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It wasn't extremely cold at this hour, but she'd layered for the sake of feeling prepared to go treking through the forest in search of a stray coyote. It'd been fifteen minutes since Eli called. She'd tried to watch her speed, told herself Brooke would be fine, but as the night became more inky she could only think of the fear she'd experience if she woke in the middle of the forest alone. She knew that terror. She'd experienced it, and knew Brooke had too. Not again.

By the time the old civic was sighing its way to a stop in the gravel parking lot near the start of the trail heads. She was in for a hike. But she needed to know where she was going first. So, out came her phone, where she would text the vampire that seemed to be the cause of this mess. She only hoped the service would do them a kindness.

this is heidi. do you have a bead on where brooke is?
Unknown Number

@Kat eventually @Leaf

Tempest kept on Brooke, sticking to downwind and keeping a good distance from the coyote girl. This evening really had gone in ways she didn't expect but there was a decent were coming this way to help out the girl and when her phone binged she looked at the unknown number. Ah, another were, fun,

Hey Tempest here, yes I am downwind of her. She's a bit SE

Relief, soon her coyote babysitting task was almost over with and she could go and de-stress but first, need to meet up somehow

I'm in the trees- literally- to keep an eye on her, pretty sure you'll be able to pick up where I'm at
Good, informative texts. Southeast, being tracked from the trees.

thanks I'll start tracking

With that, she pulled up the handy compass app on her phone. Turning about face to head southeast, she started in on the nearest trail that would take her that direction. She knew it'd be easier to play bloodhound as an actual hound, but she could not be much help in that form. She also couldn't afford the hours of recovery it would take. So, on two human feet it was. Her nose was still strong, and she'd keep a steady stream of heavy inhales coming as she trekked at an expedited pace.

A few minutes in granted her what she was looking for. The familiar smell of coyote, and a faint perfume of death. A ways off still, but it was something.

Her nose was dry by the time the scents mingled stronger, the forest having long swallowed her into its inky gullet. It'd been a healthy ten minutes of hiking before she slowed. It was dark, but she could see by the light of the moon through the trees, hear each sound above the whistle of the wind, and smell that the rot had grown much stronger.

She adjusted off the path, delving into the thick of the brush, but kept her gaze to the treetops. There, she finally spotted the figure looming. Insane to jump from tree to tree, but she was the best hope right now. Heidi let loose a sharp whistle for her attention, aware that it could quite possibly draw the attention of a certain coyote.
Tempest preferred the smarter not harder method to things but this was now a mix of both because she was playing acrobats and jumping from tree to tree to keep above the forest floor and the injured were. She could deal if she hurt herself but something else hurting her, all bets were off and she wasn't going to risk that. The text would be replied back with a K and from there she would just keep watching from afar.

It wasn't long though until she caught wind of another smell and then a rather annoying whistle caught her attention and she looked down. Ah! reenforcements for the young coyote girl, perfect.

Easily, she slipped down from branch to branch until she got low enough to drop down to the ground with a bit of a thud. She felt the jarring land wrack through her body and joints but nothing felt broken or twisted. Shaking that off a little she went over to the female, "That way, she hasn't noticed me yet but the wind can change in a heartbeat so. " she told her simply as she pointed ahead of her. Maybe this was where she left or she would wait for Elijah, she'd work with either, "She is hurt though, how bad I can't tell and I don't know how fast you guys heal, " she kind of hoped it was as fast as vampires healed now but that was her being petty right now because she was irritated at the odd change of no longer getting rapid healing lately.
She watched the spectre like figure clamber its way down toward her. How she'd gotten herself up and down so easily, Heidi couldn't know. Sure, she figured she was strong enough to climb a tree, but it wouldn't be anything so graceful. It'd be with brute strength, not finesse. But the slight woman made it to the floor, approaching with a plume of rotted perfume. Heidi thinned her breathing, hands balling in the pockets of her jacket as she listened.

Her eyes drifted in the direction she indicated. That way, upwind for now. And, apparently hurt. Eli hadn't told her that. Heidi tensed then, the idea bristling the hair along the back of her neck. She fixed the woman with a sharpened look, "Did you hurt her?" She questioned. Really, there was no sense in wasting time with questioning her, but. She had to know.
The question made her want to huff, "Like I told Elijah, the ground was wet by the craters and she slipped after smelling me. We both startled each other but I was already on the ground so no falling for me," she informed her. It was a bit irritating that she had gone to calling and getting help for this stranger and she was getting grilled. If she hurt the chick, why would she go through all that trouble? It made little sense if she was doing it for jollies.

