Lake Osprey The Wolves Came on the Radio
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There was a feeling of idle jitteriness that seemed to have brought Daniel to the edge of Lake Osprey. He just could not stand to simply sit around indoors, even on a day like this. A day where the clouds were knit so tight together that one could have mistaken them for an endless mass of a flock of sheep. Unmoving, uninhibited. Just grazing lazily in the sky, indifferent to the rays of sun they were blocking with their mass of misty wool. I was fine. More than fine, in fact. Daniel preferred it this way, sheltered from the heat of an impending Spring. Despite the fact that the man was obsessed to the point of near lunacy with nature and all of its glorious bounty, the heat of the Spring and Summer Sun was simply a sensation that he had never grown to love as others around him had. If it was possible, he would have wished for most days to be like this. Cloudy, quiet, and cool enough to hide within multiple layers of clothing.

Beside Daniel where he laid in the dry, still hibernating grass, a radio about half his age murmured between the sighs of the passing wind. "For my intentions were good intentions/I could have loved you/I could have changed you..." the speakers crooned as the man's hazel gaze was fixed on the skies above. Thoughts of his father's most recent phone call to him clashed jarringly with musings about Flick, his quiet, suddenly withdrawn, best friend. It was only natural for him to devote the bulk of his time to Georgie. After all, they were married. Still... even a square like Flick should have known the code. Bros before hoes. The thought made him crack a smile, at least for a moment. Daniel could not deny that he felt a great deal of relief that someone like Flick had wed his older sister. Flick was safe and kind. The kind of guy who would have rather offed himself than even dream about hurting her. What more could a brother want? His best friend back, maybe... He could not help but feel like Georgie had stolen Flick away from him. Of course, he didn't resent her for it. It wasn't as though Daniel was chomping at the bit to take Flick for himself. He missed the kinship though. No one ever really got him like Flick did.

With a groan, Daniel pulled himself up to a sitting position, dusting off flakes of dry grass and ash from his jacket. It had been a horrid idea to smoke while laying on his back. Perhaps his father was right. He was nothing short of a foolish child, playing at being an adult. His father seemed to field calls from family almost daily now about what Daniel was doing with his life and when he was going to get his act together. When was he going to settle down and give up on all of this animal rescue nonsense? It was like having the world's most stressful and exhausting secretary. Everyone seemed to be clamoring for something within him. Something they could lay claim to and turn for profit, whether it be economically or socially. Everyone, that was, except Georgie and Flick. No matter what happened within the family, Georgie seemed unfazed and unaffected, at least as far as gossip about her younger brother was concerned. Daniel would never admit it to her, but he didn't know what he would do without her.

Daniel placed the joint he was nursing between his fingers to his lips and breathed in deeply. Maybe if he smoked enough he would pass out and a were would eat his ass or something. Hopefully something cool, like a wolverine or a kangaroo... although he was pretty sure if there were a were-kangaroo around, he would have already known about it. He was just so desperate for something... anything to sweep him up and lead him to something greater. Not greater than the animal rescue, of course. That was his pride and joy. He wanted something greater than being stuck as a boring human. If only he could get in good with a group of weres. Maybe he could convince them to change him. To change the path of his fate so drastically that his parents and their ritzy cohorts could never attempt to drag it back to the "Broadhurst Family Trajectory"... Whatever that meant. He exhaled slowly, letting the smoke twist and curl from between his lips like a stretching serpent until it dissipated into the misty air. "Flick and Georgie better get their fucking acts together and make a baby already," he grumbled between coughs. "Maybe that would distract the rest of the family long enough to let me fade into obscurity." ..And hopefully into the ranks of a band of weres.


A Were was lurking around these woods today, but it was no Wolverine and it certainly was no Kangaroo either. No, it was just Tyler, but if you had asked him, then he would have claimed himself better than both of those animals combined. There were so many Wolverine's and Kangaroo's in the world but there was only one Tyler Mendoza, and he was the man currently walking down the trail talking into his camera.

There wasn't a whole lot of content to be found out near the lake, but there was bound to be more here than back at his flat. Followers enjoyed seeing a bit of scenery from time to time, and Tyler liked to think himself charming enough to make it a bit more entertaining than it seemed. Crisp leaves crunching underfoot could hardly be heard over the rattle of his words, animated as always when "speaking" to his fans.

It was during one of those few pauses that his keen ears picked up the voice of another, steps trailing to a stop as he zeroed in on the voice. What was being said? Baby? Fade to obscurity? Tyler didn't really understand what was being said here, and it was hardly his business either, but he was too curious to just drop it.

He wanted to know too!

Maybe he could even offer a bit of advice, and so off towards the voice, he went, closing up his camera as he walked because while Tyler loved living his life in front of the camera, not everyone else did. It was when a bush of brown hair and the strong smell of weed hit him that Tyler spoke up, a friendly raise of his hand as he continued his trek closer. "Hey there bud. What's with all this obscurity talk?"
The shaggy haired man jumped slightly when he heard the other man pipe up. He would have been a fool to think that no one else was going to come to the lake, but wishful thinking (with just a dash of a self-centered attitude) had tried to convince him he would be alone for this little session of brooding. Once Daniel caught his breath enough to come back to his senses, he quickly pressed the fading embers at the end of his joint into the loamy soil beside him. As if a switch had been flipped, Daniel plastered on a playful smile. He hated to let others see him like this. Getting caught up within himself. It wasn't good for anyone. Especially not Georgie, if word somehow found its way back to her. The last thing he wanted was to make her worry. He didn't need another mother and she definitely wasn't looking for surrogate son to monitor.

