Starling Hills Pyrite Hollow Pack Information
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Pyrite Hollow Pack

Wolves • Outlaw Moon

Outlaw Moon is located on the fringes of the business district of Starling Hills. It provides comforting seasonal food and cold drink, including specialty sodas and one other neat trick: board games! The cozy space has wide wood tables where you can sit around and enjoy your favorite board game with friends while eating. Bring your own game or borrow one from the pub! Reservations are advised to make sure you have the space and time to enjoy your play time under the warm cast of pub-styled surroundings. Just want a drink or a nibble to eat? Head to the bar for a quicker experience.

Downstairs behind a keycard-secured basement door, an old cellar with low ceilings, minimal windows, and overall safe vibe has been converted for the local wolf pack. Surrounded by stone walls, there's a private dining space with two large tables and a counter for food. Beyond another door, a lounge with plenty of space to relax or lay down has been filled with couches and chairs. A private bathroom finishes the space off.

Pyrite Hollow wasn't always what is it is now, born from the splintered remains of a pack under much different leadership and much different ideals. When it became clear to Dakila that no one else was able to lead or protect the others in the aftermath of loss, he stepped up to make sure that everyone was taken care of. In the end, that was their overall ideal--security and a strong foundation with each other as supports. Some would call them softer than the last pack that resided in Rice Bluff, but it would be a mistake to take that as a weakness. If nothing else, the leadership of this pack aims to be transparent, available, and above board with their intentions.

  • Live where you feel comfortable. Living within or near the territory is advised, but not required.
  • Do not reveal yourselves to others carelessly. The security of the pack is at stake.
  • Do not create confrontation where there is none. Vampires and other weres are allowed within the territory, but those causing trouble should to dealt with. Contact your leadership for assistance.
  • General behavior is expected to be lawful and above board where possible. Incidents that skirt this line should be reported for assistance.
  • Be there for each other.

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