September Adoptable Spotlight: The Finest Flick Family Drama!
September's adoptable spotlight features some good old fashioned family... fun! Learn more about each of these characters in this write-up by the amazing Matchstix!

Looking for family drama but not wanting to be exiled from your actual family? Seeking plots that are old-hat with spicy new additions? Wanting a new character but not wanting to deal with making all those tedious new connections? Searching for purpose and meaning in your life? I can’t promise you the last one, but I can offer you instant family connections and spicy drama plots if you snap up either of these two characters today!

[Image: georgie.jpg]

Georgie Moran is Flick Moran’s wife of about a year, give or take a few months. She is a plain old human with a feisty personality who has no idea that her husband is psychic. Especially bad since she has what she would call a very healthy distrust of the supernatural. If you’re already sick of Flick’s face, there’s good news! He’s not really into her, and they will divorce over this. He’s not just hiding his power from her, but his sexuality and deepest affection for her brother. Which he’s also trying to hide from himself. Oh my!

[Image: daniel.jpg]

Daniel Broadhurst is Georgie’s brother, so Flick’s brother-in-law and his true love interest (though Daniel’s actual interest in Flick is up to whoever nabs him!). Daniel is human or psychic, an animal-loving rescue owner with an affinity for [insert animal here] and a terrible were-chaser who really wants to be turned to be ‘closer to the animals’. He’s keeping this from Georgie and Flick as if it’ll be a nice surprise when he finally gets turned! Which it won’t be!

Both of these characters are essentially blank slates with some suggestions on my part as to their basic personalities and histories, which you can learn more about over here. Nothing is 100% set in stone, but if you like the write-up through the link, that’s great, too!
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