Fringes Were bestie slumber party!
Amira would then pick up some shell on shrimp and add it to the soup to cook for a few minutes; because shrimp! And once they were cooking, she would repeat what she did with the meat and eat it with some rice.

"It's weird but a rather fun drink though, " she told her with a smile as she looked completely innocent to her blowing on food antics right now as she would eat and then pluck out the cooked shrimp while offering one to her.

"I'm glad you like it, it's a fun thing to do and you can enjoy so many types of food all at once, " she told her with a grin, "So what's one of your favorite foods? " she asked as she would cook another piece and set it on her rice to cool for a moment before taking a bite.
Eating went by a whole lot faster when all you did was dip and munch, so Zelda was already packing in her third piece as she debated the question that had been thrown her way. She had a lot of favorite foods, and now that she was a wolf, she had even more favorite foods and to choose out of all of them was beyond difficult.

"Honestly," she sighed, "anything with meat, but more than that..." Her voice would drop, a secret of all secrets as she leaned closer.

"Raw meats and things taste really good now."
Amira would get another bite, proud that Zelda got into the swing of the hot pot and didn't burn her mouth again.

At her admission of preferring raw meats in secret, she would give a smile at that and then pushed a sauce to her, "Take and dip the steak in that, it gives it flavor even if it's raw, " she told her with a little sheepish smile.

It felt so good to know that she wasn't the only one who liked to eat raw meant, even in people form.

That's what she had been doing since the burn incident, and it was working out a million times better for her already. >:3

"What's your favorite food? Is it this?" On to some of the rice now.
Amira liked dipping but only for a few seconds as she would take another bite and then add some more veggies while pulling some out to place on a plate to be eaten at their leisure.

"I like...almost anything that isn't green and if it doesn't try to bite me, " she would tell her with a little grin, "This is one of my favorites though yes because it's fun; lots of Chinese food is fun, " its what she mostly ate now a days since it was just her and her baba.
"But the things that bite back are fun!" She protested lightly, head shaking in disbelief as she swallowed down the rice.

"Although, I guess I wouldn't really know." She just figured her wolf liked it because she often would wake up to left over animal carcasses after a shift.
That made her grin a little, "Yea but the healing after is no fun, " she told her with a laugh.

Amira would shake her head at that one as she would pick up another piece of steak, "You should start remembering soon and seeing what your wolf does when you do- even have some control, " she told her with a big smile at that. It just took a little time to get used to being a were to get started on the same page as them when you were turned, right?

"Have you started feeling, even a lil bit, more intuned with her? " she asked as she took another bite.
Zelda hadn't really had any issues with healing, the only time she really had anything linger was when grandfather's wolf got upset with her about something and nipped a bit too hard. It wasn't anything too big though, maybe a scratch or a bruise that would heal within the next week or so.

As for remembering, she'd heard that a bunch of times now, and still, no remembering. What a bummer that she couldn't, but at the same time she wasn't too worried about it. She trusted her wolf would keep them both safe during the times that she was "sleeping".

"I mean, I've always felt pretty intune with her..." Zelda hummed thoughtfully, "I think we get along really good, and when she wants to do something, usually its something that sounds fun to me too!" Not necessarily the most human thing, but Zelda wasn't really human any more was she?
Amira listened and did a little frown at hearing that, then why wasn't she remembering? She should be able to if she felt on the same page as her were- heck Amira knew that feeling very well but she also had always felt incredibly close to Butterscotch.

"Hm maybe she just likes having the control and doesn't want to share it with you, only thing that makes sense in my brain as to why not, " She deduced perfectly as she would dunk a piece of seafood and swish it for a few moments before plopping it into her mouth with a crunch.
It was hard to say honestly, but Zelda didn't really mind either way. Life had gotten a lot easier since becoming a Were, sure there were some problems with the random shifting, but now she kinda felt free from the normal rules of society. She had been a bit strange before, but now the strangeness wasn't as visible, because all Weres were a bit strange in their own ways.

The wolf did things that a wolf would do, and it was okay for Zelda to follow those ways because she was a wolf as well. Sure, she was also human, but if Weres could be more human like than animal, why couldn't the situation be reversed as well?

Zelda preferred being this way.

"Maybe, but I don't mind." She answered, shoulder shimming cheerfully as she grabbed for another piece of meat. "I like being a wolf.
Amira would take another bite and then give her a smile at that.

