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Kaly was more than excited about this, she hadn't been to a festival before nor had she tried this pumpkin pie thing but the biggest thing was she was going with her two best friends. She and Erik were going to meet up with Maxine at the festival and all of them just hang out and have a good time together. She did hope that Erik and Maxine got on well, she didn't worry that they wouldn't really just excited nerves over them meeting mostly.

With her being the one driving, she would stop and get them all some chocolatey hot cocoas- her treat on this one there was no arguing with her really. Erik would see that her seat covers had been swapped out for Hocus Pocus themed covers and leaves; her room was no better though it was in the messy throes of being redecorated to suit her seasonal love.

Parking, she'd pull her purse up on her shoulder and grab hers and Maxine's drink with a smile, "Ahh this is going to be fun, " she told Erik happily once they were out of the car and looking around for her bear friend, lifting up and looking around as they'd head to the spot.

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Outfit it’s a THROWBACK

Maxine had arrived a fair deal early, thanks to not having been far to begin with. She’d helped herself to a cider as she waited. She wasn’t nervous. Didn’t need a drink to calm her or anything desperate. But just to... soothe the natural edges of a work day out a little, alright.

It was nice, filled her chest with the right sort’ve warmth for this.

When she was discarding the cup in the trash was when the bear unexpectedly stirred, raising her head high to get a look and sense of direction for the other Weres. Whenever they came into view, Maxine would be greeting them with a sincere smile and a wave, sweater falling off one shoulder.

She didn’t move closer though! Let them be the ones to close the distance based on their own comfort and leisure.


That Kaly had made a bear friend was something that Erik found absolutely cute as it was something to be grateful for. Having more than one contact as a were that you were close to did wonders and he was really happy for her. Finally being able to meet said were had him more than happy to be coming along with her, smiling at the festivity of the season even being in Kaly’s car.

Sipping at the hot coco, there was a piece of him still trying to come to grips that he was actually going out with other weres after more or less being in exile from that for a while. It was nice and the leopard was content and a bit boisterous with it all.

As the car came to a stop, he made to get out, meeting Kaly’s excitement with his own. ”It is,” he mirrored the sentiment before closing the door. Walking right with her, it wouldn’t be long before a wave from a woman that had a woodsy smell was directed at them. ”I think we’ve been spotted.”
Kaly was all big smiles as they got out and she held onto the second cocoa for Maxine, it was nice to get out of the inn with Eric and just have a day with her two good friends right now. Snowie though, kept trying to reach and swat at Eric's feline to play due to all the excitement going on around them right now.

When he said that though, she looked and then grinned and raised up a cup to her, "We have been! " she happily chirped as they would walk over to her.

Kaly would then hold out a cocoa to her, "Maxine! Hi, " she said happily and would go in for a hug after a moment if she let her. Once their own little greeting was up, she'd turn a bit to look to Eric, "Eric this is Maxine, Maxine this is Eric, " she said, introducing them and then stepping aside to let them say hi to one another while she tried to not be too hyper-excited about this; it was hard when she had the feline energy to go with it.
What! Was that a hot chocolate for her? She took it, grinning with soft disbelief. "Hello," Maxine greeted as she carefully returned the hug, and then angled herself better towards Erik.

He was closer to her own age, actually. Tall, too! "Nice to meet you, Erik. Thanks for coming out," she said, going to shake his hand. Maxine couldn't really help herself from chucking as Kaly tried to contain herself off to the side.
Kaly’s whole face seemed to light up as she caught sight of who Erik was referencing and that all but confirmed their company.

Walking up, he gave a pleasant smile as Fluffy blinked owlishly at the giant bear they could just catch as if out of their peripheral while the two hugged. Introductions given, he’d take her hand to give it a firm shake. ”You too. Its nice to meet you finally. Kaly’s only said good things.”
Kaly was all smiles, dorkily so and every time she got even slightly close to Erik, Snowie was swatting and trying to play with him due to her own hyper excitement.

"Well I only have nice things to say about either of you as you both are wonderful people, " she told them both brightly as she took a sip of her drink, "Mm so where should we go first? " she asked them, it would give them a chance to walk and talk and all of them to get to know each other.
She could sort've... sense the energy coming from the leopards. Very little of it was directed at the bear, so she had no trouble lumbering back into her den.

Maxine clicked her tongue, head tilted as she smiled sweetly for Kaly's elaboration. "Stop that," she scolded lovingly. "I did some walking around before the two of you came. Turns out they do have that pie-eating contest, but they've got plenty of other things too. Like... a market, and I also saw some folks catapulting pumpkins down that way." Maxine nodded with her head.
At the vigor from the other leopard, Fluffy gave a heavy exhale in excitement as he swatted towards her back, Erik doing his best to remain tuned into the conversation as much as possible. The addition from Kaly had him smiling bigger, happy to be included in that, but shaking his head somewhat that Maxine followed onto with a chiding.

Where to go to first? Maxine had seen that there was a pie-eating contest which seemed entirely unfair for them to enter into. There was a market, catapulting pumpkins, and his gaze flicked to each way she motioned towards. Well. ”We could try the market first, maybe?”
Snowie let out a happy sound at the swat, she would move to paw right back at him to keep up the play! Kaly though was trying very hard to listen and then just gave an innocent look, "Hey it's the truth, " she told her with a grin because she felt it was a hundred percent true, these two were gems.

