Fernsby Place birds of a feather


The night sky was still rouge and swollen with purple clouds from the last kiss of the setting sun. The grounds of Fernsby Place settled comfortably into the shadows of the incoming night, ready to sink into the comfort of being forgotten and untamed for yet another night. This night, however, the grounds were not empty. A bird waded through a small pond on the western side of the manor, slow and meandering in her long-legged steps as she waited for her companions.

She expected them in their animal forms. A strange request from her, but Yuna had a reason behind it. She had called her two pledges here to explore the uncut swath of their city from more angles than she herself could manage on the ground. What secrets could such a large place be hiding, she wondered? Perhaps it was nothing. That would be fine if it was. Better, even, despite making this outing arbitrary. At any rate, it was a chance for all three of them to spend time together, the first taste of unity among them. Additionally, she still did not know what form Sigfrid took, and this was a simple way to find out.

She would be hard to miss from the sky, a boon to at least William. As for Sigfrid, well. She was confident the woman could find her way.




Asking them all to meet in animal form had been a very strange request of Yuna's even stranger that they would be meeting at night and so there was hardly any need for it. She couldn't quite wrap her head around why this request had been made, and there had been some thought of ignoring the request all together just for the sheer inconvenience of it all. They were weaker in this form, and if there arose a need for her to shift again, then she would be left figuring out a way into her suit as a bird or risk dead sleeping in the hallway.

Still, ignoring the soon to be leader's first request would be quite the statement, and not a good one. There would no doubt be some bad blood between them if she acted in this way, and so had simply left one of her windows open just in case such a circumstance did develop.

Still, traveling as a bird was much too slow for her taste, and so she would do a majority of it as human, shifting into the owl as she neared their designated meeting place. Large wings taking her into the sky, Sigfrid would peer to the grounds below, she hadn't yet seen Yuna's form in person, though she'd caught glimpses in her time with William. A large white bird with ridiculous legs, it was a hard bird to miss, and Sigfrid found it just as ugly as when she had first glimpsed it.

What use was this bird to hunting? She doubted that there were any talons hiding beneath the surface, and it stuck out like a sore thumb in whatever environment she decided to put herself in. How unfortunate that the magic had decided to stick her with such a creature.

Swooping down, Sigfrid would not head to the water, but instead, land atop the side of the building that sat close to the water's edge, wings tucking in close as she settled. "Evening Yuna."
Soon, she was no longer alone. The beat of wings cutting through the wind pulled her gaze skyward. Much quieter than the wingbeats she would have expected from a swan, Yuna prepared to search for a smaller creature. The bird she spied swooping to take a perch on the truss of one of the nearby covered porches was not what she expected. An owl, rather small, but deathly quiet. A terror to any helpless rodent. Or, that would have been the case if the owl was not actually a vampire. She was deadly to many more helpless creatures.

Delighted that her companion was winged, Yuna dipped her avian head in a small bow. "Konbanwa, Sigfrid." She greeted back, stepping through the shallow marsh toward the bank. "I am glad the weather was forgiving this evening."
Konbawa was not a saying that she was familiar with, but it was not hard to decern that it was something akin to her own greeting. It did spark an interest, however, in where exactly Yuna had come from, and whether or not she had been in America very long.

Better yet, she did not even know the woman's age.

"Much easier to fly when it's not snowing." She agreed, peering down towards the bird. "I have been meaning to ask you this since our meeting, but where are you from?"
Indeed it was. It was the curse of having a winged form. Convenient, but only when the weather permitted.

The question was illuminating to the fact that she still knew so little about her new companions. Another reason to wish to spend more time with them. It would come in time. "Tokyo." She answered easily. "Or, just outside of it." She conceded with a small dip of her red crowned head. "And you? I can never place your accent."
Ah, Japan.

It was on the list of the many places that she intended to visit at some point, but given the inconveniences of travel, she just hadn't gotten around to it. There was no time limit to such things when you lived forever though, and so there was absolutely no rush on her part, perhaps she would pay it a visit after she'd had her fill of Ridgefield.

