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It was actually fairly late, but Eli and Heidi had come out to the cafe to make sure the finishing touches were going into place on time. Eli had, of course, hired professionals for a lot of it, but some of the final few things were on his mind and he liked to put his own hand to them for that reason.

Outside, repainted. The fence repaired in several spots. Signage for Dog Run put up, freshly carved in a way that would hopefully last a while against Camp Baron's rough nature. New plants, a few patches of grass sown in the areas where dogs wouldn't be as likely to be running around, meant more for patrons to be able to go outside and enjoy the air themselves.

Eli, himself, currently standing on a bench of one of the booths, fixing the angle of one of the hanging lights and dusting it with a soft rag as he did so.

"Getting the drywall up on the clubhouse next week," he informed Heidi, in case he hadn't already. It loomed at the back of the property, little more than frames at the moment. Harder to get finished since it was a 'foundation and up' project. But he was counting on it not being long at all--little point in the cafe if the band didn't have somewhere to duck out.
It was impressive, what could be done in such a short amount of time. Things fell easily into place, something new every time she checked in. Heidi allowed herself to be genuinely excited about their bizarre little idea coming together so well. The security of having something to call their own seemed the last missing ingredient to the recipe of group magic, and she was looking forward to having it in their palms.

A little dirty work was well worth it. Though, compared to the other small tasks she’d taken on, slipping pages into menus wasn’t all that dirty. She sat at a booth behind the one he stood in, one stack of finished menus to the side, empty protective slips before her, and the single page menu with dog bone and paw print motifs to the other side.

She didn’t look away from her task as he spoke, but she listened, eyebrows lifting. ”Not long to go, then.” She said as she tapped her toe to the low music playing from her phone. ”Got any secrets you’ll want to write on the sticks with sharpie before it goes up?”
"Ooh," he said. "I hadn't thought of that, you genius."

Which gave him reason to think, immediately the most juvenile thing springing to mind.

"Could always go full twelve year old. 'Alex sucks.'"

Though maybe he wasn't so mad about being anything other than top dog, if he bothered to be honest with himself. He leaned back a bit to study the light in front of him, decided it was too close to the table, and reached up to lift it a chain loop up to rehook just a little higher.
Heidi tsked at that, head shaking as she spared him a glance over her shoulder. "Come on, that's no secret." She countered. Really, it was juvenile. Alex didn't suck, she was just... a foolish girl. Too young to lead. In retrospect, Heidi should have seen something like it coming. Hindsight twenty-twenty and all.
He laughed--one of those rare ones from him that had no derision, just genuine amusement.

"Fair enough. And probably don't want to put that bad vibe right into the very walls of our new safe space."

He got the light fixture sorted out and dropped his dusting rag on the table so he could hop himself down into the aisle. He reached over to clap her by the shoulder. "What would you write?" And then, if he could get her to scoot over, he'd help her with this repetitive task for a minute.
True enough. Some ink on the wood wouldn't change a thing, but maybe Eli subscribed to the idea of bad vibes.

His joining her was met with a moment of jostling, an elbow coming to nudge at him lightly as the coyote pranced around his, shoulder checking him as she went.

"Won't that defeat the purpose of a secret if I told you?" She questioned. God knew she had plenty secrets, but none she'd risk putting down in ink anywhere. Still, there was fun in being evasive.
He got to work getting the menus put where they belonged. He was pretty proud of even just these little touches.

"Well, I mean, just because I would know doesn't mean everyone would know. And then it's a secret between us. Since we're... pals and all."

She'd asked to be his Second at one point months ago. He assumed to some degree that she still wanted it.
Pals were they? She laughed through her closed lips, head shaking some as she smoothed the plastic film over top of the menu.

"Alright. What sort of secrets are we going for?" She prompted.
Hmm hmmm hmmmm. What sort of things did he want to know about Heidi? Well, he wasn't sure, so he took a slightly different track.

"You still want to be my Second, right? We should be able to trust each other with stuff we haven't told anyone else."

He was like. Half joking, but also seeing if she would go for it. Because what could a good mother run out of an old band under strange circumstances have to say?
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