, providing support and laughter is what makes the community such a happy and welcoming place. The site wouldn’t work the way it does without you. Love you very much Leaf, can’t wait for another year writing with you.

Gosh, I absolutely adore you, but you already know this. I will always require at least ten threads with you or I might combust. You are such a fun person, and we have so many similar interests that it absolutely blows my mind. If I didn’t have you, who would I go to with all of my Twilight trash?! As if you weren’t amazing enough, I love all of your characters, and writing with you is one of my favorite things to do. I am so happy that we’ve been able to get so many connections through various characters and events. It’s crazy to me that the same person writes both Catrina and Frank. Two totally different leading styles and group dynamics, you really are able to get into your characters head and write them wonderfully.

When I think of people who are great team players when it comes to threads and groups, I think you are at the top of my list! You are a generous person and you really make things more fun for everyone you play with. Also, watching the long arc of Cat establishing her own clutch and reaching advanced has been so gratifying! Thank you for writing with us.

Our powerful Leafo! You’re a cheerful Discord presence, always hopping in to provide a thoughtful idea or word of support. You are a kind and honest writer, and you stay true to your characters through thick and thin. You don’t shy away from playing them as they are, even if it could make for a challenging scene, and I absolutely love that about you. You leap into stories and threads with so many people, and you make the site a more welcoming place. You have a cat that knocks me out every time I see his angel face. P.S. I perpetually enjoy your cooking adventures with Scarlett.

Leaf, you’re so wonderful and sweet and I get excited whenever I see a tag from you!!!

Leafo! You always have something exciting to share in chat. Whether it’s Ollie hanging out, interesting things you saw elsewhere, or some killers tunes. I’m so grateful that you’re here to share everything you do. I can’t wait to see what this next year brings for you!

YOOOOHOOO people who roleplay old women. Really, y’all should be given an award, I love it so much. Also, god, Catrina, what a hot mess. I’ve never written with her, but I do admire your ability to come up with such eye-catching personalities. I’m also amazed by how well you’re able to keep them separated/write them as individuals, not parts of one vastly colourful soul - you! And, you just seem so kind (and cute).

Lovely Leaf, the truest greenery on our community tree. You’re always so nice in group chat. There's a saying that cats reflect their owners personality and I would say Ollie truly does represent how we see you on Strange. You are our soft ginger child that just wants to sleep in the sunlight. I think a lot of your characters have that same energy, at least in their interactions with mine. Its a strong leadership calm that has helped so many in difficult situations. Catrina has really become the role model for Luka, and basically a surrogate mother. And he really wouldn’t be where he was without her. I know whenever I have a thread with you its going to be a character growth moment. Thank you for always being there for those times.

Leaflet, you’re such a staple in my writing life that I sometimes forget that you weren’t always there. Your
writing is so enriching, and such a blast to write along side. As for who you are as a person, sometimes I think we are The Same Person. Our vibes are soul matesssss. But really, your sense of humor, music taste, and general presence are all my very favorite. I LOVE LEAF

I feel like you write your characters incredibly believably - like you have an intricate knowledge of their hobbies and their occupations and when you write them participating in any activities there’s no vague sort of wordplay to hide that you’re unsure of what they’re supposed to be doing. You just write their actions in such a way that it’s obvious you’ve done the requisite research on what they’re doing or you have that experience so you can describe what they’re doing in a natural way without it seeming stilted or overly technical.

Would buy flowers for every one of these characters, while blushing.

I love that Leaf is such a bright presence in the Discord. She's so cheerful and talkative. I always see her active and keen to talk about character questions or topics in the out of character channels.

I’m so glad we’re friends. I’m happy to have had you here during the hard times and the good times. You are so positive even when things are not going so great, and you always have an eye out to a brighter future, and sometimes that’s what a community needs. You have some really lovely characters who I love to pair mine with--you make my writing life richer! I think in particular I have to commend you for Frank and his growth over the years. I love a slow evolution and he’s really a great example of that.

You are sweet and thoughtful, quiet and positive. We haven't written much, but I appreciate our threads. Your presence on Discord always makes me smile. You have a strong aesthetic and a wonderful eye for design.

You’ve grown a lot over the years in being a writer and rper and need to stop doubting yourself. >:[ Humans were foreign to you to write for a while, but now look at where you’re at! On top of that, you’ve pushed yourself out of your comfort zone in so many ways, creating characters that you’d never dream to do before. Keep going! Let’s see where you end up in a few days, weeks, months, years from now. :D

I like how knowledgeable, calm and friendly you play Frank.

A hilarious and sassy go-getter. For real, late night Leaf sass is my absolute favorite. One of my first impressions of you had to do with how approachable you were, and that hasn’t changed even a little bit since. You’re sweet and accommodating, never reluctant to selflessly cater to others, and you have a way of making everyone feel really good about themselves. Your posts intertwine thought with movement so eloquently, and I adore the effortless style in which you communicate emotion through body language. Show, not tell, is something you set a high standard for around here. I feel like this past year’s brought us closer and I’m ever grateful for that, because you’re a very inspiring and good friend, Leaf.

Your profile picture fills me with joy, you are clearly a lady of taste. I love the way you and Scarlett write Locke and Emmett , they are so cute and fun which also you guessed it fills me with joy. I think it’s really cool that a number of your supernatural characters started as human , putting in the development work. I’m really looking forward to writing together.

I seriously admire your creative prowess and gentle kindness. Your characters are rich and diverse, and you are an insanely talented artist. It’s really lovely to know you and to have the gift of your writing in our lives.

Leaf you are such a sweet, responsible, caring person with a big heart and lots of love for your fellow RPers. You're always hyping up characters and being all :intenseeyes: over fun stuff happening both IC and OOC. I also really love your art, that surprise drop of your Tumblr was so much fun to scroll through! You've seriously been killing it. Also, the pics you post of Ollie are so adorable, I always love seeing him being his cute self. Thanks for sticking around with us, you're cool people.

Leaf you are a lovely amazing person! I love just talking with you and seeing the yummy creations that you post as well; seriously they belong in magazines. You always have something positive to say and have an amazing sense of humor! Your characters, lawd, two leaders and not mixing up their leading styles? Shoot, you are amazing! I love reading all their interactions and how they handle various problems and troubles that come their way while also remaining true to themselves. I don’t know how you do it but please never stop!


Your characters always grab hold of emotion out of me whether it be to cry or full on laughing. It’s so fun to have my own interact with yours, especially since the way you build them up and write about them feels so incredibly lifelike. Mad props, dude!

I enjoy how much time you spend in your characters' heads. I love getting these massive insights into the different thought processes and priorities that govern all these people's actions. IC perceptions of other writers’ characters are also endlessly fascinating, and on both these fronts you've always been generous. It brings such engagement to your threads.

