Reignhart Fhtagn.
Enrichment was a word thrown around various pet groups very often. But Jaime's particular pet was a rather unusual gentleman. After all, how many people owned an octopus?

Jaime did. And he knew exactly what Mr Tentacool needed. So he found himself browsing toys as soon as the sun was hidden enough for him to crawl out of his lair. Some rocks, some hiding spots, perches... food would be necessary too, he had some small crabs and prawns already spotted.

With a perpetual frown on his face, the old vampire seemed to be dissatisfied, so he moved to a different part of the store. Where he spotted a dog toy in a slightly weird shape. Probably meant for chewing, throwing and pulling but seemed to be a perfect contraption for a small cephalopod to roll around and play with.

Yes, that would be nice.

Jaime checked the watch. It was still half an hour till closing time. So he went to look at aquariums, get his crabs and prawns. Perhaps he could start his own colony of them. After all, crabs could be rather delightful to observe as well until they pinched fingers.

He must have been a rather peculiar sight, with a cart full of aquarium equipment and a dog toy...


Aside from Nightshade, this was the establishment Yuna visited most often. So often that she now reserved shipments of mice for her snakes. It made her trips here quick and easy, an in and out process. This night was different in that she was shopping for new foliage and a larger hutch, as Yuki had taken to bullying Doku out of their shared one.

Yuna was inspecting one when the back of her brain developed that peculiar itch, inspiring her to inhale as a man passed nearby. Her eyes drawn from the item in her hand, she zeroed in easily on the vampire. A stranger, as strong as her, unburdened by a Clutch's weight. Rapid-fire observations to be made in the first few seconds. Yuna pressed her lips together, chagrined that she was dressed so plainly for this. Alas, an opportunity she could not pass up. He'd notice her eventually.

Setting the hutch down, Yuna made to casually move closer, as if going to look at something on a shelf beside him. Nosy as she was, she looked at his belongings instead. Aquarium supplies, and... a dog toy. Nothing else for a canine. An impulse buy, perhaps. She moved her eyes to the man's face, naturally avoiding his gaze, "Do your fish have sharp enough teeth for that?" Yuna sought to joke, drawing his attention to her.


Frank was on a quest for a particular type of food for Dolce, using the excuse to also check out some other items the store closer to home didn’t have. It was when it came down to these sorts of things, that Frank wondered how different his life would be at the moment if he’d stayed in Reignhart after all. A lot probably. Still a small part of him missed it; it was hard not to after the amount of time and the experiences that’d taken place here.

Pulling down a collar with a bright floral pattern added in portions to a small leather collar, he turned it this way and that as a strong whiff of decay pervaded his senses. Immediately, Frank looked up, trying to pin where it was coming from. Not the old lady with the poodle, right? No, it was coming from another aisle or maybe the thing had just passed his own.

Walking out of the collar area, Frank was on edge, jaguar tail ticking this way and that. In the past, a vampire would never even be heard of here and now, especially shopping. And yet…
Well, there went his hopes for a chill shopping experience.

Jaime wasn't exactly in mood for socializing, but... he was new here. And would stay here for a while, so better not make himself look like an asshole, at least not right away, right...? He glanced over to Yuna with a rather tired smile on his face. Recognizes a similarly skilled vampire, but was rather unsure of her intentions. Well, he figured he'd know soon enough.

"Ah... I bet Mr Tentacool would be smarter than to chew on that." he joked a bit as well, turning his eyed back to crabs. Hmm... Yes, definitely he could start his own little crab tank. Homegrown feed, perfect for his little tentacled companion.

Jaime suddenly tensed up a little bit... He caught an odd scent. But then relaxed again. It wasn't that odd to smell an animal in a pet store after all.
Mr. Tentacle. That was at least what Yuna heard. Word play was sometimes too subtle for her to catch. The woes of having English as a second language. As such, Yuna inwardly (thankfully) scoffed at the heavy-handedness of the name. Did a child pick it? What was it even for?

She feigned a smile nevertheless, "You... do not truly own something with tentacles, do you?" Middling disbelief and curiosity. Maybe it was some twisted name for a dog. A dog with a growth that looked like a tentacle. What a horrible mental image.

