Pikeminnow Marina what could possibly go wrong?
Setting up generators and lights by the lake without getting yelled at or dropping his equipment in the water was practically an art all its own, though it helped that it was still early enough in the year for the sunset to signal most people to close up shop and/or go home. Not that he'd seen a sunset in many, many years. He really needed to learn to be a better vampire... somehow. How did one learn the ability to stubbornly stay awake past sunrise, or to rouse themselves from dead sleep before the sun had set? It seemed an impossibility, fantasy, a lie spun by people who sought to tease him.

But it didn't really matter at that specific point in time because this particular venture wasn't about sunrise or sunset or being a better vampire. It was about making a good impression and lighting up the sky and music and making friends. He hadn't really been to a lot of the waterside locations on this side of the county, but he'd heard the marina was pretty and that was enough for him. Geese would be happy, his new friend would be happy. He'd managed to source a quick meal beforehand while convincing a nosy busybody that he definitely had permission to be here (fortuitous!), so the temptation to feed on his date would surely be minimal. There was always a chance suggestion didn't take and he sort of wanted this one to be a friend. An actual friend, a companion, someone who would RSVP to the jello party.

So he could afford for nothing to go wrong. He even remembered to bring a selection of drinks to offer her! And a muffin! Sending her a quick text to let her know the set-up was done, there was nothing left to do now but wait.

Looks+outfit & Jellybean and Butterbean the Geese

Sienna wanted to look nice on this date or friend get together either way! She was excited and nervous. She bathed both her geese and got them looking all snazzy with their harnesses and had custom long leashes for them because even if they were pets she didn't trust them to not get carried away with swimming in the water. She spent a fair amount of time on her hair though, getting it into the perfect french braid down her back but red curls still fell into her face.

With a shrug, she grabbed her bag and got the geese into the backseat so they could chill while she drove out to the area he sent her to go. She had plenty of treats for the girls and some snacks for them- as well as her grandmama's sweet tea in a jug.

She would arrive and clip the leashes onto the harnesses of the girls(they were rather Halloween themed now, one with pumpkins and the other with candy corn) and would let them waddle walk next to her as she shrugged her bag onto her shoulder and headed out to where she saw the lights.

Approaching she gave a wave and smile, "Hi! " she called out happily to the man with all the lights. She was silently hoping this would go well and this would not end up like the lasttime she was outside at night but she wasn't alone at least so that helped right? Her geese would give a small honk in their own either hello to him or the water, it was a bit unsure at the moment.
Generic dance music hummed behind him, the lights on a timer to change patterns and colours every ten minutes or so, and they flashed and swayed in time with the music without input from him (unless, of course, he felt like it) which freed him up to talk to his... date? Was this a date? A proper one? He hadn't had one in a while, and dating was evolving so fast. Probably speeding on without him...

Except here he was. And here she was! And here were the ladies, as promised! He was trying his best to play it cool and look aloof, relaxed, but the second he saw the geese waddling along behind her, he couldn't help but grin. What adorable harnesses! Somehow, he hadn't envisioned them in themed harnesses. Of course, being in little sequinned leotards was way out of the question, but somehow he could see that in his head more readily than the harnesses.

"Welcome to the party!" he called to her, popping the cork from the bottle he'd brought and pouring them each a glass. Obviously he didn't intend to actually drink any... but he pretended as he held her glass out to her.
The music made her smile and her geese seemed to start to dig it as they waddled with the beat as she approached the fun area. He really went all out for this and it had her smiling and blushing all at once. It felt sweet but also a boatload of fun as she made her way up to him and then set her bag down as he poured them a glass and she would take it from him and raise it up to his as she took a sip.

"You really did set up a party for us huh? Oh! Introductions are needed, " she told him with a laugh as she set down her glass and lifted the one goose with lighter markings, "This is Butterbean, she is as sweet as sugar and loves to be pet or held, " she told him, the goose letting out a little honk as she looked over the man while she rubbed under her neck. Jellybean though waddled over to him and started to poke at him with her beak.

"That's Jellybean, she's a little sassier but if you pet her neck she'll simmer right now, " she told him with a smile as she rubbed the neck of Butterbean gently. So far, the girls didn't mind him and that was a good sign and he was a good guy.
The geese were ridiculously cute, and maybe in any other situation Taeyeon would be fighting back a squee of delight, but in this instance he was just swallowing down a massive sigh of relief. Geese could be kind of scary, and he still wasn't sure which animals reacted weird to him. It kind of felt like some animals had opinions on the undead. Bitey opinions. But these geese were chill.

And Sienna was pretty chill! But as she approached with one of the geese in her clutches, he caught a good gust of her scent, unmistakably tantalising, the sort of scent that most vampires would chase down, lunge at, drain her for.

She was undoubtedly psychic. Even though he'd had his fill for the night, this could present a problem.

Crouching to pet the other goose carefully as if doing so would take him away from her scent, he pretended to sip from his glass. "Well, you're all dressed appropriately," he murmured, a hint of playfulness in his tone. "Beautifully, I would say, even!"
The geese didn' seem to care about the smell that came from him, they mostly were concerned about if he had treats for them and attention to give to them. Her hand kept rubbing under the chin of the goose in her arms while he went and crouched by the other goose and gave her attention. Soft honks left her as she gave his hand some nibbles while trying to figure out this strange human.

Now she blushed some, a smile on her face as she kissed her goose and set her down, "Thank you, in truth I was worried I was going to be late because I couldn't find Jelly's harness- lil stinker took it outside without me noticin' it, " she told him with a chuckle.