"Sweden." She answered, "although I suspect my accent may be a great mixture of things. English was the last language that I took up."
Sweden. She had met a number of Swedes in Warsaw, and even some in the hellscape of Russia, but she had never been to the country itself. Humming a sound of acknowledgment, Yuna nodded lightly, "It is the same for me. And yet is the one I use most often now." She confessed. Sometimes a bother, but she was still proud of her mastery of it.

"When did you leave Sweden?" Small talk did not have to be so small. They were speaking in potential centuries now.
Sigfrid hadn't spoken her birth tongue to another in so many years that she often worried that she'd forget it all together, the language had long shifted from her primary language to something that she simply knew now. She supposed that if she really wished to speak with another, she could with Edvin, but even then, if they were speaking anything other than English it was often Norwegian rather than Nordic or even Icelandic.

"It is hard to say," she mused for the question asked, "I left for the final time when the plague struck, perhaps six to seven hundred years ago?" She wasn't positive but she had to be in the right ballpark with that.

"How about you and Japan?"
Time was a liquid concept for creatures that could transcend it. Her rough guess aged her to be many centuries older than Yuna herself. Seven hundred years. How much older was she than that? "For the final time, in 1985." She declared, confident in her memory of the year.

"I spent almost half of my human life in Russia." She added, figuring it was not the most necessary information, but perhaps interesting nevertheless. Though, she supposed if asked about it, she would be selective in what she shared. It was doubtful Sigfrid would be interested in the details of her wasted childhood. Would it mar Sigfrid's perception of her to know she'd once been so easily abused? Perhaps, even despite the proof of how she'd conquered vulnerability. She pushed the haunted memories of men and dirty beds and sweaty uniforms to the back of her mind before they had time to creep to far into her focus.

"Six to seven hundred... how many more hundreds of years of experience do you have?" She asked, caring little for the impropriety of asking someone their age. To vampires, age was an achievement, not something to be ashamed of. To live for even a hundred made them superior to any mortal creature.
Ah, so she hadn't left it all that long ago, within a typical lifetime. She did wonder what had brought her here, if it had simply been for a change of scenery, surely she could have gotten that from somewhere closer. It was such a far journey from Japan to America, and not to spend a few years in some of the countries in between was a bit strange to her. There had to be some sort of purpose then, right? Although it hardly mattered in the end, not when she was suddenly being swept away into much more intriguing thoughts.

No, perhaps intriguing was not the correct word for it... Familiar maybe?

The experiences were different, no doubt, but the ending results were similar enough that Sigfrid could easily put two and two together to figure out just where her childhood had been 'wasted'. Where the disgust rose like waves despite the many years that had passed since the incident. How it continued to feel like a weakness even after you had survived past it all, even after the life of that man had ended so long ago.

Sigfrid didn't need the details, she already knew all too well, and while others might of thought it all as a stain on the prideful woman. Sigfrid couldn't disagree more, it was here that she realized that Yuna was so much stronger than she had given her credit for. Here that she realized that the two of them were more alike than she had originally thought, and here that she found pride in choosing to join her.

"I could never think you weak." She corrected, shooting the thought into Yuna's even as she moved to answer the question that had been asked aloud. "I have been around for over 1300 years, so I would know strength when I see it."
Had she not been watching the snowy face of the bird of prey, waiting to see the beak open in that strange way it did when animal forms conformed to human speech, she might have thought the response spoken aloud. Though, that would not have accounted for how incredibly close it suddenly sounded, as if the bird had come to perch on her shoulder and speak into her ear. It also would not have given reason to how Sigfrid could have possibly known what to say to placate her internal worries.

