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It would be some time after he left the bar that he would reach out to the boss man himself.

Incoming Call
Two rings. Well, vibrations. Barring being drunk and forgetful about recent vampire encounters, it was never more than that before Tiffer picked up. Not when it was his people.

Tiffer. What can I do for you, Tracey?
Evenin' sir, I just got finished with a pretty interesting conversation with a drunk shifter, thought you might be interested?
Interested? Absolutely. Vaguely he thought of the recent information Joaquin had garnered. What interesting nights they were having. And without anybody hospitalized, so that was nice.

Good work. What have you got?
This one seemed to be Heartgroves roommate, not really sure if he was aware or not but this guy knew about him. Kept blaming himself and sayin he should have warned him to stay away from Alder.
... What.

Heartgrove's roommate. Was a shifter. Now his thoughts of that conversation with the vampire were much less vague. Joaquin had been given information regarding shifter and vampire organizations, and the person who'd given it to him had expressed concern and encouraged him to contact a vampire group in Ridgefield. It seemed... sort of obvious now who the informant had been.

Which didn't actually change anything. But it was a noteworthy connection to piece together. He kept his voice even over the phone.

That's good intel. Any clarification on Alder Heights?
Yeah, not much on that...

So the boy had been talking a lot about the things he regretted not informin' Heartgrove about... Vampires abilities an stuff that they could do before mentioning the city. I can only assume that the city deals with em as well. Nothin else seemed to be naggin at his conscience.
Hmm. So something about Alder Heights but nothing conclusive yet. Still.

I see. Any new developments on vampire abilities?

It was already a good take. He was just following prompts as they came to him.
Don' know if ya ever heard of this, but the kid also mentioned something about animal forms? You know anything about that?
Animal forms. It wasn't wholly unprecedented, but any reports leaned toward sketchy and suspect. This might be more concrete.

Nothing firm. What did he say about it?
Rhett was starting to wish he'd pulled a little more for that info, but he'd been a bit shocked at the time.

Nothin of use, just another part of his ramblin. Sorry sir, I was a bit caught off guard at the time so I didn't think to have him elaborate on it.

He'd also been drinking but Tiffer didn't need to know that.
Unfortunate. But not a thing to chew anyone out over.

No, that's understandable. I know how off the clock intel is. Anything else you can recall?
Nothin' else of importance, other than if you hear of any jaguar attacks. I might have a good idea where to start lookin.
Jaguar attacks. Mind keenly awake and calculating with the energy of these revelations, he surmised Joaquin's shifter roommate must have been a werejaguar. He'd... consider asking Joaquin about it, but maybe it would be best not to. May look like he was looking into things he'd implied he wouldn't.

All right. Good work, Tracey.

And... More was warranted, though he'd keep it professional.

You've been steady lately. In the face of a lot of unexpected changes. I appreciate it.
Rhetts back might of straightened with some pride at those words, but he'd never admit it.

It's no problem at all sir. I'm happy to be of some help.
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