I love reading your characters’ profiles and every thread I’ve had with you has been an absolute joy. You’re really a fantastic writer.

You make some really amazing characters, and they are all super unique. It’s always crazy to me that they are written by the same person. Your profiles are always set up wonderfully, and I love the little quirks that you add in throughout giving a little more insight to characters. You’ve always been super fun to write with, and I really can’t wait to interact with all of the babies that I have missed so far. I need a million more Match threads please.

I like the tongue-in-cheek attitude in much of your narration and how it sometimes dampens the drama of some situations and enhances the comedy of other situations. It’s kind of meta, but not too inappropriate.

Matchstix is so tremendously fun to read, with a personality that shines through in the Discord with undeniable charisma. Always keen to joke around and get into character discussions, silly or serious, and the writing! Sunny is a favourite, his internal voice so over being a vampire, but dealing with it all anyway.

Sometimes we might ask; how can you go about making a bunch of characters that are all totally unique and brilliantly crafted? To that I say; Just ask Match! You seriously have a magic touch to you that makes it impossible for you to make a boring character. Your writing is also just phenomenal, and such a treat to get to vibe with! You’re a great presence in the chat, absolute bangers of jokes that leave me grinning. I LOVE MATCH

Match, it is so great to have you here! Flick is an anxious baby angel and your faceclaim game is truly unbeatable. I can’t wait to watch your characters get into more trouble!

Match is such a lovely person and has some really clever ideas that make their writing fun to read. I’ve been enjoying the different journeys you take your characters on and look forward to future storylines coming to life.

Undisputed faceclaim champion. You find the best people to play your goobers, and I am sincerely jealous of your big FC energy. Your writing is hilarious and honest, and you’re willing to leap into playing with anyone and follow the storylines, wherever they lead. Your writing itself is top notch, from structure to word choice to unique tone across your roster. You pop in for the best comments in Discord, too, and it feels like a treat every time I get a bit of Matchstix time.

Matchstix! Your wit is unbeatable and your lively cast of characters is to die for. Seriously. It seems like they all jump off the page with how lively they are. Each unique and given such wonderful though. We are so very lucky to have someone like you with us.

You are an absolute wordsmith, a comedic genius, and undisputed sweetheart. Your metaphors are otherworldly, and your wide cast of characters are so brilliant and real that I can’t help but love them all. Passing Strange is richer for having you.

MATTTCHHHH damn you come up with the coolest characters and write such good good good words. I still can't believe anyone ever had anything unkind to say about your taste in FCs, they're just wrong!! I'm always in awe of how cool you are, and you and Void are a super cute couple! I'm so glad you decided to join us and hope you decide to stay with us forever. Also I'm delighted whenever you hang out in chat with us because you're FUNNY AS HECK DUDE. Glues you here forever!

Such a good, good Match. I love to have you around. From day one I knew you were one of the good ones, and boy have I been right! You came in and fell right into the community and found your place. I love writing with you--your characters are quirky and unique, but not in ways that feel forced. Everyone you write feels natural, and threads with you always have a little extra delight to them.

OH FLOWER OF SCOOOOOOTLAND. You seem like a really cool person, and I adore Lyn as a character. He’s really stuck out to me. Your wit and style amaze me.

What caught my eye is that you’ve got such a great variety in face claims (age, gender, ethnicity), which is really cool. Speaks of an open mind.

Our undying love for you is as much as your desire to torment Sunny! So it's like a super metric ton of love. That kind that buries you in a mountain of hearts. But less possible dying because we need you at Strange. We need your specific brand of humor for all the chatter. From trying to dissuade our love of Sunny to just general everyday life talk. You stay true to your characters personality traits even in bad situations which is hella cool. And your ninja ways of jumping into chat with a sweet one liner. A super role model.

Very fun, well-seasoned role-play. A delight.

Match, you hit this site like a bomb and continue to absolutely ROCK THIS SHIT. You’re also wholly responsible for this weird crush I’ve got on Adam Driver? How dare you. Your entire roster is full of unique and intriguing concepts, and I’m looking forward to playing with you more!

You are a wonderful and creative writer with a whole host of characters at her disposal. You are kind and thoughtful, and always a pleasant force on the Discord.

You seem lovely, friend, I’m going to focus on Flick because I have had cause to peek at him and I love his story arc. I hope he finds happiness. His profile cover Photo makes me very happy and giddy. It’s so outlandish and I love it. His text thread with his wife and brother-in-law is a treat. “He lied Lyingly” is such a great line.

Match, you have some of if not the most well-thought out and intricate characters I’ve ever had the pleasure of reading. Your character and world building skills are phenomenal. You’re also a crazy clever person, just saying.

Match! Plotting with you is an awesomely amazing thing to do! You are super easy to talk to as well great to bounce ideas off of! You are always fun to talk with and I always miss you when you’re not around. All of your characters are just the bomb! I love your characters, they make me want to hug them even if it could be ill advised or they might not accept hugs lol I can’t wait to see what else pops out from your wonderful brain!


Meem you lovely beautiful artist you! I love seeing all the drawings and sketches you do! The art projects you set out to do and then do them, how you always challenge yourself to accomplish things. You are super inspiring for others for that, to just not give up even if its hard. You always go back to it and try again until your happy and you’ve never been afraid to ask for help on something if you were unsure. Your characters are beautiful gems, all fun and quirky in their own special ways. They all are just stunning and elegantly beautiful, never stop I can’t wait to see them grow more!

Despite your lack of faith in my culinary suggestions I was very excited when you asked me to write with you. People talk so highly of your writing so it made me feel very privileged to have an offer from you outside of Criss cross or accidental meeting through opens. I can’t wait to get something plotted out.

Meemers! A constantly bright figure in our community. You always seem to have something creative in the works. Impressive cosplay, fun gaming shots or interesting character plots! I adore having you here with all of us so hopefully you’ll be here for a long time more!

It’s so fun to watch your art skill grow as you try new things all the time. I really appreciate all the times we talk about different artists we like and share art with each other.

It’s incredible to see how much you have grown since you first joined us to RP. To this day, I still really admire all the tiny quirks you give your characters that make them so much fun to read. Keep practicing your art and thank you for sharing your interests with us.

Our mighty Meemers! You are one of the kindest people I have ever met, in a world where (especially online) a little kindness goes a long way. You’re a talented artist with an admirable drive to learn and grow. You surprise others with gifts of art, and it’s easy to see the delight that brings. As a writer, you care so much about the motivations, feelings, and thoughts of your characters, and it’s clear in your writing. I’m big proud of all the ways you continue to grow as an artist and a writer and just an amazingly creative human being.. I’m so glad you’re here with us, Meems. P.S. I love your kitties :3

Meemers, we are so lucky to have you. You are always so kind and generous to others, and I can always count on you to be a great contributer in threads. Also, watching you level up like crazy with your art this year has been kind of awesome and kind of extremely inspiring. I can’t wait to see how much you grow in the next year, too.