"Look ask her when she's human again but I didn't attack her, Elijah has my phone number, you do as well so call me any time after dark o clock. " Tempest told her. Just don't go accusing of her hurting people, it wasn't her hobby this century. "I'll go wait for Elijah and point him towards where you two are, alright? " she said, not wanting to deal with an angry she-yote or she wolf, possibly coyote she scent was familiar.
There was immediate defensiveness. It made Heidi want to toss her back into the trees where she'd come from. But it wasn't worth it. She was overcompensating in her explanation, making Heidi immediately distrustful, but it did seem like Eli had had some faith in her. Exhaling thinly, Heidi shrugged off the tension and forced her fists to relax. Settle, just go find your pup.

"Sounds good." She said of her waiting for Eli. The smoother this went, the quicker Brooke was safe, and she could head back home.

If Tempest had nothing else to say, Heidi would head off in the direction that the familiar scent was trailing from. Up a ridge, the top of which she could hardly see from the bottom. Mid way up, movement caught her eye.
With that seemingly out of the way, she would nod, "Good luck, " she told her. The cheeky part of her wanted to tell her to trip on her tail but Tempest resisted and headed back to where Eli would most likely park when he arrived.

Using vampire speed, she would be there relatively quick and just sitting on her car until he showed.
The shift hadn’t been easy or quiet, it never was and the feeling of being surrounded by death had just made it unmanageable while on the ground, balling up, receiving the wave of blackness fuzzing in with recoil.

As soon as the coyote was aware, it was on paws, bursting away several lengths, eyes wide, fear beating it fiercely quick into a run. The smell of now drying rain was heavy and thick, death weaving with it all and her hackles stayed raised.

She was alone, a thought that hit home as the coyote wove through the dried bushes, loping past pools. Alone was dangerous, but not a strange occurrence. It kept a dog light on its feet, ears perked, ready to immediately skedaddle a different direction if need be.

Eventually, the air had cleared and she relaxed somewhat enough to begin scrounging around, following a hare’s trail. Maybe dinner.

With the time allotted the meal was a quick hunt and it was as she was licking chops free of cotton soft fur that a sharp whistle pulled her attention, ears trained in the direction. It was time to move far away from whatever that was. Intending to use her body’s natural colors to hide in the dark brush, the coyote began to head the opposite way, tail swishing behind.
The colors helped well, but Heidi knew what to look for. She slowed, staring hard at the blur of motion that was difficult to follow. Could have been a deer, or some other predator. But the dog within her whistled lowly, longingly. Go. This had to be her.

So, off she went. Following slowly behind the retreating form. She'd spooked her with the whistle, so what about something more familiar? Sniffing against the chilling air, Heidi brought her hands up to her mouth, blowing hot air against them for a moment before glancing back up to keep a bead on the figure. Spotting it again, just barely in the distance through the brambles, she cupped her hands around her mouth and through them loosed a low, whooping call. It wouldn't be perfect, nowhere near the timbre of her coyote's voice, but hopefully it would be enough to snag the young yote's attention.

She let it hang in the air as she dropped her hands to dig for a stick of jerky in her pocket.
Powerful ears easily took note that something was following them, the dirt grinding against weight, brambles pushing away and snapping, but she was quicker. Four legs and a constant gait would grant her peace of mind, ready to spurt forward into a run if needed at any moment. However, it was an odd, but familiar call that had her pausing mid step. Head low, she looked back towards that way, sniffing the air as a tug in her chest of want came up. It had sounded weird, the upright human form somewhere behind her the only being back that way. She let out a low whoof in the direction. What was that? Who are you?
There. Some result. A pause, at least. She stepped closer, slowly. She broke the jerky in her hand, clicking her tongue softly as she tossed it forward. It didn't travel far, but she stepped away from it to offer space to the coyote. For good measure, she exhaled in a low, whuffing noise. Come here. Food!
The human was getting closer and a fluttering in her chest warned to bolt. But she was outside this time, not stuck in a trap full of people and loud noises, waiting for a second could be had. A flaring nose caught scent of something meaty and then a dark shape was flung in her direction. It could’ve been a gunshot going off as far as her reaction was, the coyote careening back a few steps, lips peeling back with a warning growl escaping when realizing it had simply been an object thrown.

