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Birthday night, @Vidya
Outfit missing the gloves because Monica's wearing them :3

Apparently Katya had embarrassed herself to enough people, because she now had a water in hand given to her by Babysitter Dakila™. The drinks were being burned through quickly as soon as she’d hit pause, but that just meant a headache had decided to take its place behind her vision.

Her birthday cake was a multicoloured ice cream birthday cake. If that was too childish, whatever. She’d always wanted one.

Carrying two plates and the aforementioned water, she walked out with a jumper over her shoulders. ”Gotchu some cake...” Katya told the beauty with a sniffle, lowering it on the table before her.
Guess. Who. Hadn't had much water yet :)

She was still riding her own wave of intoxication, outrunning the eventual same-night hangover. Maybe this time she wouldn't end up crying. Or throwing up. Hopefully! The sad thing was she was still feeling kind of withdrawn! Not in like a bad way, she was still having an okay time, occasionally speaking to anyone nearby, but she wasn't mingling as much as she could have. Maybe it was the cat, or maybe she was letting herself be bothered by seeing Asha in the mix. It was dumb, things she wasn't going to let bother her.

Except it still did :/

Anyway, a distraction came in the shape of Katya, and she brightened at her approach. The sniffle caught her off guard, though, and she reached out to grasp for her wrist, "Are you crying on your birthday?" She chided.
Katya boinged into the unexpected hold on her wrist, her wolf’s dumb hackles flaring up because she thought her human was a sad excuse of a person who couldn’t look out for them both. But anyway. Given the fact that her hands were still full, she was rendered pretty much useless now.

”Dunnnno... should I be crying?” Katya went along with it, sniffling on purpose this time.

She stuck her bottom lip out.
Oh no. Vidya shook her head, and moved to take a plate instead as she adamantly informed her, "Only if its happy tears!" Because of all the people that showed up to celebrate her!
Oh, hehe. The pout faded out in favour of a smug and evil grin, Katya's chuckles running on a low vibration.

How old was Vidya, even? She couldn't place her, but if personality was anything to go by she would've guessed around Dakila's age.

"Happy to see youu," Katya informed, taking a seat right by her side. Behind them, the nearest outdoor heater blew warm flames towards the sky. "How's life-ah?" she leaned in for a sloppy cheek kiss. "Is Blair still at yours."
Katya was so cute. A literal puppy dog. Very cuddly.

"It's good! And yes!" She said of her roommate. She liked Blair a lot, but she knew eventually she'd be moving out. Which, you know, wasn't going to be life-ending. Sometimes she missed solitude. And also having the option of going to her place with Dakila if they hung out. Though, she was looking forward to spending some time in his new place in Starling Hills. "I think we're gonna start finding her a place soon." She added, then grimace, because, "Buuuuuuuttt then again-" AND THEN SHE STOPPED HERSELF BECAUSE??? She didn't want to gossip :(
Vidya! Was! So! Exclamative!

Katya followed excitedly until she slammed into the brick wall that was her stop. "Wha," she asked just as she shoved a bite of cake into her mouth. Flung her gaze around wildly on an unmoving head, spying for any eavesdroppers, before, "Bud what." Katya's face gradually moved in closer, applying sweet conversational pressure on her. ¬‿¬
Mmmmmm. She swiped frosting from the piece of cake before her with a finger, plopping it between her lips to stall. As the sugar dissolved in her mouth, she considered what to say. It wasn't... like they all hadn't done it.

"Sheeee shifted in public recently." She admitted, eyes bugging a bit. "And bit Frank."
Katya hadn’t heard about it. Which meant it probably hadn’t made the news, which made it fine? But also.

”Deets, Vidya,” she requested, big-eyed. The plate shifted rudely on the table as she separated a fat wad of ice cream onto her spoon.
She grinned and grimaced. Grinmaced.

"I don't know everythinnnng." She admitted, head shaking. "Only that she shifted with a friend, Amber, and almost hurt her." As far as she'd been told, the friend had gotten out just fine. Though, gosh, how scary it was that there was a human that knew what Blair was.
"Naw," Katya pitied, pouting through the mouthful of cake. Poor Amber, she thought, despite knowing-

She munched straight ice-cream for a few moments before her gaze clocked back onto Vidya. "Waittt-" Swallow. She moved her finger in a circle to rewind the tape. "Ambber? Normal person?"
She busied her mouth with cake as she waited, watching with lifted brows as Katya seemed to recognize the name. Oh, no. It got complicated when people knew who you were gossiping about. "Yeeeah." She confirmed, pretty confident that Amber was just a human. Or maybe a psychic. Just not a Were.
Naw. She knew Amber. That... meant something. If Blair knew Amber, and Katya knew Amber, and Natalie knew Amber, and...

Yyyyyyyeah. Katya was halfway to a theory of some kind, but she didn't know what it related to. "Naw," she just repeated, resuming to her normal functioning. "Key word's almos', am I right." Side grin. She leaned her head closer to Vidya's to bump it.
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