Lucky then that she was distracted by the reek of something wafting by them. It crept in like a fog, curling along her spine, drawing it straighter as if it was a claw hooking her by the nape. It was strange to discover what your mind committed to memory without your trying. There were some scents that recalled even memories from childhood when she smelled them. Wicker, turnip. There were some that recalled the worst nights of her humanity. Brands of aftershave, certain cigars.

This smell recalled something much more recent. Only months ago, in an alleyway, in the rain. Cat.


Her smile slipped like a raindrop on a windowpane, a trickling crawl as her eyes moved from the other vampire.
Setting his jaw, Frank set himself to making his way towards where the food was, cat on high alert. It was best to just get what he came here for and leave, it wasn’t worth a scene wherever the vampire was. And yet, he couldn’t stop the slowness in his gait as he passed the fish area. The shimmering colorful scales were always fun to see darting about in the dreamlike quality lighting, the cat enamored as well.

A small shoal of rainbow sharks followed his path as he passed on the walkway in front of the section, red fins cutting through the water with ease. With a breath in, everything was much stronger, the cat suddenly bristling. His eyes narrowed as he spotted a pair of people somewhat further in the section. It had to be them, the stink was overwhelming.

It wasn’t his territory, or anyone’s for that matter anymore, and it wasn’t his business, but the glare was definitely there, his opinion of them written plain enough. Fucking vampires, better off rotting in their graves than whatever fresh hell kept them alive to, what, pretend to shop and probably grab someone from here to chew on? God.

With the jaguar growling in his ear and collar tight in his hand, Frank hadn’t realized he’d stopped. Staring at them for a moment, taking in the old guy with the basket of weird items to the asian woman, he eventually forced out a breath of air. No. Moving forward, he forced himself to look away and start to walk again off to the food aisles from whatever the fuck powwow was going on as his body felt tightly wound with robotic like movements. Step. No. Step. Keep going.
Jaime at first just shrugged. People had a lot of weird animals as pets. Shrimp, snakes, stick bugs, rocks... Was housing an octopus so weird?

"Yes, actually. Mr Tentacool is an octopus." he said it in such a matter of fact way, as it was as natural for him as breathing was natural for humans.

But then he noticed the change of atmosphere, as if the room temperature dropped rapidly. The smell of a large cat was there, but Jaime usually did a good job at not paying weres much attention unless they paid attention to him. It seemed like his new conversation partner had a different outlook on that, seeing how her mood changed.

And oh boy, there he was. There was something quite humorous about a cat walking a dog on the leash, but this shorter man looked as if someone pissed in his cereal this morning. And this someone was most likely another vampire.

Jaime wanted nothing to do with that.

"Anyway, good day to you..." he quietly said to Yuna and directed his steps towards the cash register.
An octopus. It was a pet Yuna had never heard of someone owning. Was he some kind of marine life specialist? Possibly. It was hard to wrap her mind around, being so distracted. She did not pass judgement, and she might have been inclined to ask more of it, express to him that she was interested in exploring exotic pets now that she had settled in this city. An entire conversation was stolen by the arrival of a mongrel in the midst.

The other vampire sought to remove himself from the conversation, and she could not entirely blame him. She was being unapproachable, and surely he smelled the Were just as much as she did. She frowned softly, and moved a step after him, though it was not a hurried chase to keep up. "There is a Were here." She informed him. "Do you not think it wise to stay together?" She was not afraid, but it would ensure that the Were knew where to keep its nose pointed until they were out of the store. Once outside, she toyed with the idea of following the beast. That was if this vampire did not snub her.
Decidedly throwing himself into why he was actually here was proving to be a hard task for himself. His whole body felt like a live wire and he was very aware of every single movement around him. Just get the food and go.

Finally in the right aisle, he began looking through the options, trying to find the one the vet recommended. Where was it?
Jaime wasn't particularly happy about being followed nor his cue that he wants to be alone being ignored. He packed up his goods and slowly started to walk to the parking spot, where he left his car.

"I know there is a were around. One that's rather unhappy with our presence, judging from expression." he said quietly, yet calmly. "But he can't split in two, so..."

He wasn't really interested in interspecies politics unless it was between crabs and fish in the local waters and didn't really appreciated being dragged into a feud. Still, decided to remain relatively polite about it, since... he was new.
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