Booth submission for Hollowstone Potato & Gourd Festival!
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Hollowstone Potato and Gourd Festival
Farmer's Market and Crafts

The annual Hollowstone Potato and Gourd Festival begins soon! Bringing the finest in rural charm and autumn ambiance, the event has been a Hollowstone favorite for decades. It also features a farmer's market and craft fair section offering everything from bushels of fresh vegetables to goat hair knit sweaters! (And some things in between.)

Booths are available for the low, low cost of three canned goods for the local food bank. Ready to have your character share their crafts or other goodies with the world (for a price)? Simply post a description of their booth below! Feel free to include pictures of their wares, booth, or table and get ready for visitors!

After the fair ends, this thread will be moved to the OOC Archive and not appear in character threadlogs, so feel free to post using your IC or OOC account! Submissions to the fair are welcome any time from now until the end of the event in October.

Within a plain market-provided tent sits a table laden with crocheted crafts. Hats, stuffed animals, coasters, and more colorfully cover the table space while blankets, scarves, and other large pieces hang on a rack in the back for perusal by request. Many of the items feature catnip, perhaps of particular note for certain shifters.

Attached to the front of the tablecloth is a simple sign, handwritten in clean script:

Annabel's Assortments

All proceeds donated to Hawknell Humane Society

The "shop" opens two hours before sunset each evening as a result of its vampiric owner.

Check out the craft selection here!
A rather large stall with racks of cloths and table decorated with lights, and a treecenterpiece which holds a variety of chocolates free of any who enter. The main display showcases a beauty and the beast inspired gown which gives off the same quality as the other clothing options. Most of the stall is taken up with tables that show off masks and Ariadnes Gems. By the register there are fliers promoting a Masquerade ball to be held for three nights leading up to Halloween.

On the outside of the stall there is a large sign that reads.

Annorlunda Boutique

Featuring Ariadne's Gems

The shop is open all day and into the evening welcoming all visitors.
Welcome to a blast from the past! The name is simply, "Tempest's" and what's inside is a variety of things; Rune stones(for casting and purchasing) The colors and styles vary, nordic mead sold in jugs, Runic name carvings(either in bracelet or necklace form), and finally temporary Viking tattoos!

The mead will be sold in 1/2 gallon jugs and the flavors are; Honey, Strawberry, Elderberry, and Maple!

Tempest also offers rune casting for an individual(s)

Please ask about what she has on offer for the temporary tattoos!

Her booth will be open in the earliest evening and until late for those night owl like folks!

Booth reference +Other pics!

In a fairly simple cloth tent sits an artful assortment of cross stitch and embroidery. A great deal of it is subversive cross-stitch, and there is a little written sign warning anyone who may be concerned that there are vulgar sayings on the items here. There is a smaller selection of perfectly normal, very beautiful and intricate pieces of embroidery for sale along with a few garments.

At the front, on a tent floor sign with a chalk surface, it says:

Gray Merchant Embroidery and Cross-Stitch

In the daytime, the booth is manned by shifts of human employees, but after sundown, Asphodel can be found lurking amongst the crafts.

A non-exhaustive list of available subversive cross-stitch.
A small little wood booth sits an array of perfumes in antique bottles. Scents range from floral to spice and all the way to food. Anything your sniffer could want is provided.

In front is a small black stand up board with letters written in a decorative font.

parfums des mers

The booth is only open after the sun goes down.
It's a table with a nice blue velvet spread over it and sprinkled with moon and stars confetti for a little pizzazz, but the owner, Lyn Crawford, would rather his creations speak for themselves. Lyn sells music boxes, handcrafted, a handful in the shape of pumpkins and gourds with a segment that opens to reveal a scene inside with a rotating sky and a witch on a broomstick. The rest are more plain-looking music boxes with a unique ballerina inside each one. Part with a little extra cash and Lyn will give you the song of your choice (from a list; be reasonable) to get sick of after three or so plays.

He'll also take commissions if you're looking for something less plain and less pumpkin-y.

The stall will be open when Lyn finally gets out of bed mostly late afternoon to early evening, though he may also be seen into the dark hours.

The pumpkin music boxes kind of look like this. The plain ones are like this.

Welcome to Prana Pop-up Hand massage and lotions!

Set up in a nice tent that is a mix of orange and white draping along it, the front is tied open to let people see inside the welcoming area. The floor is carpeted and clean and has one side table with an assortment of scents and lotion basis to build your own personal lotion tailored just for you.

At the back, there is a short sturdy table covered in a black cushioned cloth. There are hand wax machines resting on it and soft plushy pillows for hand and arms to rest on while getting your hand massage. The chair as well is very comfortable and has the massage chair cover on it, so press a button and enjoy!

On offer is:
  • Hand wax dip+Massage: 25$
  • Hand Massage: 15$
  • Custom Lotion(8 oz): 10$
  • Bundle of wax dip+massage+lotion: 40$

Feel free to enter your name into a raffle after each visit to win a free full body massage at the end of the festival!!
Half of all proceeds are being donated to various charities!
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