The crane froze, motionless as the next words were spoken into the cold air. Thirteen hundred years, and she had come to know strength when she saw it. Enough that she could not think Yuna weak. Not when she knew the things Yuna had endured. Not when she could see into her mind. It was an easy thing to gather. No other explanation for it. Like Somchai, like Takashi, Sigfrid had access to her thoughts. Speaking into her own mind was a vulnerable experience, one she naturally bristled against. Some amount of feeling invaded, even lied to.

In the same breath, she understood the reluctance to share. It was an impossibly useful power to have, and that made Sigfrid dangerous. I also made her a useful ally to have gained. "So this is where your strength truly lies. In the mind." She thought with purpose. Sigfrid was plenty capable in a physical sense, but how impossibly fatal was she to have access to the inside of an individual's mind? Yuna envied it in a small way. She was not ashamed to have that be known, nor was she ashamed to have any of what she'd thought thus far be known. She had been candid with the woman in all of their meetings. And if they were to be allied, then it was best not to be working under any false pretense.


The request roused no ire in the generally amiable vampire, but it did spark some curiosity. Indeed, he quite enjoyed time as a bird; what could compare to flight? True he could run at a greater pace than he could fly, but speed was inconsequential next to the unfettered joy of a third axis on which to freely travel.

Such a debonair attitude for the evening and the efficiency of his travel did lead to William being a touch late, but he had little trouble in first locating the noteworthy estate and then, upon closer inspection, the familiar lanky creature inhabiting the grounds. He thought the crane quite as lovely as the woman concealed within, if in a distinctly separate fashion. Happily she was even situated where he could comfortably land.

Coming in low, he touched down on the far side of the pond, giving ample room for his wide dark feet to glide along the water's surface and slow him until he could smoothly tuck his wings to his sides and settle into the effortless-seeming floating the species was known for. Serpentine neck extending high to gather the sights, he quickly dipped it into a double curve, bill angling down in an approximation of a bow to the red-crested bird. Oh, and then a second such display upon spotting the owl. Gloriously speckled, wasn't she?

"Yuna. Sigfrid. I do apologize for my tardiness. Traffic. Aren't we a handsome trio?"
Sigfrid listened to the thoughts, heard them shift and change as Yuna recognized just what Sigfrid had done, what she had been doing during their meetings before this. It had not been her intention to reveal the power tonight, but she could not say that she was disappointed in this outcome either. She had come to a decision after all, and if things were to continue going well between them, it was best that Yuna learned about the telepathy from her, rather than William.

It seemed that this was not Yuna's first rodeo either, Somchai was a familiar name, not a threat to her position. Takashi, however, was new and one that her interest peaking even as her apprehension grew. She was not a fan of meeting those with the same power as her, hated having her mind open to others in the way she opened theirs to her. She tolerated it with Edvin thanks to their many years, and her... liking of him.

She could not say how much she would appreciate a stranger doing the same. She could only hope that they would not meet within the psychics' lifetime.

As for Yuna, she would not apologize for hiding her power, wouldn't offer any excuses as to why she did it and it didn't seem Yuna expected any either. She saw the potential here, the strength that Sigfrid had to offer, and seemed willing to forgive in favor of utilizing the gift. Sigfrid did not mind being used as long as it continued to play to her advantage.

Nodding in response to the thought statement, Sigfrid would turn as the sound of beating wings could be heard, the familiar feeling of another vampire making its approach. How strange it was to see a swan bow, Sigfrid fluffing her feathers as she looked towards the man. "You left us waiting, William." She teased lightly, "I had begun to think you were standing us up."
Confirmation in a nod, and her mind threatened to spill with questions, perhaps annoyingly so. Thankfully, Sigfrid was spared by the sound of incoming wings. The crane looked to the sky to spot to swan, the first visage of William's that Yuna had met. He landed gracefully, though did splash her in the process. His apology was courteous, and she found herself almost glad for his tardiness. She may not have discovered her most valuable asset tonight if not for it.

