Alder Heights College Usher
Oh, another healer! That likely made William an even more appealing catch. They were cozied up for healers, but primarily, there was the desire not to allow anyone else to have him.

There were freckles appearing in the center of his vision. It felt a little too perfectly timed to let away his nullification, but he did not sense mischief here. Just a bit longer, he imagined.

"That is very generous of you," he said quite sincerely. No need to point out that they already had a pair. He handed over the business card, a simple emblazoned BERTRAND along with his phone number. "If you find yourself dealing with anything troublesome and could use some assistance, let me know. Some threats to one vampire are a threat to all of us."
Do you know, he rather liked this Beauregard. Certainly Billy wasn't blind to the potential here for power games and light manipulation. It did at times seem an inevitable part of any interaction between immortals. But at least so far as he could tell, it was light and inobtrusive and he found he agreed with a great many of the man's sentiments. Polite and sensible was his primary takeaway.

Plucking up the card, with a smile, he examined it briefly before stowing it away. "Well said, yes. I couldn't agree more." Indeed he'd said something very similar to Catrina. He wondered what the relationship was between the leaders. Surely they must have been aware of each other. Not his business, but a definite curiosity.

Though he'd avoided the subject before, now it seemed pertinent. "That, oh..." He'd said it, but there had been a great deal said since that was of more immediate interest. "Asha," he settled on after a moment. That was it. "There seemed a significant familiarity there. She referred to you as a friend, but given some other things she said I'm not at all sure she meant it. What's the story there?"

It was overstepping, perhaps. Not his business. But it did seem important he start educating himself more thoroughly on the local threats.
Beauregard had expected it to wrap just about there, truthfully. This headache had a way of inspiring him to shy away from further conversation. But William continued with a topic he could not resist. Reluctantly, he released his likely unnoticed metaphysical grip on the vampire beside him. These flecks of darkness could not turn into the sort of blind spot that would have him flying into the side of a building on his way out.

"She is a something," he said. "She has had some unfortunate run-ins with vampires in the last few years. A sort of old guard from Ridgefield that liked to attack fairly unprovoked."

He scrunched his face a bit. Distasteful!

"But she has her fingers on the pulse of the shifter community, and she tells me much, so her presence has a certain value, even if her attitude leaves something to be desired."
The nods came easy. Much about his interaction with her was explained by the Dominus' words, and the benefits of the relationship as described could not be denied. "I understand. Diplomatic tolerance for the greater good."

Again he nodded. "And that would explain her, oh, smug sort of animosity towards me." Tutting again, he shrugged. It was unpleasant, but no claws had been involved so it was hard to complain.

An informative evening. "At any rate, it's very nice to have met you, Beauregard. I'll be certain to send you a text before I return to my car." He didn't think he really wanted to wander back into that theatre tonight. "And again in a few nights after I know more about the attack." Yes, very fruitful. "Thank you for your time."
Smug animosity. Beauregard managed with great willpower not to make an expression of grand irritation. Not at William, of course! But at the thing currently sitting in his theater. Somewhere near his eyes wrinkled in slight apology.

This vampire seemed to take it in stride, at least. This one was easily likable. It was hard not to appreciate someone reasonable. Beauregard wondered what sort of secrets bounced around in that bald head. No vampire lived to any great level of strength and remained all good. (Perhaps the angelic Safiya!)

"Good to meet you as well. Here's hoping I can help you find answers," he said. "Take care."

The ping in his brain would not cease until William found his way out of the Heights, but having a name for the noise always made it easier to tolerate.
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