But, the human stepped back and there was that uncanny similar tone of coyote coming from them, telling her to come forward. Bright blue eyes blinked with uncertainty before smelling the air again and coming up with that meaty scent from the direction of what’d been thrown. Eyeing her company, the coyote kept its belly within a breath to the floor as she went closer impossibly fast. A few heavy sniffs and her mouth clamped down on the jerky, scarfing it down quickly.
Good girl. Heidi stayed where she was, watching in silence as the whelp darted forward for the food. Her own hound pined to do a better job of this, to get on her level and reassure with snuffling licks. But she was more useful like this. With her close, she tossed another piece of jerky nearby, but not quite as far. Slowly, she started to sink into a crouch.
Mouth no longer full, she eyed the human again, ready to slink away, but the toss of yet another meaty strip had her pause. Staring at the person, she blinked before taking slow, laborious steps over to it, never looking away from the woman. Practically on the jerky, she grabbed for it, teeth chewing through it quickly, the spice lightly burning at her tongue.
Heidi pressed her weight into her heels, more level with the large coyote like this. She swallowed down the food, and Heidi was quick to produce more. This strip was larger, and tossed some feet in front of her. She did her best to keep entirely still, though she hummed out a low, imploring sound that was near enough to a sound her dog might make. A little silly from the outside looking in, but it felt efficient here. Speak her language.
Maybe, if Brooke was even in there she might have some commentary about how weird this all was, but as it was the coyote was very much the only resident here and it was regarding that new larger piece. Eyes slid to the face of the woman who was making the noises, another produced in the language she understood. But, this wasn't a coyote. This was a human. Another whuff was given in question, mouth dying to snatch that piece of meat off the ground if it was safe.

It'd be safe if she ran.

Tail ticking, she made a zooming bolt for the jerky strip only to wheel away a few steps to munch it down out of arm's length.
Frustrating, but luring a wild animal wasn't ever going to be easy. This wasn't what she'd thought her night would be like. She'd thought she would finish folding laundry, put her kid to bed, and binge watch something mindless on Netflix. Instead, she was crouched in a chilly forest in the pitch darkness, relying on the light of the moon to see the coyote she'd created. Trying to get it near enough to... well. It was hard to really know what to do. She was winging it. Maybe if she calmed her enough, she could get her to sleep and shift back.

Still up in the air.

She watched the coyote scarf the scrap, and moved her hand out gently toward the animal. Not reaching to grab, just extending the hand out so that if she chose to, she could sniff it. Hopefully, through the smell of jerky, she could smell the coyote on her. Recognize her as her own recognized this one. She was kin, please trust her.
This was a weird one, feeding her, not screaming or trying to attack, simply offering spiced meat while using coyote words.

Sudden movement from a hand had her attention, piercing eyes watching it like a hawk. Hackles rose as she swallowed the last scrap, the hand coming way too close and the wild animal couldn’t help it, lunging forward with fear driving her to bite at it with widened jaws. Back off.


Lucky she was quick to move back. Lips peeling back from her teeth, Heidi snarled in a way that was entirely inhuman, her body bristling as the dog pushed against the confines of her useless human body. But she stood, palms flashing as she stepped back from the beast. Frustrating. Couldn't she sense something within her? Couldn't she see and understand the second skin Heidi's human form was cloaking?

Jaw tight, she tossed another piece of jerky, and considered the risk and rewards of shifting. She couldn't leave her son to be alone for hours. Maybe could call her mother, but at this hour it would be alarming. What choice did she have, though? She wouldn't make a decision until Eli got there.
There’d be no flesh that gave to her jaws, just the human backing off. The snarl that was quick to come back at her had the coyote’s ears tilted as she took in the show, lips peeling back too. A better whiff was taken and between linen and some sort of floral scent, there was a distinctly coyote undertone. Coyote human was what they were, but there weren't a lot of happy memories with that second part of the equation here on this end of the shift. The coyote was still significantly nervous of humans. Still, it gave her just enough pause to think differently about lunging again or changing attention to running off.