"That's good! Really but even if you weren't it would still be fine with me, " she told her brightly, since she had poor human skills :/

"You know if you weren't a wolf, you'd make an awesome tiger- I'm just saying, " she told her with a grin at that as she would take another bite, the tiger making all sorts of happy sounds from the food and companion she was with.
Zelda beamed at that, quickly swallowing down another mouthful of rice before responding.

"Oh? so if I were currently human are you saying you'd change me?" She challenged, eyes narrowing playfully as she followed this with another bite of meat. No bothering to put it in the broth this time around.
Amira nodded, "Yep! Well...I'd probably ask if you wanted to have this awesome animal friend for life and got a cool new group of friends who will always have your back...but yea, " she told her with a big grin at that. She's never infected someone before; could she even? Since she was born like this.

"Would you make me a wolf if you could? " Reverse question! And nom!
Zelda debated, lips pursing as her eyes squinted up towards the ceiling.

"I dunno," it wasn't anything on Amira, just that she honestly didn't know! "I have a human friend named Thomas, and he's super weak, but I don't think I want to change him. I like him weak, it means I can protect him!" Meant that he needed her and couldn't go running off away from her when he found out what she was either.
Aww she liked her reasoning honestly, some humans needed it.

"He sounds nice! And there are weres that need bigger weres like ours to help watch over them- is this Thomas nice? " she asked curiously, maybe they could meet and be a fun friend group and she could continue to feed her friends!
Amira understood!

Tom needed a bigger stronger Were to protect him, and Zelda was that Were. She would make sure that she watched over him really well, that way he would never get attacked by another vampire again.

"He's the best!" Zelda nodded eagerly, plopping a piece of shrimp into her mouth. "He helped me make vampire stakes one time."
Amira wholly endorsed protecting others, they were big strong were's and could defend their friends!

What she said next though confused her and made her brows furrow a smidge, "Vampire stekes? cut up and ATE a vampire?! " she asked, a little horrified; that was a level of dead she didn't want in her mouth at all!
Zelda would belly laugh at that, her head shaking in the process as she worked to catch her breath.

"No!' She gasped, grinning, "stakes like the things you kill vampires with." A snort as she pushed her hands against her face, a failed attempt to stop the giggles.

"It's pretty much just sharp pieces of wood."
Oh that really made so much more sense than cutting up and eating vampires.

She was red and laughing, her face flushed, "Oh! I-I thought you meant...I was going to be very worried that you were finding and eating them, " she said laughing as she doubled over. Her face was bright red now as she shook her head a bit. That was a funny mistake.

"Wa-wait what were you going to do with them? " she asked in between her laughing.
Zelda's giggles would continue along with Amira's, lessening as she grabbed for another decent size slice of meat, head bobbing happily to herself as she answered.

"If they mess with Tom again, then we can stab it into them and kill them." She answered, moving to dip the meat in this time around. "That's how you kill a vampire."
Oh! Wow, why were vampires so mean? The one she knew was very nice and he even was teaching her how to play piano but maybe she shouldn't mention him.

"Ohhh- wait he was attacked by them? Why, " she asked with a frown as she would pick up a piece of meat and dunk and then nommed it while trying to not burn her mouth.
Zelda's brows would furrow angrily for the question, all the rage from when she'd first heard Tom tell his story bubbling back up to the surface.

"I guess they just wanted to eat him." She growled, eyes flashing yellow. "They were violent and Tom was scared for days after because of it." The wolf growled low, haunches rising as Zelda continued on.

"One attacked me, you know? I scared her off though."
Amira would take another bite, her eyes wide with surprise at what she said.

"I didn't know vampires were that bad...I met one and he was really nice, " she said with a furrow between her brows. Was it a fluke that they were or were they just that mean; she didn't even know a were that was that mean to attack like that!

"How did you scare one away?! " she asked while cooking another piece and then dipping it. She must be a big scary wolf to scare away something so mean!
They were awful Amira!!

"You gotta stay away from them Amira." Zelda side, head shaking feverishly back and forth. "They are very dangerous and you could get hurt!"

She couldn't handle the thought of both Tom and Amira getting hurt by those beasts in human skin.

"I scared her by shifting."
That made her frown though, surely Ceri, mostly blind Ceri wasn't one to go hurting innocent people or weres.

"Hey I do turn into a big strong tiger...if vampire tries to hurt me, I'll just let Butterscotch eat them; even if it will probably taste horrible, " she totally did not want the taste of vampire in her mouth or stomach, it sounded awful!

"That's good! Least you were ok, " she told her with a nod as she would plop in two lobster tails to cook for them; now that would taste better cooked than raw for them.
A tiger probably wasn't as scary as a wolf, but maybe it would still be scary enough to scare away a vampire.