Sigfrid teased, and Yuna laughed softly. They were a strange collection, weren't they? Almost storybook-like. The swan, the crane, and the owl. Grace, longevity, and wisdom. Befitting, wasn't it? "Oh, I doubt William would pass up an offer to spend the evening with two lovely ladies." She teased lightly.
Unavoidable, tragically. The splashing. He had worked to minimize it, landing as far afield as the small pond would permit. Well, in truth he could have avoided it entirely by simply landing on the ground. But oh, how much less grand he looked doing that, having to take those awkward, flat-footed running steps as he slowed the great momentum required for flight. No, no, this was the better course. Balanced priorities.

Sigfrid's teasing had his eyes turned up her way, scoffing lightly at the absurdity that he should decline to attend without notice. Though, he supposed, with their phones likely magicked away into the ether by their light feathery forms, that wouldn't have much helped. Not for the first time, he wondered if some technologically minded fledgling somewhere was working on some brilliant means of allowing them access to modern conveniences while so transformed.

No matter, Yuna's follow-up pulled his attention and he lifted his angelic wings in a display of surrender, hands up and white flags all at once. "Guilty," he confessed with a faint chuckle. "Am I so transparent?"

The swan's gaze found the owl again for these last words. William still wondered—worried, yes, just a little—whether the powers of her mind worked in more than one direction. Putting thoughts in, but also taking thoughts out. Oh dear, oh dear.
Sigfrid could not hear the thoughts of their swan friend, simply because she was focusing in on Yuna's thoughts instead, sure there was the soft whispering of his mind, but she hardly offered it any attention. She had a fairly good idea of what buzzed around their lecherous friend's mind, and while she did find it all quite amusing, she hardly needed to hear every thought that occurred to him.

As for Yuna however, she suspected that those questions would come eventually, if not tonight then at some point in the future.

"I'd say you are quite the open book." Sigfrid answered, gaze moving back to Yuna. "So what are our plans this evening?" She had called them out for a reason, no?
Most men were. She recalled the wandering eye the night he had healed her. It had been something of a test for him, to remain without her shirt to inspect his work. She had been pleased to know he was not so forward as to take it as some invitation to be untoward. She might have smiled, if she could. Instead, she watched the exchange placidly. Then, easily accepted the change in topic.

"I am interested in this property. I have read about many strange things happening here, but I am admittedly only curious to see if it may be some sort of beacon for troublemakers." It seemed the type of property for it. "An aerial suvery will be easiest." She declared, her wings lifting slightly. "And, perhaps I wanted us all to meet together." She added with a playful lilt, "I have things to tell you." Gossip? In some ways. But it was important for them to know of her meeting with the Dominus, among other developments.
Humming soft laughter through his dark bill, William would offer no argument. Some effort would be made to turn his thoughts toward, oh, productive means as his immediate attention turned to Yuna.

Hmm, he didn't quite share her interest in sussing out potential troublemakers, but could see the wisdom in getting out ahead of any such malarkey if she meant to rule this town. And, he had to allow, there was keen reason she would want to know of any supernatural miscreants, after her personal misadventures.

But the second piece, that caught his interest fully. Tailfeathers giving an excited shake, he gestured briefly to the owl with his head. "We both of us are very keen listeners."

Oops, he'd accidentally discovered a game wherein he made thinly obfuscated references to Sigfrid's ability, trying to determine both the extent of it and whether Yuna was aware.
So all of Williams's special memories had been in part of Yuna's test, she did wonder how the man would react to this sort of news. She imagined that he would begin pushing for similar tests in the future, store away even more fond memories for him to think back on. Very good to hear that he was not the type to openly push at the boundaries, though she had figured that much out in their own meeting.

As for the trouble that the building she was currently sitting upon brought, Sigfrid found herself very interested in getting rid of it. She did not need the attention brought to her city, especially if it was of the supernatural kind. She has narrowly avoided having STF sticking their nose around here the first time, she did not need the risk popping up again without her knowledge.

"Let's just hope it is some unruly humans we are dealing with then." She nodded, interest peaking as Yuna continued on.

