Hawknell Blasting off again!

A little after this thread(after she was yeeted)

Ginger was limping away, sad and pitiful right now as her little raccoon body was dazed and confused after being tossed on a roof and shaken like a maraca she just wanted to find a safe place to rest up.

As the injured raccoon hobbled along, she would make it to a place that smelt sweet and full of goodness. Making her way there, she would look around and find a shiny spoon to carry around in her mouth as she hunted for something to eat.

On her journey with the spoon in her mouth and her right forepaw pulled up to her chest, she continued on her limpy trek, she wouldn't notice the object in front of her that knocked her back down and made the raccoon let out a small sound of disapproval as she looked up at who or what she bumped into again.
"Watch where you're going," Joaquin muttered at the racoon, unaware that it was... well. A were. Just a dumb animal hobbling along.

Except it had something in its mouth, and he bent down to take it.

"What did you do," he asked, assuming it was injured or something from the way it seemed... unsteady. Maybe it had rabies. Could rabies kill vampires?
Stinky! This person was stinky! Bad stinky or maybe food stinky, she didn't know her head and paw hurt that's what she knew.

Glancing up with orange eyes, she would let out a protesting chitter to him taking her spoon, that was her spoon thank you!

The injured raccoon would make a clumsy reach to grab at it, chittering and then flopping down as she couldn't grab hold of it as the stinky man took it from her.
He held it above her.

"Why do you want this so bad, you dumb little trashbag?" he asked, and though the words were unkind, his tone wasn't really.

It didn't look like it had any food on it.
With her good paw, she reached up for it, chittering a bit. Her shiny! Her spoon! Gimmie!!

Whether it had food on it or not, she had resided to take it with her as her comfort spoon as she lets out more raccoon chitters and then paws at his pants with her grabby little hand a bit- not to climb him yet but she was thinking about it!
Hmmm... no.

Joaquin held it a little higher and stepped further back, kind of arching over her a little.

"Jump up and get it. If you can."
Ginger stared up at her treasure in this stinky mans hand and acted as if she could understand weird human talk. She would though try and jump and land on his pant leg to climb him like a tree but her hurt head had her coordination wholly off and she would land on his shoe slightly. Kill her now. This was horrible.

The raccoon let out a sad squeaking sound and just laid on the ground like road kill now as she looked up at him with her orange eyes.

Miss lol

What did it just do! Joaquin laughed a little bit despite himself, stepping backwards.

"Nuh-uh. You gotta jump for it. Come on."

Another little wiggle of the spoon, but... higher now, because he was awful and teased animals like that.
That laugh! Did he not know it was rude to laugh at someone while they were in pain like Ginger was? And he was teasing her to top it off so she rolled her pudgy self around and got on all four's this time before limp running at him and CLIMBING HIM LIKE A TREE!

HAHA!! Victorious chitters left her as she barreled up the guy with her spoon and went to climb up his pants and to his chest, even with her hurt paw she didn't care at the moment, she wanted her shiny spoon!!

Hit lol

Oh, that was a bad move, animal. This was all fun and games until a thing with sharp teeth was climbing far too close to him. His good mood erupted right here.

No, literally, as suddenly his eyes glazed over and his face began to stretch long to develop dagger teeth.

Dagger claws scratched at the animal on his chest, the spoon flung somewhere into the distance in his fury. Luckily for her, and unluckily for him, he mostly managed to scratch himself in the process.


When the spoon when flying, she would watch where it went and then just scream at his face in anger at that, not even caring that he was attempting and failing at clawing her off of him. Nope! Not that easy stinky tree man!

Ginger would though, jump off of him and land with a heavy thud on the ground a couple of feet away from him, all her fur now frizzled out to try and keep herself looking big and angry as she growled and chittered angrily while hobbling away for her spoon.
Infuriating — but the thing was off him, and now he was bleeding, and what whisper of consciousness that was in him wanted to destroy everything and also flee from everything.

It would be the second thing, as he took off in the opposite direction.
Ginger would look over her shoulder one more time, let out another huffy growl before hobbling over to some vegetation and rooting around for her tossed spoon.

She would eventually find it before hauling up in a safe-ish area to lick her wounds and hide from the stinky people for the rest of the evening.
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