Round Two Just Dance With Me

Looks+Outfit w/ this Dance music(Just dance 2)

This had slowly grown to be a spot she loved to come to, mostly for the JD2 and trying to keep her high score on the machine; so far so good but she hadn't even tackled the duet dances yet so that was her goal. Be bold and brave once more and drag someone onto the dance with her.

Getting the dance bands, she would head to the decently large space for it and would click her music before she looked around and then gave a sweet smile and popped out to the stranger who was passing by.

"Vill you join me? I need a second person, " she'd ask them as she held out their own set of bands that connected to the machine to record their movements.
outfit (one on the left)

For some reason, this was his work mate's favorite spot after their shift. Locke never minded tagging along as the food was decent and music fun. Sometimes his work friends would order a round of drink a get enough liquid courage to brave the karaoke machine or just destroy themselves on Mario kart.

At the moment Locke was following his friend, Billy, toward the bathroom. Poor guy hadn't been here before and was on the nervous side. Locke followed closely behind with arms crossed behind his head, providing distracting commentary to all the new sights and sounds. Just the luck though as a girl slid into their path and asked Billy to join her.

Locke saw the confusion and panic grow on his friend's face and with a slap to Billy's shoulder, he pushed himself forward and Billy out of view. "I'll do it." Locke gave her a beautiful smile.

The bands were his hands and halfway on his wrists before he realized what kind of company he was playing with. Oh, sick. Vampire and shifter had to be a killer dance combo.
Tatiana was worried for a moment seeing the first man just balking and freezing at her request to dance with her. They were at a gamer bar so why would he be opposed to it? That is unless he could tell- no that was his friend who smelt of were and made her internally want to panic but his offer then made her smile a bit.

"Vondervul, here you vill need zhis, " she told him as she handed him the little bands for his wrists. The rest was sensors for the TV and game and so she would get into her spot and push off the Pikachu hood off to let her long ponytail fall down.

"I'm Tati by ze vay, " she told him as she would wait for him to get ready as she gave herself a quick little stretch because she didn't want to mess up or have the vampire version of a muscle cramp.
He followed along with the stretching, rotating his upper body side to side with exaggerated arm extensions. It was the right kind of ridiculous considering the ambiance and the "challenge" they'd be facing.

"Hi Tati." Her accent made him question the correct pronunciation. "I'm Locke. Like Pop, Locke, and drop it. My signature move."

Stretching done, he stepped onto his portion of the platform and got into position.
Tatiana gave a little smile, "Lockee, nice to meet you, " she told him with a little chuckle. She hoped she said his name right but she might have messed it up a little bit in pronunciation.

"Zhink you can keep up vith me? " she asked, a playful challenge in her tone to him as she would move to her spot and sway a little, getting ready to hit play to see if this were could keep up with her on the dance floor.
Them's fighting words, sister. She already had the song cued up and the countdown was beginning.

Locke's competitive spirit was kicked up to a firey notch. A cocky jut of the chin accompanied a fist coming to rest on his chin. "Oh, we'll see who's victorious."

Spoiler alert. It's going to be me.
Tatiana gave him a wicked grin, she liked this were, he was spunky!

"Good luck, whoever gets high score, vins. Loser must dance to song of winners choice, " she told him, hold her hand out for a shake as the count down started. They were fie seconds away from her kicking his butt because she was a dancing queen!
"Deal." Locke wasn't going to let the icy grip catch him off guard. Oh no, he saw right through that scare tactic. His bear was far less pleased and for that Locke would spring back and put a little more distance between them, for his bear's sake. Well, as much distance as their tiny podium would allow for.

The ghostly apparitions of dancers in funky costumes materialized on-screen and then they were off.

His rhythm started strong but got shaky with the short transitions. Not a bad first showing as Locke shook some air maracas to the beat.

I suggest a rolling match to see who racks up more points. Roll 1-5. The highest score means they got more "Perfects" and their individual score rose more. Ties mean they tie. Thinking four to five rounds? Locke can roll first!

Tati grinned at that. She was a surefire to win this dance off with him and so she would take her position beside him and would start to move with the haloperson on the screen and started to move with a smile on her face. Dancing again- even to a game, felt amazing!

She was able to keep up easily with the person on the screen, moving around Locke as he had a little hiccup with the shakers but he was doing rather good so far! She couldn't focus on him though, she needed to keep dancing with the skirt lady otherwise she would mess up.

5 rounds sounds good! Tati got a 5 on her roll :D Let's dance <3!

She was good. Dangerously good. The vampire hit almost every beat with precision and a fierce concentration that upsettingly made Locke look like an amateur!

The paired dancing came next and Locke was fully determined to be in total sync with his pirate counterpart. His usual wild moves shortened to quick chops of the air and stomping. Less fun, but it guaranteed a good score each time.

"I'm going to catch up." He vowed while he windmilled his arms and shimmied.

First round: Tati takes the lead
Second Roll for Locke: 5

Tatiana had most of her life to thank for her dance skills but when it came to games she was not perfect with it and so she was bound to slack a smidge when it came to things.

She would slow down on a couple of moves, not wholly catching those couple of motions but they were still good and passable with a couple of stars that she got. He might be able to catch up now.

"Ve vill see my fine furry friend, " she countered with a playful bit of sass to him as she continued to dance next to him.

Got a 3!

Locke shouldn't be looking at the scores but the climbing numbers were too tempting and so he had to dare a glance. Whatever lead she gained on him, in the beginning, was evening back out. Locke took the opportunity to relax his posture and start to jive with the music.

He mouthed along with the words, adding his voice to the blaring speakers. "OK! I BELIEVE YOU!"

If his dancing suffered from his exuberance, Locke didn't notice.

Round 1: Tati leads
Round 2: Locke evens the score
Third roll for Locke: 3

Tatiana was all smiles right now as she danced, sure she slacked a bit but now she was really getting in the grove of this and happily moving along to the holo person on the screen. She was determined to beat this were-man at her own game and with that in mind her confidence kicked up more and she was not missing a beat!

Maybe a few hand movements were being missed but her feet and hips were rocking and rolling!

"Come on! Don't you slack on me now, I zhought you vanted to vin! " she challenged, a grin on her face as she kept dancing. So close, they were so close to see who won and who would be dancing to the winners choice song!

Got a 4!

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