Hollowstone Potato & Gourd Festival Cornundrum


A small roadtrip to Hollowstone for a fall festival with Mathis and a rowdy Dolce in the back had him full of smiles and a light heart. It was hard not to get sucked into the ambiance of the season, especially as it signified a large chunk of the best holidays were only a few months away.

After grabbing tickets, the three made their way through the grounds. With the aggressive heat of summer fading away, the walk was decidedly more bearable than it would’ve been otherwise as they made their initial pass to get the lay of the land. There were many activities to try out, shows, and even booths to look at wares and goods, Frank noting several things already to look into later.

Hand in hand with Mathis, and switching out on who was holding the leash, eventually their path would be heading right past a huge field of corn. Great big stalks of green with long sharp edged leaves palm open to the sun were hard to see past even one row, giving a backdrop to the fair that was aptly fitting to the whole theme. A minute or so later they’d be passing by a sudden opening to it all that had been plowed down with a wooden archway framed by two scarecrows declaring a maze, a ticket holder waiting at the entrance on a hay bale. Slowing, Frank would give a tug to Mathis’ hand, pointing in the direction with his free one. ”Want to try out the Corn Maze?”
Dolce was doing amazing. Walking on her little harness so well. Only a few times did she get tired enough to require being carried. It was one of those instances now as Frank slowed their venturing through the sprawling fair, the puppy tucked up at his chest but keeping her wide eyes on as much as she could at once. His own gaze moved from her, to the towering stocks of corn before them. Naturally, he was reminded of the movie Children Of The Corn. Also of his home in Italy, with fields of looming grapevines and olive trees. Weird cross over there.

"We can," He agreed with a small laugh, "What do we do if we get lost?"
With the suggestion agreed to, he gave a smile, starting to walk towards the entrance with him and the small dog in his arms.

Brows going up, he shook his head in thought with a slight tilt slowly as if weighing options. Gaze going to the dog, a hand would give her a scratch behind the ears.”Then we send Dolce here to fetch for help like Lassie.” Except they’d be in a corn maze and not a well, but it was the same concept.
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