"You know," Daniel purred, gazing up at the other man curiously. "The state of humanity in this harrowing time of bloodsuckers and wolf men." It had been a long time since Daniel had lost his shyness about blatantly discussing the supernatural with anyone and everyone who would give him the time of day. What was the worst they would do? Turn him into a monster? Make him part of their pack of half human abominations. The fools. That's exactly what he wanted. Still... people rarely turned out to be as amused about the topic as he was. Even though the supernaturals were more or less out in the open now, no one wanted to talk about them. It was absolutely infuriating. Where was everyone's sense of adventure and curiosity? "How long do you think us humans have until we're hiding in the shadows like they were?" he mused, squinting slightly as the glare from clouds began to burn at the edges of his vision. The man then held out a hand, whether to shake or be helped up to a standing position was unclear. "My name is Daniel, by the way," he said, never being one to shy away from openly sharing every private detail about his personal life with complete strangers. "I know I really shouldn't talk like that. I think the idea of vampires and were-creatures prowling around, unknown to the masses, freaks a lot of people out. I think it is... exciting," he chirped, his goofy grin turning to to warm his features. "Hell, I could even be a were and you wouldn't be the wiser? That would be crazy, huh?"
There were two different directions that Tyler had expected this whole thing to go when he'd approach. Option A; the guy would just tell him to fuck right on off, and Tyler would be left trudging back through the woods a bit sadder this time around. Option B; the guy would be a totally open book, and Tyler would be offered the answers that he'd been searching for when he'd first approached.

Boy was he glad that this dude was the latter of the options, a totally open book as he dove into the woos of his thoughts.

Thoughts that weren't entirely unfamiliar to Tyler, because it seemed that a lot of people tended to hold this sort of opinion when it came to all the supernatural things that had come to light as of late. Tyler himself had never even considered the thought that humans might attempt to go into a sort of hiding, not that they'd be very good at it when everything else had sharper senses, but an interesting thought nevertheless. It would be interesting to see how they'd go about accomplishing that goal.

But hey, it looked like this dude was a kindred spirit, for even when Tyler had been human, thoughts of the supernatural had only ever been intriguing, never frightening. "Well Daniel, first, it's nice to meet you, I'm Tyler." Quickly followed up with his own opinions on the subject. "I'd have to agree with you on the exciting part, but I'd be super interested to see how you guys would hide yourselves from the supernatural stuff." Give him some deets good sir!

"After all, I can say with utmost certainty that you are a human." Why? Because he was a Were of course!
If Daniel had been a dog, and GOD DAMN did he wish he was, his ears would have shot up straight and at attention when Tyler responded to him. "You guys". The man jumped up to his feet with a surprising amount of energy and vigor for a mere mortal. "Are you a..." the man nearly squeaked out. "You're not human, are you?" This was it. Ooooh... this was it. A giant grin spread across the man's features as his hazel eyes lit up with excitement.

"What are you?" Daniel blurted out. "Oh... or should I guess?" He took on a more quizzical look as he tried to figure the man before him out. It was cloudy today, which meant the sun was blocked. Could vampires go out on sunny days? He was sure someone told him once before, but Daniel had long since forgotten. So maybe a vampire or maybe a were... or a psychic? Did psychics still consider themselves human? It was so painfully boring to be a human and not know the answers to all of these questions.

"You can tell?" he asked, cocking his head slightly. "Can you smell the human or me or is it more of a sense thing where you can sense others of your kind?" A shock of embarrassment burned at his pale cheeks after the words left his lips. Perhaps that was insensitive to say. Of course, a dumb, stupid, ignorant human would say something as insensitive as that. "Sorry, man--er, Tyler," Daniel said with a defeated sigh. "I'm probably making a really shitty first impression. I really like weres, do you like to be called weres? Er... if you are one... Not that I am saying you are, if you... you know... aren't..." His words trailed off and he averted his eyes. His cheeks only deepened in their warm, embarrassed hue. At this rate, even if Tyler was a were, there was no way he would agree to turn him. Daniel was acting like a complete lunatic and if Tyler had a pack, if he was a were, there was no way he would want some weird were groupie like him to join.
He picked up pretty quick, which probably shouldn't have surprised Tyler as much as it did, the smile frozen at his lips as he watched the man work through both thoughts and feelings. He seemed pretty chill with the whole thing, which only supported Tyler's assumption that outing yourself was hardly as bad as other people liked to make it out to believe. Meeting a Were was like meeting something straight out of a story book, and most people Tyler knew liked that sort of thing.

Anyways, Tyler would let the man work through his thoughts before responding, eyes casting towards the sky with a low hum. "Well, I do look human don't I?" He'd answered, the smile turning to something more impish. "But that's not all the time, sometimes I can be a bit fluffier." Still no say as to what he was, because no way he was going to make it easy on this dude.

"If I happened to be a Were though, what do you think I'd be?"
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