Another piece of meat was thrown out and she eyed it before walking up to it to snatch eagerly.
It was some time after he'd last talked to Heidi that Eli arrived at the craters as promised. Nothing was immediately apparent to him, but he had to assume that Heidi was already here because... wasn't that her vehicle? And there was the waft of a passing coyote--among other things--at hand.

Where you at? Finally here.

Wasn't afraid to head out into the dark, but a direction would help them all out a lot.
The vibration of her phone was a blessing. She lingered a moment to let the coyote get plenty distracted by the food before pulling out the phone. Quickly, she responded with,

south west two miles near ridge

Before slipping the phone back into her pocket. Hopefully, Eli would have a better time following her own trail. And hopefully, he could shift and talk this girl down a lot better than she could.
The sound of vibration had her eyeing the pocket where the phone was, ears curling towards it in questioning a the muted thumping against flesh and material. Chewing, she swallowed the chunk of meat satisfyingly before smelling the ground to make sure noting was left. When nothing was found, the coyote regarded the woman again and let out an imploring question soft bark. Was there more? There seemed to be an endless supply of the chewy snacks and so long as the weird coyote lady didn't try anything like getting that hand close to her fur, she wanted to stick around and find out.
Alright, time to go. Deciding not to waste more time with questions, Eli made sure he had everything situated before he was off, going at a pace that was just above human as he went quick enough to call it intent haste, but slow enough to catch a coyote trail. Heidi, for sure, and he'd dare say he might even be getting hints of Brooke that were a fair bit older.

He'd be about ten minutes. Maybe a little less. All senses on alert with a coyote of his own right up near the surface as if he might do something more.
Well, she had her attention at least. The imploring bark was met with a small laugh. He fished into her pocket another time, finding the last of the jerky in her hand. Not much left, but maybe she could dole it out in small amounts? She tore a piece off, tossed it at the ground between them as she took in a settling breath. Eli, just get here.

As long as she kept her interest, Heidi would share the rest of the jerky with the coyote she'd created. It may not have lasted ten minutes, but she made it stretch a good chunk of the time. If the coyote moved off by the time Eli reached them, Heidi would rise to follow behind her from a distance. Hopefully, she didn't bolt with the incoming addition.
More jerky this time, but a lot smaller. A cop out! Still she snuffled it up happily each time, but eventually there was nothing. Waiting expectantly, Brooke stared for a while attentively before giving another bark that would amount to nothing. Okay, so, with inquisitive snuffles to the ground with nothing else, she'd wait a moment before parting ways. The coyote was all too aware with her guest, looking back occasionally, but that was fine for now, some trust had been earned after all.
Moving moving moving. It always felt wrong to move through the woods like this without paws. But it was impossible to say right now if shifting was a good idea, so Eli stuck it out. A pediatrician in a deep dark wood. Totally normal.

He was breathing deep by time he reached the spot where Heidi and Brooke had been for a while. It seemed they had moved on a little, so he followed that fresh trail, figuring they couldn't have gotten far. And after just a minute longer, he spied them out.

Whistling softly to get attention but hopefully not spook their daughter off, he slowed down on his approach.
Of course, she moved on when there was nothing immediately being offered her. Heidi stuck to her, some distance behind, but not crowding. A chill had settled deeper, and she clutched the jacket to her, finding she needed it a bit more than she'd thought. Breath billowing in thin streams of white whisps, she counted the minutes until she finally sensed the approach, and heard the whistle. Stopping where she was, she turned to whistle back in the direction it'd come from.

She'd let the coyote wander if she wanted, confident in the trail they had. In the meantime, she kept her feet rooted and waited until Eli came into view. When he did, she created him with a lifted hand and a glance back to the direction Brooke was in. "Well, I have eyes on her. Couldn't get her to trust me enough to settle down. Can you shift tonight and wrangle her? I cant afford the hours."
There was that sudden sharp shrill to the air again, but this time not coming from her human companion, but rather off aways. Ears pivoting in the direction, she swooshed her tail warily, the response from jerky woman sending some confusing signals here.

Paws kept going forward with a mantra loud in her mind of: just continue walking, just keep going, you’ll be safe.
Great. Why were coyotes always just the brattiest.

Still, it was good to see Heidi looking fine if a bit flustered by this excursion. That was basically how he was feeling, too, so Eli didn't judge. Just glad they were in a position to be able to help. Glad that Heidi had been close enough to get here timely. Sad as it was to say, Alameda was not a great place for him to be living right now.