I love seeing your drawing practice in the Discord and seeing your improvement over time! I love that eagerness to grow and improve and learn, and you clearly have some talent for drawing. I also love the details you add to your characters’ inner thoughts that subtly suggest the way they behave in the thread and give the reader some insight to who they are in general. It’s always cool to get insights into a character as a reader :)

You have a sense of openness and creativity that I deeply admire. You have a stellar mix of characters who are all so endearing, and I absolutely adore seeing you post art and coloring pages in the discord. It’s been so nice to see you blossom with us.

Meemers! You are so sweet, and I can’t think of Strange without you and your lovely characters. I have enjoyed all of our threads together, and I can’t wait to have more with you. Axel is hilarious, and is probably my favorite, which is hard because you have so many other amazing characters. You are such a light in chat, and your art just seems to keep improving to amazing lengths. I love any time you drop a picture in entertainment.

You’re such a great presence in and out of character! I love seeing what kind of mischief your babes get up to >:3 I adore your dedication to the site, and Im glad that we’ve gotten to call you our meems for this long! I LOVE MEEMS

Sweetest! You are talented in so much that you do. I love to see your art, and I love to see you work hard to get better at it when you aren’t satisfied with it. Your writing and characters have a similar distinct style to them. The words and phrases you use sometimes surprise me, as you evoke emotions or scenes with such nice, fresh words. I really enjoy your posts when it’s clear you’ve really gotten excited about what you’re writing, or have your own feelings tied in with them. Just little details and character consistency that I love seeing and that you do so well with!

A gracious and ethereal writer.

Lovely Meems, watching you work on your art is a joy because you have improved so much, and I’m so proud of you! Being able to help is such a privilege for me, but it’s all you, babe. You’ve been working so hard. You have such a brilliant grasp of your characters in your writing and crafting dramatic moments that hit hard. They have such an unmistakable character and personality, and I’m so happy I’ve gotten to develop Goki alongside RuShi. Easily one of my favorite RP relationships; thank you so much for writing me!!

What a sweetheart! You’re always so kind to others in chat and supportive of their struggles while willing to share your own. I know it can be hard at times and I’m so glad that you feel comfortable here enough to be open. Thanks for being part of this great community!

I love chatting with you in the Discord and I’m so proud of you for getting that new job!

Gosh, you’re such a pretty person and you play such pretty people. Look at those manes of the guys you write! My. You’re such a kind, gentle and flowery soul, your Discord messages are so cute. Your words light up the chat so often. A SOFT PURRSON. A KITTEN OF A HUMAN. Also, Leon, what a character. Feel hugged if you want to!

Many of Meems characters are lovely, but Rushi, in particular, is a delight. It's clear that Meems has researched the character's era when she writes Rushi. She makes room for the drive for independence that many ancient women have historically expressed and added a modern touch. Her familial attitude is also so intrinsic to Asian cultural perspectives, which really places her within culture rather than floating in a cultural vacuum.

Lady Meemers you are amazing and so inspirational and always so sweet! You've been through a lot in the past year but you keep coming out on top and it's wonderful. I also love when you post your dresses and wigs. And your art has been getting stronger every day! Also ICly speaking, your characters continue to develop and grow and it's so good to watch them over time. I adore them all and I'm always happy to thread with you!! Thank you for staying with us!

You were so open an honest about your anxiety. That’s brave and admirable. It encourages others to be open as well.

A lovely person and a very gripping writer. Your characters are so full of ideas that it kicks my muse up a gear just from reading them. They have some of the broadest networks within the community, which makes it fascinating to see how one piece of information can trickle down to someone like Axel, and then carry on through his connections. Never change!

Meemers! A constantly bright figure in our community. You always seem to have something creative in the works. Impressive cosplay, fun gaming shots or interesting character plots! I adore having you here with all of us so hopefully you’ll be here for a long time more!

Your art has improved so much this year. It's wonderful to watch you grow as an artist. Don't stop. You've got talent when it comes to creating characters, and it's great to see you flourish with each new face. I admire the style you imbue into each of them and how well you flesh them out.


Our sharp wordsmith. You and your characters are an asset to the community. You never neglect to expose the environment of a scene and its impact on your characters. Every post is infused with a strong balance of both--the environment answers to the character, and the character answers to the environment in a way which is so reflective of life itself. Cass is the epitome of the cop everyone dreams of playing, and Tamzin really hits the spot of silent but deadly.

Our one and only positive peach and stunning calligraphy writer. The needful is always so amazing to see and has really become an integrated part of Strange life. You make our quotes look like they should be on greeting cards. And you have the same devotion to your characters. You’ve been playing Cass through thick and thin from vampire attacks to the changes in the STF. You’ve powered into friendship with Tazmin and Nicole and I completely see you building up to leading a turt group. I wholeheartedly admire your determination in how you play on site and your advice and chat on discord.

What are you still doing here? Go write a book. For real, we do not deserve the words of Neck. That being said, you’re not allowed to leave us. You’re a brilliant writer, a very VERY talented calligraphererer, and a pretty hilarious person. We love our Father Nib but most of all I LOVE NECK

Our angelic Neck. You are such a talented artist on so many levels. Watching you blossom within this community makes my heart sore. You have a sense of humor that sneaks up on me, and I cherish the absurd inside jokes you share with this dumb site. As a writer, you are unmatched for scenery and vibe and grit. Your descriptions are vibrant and harsh and real, and I’ve literally gotten chills reading your posts before. Your characters are such developed, living, breathing people, from Cassidy’s bared grins to Tamzin’s effortless magnetism. Your needfuls brighten my day, and you’ve brought our community closer together with your streams and the way you highlight the ridiculous things we say. To say you’ve grown as a community member and artist feels like it sells you short, like you had lots of room to grow. I guess it’s easier to say that you just keep getting better all the time, and I am perpetually heartened by your presence here.

hahaha, I do appreciate your provocative comments in the Discord chat a lot. I always think, “what a delightful, compelling personality, I’d like to talk more to you.” Cassidy is such a brute force, Emily Blunt fits her perfectly in my opinion, and she absolutely feels like a staple in the roleplay! I’d love to have a thread with her (and you) in the future. But yeah, really, I wouldn’t know how to start, but I’d like to talk more to you because you’re interesting to me.