So she had met with Beauregard then? Oh how she was biting at the bit to learn everything went down, how well she had been received, and exactly where here thought on him lay. "Very keen."
Both so very interested, weren't they? Yuna laughed softly, "Of that, I am undeniably certain." She assured them both. She had picked companions that did seem to match her in the appreciation of sharing beneficial knowledge. "Perhaps we will start with it, then, before we bore ourselves with flying over unkempt grounds." Yuna suggested, looking between the two for confirmation. She doubted there would be much of a protest. If anything, there would be a benefit in waiting for the hour to grow later. Perhaps whatever miscreants that trampled this property would be more likely to trespass later. There were a number of excuses she could find in favor of diving into it all now.
Ah, nothing provoked on the Sigfrid front. Just as well; he'd hardly wish to genuinely annoy her. Perhaps something he'd keep to an infrequent but regular basis and see where it got him. Or perhaps he'd just ask outright some night when it was just the two of them again. What a powerful and fascinating ability.

But yes, yes. News from their leader. Severely webbed feet paddling carefully beneath him to send him in an effortless little circle on the pond's shallow surface, he trained his gaze on the crane.

"Please," he prompted in polite affirmation.
Yuna certainly had the flair for the dramatics, didn't she? She had their attention, it was about time she followed through with the thought that she'd had just moments before.

"Yes, please continue."
If she could smile, she would have. Instead, her elegant neck arched and she nodded deeply. Alright, then, children. Gather round. She meant that playfully, of course.

"I met with the Dominus of Alder Heights, before the Holidays." She informed them. It was something perhaps she ought to have told them sooner, but in honesty, she had been distracted with... Mindfulness, Yuna. She looked to Sigfrid. Distracted with other matters. Whatever reason, be it caution or simply being busy with life, this was her first chance to tell them the truth of it all.

"I should say, I met him and his Praetors. Two bats, on either shoulder." One in particular, she would have liked to crush in her hand. "I did not receive the warm welcome either of you might have." Regrettably. Ego's were tragically too bold to allow for pretend good faith.

"My intentions here were questioned, naturally. He challenged my choice not to join an established Clutch. I was honest with him, of course." Her aversion to walk into something she did not know the entire scope of. Her displeasure with one of the options in Ridgefield. Still, she did believe her Clutch and Eventide District would conduct themselves similarly. In the very least, they were better for not relying on shifter assistance.

"Yet, it was one of the Praetors that declared we were not deserving of their clemency." There was more, but she paused to allow them to retain it all.
Had she? Oh, how he wished he'd known. He'd quite enjoyed his meeting with Beauregard, awkward opening facilitation notwithstanding. As Yuna went on however and it became apparent the meeting had not gone as she might have hoped, that wish grew stronger.

There was some desire to repeat an earlier offer to accompany and assist in any such matters. Still, if she'd not brought him along or even alerted him, it was clear that she'd quite intentionally gone about this alone. An understandable decision he nonetheless disagreed with and felt was somewhat responsible for the seemingly poor reception.

But oh, none of this was a helpful sort of thing to say. Indeed he could see it rousing quite a bit of ire however cordially he chose to deliver a message that amounted to "I told you so." And with an audience, no less! No, no. Perhaps at the next opportunity to speak with her privately he could find some delicate manner of reiterating his availability to handle such things. If it went abysmally... Well, that was perhaps a thing to discover sooner rather than later, before he'd quite securely affixed his coffin to hers.

The swan only tutted, a disapproving nonverbal that could just as easily and aptly be attributed to the behavior of this unknown praetor as the decisions of his own potential domina.
It came as no surprise to Sigfrid that Yuna had met Beauregard some time ago, she had made her intentions clear at their last one on one meeting, and had seemed determined to meet with him very soon after that. What did surprise Sigfrid however, was that they had not heard about this sooner, especially when things had not gone as swimmingly as they had gone when either William or she had gone.

