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Character: Daniel Horn (Joined 2/12/2020)
Sublocation: Pikeminnow Marina (Graupel Canyon)
1. With Kheira
2. With Katya
3. With Yara

New Description: (approved in advance)

The harbor here on Pikeminnow Lake is surrounded by towering trees as it looks out onto expansive waters. Being a popular and well-stocked fishing spot, many locals keep their boats here to take advantage as often as the weather will permit. The lake’s low elevation also makes it ideal for regular lake and fishing enthusiasts; it will only freeze over when the weather is at its most brutal. The boat rental and bait shop that sits by the docks will clean and prepare your catches for you to take home, or turn them into delicious meals you can enjoy on the spot in the small attached eatery.
Character name: Katya Orlovskaya yoink Dakila ≖‿≖
Sublocation: Beast Mode
Link to character resume with list of completed threads (or just list your threads here): Thread 1, thread 2, thread 3

Tweaked description: Though this nondescript warehouse in Rice Bluff bears no logos, signs, or other indication of what it is on the outside, weres around town are free to know about and visit this were-only gym. Inside, brick walls lend to a modern industrial vibe, open spaces where they are free to work on fitness unseen by mundane eyes. Weights and machines suited to supernatural strength, an indoor track, a separate space for rock climbing, and other more typical gym equipment are present. Access is granted through a key card at the front door for any were paying the small monthly fee that keeps this place running.
Character Name: Sayed Moussa
Sub-location: Starling Hills Library
Link to threads:
-for sale or lease
-the silver lining (on location begins with post #46)
-the first post inside the library :O

A full service privately owned library serving the Mountainside public. Starling Hills Library has a huge collection of various forms of media: from CDs and DVDs to video games, and, of course, to books and audiobooks! The two-story building also features three meetings rooms of various sizes, a public computer lab with printing services, and La Rotonde- a small café serving gourmet coffee, tea, and a few bakery items! There is a large reference area and a sizeable local history and genealogy section for the Mountainside area. No matter the age or interest, there is something available for everyone!
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