Draw the Character Above You!
The basic idea is to draw the character of the poster above you. If you’re already closing the tab because you’re not an artist, don’t fret! This is about fun, not skill. As long as you spend a good few minutes putting in your best effort and including special flourishes to make your drawing uniquely the character you’re illustrating, you’re totally good. (Even if the art is just a soulful stick figure.)

The game has a few simple rules:
  1. Claim a character to draw by posting "I claim [character name]!" Share what character of yours you'd like drawn by saying "Please draw [your preferred character!]" An example post might look like: "I claim Bob Smith! Please draw Abraham Barlet!"
  2. You can only claim the character of the most recent person to say “I claim [character name]!” If someone just comments with something like "Whoa, Drew's the best artist on the planet!" that person can be skipped over because they're not claiming a character to draw.
  3. You can only claim ONE character at a time. Art for your last claim must be done before doing the next.
  4. Drawings can be done on any medium, digital or traditional and feature human forms, animal forms, bloodlust forms, or even animal interpretations of hooman characters. Way cool calligraphy/word art also welcome! (Please no photoshops of photos/photo manips.)
  5. Share your drawing by editing it into the post where you made your initial claim for that character! (And feel free to drop into Discord, too.)

Ready? Set? DRAW.

(P.S. First poster doesn’t have to claim anyone and just gets free art. ;D)
Hey since no one else has yet, I'll get us started...

Someone draw Iago for me and I'll get in here to draw someone SOON in return. :3
Heya hey, I'll draw Yagdog.

[Image: 9b42154d1c5df806e8b273ab224fbf29d99c95ba.jpg]

Sponsored by that one turning thread. 030

Can someone please draw Frank? :3c
Yes I will draw Franklin :3

Pls someone draw me a big ol Cliff!


[Image: 2492519-E-6-BFB-4-C9-D-B3-FA-B49064-B68-B79.png]
I wanna try drawing Cliff! (Gonna be awful tho!)

Someone take Rowan off my hands. <3

One big bear: https://i.imgur.com/u3p6KRw.jpg
OK, Rowan!

Someone give me Dag. Big fatty tiger Dag.
I'll take Dag. :3333

Pls draw Bram, Beau, or Ashley, I can't choose SWEATS

EDIT: OR ANNABEL THE CHINCHILLA she has pics on beau's profile :3

[Image: 8vB6gu1.png]
I need Annabel!!!

Someone please draw a precious rat baby Yue. or human Yue up to you.

[Image: 9xJNyA4.jpg?1]
Claiming Yue!

Somebody please draw...idk, any of my peeps, I'm indecisive, send help

Someone else can draw Iago, too, I'm sorry I am this way.



[Image: FewHEKO.png]
I'll nab Iago!

[Image: sYCRPQ.jpg]

Someone draw Max!
A growling Max for ya!

[Image: ce975d74e58d21bae89e7314999da54824af708f.jpg]

Can someone draw Kara?
I gotta draw Kara!

Someone please give me a beautiful Pete!
WELL I already drew Pete but I'm doing it again angel

[Image: duYXYRw.jpg]

Sliding on in here with a Lora!!
Only got one bean, but can I have a Najwa?

[Image: 732a7770ebe31b704a880b2e16d296eba933cee5.png]
sweats I'LL DO NAJWA

if someone wouldn't mind a go at good-boy cop Dakila.

Someone do ANY OF MINE :3

[Image: cgrLY7e.png]
Neck has done the needful.

Zin pls.
I’ll draw Zin :3

[Image: fHCZQn7.jpg]

Draw Ingrid!
I'll draw Ingrid!

:D Draw Valerie.

I took Valerie!
[Image: 4Slksxo.jpg]

Someone can draw any character of mine they want.

Please draw any of mine :333

[Image: OhaFA67.png]
I'll draw Beau! + bonus Razi

[Image: acqNFb.png]

Any of mine would be nice to see drawn, please and thank you. :3
Wow you’ll never ever guess who I’ll draw

[Image: rT11dr3.png]

Pls draw me Esfir!
I'll take Esfir!

[Image: aMJw2n.jpg]

Someone draw Fitz for me ty
I'll take Fitz >:]

Draw any of mine, including ANNABEL THE CHINCHILLA
I'll roll for it!

The dice ruled for sweet pea, Ashley.

[Image: 92a56dc25621c30e18963a30d75cf7dcdd8f5f0d.gifv]

Someone please draw Brooke or Catrina? :3
I'll take Brooke!

[Image: 8U7cKOS.jpg]

Draw any of my characters
Can do!

Pls someone draw Yuna :3
I'll take her!

[Image: 4150df1317e7ecca0f9267ecd9680cd86f0a246c.jpg]

Someone choose whomever your vibing with.
I'll take a Leafo character! ;)

[Image: a1aeij.jpg]

How about we get Eli in here.
snaggin fao.

any of mine are fine. :3
Snagging a Crypt.

[Image: vFIsJrH.jpg]

I would love a Rushi or a Imogen
sneaks in here and steals rushi

any of mine!
I got an idea for Slugs >:]

pls take any of mine, though bonus points for my sweet monster grace
I shall steal!

Any of my children <3

[Image: CvUrkfV.jpg]
I'll draw Caleb, then!

[Image: a1IVSD.jpg]

Love to see any of mine drawn. :)
I'll snag Theo

[Image: fp4K8F2.jpg]

Can someone do Axel or Luka pls.
I'm take Meems!

[Image: aKLr2G.jpg]

If someone could get Iago again, I'm not sorry.
I'll take Iago <3

[Image: f0c81207081956a235c72faf1724e74988819105.jpg]

Can someone draw Finn?
I'mma try with Finn.

Feel free to do any of mine :)
I'll nab Scarlett

Can someone draw me Misaki or Hei
I'll draw Hei :3

Draw any of mine!
I'll take a Kiew!!

Someone draw me Wallace!!
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