Pine Peak Sanctuary Dirty, mean, I'm mighty unclean


She was still a little sore from the punches Asha had thrown at her at the gym. But it was totally tolerable, compared to like, that time she’d dislocated her own shoulder? So. Yeah. Make no mistake, Katya was here to fight.

But she had to find her opponent first.

Walking into the still and glimmering cabin, she popped a leg out and put her weight on one hip, eyes trailing around and then up to the second story. Cliff didn’t seem to be anywhere in sight. There was a chance he’d already shifted, but she doubted it.

Whenever he decided to make himself known, he’d find her rummaging through the fridge like she was the resident couch-surfer. Except she literally wasn’t.

like this but no axe thankfully

Despite her doubts, she was right. He'd already shifted, too antsy and pumped for the brawl that he couldn't keep Bear Brain at bay. He was doing a wide lap around the cabin grounds when he spotted her car in the parking lot, having missed her pulling up. Lips pulled in a stiff grin, he bound eagerly toward the cabin. Skidding to a stop in the otherwise empty parking lot, he peered up at the face of the cabin, barrelled chest heaving billows of steamed breath in the cool air.

"KAAAAAAAAHHH-" Bellowed the beast, "YAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH." Come out, come out, little wolf.
What in the fuck. Katya's eyes twitched wide at the sound of her name being roared outside the cabin. Uh. Cool. Just normal shit.

She dangled a bit more ham into her mouth before shoving the cut back into the paper wrapping, kicking the fridge's door shut. "Dude," she said to nobody, walking hurriedly through the cabin and shoving her head out into the open air again.

Again: what in the fuck.

"WHAT aRE YOU DOING," was, naturally, her first response.
There she was! All tiny and human. He could squash her right now.

”WASSIT LOOK LIKE?” He bellowed back, beating his chest with his bear fists. ”Readyyyy tooh fight you.” Surprise Katya, this was a Were Fight, you were required by Were Law to fight looking as stupid as you possibly could.
"HAVE YOU JUST-" she started saying over him. Had he literally just been lurking like this the whole time. For how long?

Fucking weirdo. Whatever.

"UGH," Katya grunted a sound of frustration, wolf rubbing abrasively at the corners of her mind. "WAIT THERE." She scuttled down the porch and off around the corner, stumbling and stripping at the same time. Kicking all her shit into the corner, the shift was easy to draw out when the wolf knew a giant-ass bear was lurking nearby.

Hopefully she wouldn't be interrupted.
THIS WAS HIS PLACE. He did what he wanted B)

Either way, she was rushing down to join him. For the sake of her privacy, he didn't interrupt her. In fact, when he could clearly hear the sounds of snapping bones, he turned on his heels and began bounding out into the trees. To be sure she had a trail to follow, he shoulder-checked every tree he passed, making the limbs quake and needles rain as he went. Fastlike, a massive monster trampling through his own forest, and drawing the brawl out away from the expensive cabin, thank you.
Standing at an ugly kind of six feet, she stumbled out over the driveway only to find... her self-proclaimed opponent wasn’t there anymore. The fuck. Katya grunted in Scooby-Doo, craning her weighted head around. Nada. He was gone.

Huh. She pawed at the ground and its scents before picking up on something that’d lead her after him. Off she went, and as soon as she saw what she thought was the back of his hulking mass, she snarled her warning.

”BOOTCH!” Bitch, she meant to say, as she swiped a whole paw at his head. Except she missed humiliatingly, scraping bark off the nearest tree instead.


He might be a BOOTCH, but he was a fast BOOTCH. He roared in delight as he felt her velocity behind him, the forest seeming to breathe in heavy breaths of fear against he back of his neck as it reacted to their barrelling bodies.

He spared a glance back at her, all teeth and slobber. Then, he whipped his head back around and launched himself right for a tree. It took his weight unwillingly, groaning as he drove one of his mutated paw feet into the bark. With the momentum, he launched himself vertically, bear-hugging the trunk to carry himself above her head. Whether or not she turned around or kept going forward, he was twisting away from the tree in a matter of a couple of seconds.

Then, hundreds of pounds of bear man was soaring down through the air, right toward the bi-pedal wolf. Every intention of wrapping her in a heavy tackle was put into his trajectory.