Sipping her cocoa, she would give a nod to that then, on the market; though she was determined to try something pumpkin-related before they left, "Sure, I need some fun fall decorations for my room, " she said with a smile; not like she didn't have a lot but she loved seasons and decor. She would though, let Maxine lead the way since she had no idea where anything was at all here and with all the smells it was wild.
”Alright! This way then,” she chirped, leading them towards the direction of the stalls.

There were only so many topics Maxine could’ve picked from when they were surrounded by ordinary folks, so the first thing that came to mind was, ”Erik, I heard you run an inn out in Hawknell?” Because she’d assumed it was an inn for tourists!!
It was all too easy to imagine fall decorations all set up in Kaly’s room, adding some festivity to the halls that otherwise only saw such decorations in the main areas. ”Sounds like a perfect place to find some.”

With everyone in agreement, he’d fall into step with the group, attention snapping to Maxine and he drew forth a shy smile. ”Ah, yeah. The Hawknell Inn actually. It’s a, it’s mainly for people like ourselves.”
Kaly smiled happily at that. She was well at home at the Inn, she loved it there and she was starting to even decorate her door for the seasons because she found it fun; but it was always fandom themed in some fashion because that screamed her.

She would walk and sip her cocoa and then nod, "And I bumped into him by some great luck and learned about that safe place, " she told her with a bit of a nod. She was happy to have. Staying with another snow leopard felt safe and he was great company as well.
He might've smiled shyly, but Maxine's expression washed over with a sensitive type of curiosity. Clearly, she wanted to know more. An inn was infinitely more interesting when it was for... Weres? And she'd never heard about it before.

"Right. You were both swearing at the world," she teased, wondering how their stories lined up while she took a sip of her own drink. Footfalls were sure and slow.
Kaly added how they met and he hummed in agreement, still at awe at the way things had landed. Having a fellow leopard around had done wonders as well, a part of him not feeling as run down as before.

Maxine’s addition though had him slightly bewildered, only remembering Kaly cussing that day. ”More or less,” he grinned.
"And people say swearing won't lead to good things, " she said with a little chuckle.

Looking around though, she noticed a lot of things and a lot of pumpkin themed things too! "Wow...you guys here really love pumpkins, " she stated, not even sure what else to say on that one because they were everywhere.
"Canadians don't eat pumpkins?" she asked jokingly, taking the lid off her hot chocolate so it'd cool faster.
He supposed they did in this instance and a laugh escaped through an exhale with a slight shake of his head.

More into the shop portion of the carnival, Kaly wasn’t wrong, pumpkins and corn husks seemed to be a common theme. The smell of spices, baked goods, decaying leaves, giving it all a very fall finishing touch.

At the back and forth, he quirked a brow at the other snow leopard, waiting the answer that was more the influence of it that was needed an answer to.
"No a lot really no. I mean we do a pumpkin soup sometimes but...nothing like this, " she told her with a little chuckle as she looked over all the things here.

She would pick up a glass pumpkin though, "Why are they so popular here? " she asked either of them because yes it was a versatile vegetable but they even had coffee flavored after it.
Oh, she didn't really know the answer to that question? Pumpkins just sort've... were a thing. Maxine hadn't ever wondered why. So she threw a glance to Erik, thinking he might know better.
They weren’t as big a thing in Canada which was interesting. A question as to why America of all places seemed crazy about them had him assuming Maxine would answer, only finding her looking expectantly at him. How was he supposed to know? It just… was?

”Commercialism,” he guessed, first thing to pop out of his mouth. It all came down to that, right? Honestly, yeah. ”And they taste good.”
Kaly listened and honestly just understood that crazieness of it.

"Makes sense and pumpkins are tasty, " she told them as she would take a sip of her cocoa, giving herself a cocoa stash for a moment before quickly wiping it away. "So what then is your guys's favorite pumpkin type thing? "
Erik’s reply brought an unexpected laugh out of her. Commercialism, true. Kaly stomped onwards into pumpkin talk, and before she knew it, she was joking along.

”You’re our favourite type of pumpkin thing,” Maxine confessed sweetly, going to pinch one of her cheeks gently.
The laugh from Maxine as Kaly took his answer in stride had his lips quirking up, glad it was found favorable, even amusing enough for that.

What was their favorite pumpkin type thing? The quick witted reply from Maxine was Erik’s time to chuckle. ”Maxine’s right there.”
Kalypso was expecting a food based answer not a her answer which would be followed up by her cheek being pinched! And Erik agreeing as well.

Well, that just served to turn her red and blushing now as she laughed some, "You two...are horrible but...awesome all at once, " she told them, her cat happy with it but also she was flushed from them, they caused this!
She liked Erik. She liked Kaly. Maxine couldn't help from laugh like she'd just gotten away with thievery, pulling her arm back by her side. "Oh, we know," she joked.
The combined comments left Kaly a tomato and he laughed. ”Horribly awesome’s going on my resume,” Erik followed, liking the ring of it, but also teasing.

To the question though, he looked around, trying to figure. ”In all seriousness, I think my favorite are pumpkin flavored rice krispie treats.”
Kaly couldn't stop the laugh and her head shaking at them, and she thought she was the one who pulled the most antics! It seemed she was surrounded by those who could as well!

"Pumpkin flavored rice crispies? How do you get the pumpkin mush to mix with those? " because of course everything was made with pumpkin puree and not flavoring.
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