Anyway, she couldn't shift cause she had a kid at home, so it fell to Eli to show their young friend who was boss. With a grit of his teeth and a sigh, he was nodding and already removing his jacket. "Might be good if I can lure her back to the cars. Get her inside one. Make my life easier for when we wake up."

They'd see, though.
She was thankful for his willingness to sacrifice the hours of his night. "I'll oversee it. Make sure things go smoothly." She assured, and stepped back to give him the space and eventually privacy he needed if he chose to shift now.
"Thanks," he said, and maybe in that moment he really solidified the idea that Heidi was absolutely the right person at his side for all these things.

He'd make himself a pile of clothing, not looking to ruin anything when he was doing this voluntarily. Then, a few breaths in the cool night air and he closed his eyes a moment, willfully surrendering to something he hated less and less all the time.

Just a part of life. Much like Heidi having to deal with not one but two coyotes tonight was a part of her life. It wasn't long at all before he was trotting towards her, much less the pup than the one they were after, all dark eyed and tall eared. Eli in command, even now. Checking on Heidi only for a moment, he would then turn and head out on the hot trail of their coyote child.
Eli was quicker than he'd ever been. Heidi watched the treeline, having lost the shape of Brooke but knowing she wasn't too far out away from them. Easy for the coyote that now stood before her to sniff out. "Go on, get her, Lassie." She quipped lightly as he took off, choosing to stay a ways back. While she waited for the distance to grow, she gathered Eli's clothes, wishing she'd thought to bring a bag with her.
He barked at her. Oh, yes, what a good Lassie.

And off he went, right on Brooke's trail and going as quick as he could without flat out running after her. Didn't want her to think she was in trouble, being chased down. But the sooner her found her, the easier this night would be.

Yipping for her, he hoped his furry presence would be sufficient in getting her to turn back, but they'd see.
So many types of sounds were coming from behind her, but still she just kept one paw going in front of the other. Weird coyote human could stay as far back as possible at this point, thank you.

All, but becoming one with the brush it was the quick sounds of paws getting closer that had her slowing, before fully stopping at the sound of a perfect yip. Ears pricking and attention bathing the land, the approaching familiar form of a coyote had her immediate interest. This one wasn’t human skinned, but one she knew, the form rippling through the darkness towards her.

Giving a sharp bark of hello, a tail loosely waved as she watched him approach, whiskered muzzle sniffing the air.
He greeted her like a father would--warm but serious! His tail wag was small and his own yip gently commanding as he came up to give her a good look over, sniffing to be sure she wasn't deeply hurt as he got in close enough, glad she hadn't immediately broken into the run of a guilty pup.

They needed to not go deeper into the forest, Brooke. His body angled as if he might convince her to turn back with him.
She took a step back, but let him give her a sniff, curiously wondering where he’d been this whole time. They’d been awake for a while now and the only one to show for it had been the smell of death and that weird coyote human.

There was a slight tilt to her head as he turned around, the message clear for all her ears fell and tail lowered. She really didn’t want to go back that way. The coyote took a step towards him though, meaning to follow, wary eyes looking around, not exactly sure this was right, but trusting for now.
Silly little yote pup, you weren't supposed to be out here on your own. She complied with his wishes to turn back, but she telegraphed her youthful reluctance expertly, so he forced his command to soften and instead of taking up the authoritative lead that might have come a little more naturally, he stuck by her side, to guide her by example as he plucked along the path he'd approached from, retracing his steps. Sniffed at the corner of her mouth, gave her a nudge to the side of the head with his dark nose.

Silently glad she was okay, grateful that they had known she was in need of help.

If she didn't run away, they'd be back to Heidi within minutes.
At some point, she'd made herself stationary. Leaning against a tree, she waited with straining ears and eyes for their eventual approach. When she spotted the pair moving closer, she relaxed her stance, prepared to go unacknowledged if it seemed Brooke grew finnicky. She was of more use following, a capable set of hands to eventually open car doors when they arrived back to the parking lot. For now, she took cues from Eli, a dutiful Second doing her job.
Instead of following, the male sidled up right by her and confidence felt more sure footed with every length reached. The nudge and sniff had her relaxing some, glad to be among a friend than staking it out alone.

