Burning Rubber The Las Almas Dirty Derby League - Exhibition Race. [Open to Two]

30 Drivers. Prize Money. 1st $10,000 + Trophy | 2nd, $5,000 + Trophy, 3rd $3,000 + Trophy, 4th $1,000, 5th $500.
All Competitors: A Free 'Blown to Bits' T-Shirt.
No intentionally hitting a Drivers Carside Door
Hit a Car at least every 2 minutes.
Safety: Helmet and Rollcage required. No glass allowed. Waiver for injuries to be signed.
Single race, no heat. Cars only, no trucks.
Last Running Car to hit another running car wins.
Independent Entries Welcome.
Rolls for Hits or Damage Optional

Burning Rubber was a Quartermile Dirt Track packed with metal and unsurprisingly rubber. Off season, today the track was dry enough to run an exhibition demolition derby race. Which let a few larger teams test new drivers, also giving independents a chance to race, generating a bit of press and sponsorship for local business. Lots of adverts were up advertising local services, many on the sides of the cars, but the safety standards were just as tight as usual. Every car was checked out before they were let in, one was turned away and one just didn't make the line, getting towed before the race had begun. Leaving 30 out of 32 to race. There was even a local camera crew out filming, not live but they were getting footage for a cable channel later.

The stands were busy enough, there wasn't as much action in winter with the conditions, so people had come out in numbers on a clear day. The cars were mostly meaty, no trucks, a few compacts but most people went for thick bricks rather than much speed, you needed a car that was old but still able to take a hit. There were a lot of older crumbling cars on display, but several you could see that stood out as established teams, that had put together something stronger, even given them a lick of paint.

JC was packed in his roll cage, a sturdy blue helmet on ready. Racing under the Blue Run Garage, Blue Runners name. The thick Chevy Impala wasn't the biggest car here, that probably went to the old Black Cadillac which looked like a brick or the Red Subaru which was built like a small tank. Still the Impala had some weight, power and could out turn a few of them. All the glass was removed for safety, like all the cars. Most of the wiring had been pulled to avoid any electrical faults and the doors welded shut. He'd braced the engine block, driveshaft as well as picked the best oil to keep the motor cool.

The hum of engines revved in the background as the competitors prepared to start, he turned the car radio on, the music running off its own battery. The flag was up.... and....


Remaining Drivers:
1, The Pits, National Touring Team | Black Cadillac Fleetwood
2, Clunkers, Independent Team | Grey Chevy Cavalier
3, Scratch Patch, National Touring Team | Gold Chrysler Imperial
4... Your Car here. |
5, Blue Runners, Blue Run Garage | Blue Chevy Impala
6... Your Car here. |
7, Lucky 7's Carbs, State Runners Up | Silver Honda Civic
8, Red Rum, Red Rock Carnival | Dark Red Subaru Outback
9, The Niners, Nyx Nightclub | Neon Orange Ford Escort
10, Bastion Motors, Timothy Bastion, State Champion | White Ford Crown Victoria
20 Other Cars.

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