The only person I could ever love despite eating hard tube eggs. Sometimes I wonder why you stick around with us, but only in that way that makes it feel completely magical when you share calligraphy or land a devastating and/or extremely stupid joke. I’m so glad you’re here with us, pal.

I know most people are going to say the same thing, but dude those calligraphy skills are top notch. Taking quotes from chat is such a clever way to practice and I hope any outsider who sees those videos is left baffled and amazed. You’re dry wit is much appreciated and it’s a pleasure to have you with us, Necko

King of Calligraphy, dude. I was honoured when one of the dumb things I said became the subject of one of your masterpieces. I envy your skill both in that and in writing. The depth of emotion in your narration is always amazing, whether it’s in a dire situation or your characters are just hanging out with their friends. You can feel every expression your characters make, honestly, and see how they interpret their world.

Honestly, writing goals, not to mention you’ve really inspired me to buckle down and make a habit out of something, cause you do your stream every day!

You have such a flawless way of writing, picking up on things that are so easy to miss, and seamlessly adding them into posts. It is quite obvious that you understand your characters inside and out in a way that’s different than most. You just truly understand them and their actions, and they have this sort of vibe that’s hard for me to put into words, but they are just amazing to read. I can easily envelope myself into your posts, and honestly if you ever wrote a book, I’d be on it in a flash. If your writing wasn’t elegant enough, your script work is too good. Line time is really fun to watch whenever I can get in there!

Neckolace. The missing persists. There is not a person on this earth I more enjoy sharing a drink with. I greatly admire your steady discipline in all things and have gotten immense satisfaction from watching your calligraphic skills sharpen. Few things warm my heart like seeing how engaged you are with this community and understanding how your life is prospering. I eagerly await the day we can “Bro,” “Bro.” in person once more.

You are an insanely hard worker and a master of metaphors. Writing with you adds years to my lifespan, probably. Your dry humor and sharp wit bring joy to my life and that of everyone in the community. I’m glad you’re here and that you don’t hate us.

Some of the things you say on discord are incredibly funny. ‘Scott can open mouth cough again in public’ and your desk art. I like that dark humor.

MY GUY, you are just one in a million. One of the most well executed and meticulous writers I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing with. You make me want to be better and more consistent in the things I do. You are a grand example of dedication. Your characters consistently are top tier, and you know full well how we all feel about your ability to set the atmosphere of a scene. You are a lovely, thoughtful friend who I am so grateful to know. And don’t get me started on your needfuls. That’s a real talent, and not one many people can claim to have. The fact that you go out of your way to share that with us just to see us happy is amazing. Thank you for everything, seriously.

Cassidy could step on me and I’d thank her.

You are an absolute powerhouse of writing and so creative in how you build a character's thoughts to actions. Outside of rping, I’m always astounded by how much you’re growing in your other creative pursuits and can’t wait to see where you’ll end up.

As always, Neck is a masterclass in character writing. A drop of reality in a world that can quickly turn chaotic and unusual. He maintains the core of the character throughout everything they go through. Witnessing the steady evolution over months and years as they go through challenging situations has really been a great experience.

Enjoy your microwaved tea bags you monster. Though I can, of course, never get over the knowledge that you do unspeakable harm to tea on a regular basis, it is clear that you and your talent for calligraphy bring a lot of joy to people. The fact that you use emily blunt brings joy to me and I look forward to catching more of Cassidy.

Man, dude, where do I start? You’re one of the funniest people on the entire planet, even if our humor might actually be so stupid? You make me laugh every single day! You’re also one of the most intelligent, most creative, and dedicated people I have ever had the absolute privilege of calling my friend. You are an inspiration to me. Your empathy and care are unparalleled. BUT OKAY, now erase all that so it doesn’t go to your stupid head and because you gotta make room for how I feel about your writing. Short-form: When are you writing a book? Because I’d eat that shit up. Long-form: expertly crafted. I see how you spend time on each post, and the effort shows. Your character voices come through like a clarion call, and your scene descriptions and body language are beautiful. You are insightful, a powerhouse of a storyteller, and one of the best writers I know. OK BYe.

Look, I don't know where you get off being such a talented person. Of course I can wax poetic about how amazing your writing is, because seriously, the way you kill it with situations both fluffy and serious?? Very good. Except aside from that, you're also a stupidly talented calligrapher. Not even in my typography classes did I have such appreciation for letters compared to what I've learned from your streams. It's insane. But then here you are! Line time master, hooking all the excited fish in the discord. Even your egg mother. Thank you for blessing us with your presence, and also go back and pick out the first letter in each sentence here.

Neckles! Your calligraphy is stunning! Seriously, seeing the effort and time you put into it is just amazing and makes the brain super happy to just see how beautiful it is. The way you can give emphasis to each letter with just a swoop de swoop of your pen (I know its probably not like that but yea) It’s amazing. I love the daily needfuls you write! Your characters are amazing! How you write them and make them all come to life with your words and their special little quirks is just amazing!


You’re so kind and open to shenanigans! I love that I can throw a random idea at you and you can be like ‘yeah sure!’ and then you make it really work in-thread. I love how snappy and yet detailed your character profiles are, as well. It’s a real skill to be able to fit a lot of important information in a snappy format like that, and I feel like it sets a really good foundation for what to expect of your characters but also allows them their room to grow. And your character concepts are all so different and creative! I do not know how you do it, it’s spectacular!

A sweet soul and full of energy. Your stories always make me smile and you make discord a more pleasant place. You have so many well-thought-out and unique characters, and your adoptable game is on point.

She is good, she is sweet, she is talented, she is our Rayblers. You are such a delightful writer, happy to go with the flow (and the dice!) and see what chaos unfolds. Your characters are so varied and so sure of who they are (or unsure, if that’s their deal), and even your first posts with new ones are defined. You even juggle characters on different sides of the same story and still play them all true to themselves. You’re also freaking hilarious, and I’ve laughed out loud at your posts many, many times. You always give other writers something to play off of, and that’s no small feat. In Discord, you take the time to cheer for others, and also! You’re such! A talented! Artist! The community is a better place with you in it, Rayblers.

I’m so happy we get to be friends!! Raylee has an incredible imagination that translates into some of the most well written posts on the site. She’s passionate and dedicated to making every thread enjoyable and I really appreciate having her on site with us.

You have a fantastic range of characters, and I always know it’s going to surprise me somehow when I see a new one. That kind of range is really cool! Also, Jester and Jedi give me life.

Raylee, First of her name, Mother of the best Adoptables. Gosh what a treat to know you. You’ve given me such rewarding threads, unexpected development opportunities, hilarious polos, endless wonderful chat. And a whole character?! You’ve enriched my life, RP-centric and otherwise, and I’m so thankful to know you. Also I’ll fight you when you’re the slightest bit unkind to yourself. Because you’re worth it.