Beauregard had been nothing but cordial during their time together, but that could have been due to quite a number of things. One, he had no bats to whisper in his ear then, it had only been them both as far as she was aware. Second, Edvin was her dear friend and the man's own Regent, surely he had known that she wouldn't risk her ties with him. The last one however had probably played the most part in it all, there had been no other Clutch. She had been a rogue at the time and had very little intention of joining another, it was only through convenience that she was even joining one now.

Why on Earth hadn't Yuna told either of them of this encounter then? Sigfrid tried to dig, pushing into those thoughts, only to find herself immediately blocked with those annoying shifting thoughts. It angered her, had her body stiffening as she realized that Yuna would be able to hide things more easily than she had before, that Yuna was willing to hide things from the two vampires she claimed she trusted.

It did not sit right, but Sigfrid would allow herself to ignore it for the moment, but only the moment. Yuna would not make it past tonight without her prodding, especially when this cause had been the reason for her not to reach out to them sooner.

"How strange I-" A sudden thought of 'I told you so' hit her from the swan on the other side had Sigfrid stumbling. An annoyed glance his way before pulling in a breath and continuing. "I did not get the chance to meet either of these bats during my visit. Beauregard said nothing for its rudeness?"
Nothing from William, though she watched Sigfrid in earnest. Some part of her regretted conversing in avian form. It was much harder to read emotion. Sigfrid seemed put off nevertheless, stumbling briefly over words. She glanced to where the owl's eyes flickered to the swan. Curious. An intruding thought, perhaps? Was he saying something directly to her mind? Did William know of Sigfrid's power? Were they exchanging words silently? Paranoia threatened to swarm, but she pushed it away in favor of answering the question.

"No. He continued by asking what benefit there was to allowing us to form. I suppose his impression is that we owe him for not squashing us." She shook her head, long beak clicking lightly. He very well could have ashed her where she stood, and yet he had not. Perhaps he was weaker willed than he let on. He had let Catrina snipe rogues from his doorstep, after all. Perhaps his challenge had been a front. Or perhaps it was the Praetor moving the strings. "I understand the mindset, at least." She admitted. "They are the longest standing Clutch, and ego is an easy friend. I offered him plenty; our strength," She gestured to each of their feathered forms.

"Our easy view of the Domina in Ridgefield, and her cats." Said with a dulled blade of a tone, so as not to offend William, who had seemed to like Catrina better out of the two of her allies. Perhaps soon she would meet the woman, herself. If she could be certain she would not be torn into pieces the moment she set foot into the city. She did wonder, though, had Catrina hear of her? She had no intentions of making huge waves. In fact, she preferred to glide below the surface. A water serpent, making small ripples that traveled far. "And... my personal investment with psychic pacts. Though, that is all preliminary, for now." Seeds still yet to sprout. She had patience yet.

"Yet, this was not enough for the Praetor. She demanded details of you, my allies. Your forms, and powers. I believe to challenge my loyalty." This was where she would have frowned, were it not for the limitations of a beak. The audacity of the small thing, to be so loud in her stuttering questioning, whilst nestled safely on the shoulder of the Dominus she puppeted.

"Beauregard admitted he knew both of yours, and yet she pressed me to answer. Very... authoritative, for a Praetor. I was reluctant, of course, I did not want to share such information." To note, she also had neither detail of Sigfrid's. To admit it so openly would have been, admittedly, very embarrassing. And so, she bid Sigfrid not to judge her too harshly for what she was about to admit to them. "This is where I suspect... there must have been something at play." She prefaced, truthful. "I had intended to be forthcoming with them, but not so much to willingly share the information demanded." She thought of the second bat, and all of its silence, the unnaturally white eyes. "I apologize, but I did share yours, William. Without meaning to." Her slender head shook. It must have been some magic or another. Yuna could not bring herself to be truly furious about it. She would have utilized everything she had at her disposal, were she in the Dominus' loafers.

