Reignhart That heals the wound, and cures not the disgrace (nsfw)
Theo laughed at the insult, breathless and overwhelmed as she continued moving on top of him. Something in her head, something beyond him, pushed her over the edge as the arousal surged and exploded. The vampire wasn't quiet, but neither was Theo, moaning under the dual assault of her in his head and her cunt clenching around his cock.

He couldn't help coming fast on the heels of Asphodel, hands clenching and gripping her roughly as he came. Overwhelmed, he closed his eyes and turned his head to rest it against the armchair's headrest, gritting his teeth as he twitched and squirmed under the pressure of his own and her orgasms.

In that moment, he wasn't thinking about her fangs or her vampirism, lost in the high and the feelings.
Already drunk and euphoric for this wretched bacchanalia, the vampire struck as he leaned back, viper-like. She pressed her naked form against his, easing him back against the chair and sunk her teeth into the side of his neck, nothing in her monstrous mind but pleasure and hunger. She sought out that speeding pulse, seeking to have it gush his magic-infused blood into her waiting mouth.
He winced reflexively when she went for this throat, but any pain was dulled and faded fast, her spit numbing. Distracted from the strange sensations of the feeding by the way she was pressing against him, but he did note the nature of her emotions, something dark and dangerous.

Even in his post-orgasmic state, he had the frame of mind to wonder, distantly, this was the time he'd pushed it too far. Asphodel had a tendency toward gluttony, but she'd... generally been in control of it in the past.

Still, it didn't feel urgent yet, Asphodel still seated in his lap, pressing him back into the chair with her naked body. Essentially pinned, whether he liked it or not.
Even in this state, Asphodel knew there was balance between taking absolutely everything and ensuring that this... whatever the fuck this was, could continue. For all the things she said, and thought, she would be sad to kill him. Even moreso with his cock still inside her. That could leave even Asphodel with a bad taste in her mouth, even if it felt like nothing could sour the brilliant fireworks of a high that was going off inside her head.

As she drank, she couldn't help a hazy murmur, insinuating herself closer as she drooped against him, hand slipping down from where she'd gripped the chair to slid into his hair. Her jaw worked as she glutted herself but for all she was slavering over him, she actually didn't take too much, not even a full feed. Just enough to leave her a limp puddle, drawing away just to lick the welling beads of blood from the bitemarks as they healed.
The vampire eased off, Theo light headed and feeling a measure of relief that he didn't have to fight for his life right then. Instead, Asphodel went boneless in his lap, hands sliding into his hair. Enjoying it clearly, but pulling back from that dark precipice Theo had felt. The primitive flicker of fear faded from his mind, letting him let his guard down a measure.

That familiar feeling of her blood-high seeped through, Asphodel pulling back to lick at his neck. Theo still felt a little limp, worn out by the fervent pace prior to losing a portion of his blood.

Cold reality would set in soon enough, but Theo was used to the walk of shame of a post fuck-feed. The healing had taken some of his energy. The sex. The feeding. He needed a moment.
It was clumsy, Asphodel's head heavy and her neck weak, but before she could sink into too deep of a torpor, she pushed herself upright. Pulling away, she spared a glance for the mess gravity made, before moving to stand. Wobbly legs on heels was not the best combination, but the vampire managed to mitigate the indignity by sidling over to the couch across from him. She wasn't cold, but she pulled a soft thin blanket around her naked form, wrapping her torso under her arms much like a towel and flopped daintily down on the couch.

The distance felt a bit better. They could just exist in their own afterglows for a bit. However long that lasted. "This is a terrible habit." She said head dropping back, before her body shook with gentle laughter. She was still high, a bit of blood tinging the corners of her mouth.
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