Walking with dutifully, she slowed as they reached the weird human again, stepping closer into the other coyote’s fur and looking to him on what to do here.
Awww, scared pup. Or maybe not scared, maybe just rightfully wary. Honestly, it was a fairly good sign. A new were who was willing to go up to strangers was somehow even more dangerous than one that would avoid. And with Heidi not even being a stranger... well, it made their job of collecting Brooke harder, certainly, but beyond that it was praise-worthy behavior. Stranger danger!

Rumbling reassuringly to her, he gave Heidi a silent but appreciative look, knowing she would follow. He would take up lead without leaving Brooke's side, content to attach to her more or less like velcro as long as it was needed to make her feel comfortable.

Goal ultimately would be to ignore the humanish woman and get back to the lexus. It was a bit of a walk, but as long as the pup trusted him...
Good sign be what it may, she found herself wishing for the day Brooke had more of herself in that brain of hers. It would help in situations like these. Hell, help avoid them all together. Just reaffirmed her drive to get the group settled in, pay more mind to the girl and her dog. Help her.

Idle thoughts as she followed at a distance.
The sounds were felt through her bones and she stayed decidedly the male’s shadow, big saucer eyes looking at the human with wary interest. Maybe there was more jerky, you never knew.

Bypassing the woman, she’d slowly unstick herself, the smell of exhaust and burning coming up from the ground ahead, shiny beings welcoming them. It was all very human smelling and her nose scrunched up for it, but followed dutifully with quick paws.
Alright, the vehicles were close, and Eli felt this trial coming to an end. Tail swaying in a conscious effort to keep things light as they did so, Eli nudged Brooke again, then looked back to spy out Heidi. His keys were in his pants pocket, if she would be so kind as to... unlock the car and let them in.

He could have said all this out loud, but he didn't want to break any illusions the non-verbal newbie beside him had. Besides, Heidi was smart. She knew he couldn't do any of this with paws, and she'd already agreed to help.
A doorman, she was. Heidi moved carefully, slowly around to unlock the door and open it up. Stepping back, she looked to the King-to-be. "What's the plan? You guys sleep it off in here?" Silly to talk to an animal from the outside looking in, but she'd just howled and huffed at one less than an hour ago.
Another nudge and she was still there. The human coming over had her taking a step back, ears flicking as she watched with curious eyes as one of the metal things was messed with. A slight creak of hinges and it was like a small cave had been opened up, air puffing over that smelt like the coyote beside her. Weird sounds were put their direction and she stayed quiet, just taking in any cues from the other.
Eli considered it.

"Yes," he decided. He would take the front seats, leave Brooke to have more space in the back. It wouldn't be an especially nice shift back, but it would have to do.

With a nudge, he would try to usher Brooke to go inside the car, but if she didn't take the hint or otherwise trust it, he would lead by example and coax her in from that side.
Yes. Simple. Heidi nodded, stepping back to let the coyotes sort themselves out. And not to doubt Eli, but she didn't expect he'd have a good change of clothes for Brooke to take once she shifted back. So as they got settled, she moved to her car, pulling her emergency bag from the trunk. A crew neck sweater, and a pair of pajama pants. Nothing classy, but it was clothing. Returning to Eli's car, she'd circle around to any seat that wasn't occupied by a coyote, and set down his change of clothes, his phone, and the keys to his car. Exhaling steadily, she'd look to her leader, "Call if you need me." She teased, but there was some truth in it. If he needed her when they woke, she'd find a way to come. Otherwise, if there was nothing else, she'd shut the doors tight and make her way to her own car.
Those weren’t coyote sounds coming from the other and she listened without understanding, eyes going between the two beings. A nudge and usher into the car and her legs froze like light poles, ramrod straight. No. She would not go into the cage.

Watching warily as the other coyote leaped inside as if it was nothing, she lowered herself to the ground as the human came by, put something down inside, and then left. Watching the metal hunk drive off with its bright shining eyes, she eventually looked back towards where the other coyote had ended up. Rrrr, slowly she walked up, stopping now and again to look behind to make sure there was nothing about to happen.

Paw delicately placed onto the car’s floor, her fur bushed up, dread causing a sense of unease to hit her fully. Another paw, and she heaved herself into the car and closer to the other coyote before her nose went immediately to the ground, sniffing with huge whiffs, trying to figure out what this was, keeping an ear out for any changes.
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