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Dusty Mutt Band

Coyotes • Dog Run • founded October 2020

A single story house in the middle of nowhere has been converted into a cozy, dog-friendly cafe. Outdoor seating on the tiled patio and side porch abound, overlooking a sprawling fenced dog park. Inside, the decor is modern and rustic all at once, lit with string lights and plank tables. They serve an assortment of dog-themed cafe drinks all day, along with a small selection of sandwiches and sweet treats. Don't forget to pick up a pug-kin spice latte for your pup or you'll regret it!

At the back of the dog run, nearer the wild open spaces of Camp Baron past the property, a single structure stands. It's locked for anyone without a keycard, but inside the band can find refuge. Various bits of comfortable seating, a projector, a small kitchen area, and a private bathroom define the space as a functional escape. To anyone else, it would be of little interest.

A band formed with the remains of its predecessor, Dusty Mutt isn't meant to be taken too seriously, but at the same time aims to be a reliable, steady presence of comfort and security for its members. As its leader, Elijah can be something of a dry-witted cynic, but in the end he is the first one to drop what he is doing to help a fellow coyote out. He expects the same of the others to one degree or another, and will always, always encourage openness and sincerity among their ranks. Even if sincerity isn't always hugs and well wishes.

  • Don't court disaster. Conflict is natural, but looking for trouble is bad for everyone. Be cool.
  • If there is a problem, let someone know, get help.
  • If you break it, you buy it. Taking responsibility is key to a happy family and keeping strays off the streets.
  • Unaffiliated weres and vampires are all welcome as long as they are not causing issues. If they are causing issues, alert the alliance leadership.

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