I love you, and I love all of your characters. If I could steal every single open, and every single thread, you know I would. Your writing is amazing, and you sense of character is as well, they all have this super unique way of writing, and sometimes I still wonder if you have a ghostwriter hanging around your house. I’ve looked though, and I guess unless Ricky is writing it’s all you. You are also a wonderful person through and through, and Strange would absolutely not be the same without you. Easily hype others up, and you aren’t afraid to let a character just be themselves. You also aren’t afraid to admit their faults, and are the first to admit when your character's actions aren’t the best, but that’s what it means to be human (or supernatural) and that’s what makes your characters feel so real.


Hey Rayblers! You are just the best! You are so creative and thoughtful, great to just talk to and be around and just have a fun chat with! I love how just easy going you are and how you have something positive to say to everyone. You always have a fun story or a cute animal to share from your job and it’s the best thing ever! Your characters are amazing! Each one is incredibly unique and fun to interact with and they are just a dream to play with! No two are the same and how you give each one their own special love and light is amazing!

I’m so grateful to have connected with you and to call you my friend. You are outlandishly creative, hilariously witty, and armed with powerful perseverance. I hope to have you and your writing in my life until we’re both old and senile.

I like Solomon. Love the fc you picked and how mellow and witty you write him. I’d like to rp with him.

You have a way about you, missus, and it’s called being so giving and earnest in everything that you do. Which is why I hope you achieve everything that you ever want to and more. You’ve been there to squash a lot of my silly anxieties throughout this past year, but you’ve always done that for me, really. Threads with you are always a joy, whether I’m in them myself or just reading along. Something about the way you write is so captivating. You’re not afraid to take the “hard route” when it comes to your characters and their lives, which makes for some really painful but also precious memories like a diamond in the rough.

You are a very driven person who’s a blast to talk to and rp with and always have made me feel welcome. A large part of why I’ve grown so comfortable on the board and server is because of your presence and I’m so grateful we’ve gotten to know each other. On top of this, you are awesome at thinking through the why’s and how’s of things, really trying to dig to the core of situations be it in real life or in character. You remember key bits of dialogue or reactions that organically make sense to bring up later with your characters which has created incredibly impactful situations that always having me wanting more and I aspire to be as on point in my own writing.

If I want to have a fun, wild time while writing, I know where to find you! We have written so much together, but it never, ever gets old. Things might not always go exactly according to plan, but I love it when we can roll with the punches together and get a rich story out of it, even if we cry sometimes. I don’t know what my life would look like without you, but it certainly would be a good deal less fun. I’m glad to call you a friend. Also… girl, your art? Who let you get this good? I never saw it coming, and you floor me with feelings every time. How dare.

All of your characters have so much flavor and variety! I love seeing you in Discord and wiggle when you hop in my threads~

Love for Raylers is OVER 9000. A waterfall of hearts, the paper kind with badly glued lace trim cause not all of us are good at crafts. But its the thought that counts! And you got all the thoughts. Our last two brain cells reside in your ability to make amazing characters and stick to them. Asher is so much different from Edvin, just as he is different from Mateo. From social outcasts to the cream of the crop, you’ve explored so many different facets of human nature and do it so well. I can’t imagine the raccoons without Asher, and there is no way Beau could lead Eventide without Edvin. Even if Edvin is mostly there for emotional support. I do love me Beau and Edvin threads. Two eels just jiving. Though i would say Edvin is less of an eel then Beau. And just as you’re always there with characters you’re also always there in chat talking about lovely doggos to great character questions. Which will forever be a Character Qwestion since a random spelling error from you.

I love Raylers' high energy in Discord, eager to talk, be it silly moments or delving into character questions. She's a presence that's hard to miss and! Super fun to talk to.

Hey Raylee, you've always been such a fantastic writer and character creator. And you make so many cool cool cool adoptables! You have a lot of great ideas and you have really grown a lot in your writing ability over the years. Also I think your art is awesome and you really hit the ground running with it. Watching you get better at people and shading and lighting and composition has been a wild ride and I'm always like, "daaaaamn!" Glad you're with us!!

Thinks up very fun character questions!

You seem like a raw person, in the best way! Quite a few of your characters stand out to me and Odysseus was one of the striking characters that stuck out to me before registration! But, god, I’ve never written with him, but Solomon seems like such a walking gem, I really do feel the pull of that personality the most

Raylers! Let me start off by saying your humor in chat is AMAZING. Seriously. You also share some banging tunes all the time. I think it’s safe to say we can always count on you to somehow make the day a bit brighter. Here’s to a bright future with our one and only Raylers.

Such a sizable character list I am in awe. Despite that you still find time to be a discord Icon and show us pictures of your wonderful dogs. Dogs are the best judges of character so clearly you are the best sort of person. The contrast in your characters is brilliant and I love Edvin’s ruthless pragmatism.

Gosh, Raylers--you are so funny in the discord. I think every time I get to talk with you, I end up laughing my ass off. And your writing? Does meaty come across as a compliment? I hope so because that’s how I want to describe it. Your writing is full, detailed, with phrases and insights that make me go ‘oh shit’ with admiration. Your roster is vast, but each character feels distinct and interesting--getting to write with you always feels like such an honor!


I love the way you and Leaf write Locke and Emmett , they are so cute and fun. You were not kidding when you said silliness and purity were your speciality. Reading Locke’s guinea pig plan was a joy. I loved it so much. Much top secret, very wow. I also love your profile cover photos , all so wonderful and pretty and such detail in your profiles. So good.

Your characters walk this incredible line, both grounded and intensely vivid. There’s nothing overblown or ostentatious about them, but in the descriptions of their little actions, the words they choose to speak, the hints at their past and what thought processes lead to these decisions, I see people. Realized and whole. It makes them effortlessly compelling to read, even just dropping into the middle of a thread. The maturity and earnestness of your writing is an absolute treasure.

I appreciate that your longer posts are split into shorter paragraphs in a way that doesn’t feel really broken up, but natural and easy to read. I love little extra details you add that are slightly fourth-wall breaking and the humour in the appropriate posts, but the heart wrenching angst and grief you convey in really impactful threads, even with characters normally known to be kind of jokey and silly. It shows how rich and complex your characters are!

You are such a delightful, hilarious, thoughtful writer. The heart and consideration you put into every one of your characters (who are all so dang distinct) is utterly palpable. That heart and thoughtfulness is also part of who you are a person, and it shines in your OOC interactions. (Also, you’re hilarious in Discord, too.) Your characters feel like real people, and real people who are also vampires and part time animals. You explore powers and mechanics brilliantly and creatively, and I am always pleasantly surprised by your ideas. Beyond all of that, you're a good human being, the kind that makes the world a better, kinder, gooder place for being in it. You’re such an important part of the steady heartbeat of this site, Scarlett, and I’m so glad you’re here with us.