Sienna would take the leashes of her geese, which were incredibly long, and tied them off to a post so that they couldn't escape but they could wander around to their waddly heart's content.

Once they were taken care of, she would take up her drink again, wanting to get over some of the first meeting jitters that were going on, "And you look quite handsome your self, " she told him with a sweet smile, "Could you tell me how to pronounce your name? I get to Taey and I'm not sure about the rest I'm afraid sugar, " she told him, a little blush on her face from it.
Long leashes made sense. Taeyeon didn't really know a lot about keeping geese but he did hope that the leashes were long enough to let them paddle around in the water for a bit, and that they wouldn't present any problems for that kind of activity. Or maybe he was thinking about that to distract himself from his new friend's scent, a scent that made his mouth water and his teeth ache. He ran his tongue along his teeth just briefly, paranoid that his fangs were showing, that he was already heading towards a potential disaster, but all was well. Hopefully feeding before coming out was really going to be the saving grace here.

Passing a hand over his meticulously groomed hair, he smirked softly at her compliment, then took another fake sip of wine. He was going to have to dump some out later when she wasn't looking. "Well, making it simple, most English speakers pronounce it like Tay and then yawn, but you can call me T-Y or Tay, if it's easy for you." There were some subtle errors in the pronunciation he gave, but he'd grown used to this version over time. Honestly there was a point in time when he was using a different name and had almost forgotten his birth name, and it took him a while to relearn to respond to it.

None of which she needed to know.

"How about we dance? The ladies are ahead of us."
Once the leashes were secured appropriately, she was able to return her attention to her new friend. The geese were very happy to waddle around and then give small nibbles to Taeyon’s pants if he let them but other than they, they were just friendly birds who waddled up onto the docks and splashed into the water and just started to swim around.

Sienna listened to him and nodded, "Taeyon? " she attempted- she wanted to get his name right darn it! So she mouthed the name a few more times, just quietly trying after feeling like her first attempt was rather poor and she needed to redo it. "Taeyeon? " she attempted again, a little pink to her cheeks as she looked to see if he approved or if she was utterly failing at his name- she truly hoped it wasn’t a massive failure.

The offer to dance made her smile and nod as she finished her drink and would follow him over to the dance area.

She felt a little strange having never done something like this, so she would let him take the lead for the moment.
Like any other geese, the ladies were mouthy, nibbly things, grabbing at his pants when he got near them. But it was all good! At first he was avoidant, in case they took a chunk out of his leg (geese be scary!) but he soon realised they were being curious and friendly, and he just laughed it off when they tugged at him.

Her first attempt at his name was close, and he nodded encouragingly, trying not to talk or say too much because every time he did, he caught her scent again, enticing, with notes of caramel. Not quite like toffee, more akin to a steak? Rich, moreish. Something he had to work especially hard to resist. Why was her neck so accessible?? He vaguely wondered if he should offer her his jacket in case it got nippy. Maybe it would mask her scent?

Something to remember for later.

When she got his name right, he gave a clap of delight. "Yes, that's it; you got it!" he trilled, offering a hand as they made for the dancefloor.

Wait, that was a stupid idea, maybe they shouldn't dance so close. At least for now it was energetic music with a fast tempo. No slow dances; he could bounce around her like an idiot and hope it kept her scent out of his nostrils.
Sienna was careful to watch her birds and make sure they didn't get too mouthy with him but they were just being curious and poking at him to see what he was about and if he was friend or snack- so far they decided on friend than a snack at least as they played with his clothes. It made her smile though that he didn't swat or panic at them checking him out, even though they were large birds with bad reputations, he at least was giving them a chance and that would earn him a sweet spot with her.

When she managed to get his name, she smiled, bouncing some in excitement, "Yes! Lovely, least I got it right, " she told him with a laughing smile at that.

Sienna would though, take his hand and let him lead her out to the dance floor. It took a minute but soon she found a dancing rhythm close to him but now too close since it wasn't a slow song but more of an upbeat tempo song that had her swaying and bouncing as she had fun.
It was actually kind of cute how she'd bounced a little in excitement after getting his name right, like it was the final answer on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire and she'd won the million. Okay, maybe not quite as excited as she might be then, but close enough! Taeyeon just tried to play it cool and not react too much, mainly as his strategy for not getting too much of that psychic scent.

A little nip wouldn't hurt, right? Not physically it wouldn't. But things could be taken too far. He wasn't out here to prey on people in front of their pets!

So he just danced a little bit away from her, showing off some of his coolest dance moves and sneakily pouring the contents of his glass into the lake. And actually, Taeyeon wasn't a bad dancer. For his size, he was actually pretty nimble, but then his vampiric nature probably had something to do with that. And he'd had decades to practice. Sienna wasn't bad herself, getting into the mood easily. "You've got some moves!" he said, almost yelling even though the music wasn't as loud as it might have been in a club.
Sienna was having fun on the dance floor, watching him and then going to her own beat of things. This so far had turned out to be even better than she thought it would go and this guy was totally sweet and friendly. Also, he could really dance. Sienna moved easily, not awkward but confident and playful in her moves as she was nothing but smiles and wholly oblivious to him tossing out his drink.

In the lake the geese just swam and dove, splashing their wings in the water in excitement to the pair just having a grand ol time.

"You to! Do all city folk know how to dance that well? " she asked, her tone playful as she danced away to refill her glass and down it before going to her bag to pull out some treats for the girls that was a mix of floating and sinking one and would toss some out to them before holding the bag of peas and corn to him, "Here, just toss it out for them, they'll love you forever if you feed them, " she said with a small laugh and smile.
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