"The meeting was wrapped swiftly after that, to ease the tension. In the end, he seems unwilling to rule with the full extent of the power I know he possesses. At our advantage, for now." There, she quieted, aware entirely of how much she had shared. It was best to tell them as much as they deserved to know, especially after having kept it for this long. Guilt threatened to nip at the deadened cuticles of her morality, but she beat it back with an apathetic hand.
Oblivious to his unintentional interruption or the owl's ire, the swan went still and listened, head up, taking in the encounter as the crane presented it. Ego was an inevitability of power, which Beauregard certainly had, both personally and politically, so this was no great surprise. The mention of Catrina's cats did have his beady eyes swiveling briefly back to Sigfrid, recalling their gossip. He didn't think himself much a spy, but could see the argument coming up in Yuna's talks with the dominus.

But psychic pacts? He'd read something of these, but shown little interest once he'd abandoned his initial intentions with Grace. Dear Grace. She'd talked quite a lot about psychic networking before she knew what he was. Was this his own little gateway into whatever sort of schemes one could have with that? Hmm hmm hmm...

It didn't bear mentioning, really, and in fact he quickly dismissed thoughts of the girl with another uncertain glance to the owl.

And an apology for revealing the form he presently embodied. Against her will, it sounded? Eyebrows he didn't have arched somewhere off in the ether. How curious.

It sounded, perhaps, as though Yuna disapproved of Beauregard's apparent restraint. He wondered what that might mean should she grow powerful enough to rival him. Curious indeed.

There was some compulsion to step into the silence left in her recounting's wake, and he obliged himself. "Less than ideal, then, hmm? Quite serviceable, though, I do think. Please divest yourself of any unease on my part, my friend; this form is hardly a devastating weapon I keep secreted away." It was no bother that it be known to those of whom he had no interest in making enemies.

"I would rather like to have a conversation with the dominus." Clear some of this up a little, perhaps get a better grasp of the situation. Conduct some, oh, damage control he supposed. It wasn't permission he sought right now, but there was some curiosity how Yuna would take it.
The worries were irrelevant, and Sigfrid would dismiss them the instant that they flew into Yuna's mind. If she had been trying to coerce William into anything against Yuna then she would have never revealed her power in the first place. What benefit was she to gain by revealing her biggest trump card against an enemy? Ridiculous.

As for Beauregard, it was reasonable for him to have such questions especially when he had such an issue with the Clutch in Ridgefield. There was not much to gain in allowing yet another Clutch to form, and no guarantee that they would be on his side. It was a danger if anything, and like Yuna, Sigfrid found it quite surprising that Beauregard had not ashed her right then and there. A certain show of mercy when he could have so easily knocked her into sleep and thrown a match upon her body.

No future risk there.

A show of mercy, or perhaps a weaker will given how freely Catrina had been left to her own devices. How often she had treaded their lines, and still had been given the time to create and build up her own power. There was no telling if she would show the weakness, and so it was best that Yuna did not go to this second meeting alone, especially when this particular vampire did not have as bright a history as Beauregard.

It was confusing to her why the praetor had been given so much room to speak as if she were the same level as either Edvin or Beauregard, her place was to protect not to judge or make such demands. It would do Beauregard well to teach her this early less he make unneeded enemies. Any and all information on her could so easily be gained from Edvin, and she was not so proud that she assumed he would keep anything from him. Form, power and even her past were free reign to him.

If this really had been a show of trust, then it had been done very sloppily, especially if Yuna had been able to discern a power being used upon her so easily.

"Probably best to remain low until we can get your power to match his then." She decided, " as for the meeting with Catrina, I might suggest somewhere outside of the territory this time around. The cats have made an attempt at you once, there is no telling how closely Catrina works with them." As for William, she wasn't quite sure what he could accomplish in speaking to the man, but it wasn't her place to stop him either. Let him do as he wished, and if things went poorly at least he would prove as an example as to just how far Beauregard was willing to go.
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