Miss :,)

She dropped onto one of her freaky and sharpened hands as her miss swung her into a downwards momentum, catching herself just in time while he did fucking monkey moves around her. The trees croaked. The wind around them slivered, ghostly.

Katya could not and would not comprehend the weight of the bear that was dropping towards her. Her ego was too big to care for safety, man.

So instead, the wolf snarled in the face of death. She let him fly at her until the last moment, at which point she mustered all the ridiculous strength she possessed, and thwacked both her arms into the side of his body to smack him to the side and into the ground. MOVE, BITCH.

hit fuck

Yeah, he sort of forgot he was fighting another Were. One moment he was soaring boldly forward. The next, the earth was smacking him unkindly as her power thrust him toward its cruel open hand.

Fucking ow.

He groaned as he skidded a short distance, the roots of trees seeming to take their opportunity to reach up through the dirt to scrape into his back. But despite the way his big lungs seized, he did not let himself stay prone long. Rolling in a blur, he found his feet beneath him enough to spring forward in a low lunge. Long arms extending, he wrapped them around her legs to take them from her >:]


This was a super quick win, thought the two-legged wolf, as she stalked towards him. Snarly and yellow-eyed, she raised both her hands to bury him into the ground, when just like that, the motherfucker was gone.


He caught her legs from the side, and she yowled in darkened tones of anger. This was no different to Asha whirling her by the legs--and what had she learned then? Uh. Nothing. Except vocalising! "leeeeEEHHHH GO!" she commanded darkly, trying to free one foot to kick him in the bottom of the jaw with it.

she MISS ie. she's writhing like a 6ft worm

The bear roared in response, adrenaline drowning his cognitive ability to actually form words. No think, only brawl.

Keeping his head pulled out of reach, he clambered up enough to drive a heavy knee into her chest or ribcage or belly, whatever he could get pinned down as he crouched above her. Even supersized like she was, and taller than him, she was still a lanky wolf and he was made of meat and muscle. Maybe he could just squish her.


He got her ribcage (which, by the way, was already sore from Asha). Her own writhing didn't help with exposure, as his fat fucking bear knee was dragged all across it. The hybrid whimpered like a dog which had just been kicked in some back alleyway, but her head moved through the immensely sore pain even if her body didn't.

She opened her slobbery jaws to bite through his leg.

she MISS

In any other circumstance, he might have been discouraged from continuing by that gut-wrenching sound. No one fucking liked making dogs scream like that. But the bear didn't care. The bear only cared about winning. So the whine was a good sign to him, something to make him push more weight in as he shot a hand down to try and snag the snapping muzzle like a chiding owner. Bad dog >:[

MISS finally

She realised she hated bears.

No like, really. As the hybrid stood over her, eager to inflict pain, there was something about him that the wolfbrain just inherently hated. So. With her jaws still clapping open and shut, she didn't hold back when she chomped his incoming hand.

she hit

Alright, yeah, he deserved that. Grunting loudly, he bear reeled back his hand, clutching it up against his chest as the broken skin stung and bubbled with blood. "Ouwah." He chided, and reached with the other hand stupidly. Probably deserving another bite, he managed to snag her beneath the chin, intending to hold it still so she couldn't continue to bite.

hit on grab

No worries, just take her only weapon from her. She growled angrily, using both her genius hands to try and clap his head like an idiot sandwich.

But that too, was really fucking hard to do, when she couldn’t swing herself up with the momentum she needed. Chest hurt. (×﹏×)

”Geeeeeh off,” Katya croaked through a restrained mouth, arms falling back down. ”You stingk.”

she miss, she resign :sadcowboy:

The good thing about being a Were King was that for as easy as it was to switch to the beast brain, it was just as easy to switch back.

Still, his reaction was the same either way, "Awwwwwwreadyyyy?"

LLAAAAAMMMMEEEE. He slumped off of her. But, you know, all puffy and bearish. HARUMPH.
There would be no answer. Just a sharp sulky gaze, using the time he slumped off her to bring herself up.

Huff puff huff.

Whether the urinals would get a bear portrait was entirely reliant on whether or not Cliff remembered the conversation by the time she’d shifted back and awoken.
He would remember.

And his request was simple; a rock wall rock shaped like a kodiak bear :3
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