I love your characters backstories and the quirks you give them are so thoughtful. You clearly put a lot of thought into your creations.

I will be minding my own business and then you sneak in with a joke that strikes me down or an insane story! These Scarlett visits are essentially like finding a gold nugget in the middle of my day. Plus, you have such a steady, thoughtfully written out cast of characters, I can’t begin to tell you how gratifying it is to see them mature and develop over the years.

You’ve grown a lot as a writer and even more as a person in just a short year! Never forget to re-read your old writing. Your thoughts come across so much better than you think. You are good at this and always learning. There is so much more to look forward to. Keep up the steady pace and can’t wait to see what happens next.

I swear you make me laugh every time we interact. You are observant and sharp and quick with words in a way I can only dream of! Your characters are well polished and it shows in the way that you write them. There is such a solid vision in each of them and in your posts. Every time we play I feel like I get something great out of it, no matter what the scene is. A good friend and a great member of the community, I really am forever grateful you have been with us for so long.

You always find a way to make an entrance. You're a supportive presence on the site.

Our giraffe frond! I really associate you with one of your avvies, the lovely giraffe with the red background. It just seemed that subtle but soft feeling you always give off. A quiet sort of gentleness, like reading a book with rain patters on the window. Or sitting in front of a fireplace on a cold winter day. The daydream softness. Thats our Scarlett. And although your characters aren't all that way, which is not a bad thing, they are their own people that find little niches to fit in throughout Ridgefield. From the threads we’ve had you’ve always made sure to stick through even if things dont go so well, like our characters hating each other from a small comment. It helps me have fun even when things didnt go as I hoped, and I'm very glad I’ve gotten to write with you.

I like how easy going you are when it comes to developing thread ideas. Let’s see where ours leads.

You are hands down one of the funniest people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. You whip out some serious zingers, as the yearbook has plenty of evidence to prove. Moreover, your diverse cast of characters and thoughtful writing bring great zest to our neverending story. We love Scarlett as much as Scarlett loves giraffes.

I’m constantly amazed by what you do! It doesn’t matter if it’s cooking something tasty looking or whipping up amazing posts, you never disappoint! You (and your characters!) are such a supportive figure. I hope I get to interact more with you in the future you have here with us!

The way you come in on one liners absolutely kills me in chat and in our day to day. I love getting to talk with you and hang out, you always have me laughing and are a cheerleader when I need it as well as an incredible support system I’m blessed to have. I’m so proud to watch you achieve new heights all the time while being so glad I can be there for you too. You’re a talented, witty writer and an absolute amazing, fantastic person and deserve the world.

Scarlett, your writing is so tight and interesting. You have such a precise way of expressing body language that I can envision it like a movie in my head. I love reading it and writing with you!

I hope you know how cool you are, lady. I love seeing pics of your cooking (always shared by leaf THANKS LEAF) and think you have the coolest sense of humor. You always come in with the unexpected and extremely accurate zingers. You have a real talent for grasping complex human emotions and wording them so crisply and vividly it's like we all feel them too. I am forever in awe of your ability to navigate that kind of complexity and hope to learn to write half as good as you.

I cannot even describe how much I wish I’d known you for longer? It feels like I have anyway. Four years or forty years, it doesn’t matter, because you’re always a consistently amazing person. Literally the funniest person on the site, even if its unsuspecting because you’re an opportunistic comedic genius. But theres never been a thing that Scarlett has said that I did not love. That INCLUDES writing. Because??? How?? Do you write so well, so flawlessly, so SEAMLESSLY. You write one of my favorite characters on the whole SITE. Go away, I feel this too much, I LOVE SCARLETT

Wrangling a pack of total sweethearts, I see!??

One thing I will always appreciate with Scarlett is her writing. The clarity and conciseness always enhance her characters' presentation, which all are defined and whole as individuals. With this well-defined aspect, their personalities really shine, and I can't help but enjoy all of them.

Just reading your description on your forum OOC profile made me cozy. And you seem like a pretty cozy person yourself, incl. the feeling you give off to me. You feel so genuine, interested, kind and present whenever you appear in the chat, and I appreciate that a lot. :) Also… a kind of earthy aura? I like being around it, in any case. You’ve got such a witty, salient roster of characters, it’s great to witness!

The queen of comedy. You have the best punchlines on offer, but you’re also just an incredibly sweet and open-minded person?! I know I can always go to you and you’ll be a supportive shoulder to lean on. Your characters are so well-rounded, too. I feel like you really hit the nail on the head when it comes to writing muses that are even more than three-dimensional. They’re people with stories and histories, and the tone you set when writing someone like the clear and rational Elena to the reserved and oftentimes uncomfortable Samuel makes that impossible to forget.

I absolutely love you, and I am so happy that I’ve been able to get to know you over the years. I cannot think of this site, or how it would be without you. So easy to talk to, and easily one of the funniest people that I have ever spoken with. I do not know anyone who has as good of one liners as you do, and there have been times that I’ve spit or choked on my water because of you. I also adore all your characters, and how each of them is so unique in their own ways. I always feel pretty pumped when I get a Scarlett threads, and often wish they’d go on forever but that just means I will have to keep snagging and hoarding away all the threads I do manage to steal away.

You are awesome. That’s that, you are incredible and sweet. Fun to talk with and just spend hours talking to when yah know sleep should probably be happening instead. You are a kind and welcoming person, I’ve always been able to just come to you and talk and plot. Your lovely characters are a blast to be in threads with, you can never predict what they’re going to do but you can easily see in your minds eye what they’re doing with how well you write their emotes and actions.


You’re an incredibly talented and creative writer who’s very fun to write with. Your optimistic outlook and personality make for rping and hanging out so, so fun and I’m thankful the board brought us together. I really appreciate your sense of humor and how you’re always there for your friends, cheering them on and also offering a shoulder to lean on. Stop second guessing yourself, you’re very loved and appreciated and the board would be so much less bright and fun without you.

Sierra is such an awesome friend and a brilliant writer, I bow at some of the most ingenious ideas she comes up with. Her characters are top notch and I have multiple favorites among them. Besides her incredible writing abilities, Sierra always has something interesting to say in chat and she’s such a hard worker. So happy to have gotten to know her over the years.

