Dragon Adoptable's!
+Do you want to be one of the LARGEST species of lizard on earth?
+Here's a fun fact! A wild Komodo dragon tail swipe can knock down a deer, now imagine that in were form!
+Who wouldn't want a were that's tail was as long as its own body; and did I mention muscular?
+And hey! You won't have to deal with that gross bacteria breath that actual Komodo dragons have, isn't that great for your pearly serrated teeth?
+A group of Komodo dragons are also called a Bank!

The life of a reptile were is nothing to sneeze at, it takes smarts and persistence to not be a reptile popsicle in the winter months but in the warmer days? You are a glorious force to be reckoned with! Komodos come in, naturally, a color pallet from black to yellow-grey! They are a tough predator with a thick scaley hide but that doesn't mean they don't have a soft side to them!

There is only one lovely species of Komodo dragons but they make an array of sounds from many types of hissing to growls and even roars! All of it is lizard talk though and means something, though the point does not get across easily at times I'm afraid.

Some more fun facts about these beautiful dragons to sweet the pot (and your interest!)
~Komodo dragons are known as 'Oras', which the natives of Komodo island gave them. It means, 'Land Crocodile'
~Dragons can consume 80% of their body weight in ONE sitting but be prepared for a long sun soak and nap after, k?
~They can also swim and climb trees! Though once they hit a certain weight, climbing trees is a challenge

Here are some ideas that need a loving enclosure to be adopted into!

Possible FC: Luke Kleintank
[Image: s-gA1cr8.jpg]
Name:Roland Hale
Age: 27-34
Were lvl:Common
Other Info: Southern boy, is a first responder/EMT. He got bit/attacked on the job where everyone thought it was someone's pet. After some time dealing with his dragon, he would move to greener pastures and better job offers in Ridgefield where he would continue to learn about his were side since the south was lacking. He has that southern charm and manners but a bad temper that is hard to control at times!

Possible FC: Mateus Ward
[Image: 53b595f899c452c8b611325777f6fe9a.jpeg]
Name:Chad Mccormick
Were lvl:New
Other Info:College student of your choice. Was bitten while off on spring break down in the lovely tropical islands! He aspires to be a free spirit while also taking classes on how to run and own a business! He's still young so he's a bit impulsive, jerky but a good honest friend to have!

Possible FC: T. J. Thyne
[Image: bf709f570bc19b6e163e855e4244627a.jpg]
Name: Stanley Butler
Age: 30-40
Were lvl:Common or Intermediate
Other Info: Professor of Wildlife biology and giving a hand at the local zoo, Stanley would have encountered his attack a few years ago. He's had time to get used to being a were and the tricks and troubles that come with being that of a reptile. He's lead an interesting life thus far and has traveled around a fair bit. All of that lead to him getting asked to teach at a college and here he hoped to find those of similar scaley backgrounds!

Possible FC: Indila
[Image: indila-10858.jpg]
Name:Annette Perry
Were lvl:Infected, New or Common
Other Info:Freelance artist who uses pottery and painting as her medium! She has a knack for seeing the beauty in everything and being able to describe it beautifully on a canvas or in clay! Since she was infected/turned, she's been a bit more nervous and has a habit of shifting frequently. With her family located in Ridgefield, she moved back there for support while she figured out the next steps in her life. She loves her family and hates lying to them about herself. Annette is also honest to a brutal point.

Possible FC: Ruth-Anne Cunningham
[Image: ruthanne-330.jpg]
Name:Sonya Bailey
Were lvl:New or Common
Other Info:Sonya works as a secretary for her boss at X firm/business. She’s organized and detailed but once the suit comes off she can be seen as crude and stubborn. Her getting infected came as a surprise to her and she so far does not have the greatest like for her Komodo pal.

Possible FC: Niia
[Image: Niia_bw-1.jpg]
Name:Antoinette Rhodes
Were lvl:Common or Intermediate
Other Info:Having made her own wealth in the world by owning and running her own business. For work she could choose to travel to the location or do them via computer. Antoinette has been a were for a while, having time to get used to the demands that come with a reptile were. She is a rather determined woman, persistent but also has a bossy streak!

Please feel free to message me on discord about any of them! Also if I've accidentally used a FC that's being used somewhere else just let me know and I'll fix it lickitysplit!
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