She hoped so at least.

"Beware, they also seem to have like this magic ability." She added, her fingers wiggling mysteriously. "The one who attacked me lifted up stuff with no hands"
Magic stuff? Like in the movies?

"That's...weird... how is that normal that they can do weird magic? " she said in surprise as she would take another piece of steak and dunk it before nomming it. She was enjoying this, even if she was learning something new and odd.
Zelda's shoulders would shrug heavily for that, stuffing another slab of meat into her mouth as she debated.

"Don't know if it's exactly normal." She decided, "Jus' something they do?"
"It would kind of? I think, make sense if they could do weird things. I mean as weres for us, we heal crazy fast, it's nearly impossible to get sick but best of all; we get to enjoy food, " she told her as she would pick up a cooked lobster and place it on her small plate before picking out her own.

She would add a hot chili oil to hers and use her chopsticks to break into the pearly white flesh to start eating it.

This was a rich man's dinner right here.

"Yeah, but," Zelda began, taking a bite out of the crustacean. "How do we know they don't have all those things?" She hadn't been able to hurt the vampire during her time with them, so she couldn't say for sure that they didn't heal quick.

Also also.

"How can the dead get sick?"
Oh...that was a good point, she mostly assumed because they were well...dead.

"Well the vampire I met had an old injury to his eyes that made him blind and that even being a vampire didn't I think they can't heal like we do...the rest I'm guessing they cant...might have ask, " she said with a little frown.

She would have to ask Ceri, she knew so little about vampires, save the bits she was told, and she wanted to know more!

"I don't know how they can't get sick...but we get sick if that plant is used on us- it makes me wonder if a plant does the same to them or food; which is why they avoid it, " she was thinking out loud now as she took another bite; ugh it was so good.
A plant?

Zelda didn't really know of a plant that made them sick, and so that was a bit concerning, she already wanted to burn them all and eliminate any risk of her getting in contact with them. She needed to know the plant for that though.

"What plant?" She asked, a bit curious about the vampire as well, but more focused on the thing that could actually hurt her.
That was concerning, that was one of the first things her parents told her to never touch and to look out for.

"It's called belladonna or deadly can put you to sleep and leave you vulnerable if you're like how we are now or make you like a new were with no memory at all," she told her, shivering a little at the mention of this dangerous plant. It was as bad as silver honestly, save it didn't hurt you terribly but left you vulnerable.
Wow, what a plant... She would definitely be looking up at some point of another.

Hopefully, the wolf already knew not to mess with that sort of stuff.

"Scary." She shivered, a sharp frown taking up her face. "I'll try and keep away then."
"'s a pretty looking plant but it's a bad plant in every sense of the word for us; my parents lumped it in the bundle of as bad as silver, " she told her with a frown.

It sucked that there two big things that were really against were's but that might mean there was something beside sunlight that hurt vampires, right?
Zelda nodded her understanding, shoveling the last of her rice into her mouth as she contemplated. She was sure grandpa already knew about this plant but might be good to remind him about it in case he'd forgotten.

"Thanks for the warning."
Amira would finish her lobster tail with a smile and nod.

"Of course! I wouldn't want you to get hurt by it ," she told her with a nod as she would place the shell into a pile.

"So...if you've eaten enough- want to either go for a run or hop in the pool hot tub? " she asked her with a grin.
Oh there was a very clear answer to that question, there were only two things that the wolf liked to do after consuming such a large meal and that was either sleep or run.

"Let's shift!" She cheered, wolf wiggling around excitedly in her head. "I wanna run all around this place." There had been so many trees, so much room to really go ZOOM!
That made Amira laugh and nod, "Alright, lets clean up really quickly and we can head on out; there's a lot of space and a small iced over pond out a bit that's fun to slide on- I'll show her, " she told her with a smile as she would hop out of her seat and help to start cleaning up their hot pot.

A good hot meal in their bellies and two weres ready to romp and stomp, no one could stop them! And Amira wouldn't let anything happen to her wolf friend who couldn't remember things yet, she was safe and she'd make sure of it!
Zelda nodded, already moving to gather the dishes together.

"We'll make it quick." She soothed, more for the wolf than for Amira, her body jittering with excitement during the whole process of cleaning. Following Amira's lead as to where things went, and what needed to be done next.
Amira nodded, "Oh yea! And after when we both wake up movies and probably more kitchen raiding, " she told her laughing a little bit. She was super excited! So she made sure that all things were put away properly and dishes in the sink before leaving a just in case note to her baba if he came home before they were back so he'd know!

This was going to be a lot of fun!
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