Never gonna give Sierra up, never let sierra down. In good not bad rick rollying sort of way though. An Alice becoming queen determination kind of way. She’s such a polar opposite from how you are in chat, you’re this soft presence and then there's Alice who makes bad decisions, is loud about her opinions, and totally smacked Asher down for a new year resolution. But honestly thats what’s so great. I love that you can have a character that seems so different from you and have it work so well. Alice’s super charged desire to be queen but also messing up on things like turning Ravi is so fun to watch and even more to be a part of. And hearing your thoughts in chat is also something I look forward to.

The way you write dialogue is so natural; you really give your characters their own unique voices that flow perfectly alongside your narration! You can really hear their voices in your head as you read and the dialogue gives such a strong indicator of who they are as people, too. It really feels like you can hear their disdain, their sliminess, their excitement, their anger, their sorrow, just by how you format the dialogue. This goes for your descriptive language in your narration, too, but your dialogue always leaves me feeling like ‘wow can you learn this craftsmanship??’

You are a role model pet and human mom...seeing the time and thought you put into the little creatures you care for just makes my heart feel good. On top of that, you have some incredibly unique characters, and you are uniquely good at getting them into trouble, it is so fun to keep up with them. Thank you for being here!

You are an absolute gem of a human being. I so admire your colorful spectrum of characters and your creativity in bringing them to life. Having you in the community is such a gift, and I’m proud to know you.

Sierraaaa. I know that I can spot you in discord easy peasy because you’re always decked out with such stunning icons. Or you’re sharing adorable pictures of your animal co-workers, which could easily top charts in best co-workers ever. I hope we have you and your wonderful presence for a long time!

MY JACK. I love you so much. When I think of people who write freely without regard to consequences, you are top of the list. I really admire how you just let your characters be themselves to the fullest no matter what. Also your characters themselves are so different from each other that I forget you play them all? And our threads are so freaking good even if they're like, fluff. But also the drama threads too. And also??? You are so cute?? How dare you. And also your ART Makes me SCREAM. Stop being so perfect but also don't ever stop thanks.

You have done a super good job in keeping up with your posts lately, and slapping tags down every Monday morning.

I love the way your brain works. That is the simplest possible way for me to express what a joy it is to know someone so utterly creative, hilarious, thoughtful, and clever. You have such an incredibly wide cast of characters. The steady ones go straight to my heart for their conviction and the true-to-character way you play them. And the unpredictable ones, I just- I cannot even grasp sometimes that our sweet, kind Sierra writes Caleb. And I can barely put into words how much I love that. (Also: I love your Monday morning power posting; it’s awe-inspiring.) You never fail to bring delight both IC and OOC. It’s such a pleasure to work with you on anything, and you’re such a fair and considerate person. I’m so glad this site has you and your wonderful and varied cast. AND I HAVEN’T EVEN GOTTEN STARTED ON YOUR ARTISTIC ABILITIES-

A good egg. A cool bean. Some slightly terrifying characters, but they keep things spicy.

Sierra has a stable of delightful characters, most notably Caleb, the massive mischief-maker. She doesn't pull her punches when it's something that suits the character, even if it might lead to a blow-out that can put the character at risk!

Shitty year amirite? And yet, this was the year I got to know you, and wow, what a gift that has been. You are so nurturing, overflowing with kindness and taking active steps to build up the community and its members. All while balancing enough in your life to make my head spin, artistic talents and motherhood and caring for such sweet furbabies. And this while maintaining a steady hand with a diverse array of characters, many of them absolutely iconic. You are just impressive, and an absolute joy to talk with, write with, joke with. You’ve made this year not so shitty. You’re amazing.

Your characters are fun loving and open, I like that.

All of your characters are so distinct and fun and you find the coolest FCs, it’s like a talent. I love talking with you in Discord and seeing your cute pets~ I’m so glad we get to role play together again.

I didn’t realize until fairly recently what an AMAZING character writer you are. I don’t know how I’d missed it for so long, but it’s always been a strength of yours, making varied and nuanced and solid characters who stand separate from each other and from you. You are a dedicated, ferocious friend and a rockstar mother. I’ve loved watching you grow over the years and hope to be around for more of that for years to come! I am always grateful for your support and your good nature.

Dude, you blow me away. You are funny, kind, thoughtful, and you keep it all up with a full-time job and a little one. You’re amazing! Every single one of your characters is a joy, a unique little capsule of personality, and you are not afraid to let them LOOSE. And I LOVE IT. You’re fearless.

YOUR OOC PROFILE PICTURE AND BANNER ARE SO CUTE! First of all, I admire your willingness to take risks and do IC things that might not be liked by everyone *cough* Caleb. It’s admirable how you set it up! I feel like that sort of thing requires a bit of courage - at least for me it would - but that’s how I want the IC world to be. Fully influenced by characters, in the best and worst ways. Writer with guts! Plus, your writing style and way with words is just amazing and so artful. You’re so creative with your characters, it’s really fun to write with you, and in the end, that’s what I want it to be like! Characters that trigger brain juice, that spark coloured in one way or another. I’m really sad I haven’t written more with you, to be honest. I’d love to have a go with Sigrid, Klaus and Zelda. You’re like the parent fountain of individual, fully-fleshed children (IC obvsly grown-up) characters, and it’s great to behold.

You were one of the first people to write with me when I joined and It was very much appreciated as I settled in. Even if you did try to eat my poor shy boy. Your characters are all so fun (From what I’ve seen from writing and stalking) even if some of them are a little crazy. Viva la Meerkat revolution!!

You have such a bright imagination, Sierra. Without fail, you bring us some of the most unique and unexpected characters. Your talent is limitless. You can write anyone from the softest cinnamon roll to the very problematic Caleb, and never does the conviction of any of your characters ever waver. You’re also one of the sweetest, most radiant people out there. Thank you for being you!

You are a very funny writer and ever so creative. I loved Caleb's scam. That was some A+ shit right there. It was a joy to watch unfold and I'm sure the aftermath will be just as fun.

You lovely person you! With those sweet words and funny things you post! You know what, you’re an amazing person and seriously kind as heck! Funny and always there for a friend, we all need a Sierra in our lives, i’m just saying. Your characters as well are just *chefs kiss* lovely and amazing! From thieving bandits to sassy vampires, really you have a grab bag of amazing people to thread with and I can’t wait to read more of your threads and also snag them!

The fact that I cant do this one without bawling says enough. You’re me in a different shade, my complimentary color. I absolutely wouldn’t still be writing without you. I wouldn’t be the same person without you, really. Theres no one I trust more with my characters, I always know we’ll have fun writing together. You’re the best, and deserve only the best. I LOVE SIERRA.


An incredible artist who’s so cool and encouraging of everyone’s efforts all of the time. I love the way you look at creative work and the constructive criticism you give (always when it’s asked for and you never just jump in like ‘wow this could be better’ - it’s always so positive!!). And on top of being an all around cool person, you’re also an amazing writer. I absolutely adore the narration/inner voices of your characters and the way you can paint an awesome picture of something like the immediate environment with one sentence and the specific word choices you go for. It kind of feels like walking into an art film the way you write sometimes. One of the really good ones that everyone likes and recommends to all their friends. Stunning.

Man, Sluggy, I think you could draw anything you wanted if you put your mind to it. You’ve been working so hard on it, and you should be so proud of how far you’ve come. I’m proud of you.

HYPE SLUG HYPE SLUG HYPE SLUG! Did you know you're my favorite for how you always have your eyes on everything that happens on site. And I also love love love the way you write your characters. You are one of those writers who is just sincerely on a whole other level. I can only watch and sigh with love and write out my responses so you can give me moooorrrre. And your art is phenomenal and your sense of humor is really close to mine and I LIKE YOU A LOT. I'm bummed you've been busier lately but also really proud of you, and anyway I look forward to lots of slugtime someday again!!

This slug ain't no mucus, or well a kawaii mucus that sparkles and has the power to bring someone back from the dead. Like the magic girls sidekick that always encourages them to be their best selves. I have honestly never watched any magical girl animes besides a super dark one so hopefully that came across how I meant it! You’ve always encouraged me to work on my art and have been of immense help with my learning. I don’t think I would be so far improved if not for you. And I haven’t even gotten to your characters yet. I adore reading the relationships your characters have from Emily and Max to Goki and Rushi. No matter where you’re slime takes you, you’ll always be a big part of strange and my heart.

We are so lucky to have you! You are amazing at reading threads and cheerleading other people’s characters and writing, and you have such a funny, happy energy, it is a joy to chat with you.

You’re a superwoman with everything you do! A badass lady with killer art skills. A wonderful mom to her kids. And a talented writer who makes really interesting characters. A serious triple threat!

Sluggy! I think to say we’re blessed with your presence is an understatement. You constantly shower us with all the skills you have. Whether that’s art, writing, gaming or some charming humor! It’s safe to say the site wouldn’t be the same without you around.

You are a phenomenally talented creative force. You wield words in a magical way, breathe life into captivating characters, and are obviously a master of visual art. Writing with you is genuinely a joy, and having you in the community even more so.

Outfit at the movie date really cracked me up, very unique style- fits the character really well.

Sluggy <3 You’ve been so kind to me since day one and so far, I’ve felt outright supported by everything you’ve said when I was around! You just seem so soulful, and I’d like to talk and write more with you, because for some reason, I feel rather comfortable around you even though we haven’t talked much. Something about your words just puts me at ease. It’s maybe just because I’ve taken more of an interest in your characters than average because of this, but they all seem so… human/special/alive. More so than the average impression I get, and it seems like at least half your roster has a spark that… pulls me to them. Your character ideas are so creative and edgy, too! I love it! Far more threads than I have with you now, please. My favs: Asphodel, Chaya, Dorian, Eden, Emily and Priya.

Your characters are so diverse and interesting, I want to meet them all. You’re such a delight to talk to!

My first compliment is that you are clearly the best sort of person because you know that microwaving tea is a crime against humanity. Fight the good fight. I love peaking into Emily’s threads with Max, They are so sweet and Max and cheese is a great nickname. Then I found Eden and what a concept. An unsettling uncomfortable concept but so inspired. I can’t wait to read more of her.

We’ve grown a lot closer this year which has led to a lot of really great talks about rp, fandom, and art. While I appreciate all our threads, I especially love how easy it is to talk with you, full of jokes and really great convo that keeps me laughing and a smile on my face.

Sluggy's ability to paint a scene through words is second to none. She delves into the rich textual world surrounding the characters and supplements it with solid characterization. Her characters all have their own unique charm that shines through. It's always a feast for the eyes when there's something of hers to read.

You are such a tremendous, wonderful goofball. You are such a presence in chat, lighthearted yet crazy thoughtful. You’re a cheerleader for everyone around you, and you basically keep the compliment party going all year long. Not only that, but you’re an incredible artist and share your enthusiasm and expertise with those around you in a way that both fascinates and delights me. And despite being so dang good at what you do, you never skip taking the time to show how someone else shines. Oh, and did I mention that you’re an incredible writer?! From your word choice to the thoughtful details you include, you paint such a beautiful and vivid picture of each character you write.

Everyone’s favorite hype lady! You are so open-minded, caring, and insightful to everyone. Each and every one of your characters is so richly written. You have this incredible talent of tapping into more than just one type of creativity when you write, I swear to god, which is so rare. Take Asphodel for example. When I read her it’s like you’re drawing a story with her words and body language, not writing it. I can see her so vividly no matter the length of post, which is maybe the artist in you doing the talking. Chef’s kiss, Sluggy.

It's been wonderful to watch you hone your artistic skills. You're a wonderful person with a great sense of humor. I greatly enjoy our threads and your characters. Posting with you makes me a better writer. Your characterization and your commitment to playing things straight make me jealous. I admire how you've embraced the chaotic nature of the site.

I cannot believe Sluggy wasn’t always part of our community?? Its insane how much different things would be without you. You’re a whirlwind in chat, and never fail to make me smile. You’re an incredibly talented artist and writer, and your characters are all top freaking notch. You’ve got a keen eye for story beats, and never fail to hit them resoundingly and with such grace in your writing. Just ugh! I LOVE SLUGGY

You are sweet as can be, and you are such a good artist. I die any time that you share something in entertainment, and you are definitely a goal and inspiration to me. I absolutely love our threads together, and I love that you have absolutely no fear in just letting your characters be their absolute selves. I can’t think of a single thread that I’ve had with you that I haven’t absolutely loved, and I can’t wait to bother you with even more!

Excessively cute characters, we have no choice but to stan.

SLUGGY I’M ABOUT TO BE GROSS, THIS IS YOUR WARNING! You’re amazing!Funny!Kind! And did I mention just a great person and super sweet? Yea that’s you! Also you are an incredible artist who shows so much positivity to other peoples art and are amazing at giving advice and tips to them when asked. Really, Sluggy, you are an amazing person! Now to add more grossness to this, your characters are just wow great! From derpy foxes to stubborn wolves and psychics that just don’t know better lol Really, you make a plethora of great characters with stories that are so loveable and they are just amazing. (Just like you).

Your ability to make things that are well crafted on all fronts always astounds me. You have such interesting character ideas that you put into words so well. You also have such an artistic eye that it makes me jealous at times. I love it when you get confident and do something amazing and grounded because that’s when you really shine the brightest. You’ve been working hard lately, and you deserve the chances you’ve been given!
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